tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOral Exam Ch. 10

Oral Exam Ch. 10


Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler & Company, and to Ally for the help and wonderful words of encouragement. If you haven't read the first nine stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I'd love to hear where you think this should go next. Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.


I sniffed. The tangy smell of sizzling bacon flooded my nose. Bright morning sunlight pushed its way through the blinds. I could hear the wind whipping outside my window. I was awake -- naked -- and ready to face a new day.

The previous night was still a blur. Jessica and I got back from Taco Bell to find Shannon and Sarah lying in each other's arms. Jessica and I had been talking and thinking about the phone number we had just been given. She couldn't wait to tell the others about what we had done in the drive through line. We were also both very excited about bringing another up-for-anything hottie into our play group. The check-out girl was pretty and seemingly up for a very good time. The partially-masked curves beneath her uniform promised that she had an interesting figure. We both wanted the opportunity to conduct a deeper investigation. And Jessica and I were certainly were looking forward to snacking on a tight, little Latina pussy. Mmmmmmn!

Those thoughts were immediately cast aside when we saw the raunchy and erotic display Sarah and Shannon were putting on in my bed. They were clutching each other, kissing and caressing. They had seemed to have just come down from what must have been a very potent orgasm. Now they were lying on their sides: lips to lips, breasts to breasts, legs delightfully intertwined. I could hear the smooth sound of skin sliding on skin, as their hands roamed the other's body.

Jessica and I marveled at this sexy, Sapphic sight. She led me by the hand over to the bed. She then tapped Sarah on the shoulder and asked brightly, "Would you mind if we join you?"

Sarah broke her kiss with Shannon to say, "Of course, the more the merrier. Shannon, can you scoot your sweet ass over?" Shannon giggled and made room. Jessica and I got undressed and got into bed. There wasn't a lot of room, but believe me that wasn't a problem. I was sharing a bed with three sexy angels, all of which were naked. What could be wrong with that?

While I didn't have sex again that evening, it was still pleasurable nonetheless. I was at the center of a tangle of femininity. I shared countless kisses, touches, and caresses with these three goddesses. Light, grazing fingers fluttered up and down my body. One moment a mouth was at my nipple, gently biting and teasing my sensitive tip. The next, a hand was slowly sliding down my ass to cup my balls. My lips were always covered with another much softer pair. I was floating in a sex saturated heaven.

I watched the ladies have sex with each other, matching off in a dynamic and shifting schema of combinations. I think they all took turns with each other, but I lost track in the midst of the heady kisses I was sharing. The scent of girl-cum filled the room, making the walls seem to drip with pure sex.

Perhaps the most erotic moment was the pairing of Jessica and Sarah. The two women had been circling around each other all evening. They clearly were very turned on by each other, yet they were still wary. Their congress began with a kiss -- gentle and light, tentative even -- on the lips. From that moment they seemed to melt into each other. The two women fell onto the bed, clutching and groping their way towards sex. Jessica moved lower, to nuzzle at Sarah's hefty tits. Jessica's mouth captured Sarah's erect nipples, while her hand sought out Sarah's dripping honey pot. Sarah gasped as Jessica's fingers found their mark. While I couldn't really see (Shannon was too busy Frenching me), I knew that Jessica must have found Sarah's clit.

That was the beginning. Jessica finger fucked Sarah for an unknown amount of time. It was a beautiful moment that seemed to draw out forever. Sarah rose and fell with several cascading orgasms. At some point Sarah pushed Jessica away. I guess the sensitivity was too much. Sarah didn't end things there, though. Instead, she buried her fingers into Jessica's tasty, little snatch. It was such a sight to see Jessica holding Sarah's hand tightly against her crotch, while writhing in uncontrollable ecstasy.

It was too much, though. I was drained. My eyes closed, and I could not re-open them again. I fell asleep satiated and satisfied. I could only dream of the new pleasures that would await me the next day. My bed was disheveled, and empty (aside from myself). Several interesting stains from the night before marked my sheets. Laundry would have to become a top priority. A couple piles of clothes littered my bedroom floor. Bras, panties, and skirts -- oh my! I stretched and rolled out of bed. My feet hit the floor. I balled and curled my toes in the thick, shag carpeting. It felt strangely comforting. I padded out the door to survey what was going on in my living room. I was still naked, my dick swinging freely between my legs.

I could hear the shower going in my bathroom. Should I go in? There was sure to be at least one hot-to-trot slut getting all lathered up and soapy clean in my shower. A pleasant thought! First, though, I wanted to check out who was cooking what in my kitchen.

Sarah was bent over my stove, a frying pan in one hand and a cooking fork in another. Her chestnut brown hair fell carelessly around her shoulders. She was wearing an old t-shirt of mine that must have come from my closet. The white, loose-fitting fabric barely covered her shapely ass. As she moved, the rounded curves of her butt cheeks peeked out from underneath the hem. Then she moved again, and they were gone. Sarah was in a perfect position. I was sure that I could walk up and thrust my dick inside of her pussy all in a single fluid motion. All I needed to do was to hike that shirt up a little higher.

