tagErotic CouplingsOral Exam Ch. 04

Oral Exam Ch. 04


Thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed my previous three stories. You might want to read them first if you haven't already. Please rate, comment, and evaluate. If you send me an email I'll try to respond as quickly as possible. Enjoy.

I heard the sound of a closing door, and my eyes fluttered open. I had been dreaming. My mind's eye had played out a vision of a beautiful blonde sucking on the tip of my cock. Everything felt warm and comfortable. I was floating away in a deep, wet bliss. I could feel the tongue gently slathering the sides of my shaft, coating them in stringy, slick saliva. I let out a low moan and felt my legs go stiff with pleasure. The tongue swirled round and round and my eyes met the vision I thought had been a dream. I stared down my chest to become lost in a pair of beautiful baby-blues. She looked up at me while playfully continuing to ply me with her oral skills. I smiled, and moved my hand to the back of her head. I stroked and petted her hair as I felt the pressure continue to rise. Sensing the soon to be insurmountable tension, my fist closed around a handful of flaxen hair and began to press down. Her head slowly lowered, taking in more of my throbbing cock. It smoothly moved past her lips and teeth, going ever deeper, until I could feel myself in her throat. Her eyes continued to bore into me, prodding my soul, broadcasting to me her wanton sexual desires. I held her there. My hand firmly lay on the back of her head, clutching her hair and applying pressure. One, two, three: I felt the seconds tick by. Thoughts of domination and submission circled around my brain, followed by the release. The tension in my hand gave wave and my grip released. She quickly spit out my cock and gasped.

"Fucker," Jessica giggled. "I could have choked and died on that thing. Where would you been then, huh? Who knows when the bite reflex would have kicked in." For emphasis, she took my cock in one hand and lightly nibbled on the tip. Exquisite torture, that's what it was.

Both of my hands went to the back of her head. Pushing down, I gradually forced her to slide onto my shaft. "Suck it. Say good morning to my cock," I chortled. I heard her snort and in response, as she began to bob her head up and down. I pushed harder, forcing her to pick up speed. Faster and faster she went, as I started to thrust up into her face. This was not delicate or teasing. The energy here was deeper, more primal. I was skull-fucking her, using her hair like handlebars so that I could properly guide her face. I needed her nose at the base of my cock, buried in my short and curlies. She was my toy; she was my naughty schoolgirl. Spit was flying everywhere. My crotch was a puddle of her drool. Her throat was making those, "ack, ack, ack," sounds that complete a hardcore blowjob. She was my little slut, my cocksucking machine.

I couldn't take it anymore. This rush was too much. Jessica had been using every trick I could imagine to coerce me to cum. She was so fuckin' sexy with my dong buried down her throat. From the expression on her face, I could tell that she loved this – she adored giving head. And I was the lucky fucker on the receiving end of her desires.

Pleasure hit me from very direction. My muscles grew taut and my toes curled. I could not keep my eyes open as I felt the pressure simmer hot and then come to a boil. White, hot jets of cum spurted from my cock. Each one causing me to jerk and twitch spasmodically, driving my rod into her throat. I clutched her blonde hair helplessly, riding out the pleasure that had taken control. Jessica gagged and let out a low moan, as I felt her lips form an unbreakable seal around my shaft. She had taken in every drop of my spunk. She swallowed my load, drinking down my juice with sincere and unbridled pleasure. I opened my eyes and gazed downward. Such a sight! A smile was forming as her lips continued to rest around my cock. Her blue eyes were laughing, holding the moment with mine. A single drop of my jizz overflow dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

Jessica gave my shaft a final lick and released it from the warm, wetness of her mouth. She grabbed it at the base with her hand and spoke directly to it, "Well good morning cock! I hope you slept well. You had a busy night with all that fucking you did. You and my pussy are getting to be good friends. Really good friends!" Jessica giggled, licked her lips, and crawled up the bed. I felt her envelop me in a passionately, deep-throated kiss. It felt as if Jessica was trying to pull me inside of her, she held me so tightly. My legs became entwined with hers, her tits bore holes into my chest. My hands rubbed her back, running up and down caressing her soft, silky skin. The yearning between us lay open like a canyon. I wanted – so desperately – to fall in.

After a beautiful infinity, we broke the kiss. Neither of us spoke for a long moment. We were locked by our looks, our eyes speaking the volumes that we could not say.


"Don't." Her voice had a subtly different quality that I could not identify. She spoke again, "You're twenty-something years old and you like fucking me. I'm eighteen years old and I like fucking you. God, the sex is great, but shouldn't that be all? I mean, like, I am your student. You got your rocks off, and I got my grade. Sure there were some extra benefits, but isn't that all?"

Her voice began to waver for a moment and a wry smile crept onto her face. I could see that there was more, so much more, that she wanted to say. But could she? We had gotten to each other. It certainly wasn't planned, but there it was lingering under the surface - feelings, emotions, a sort of connection. I knew both of us could still end this relatively untouched, but the beginnings were there. Then the question: does she want to walk away? Sweet damn, I hope not.

"Jessica, that isn't what you really think. Is it?"

Jessica scrunched her forehead for a moment to ponder the question. She opened her mouth opened twice speak, but no sound came forth. When she could finally muster the sound her voice was wrought with emotion, "Be careful. This is very dangerous ground."

"I know, but I don't mind going there."

"But I think I do.... I know that I am something dirty to you, a total slut that you can use."

"Jessica -"

She cut me off, "Hey, I'm not complaining. Don't take that wrong. I mean, like, I love playing the whore. It has always been a fantasy of mine. I have dreamed of being the seductress, the vamp that is able have any man that she wants. I have wanted to have sex – smokin' hot sex – with a guy who I shouldn't. That taboo is so hot. And to do it for a grade, wow! But I didn't intend to begin to go here.... Um.... I'm just a first year in college. When I came to school I said to myself that I was gonna live it up. No excuses. No more, little farm girl that waited for guys to come up to me..."

"I find that hard to believe, Jessica."

"It's true. Before I came here, the only time I'd had sex was on the night of my senior prom. Ugh," she shuddered. "He so didn't know what he was doing. Two pumps, blech. Anyway, when I got here – away from my past, my parents – something changed. I knew there had to be something to sex, something that I had missed out on that first time. Damn it, I wanted that, whatever it was. I wanted to cut loose. So I did. I wanted the fantasy, all of it. I wanted to experience sex, and to cease to be a good little princess. And I don't want to change my choices; I don't want to stop. Fuck, I am not ready for the fantasy to end. I am not ready for this to be real. There is too much I haven't played out. I am just not ready to be that relationship girl."

The words were not coming through to me, "I don't understand, Jessica? Do you want me to leave?"

She smiled. It was devilish and divine. "It's simple: I want you to fuck me. I want you to pound the shit out of me. And then I want you to fuck the shit out of my friends. And their friends too. I want to use you for the great fuck that you are, and I want to be your cum dumpster. I want to be your 18 year old cocksucking grade-whore. I want THAT fantasy."

I was stunned. Where had this come from? "But Jessica...." My voice trailed off, I didn't know what to say.

"Yes, I want a boyfriend – and you may be that guy. But someday.... For now, though I want something different. Can you do that for me? I want everything else a little bit later. Until then, we can experience this together. We can take care of the itch for each other. We can be sluts together. Sound good to you? "

I looked at her, letting the moment sink in. I pulled her close to me and nibbled on her earlobe. I then murmured into her ear, deep and slow, "Yes."

"Ohhhhh, good. Very good! I am very glad to hear it. Let's get started." With a sudden movement she rolled herself over on her back. Jessica's sleekly muscled legs were spread and bent up in the air. Her beautiful pussy was splayed wide-open before me. It was glistening invitingly with fresh dew-drops of moisture. In a sultry voice she moaned, "Then use me. I'm a whore. C'mon professor, use me. Fuck me."

And so I did.

"Wow, don't you two ever stop?. Are you just going to lie there all day and fuck like rabbits?"

"Uh, what's up doc?" Jessica giggled, doing a horrible Bugs Bunny impression.

Shannon had just come back into the room. She stood near the door, wearing green sweat shorts and a light blue T-shirt. "I thought you guys might need a little bit of sustenance after that romp last night, so I brought you some bagels and cream cheese." Shannon's eyes flashed at me, "You stud. I wouldn't want you to run out of proper nourishment and not be able to work your magic later."

Jessica giggled as she said, "You know Shan, he has quite a wand!"

Jessica and I had had cum shortly before Shannon had gotten back to the room. We came to a hard, rutting climax, driving into each other's bodies with reckless abandon. We writhed and clawed in feral passion, pounding our sex organs into a cosmic fuck. As she screeched in stunned pleasure, I unloaded in several spurts, filling her pussy with frothy cum. We had since calmed down, progressing to a cuddly, gropy stage. And then, enter Shannon.

Shannon set down the bagels and cream cheese on the table next to the bed. She slid off her flip-flops and plopped down on the mattress, sitting Indian-style. She squealed and quickly jumped to the side, "Ewwwww, I think I sat in the wetspot." Jessica and I laughed and smiled at Shannon's mock dismay. "Now I'm gonna have to wash these shorts."

Jessica grinned, "You could just take them off, Shan."

"Oh yeah," Shannon said. "I bet you' like that, you slut!"

"Sure would..."

"Well tough titties. We don't have time," Shannon said as she playfully smacked Jessica on the ass. "You must have gotten fucked so had that you have forgotten what today is?"

Jessica just stared at Shannon blankly.

"Um, like it is the first day of sorority rush."

"Oh shit, I had totally forgotten. We

totally have to get dressed!"

"Yeah, I know. So get your perky little butt out of bed and get your ho-ass ready. We've got a lot to do before we head out. Oh, by the way you'll never guess, Jessica, who I saw down at the cafeteria? Taryn"

Jessica, who had gotten out of bed and was sorting through a drawer full of panties turned to Shannon and said, "So? She lives in this building. Her room is down the hall."

I felt the heat rise in my neck as Shannon continued to talk, "So last night, pretty late I think, she got up to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom she met a mysterious stranger. Some total hottie guy." Shannon turned to me and flashed a winning smile. "And for some reason Taryn – what a slut - decided to give him a hand job. It was only after he came that Taryn learned he had fucked, not one but two, different women on the floor earlier that evening. The nerve, eh? Isn't that right, Professor?"

"Ummmmm... well, yeah.... so, uhhhh....."

Jessica's eyes grew as large as saucers as she looked to me for confirmation. After I could only stutter and stammer incoherently, she got all the information that she needed. And then she laughed. It started as an explosion and then became a roiling fit of giggles. Jessica braced herself at the dresser, struggling to maintain her misplaced balance. Her eyes closed and then were wet with tears.

Slowly, the laughter faded and Jessica once again gained control. She stared and shook her head. I looked back sheepishly, not knowing how to handle the situation. Jessica spoke, the laughter still riddling her voice, "Wow, man! I gotta hand it to ya'. You work fast. What's it been, like ten hours, and you have had three different women?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"Dude, you rock!" Jessica walked over to me and gave me a hi-five. "Did you bang her in the shower?"

Still a little stunned, I didn't quite know what to make of this revelation. "Umm, no. She just jerked me off. Jessica, it didn't mean anything."

Jessica bopped me squarely on the back of my head, as she said, 'I know silly, you freakin' stud! I'm cool with it, just like we talked about. Do watcha' like. Seriously, go out there and try to lay it down. Taryn is hot! Totally do her! Fuck who ever you want. I'm gonna do the same. And I will be waiting to give you a nice sloppy BJ when we're done. "

I grinned at Shannon, "I guess that means you'll be getting the bone later on."

Shannon just laughed, throwing her hands up in the air.

I looked at Jessica and I knew everything was going to ok. This could work. We could be insatiable horn-dogs and then find a way back to boff each other's brains out. Maybe in the process something would develop. If not, we would have some wild stories to tell after a life without sexual possession or guilt. Who knows what would happen or where this would lead. Damn, it was exciting!

"So, question," Jessica said to me while looking like she was holding in another torrent of laughter. "Do you think you could get Taryn to come over here. I think I might need a hand with something."


I will never understand women and their need for make-up. I would get it if women were using the stuff to touch themselves up for guys, but that doesn't really happen. Guys don't care. Sure - do you seem ok? How high is your skirt? Can I see some cleavage? Those things are guy criteria, and women know it. Women put on make-up for the other women, pure and simple. It always seems to be some sort of one-upmanship via eyeliner competition, and sorority rush had to be the super bowl of all make-up showdowns. I definitely did not want to be present at this event. As soon as I saw Jessica and Shannon breaking into the motherload – giant Victoria's Secret cases of make-up – I knew that I should be gone. 'Nough said.

I had to get work done, so I drove over to my grad office. I opened the door, plopped down in my chair, and settled in for a long afternoon of reading. While I did not regret a single moment I spent with Jessica (or Shannon or Taryn for that matter), I had fallen behind on my work. I had several project du in the next few weeks that would require my undivided attention. So, I broke out the highlighters and my note-taking pens and set to work at trying to comprehend postmodern thinking. Damned Derrida! I mean, what the fuck?!

Time passed and the hours cranked by. It was getting dark before I realized that I had not moved for the last several hours. I needed to stretch and get a drink of water. My mind was swirling. It was trying so hard to hold onto thoughts that were fleeting at best. I got up and exited my office, closing my door behind me. The long hallway was dim with the energy saving half-light. Everything was still. It was another quiet Saturday evening in grad world. I trudged down the hall, headed for the drinking fountain. About halfway there, I heard a low and soft, "ooooooooooohhhh" sound. I stopped.

Looking around me I could see light under the door to the right. It was cracked open, ever so slightly, giving me a hairline view into the office behind the door.

It was then that I got my full bearings. This was the office of Professor Endicott, the chair of my dissertation committee. Secretly, I had lusted after her for the last several years. I told myself time and again, that my decision to ask her to chair my committee had nothing to with certain biological urges that plagued me at night. Jen, as Professor Endicott was known to her students, was about thirty-five with dark, short-cropped, spiky hair. She was slim, fit, and blessed with an amazing ass. I always tried not to stare, but I loved watching Jen walk away from me just to watch her taut butt jiggle. She was sexy, spunky, and sassy – a spitfire critic of postmodern and feminist theory. Rumor had it that she was a lesbian, but that vibe never seemed quite to fit. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part.

Not knowing what to do, I stood in front of my professor's door. I was frozen, held by the ragged moans coming from the other side of the wood. I had to move. This opportunity would never come again. I knocked lightly on the door and pushed it open. I faked innocence and blurted, "Jen, are you ok? I heard you moan so I...."

And there we were, our eyes locked for an eternal instant. Her blouse was open part way, with her hand inside tweaking her left nipple. She wasn't wearing a bra (something I had often noticed before). Her black skirt was pulled up, bunched around her waist. A pair of sheer, lacy, blue thong panties was pulled to the side giving her complete access to her beautiful cunt. Her hand, which was holding a tiny, humming device, was doing small circles over her clit – at least it was until Jen had noticed that I had opened the door to her office. A porn video, one of a dark-haired woman giving a guy head, was playing silently on her computer.

Upon seeing me, Jen immediately disengaged from the masturbatory fantasy she had been utilizing. Everything shattered. Her face became a mask of stricken panic as she removed her hand from her breast and clumsily jerked her skirt down. Jen's other hand tried to close her blouse, and in the process dropped the pocket rocket on the floor. It fell with a clatter and lay humming underneath her chair. The scene would certainly have been comical if I had not been one of the two primary players.

"Ummmm... I, uh was just... with... umm, uh....." Jen stammered.

"Masturbating," I supplied.

Jen looked at me blankly, taking in the moment. She blinked twice, then Jen's face broke into a toothy grin. "Ummm, exactly. Guilty as charged. I guess I left the door open. I should watch what I am doing."

I smiled back, "Well, this is a little awkward."

"Yup," she said flashing me a smile. Jen looked like she wanted to speak, but didn't know what or how she wanted to say.

I decided to give her the easy out. "I guess, I'll forget what I saw and get rolling along. I have a little more Derrida to read for class," I said as nonchalantly as I could.

I shrugged my shoulders, turned around, and headed for the door. I was almost gone when I heard Jen say in a low growl, "To hell with Derrida!"


"I am sure you can find a few slightly more productive ways to spend your time than in wasting it with postmodern mental masturbation. "

"Excuse me?"

"I said are you sure you want to do that," Jen said drawing out each word. "You can go back to your office, read some more Derrida, and try to banish what you saw here from your mind, but the game is over. We both know what I was doing, so why pussyfoot around it? I needed to take the edge off. Now because of a door that didn't close the possibilities are different. I can now satisfy myself using the real thing. Assuming you're interested?"

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