My cock was in a semi-hard state. I wasn't quite ready for a fuck, but I was close. Sarah, nearly naked and cooking breakfast in my kitchen, went a long way to getting me erect. I crept up behind her and placed my dick against the cleft of her ass. It felt comfortable, just lying there between her two cheeks. I put one hand on her hip while the other cupped her tits from the front. A nipple poked through her t-shirt and I pinched it lightly. I exhaled warm air on her neck and ear. I captured the lobe between my lips and began to suck and lick.

Sarah swooned. Her hair was damp. I could smell the clean scent of soap lingering on her milky-white skin. She arched her back and moaned into me, "Ooooooh.... Mmmm.... That feels nice. Good morning to you too." I held the embrace, lightly stroking her tits. I gently nuzzled Sarah's neck. My hand, which was resting on her hips, began a slow descent to the juncture between her thighs. I touched paradise. Sarah's pussy was completely unfettered; my grad student friend (fuck buddy?) was sans panties. My hand slowly traveled the length of Sarah's slit. It moved incrementally so that I could feel every nuance -- every bump, crevice, and groove - of Sarah's velvety pussy lips. She cooed at my touch. I felt her shudder under the erotic weigh of the situation. Involuntarily, her almost bare ass pushed backwards. Sarah was grinding against my hardening phallus. Her need was overwhelming her. I could feel slippery traces of moisture burbling up from her pussy. This was a cue to dip my index finger ever so slightly into Sarah's drooling cunt.

"Oh, that is so good," Sarah moaned softly. She closed her eyes, and threw her head back. A world of bliss floated around her. She was riding a cloud of sexual pleasure. I pushed my finger deeper into Sarah's cunt. It slid inside with a wet crinkly sound. I was in up to the second knuckle. I worked my finger around, swirling a maelstrom of female juices. Her hips bucked and thrust onto my finger. Her ass banged against my cock.

One hand braced herself against the stove, the other pulled my invading digit from its wet, pink sanctuary. Sarah held me firmly by the wrist and lifted my cum-soaked finger to her mouth. Her lips parted, and I felt Sarah take my finger -- slowly, sensuously - down her throat. She bobbed once, twice, three times before licking her lips. "My pussy tastes so good," Sarah said. She sounded like a cat purring. "I want to do the same thing with your cock." She turned her head to face me. Her eyes twinkled mischievously. In a single movement, Sarah did a sexy, feminine hair flip before picking up the fork to turn the sizzling bacon. Her ass was a bubble. Sarah was bent at the waist, poised and ready.

While sometimes clueless, today I wasn't blind. I took the hint. I bunched the t-shirt around Sarah's slender waist. The magnificent globes of her ass came full on into view. Her pussy was a wonderland of soft, folded flesh. I am such a lucky man!

I gripped my cock at the base and rubbed it against her moist pussy lips. My dick quickly lined up with the slot between the folds. She gasped and pleaded, "Please! Do it. I want to feel your warm cock inside of me. Give it tome. Fuck me." I too felt that same sense of desire. I did not want to be contained. I wanted to fuck! After a brief moment's tease (for that was all I could handle), I pushed my way inside Sarah's steaming precipice.

Boy, she was tight! I could feel the walls of Sarah's cunt parting as I worked the head of my dick inside her molten hole. That first amazing sensation hit me -- a wave of steaming, wet warmth. Nothing is quite like it; there is no better feeling than the first thrust. It is pleasure beyond all description. She was clutching me, holding me firmly, with the vice-like grip of her sugar walls. We both let out a great "oopf" as I pushed deeper.

When I hit bottom she drew in air between her teeth. She said, "That's soooo fucking good. Mmmmmm... now pull out baby. It's your turn to cook the bacon." I did as commanded. I was sad that my cock had to leave the sanctuary of Sarah's sheltering pussy. I also knew, however, that my dick would be well taken care of. Sure enough, Sarah fell to her knees. My rod glistened wetly with a thick coating of Sarah's feminine juices.

She took my cock in her hand and began to plant teasing, wet butterfly kisses all up and down the shaft. Those kisses soon became licks, as she incorporated her tongue into her oral technique. I looked at her as she gazed up at me though smoky, hot eyes. "I love the taste of my pussy on your cock" Sarah mumbled around the meaty slab in her mouth.

Up and down Sarah went, sliding her lips along my shaft. She dipped down for a moment to tongue my balls, before going back to her primary target. Sarah captured the head between her lips, biting down gently. I smiled, letting her know that I was comfortable with whatever she wanted to do. Sarah giggled before throwing her head back onto my pulsating shaft.

Everything became sloppy and wet. Sarah formed a suction ring with her lips as she took me deeper into her throat. Drool covered her cheeks and ran down her chest. Little bits of spit went flying in every direction. Each movement took me a little further until she had about three-quarters of my length down her throat. "That's right, suck my cock!" I moaned. Sarah continued slurping away, contentedly. Nothing was rushed; instead she seemed to be enjoying the blowjob for its own sake. I could just throw my head back, brace myself against the stove, and revel in the masterful tongue-work lashing at my dick. But then there was the bacon. It was getting pretty well done, so I turned off the stove. I put it on the side burner to get it off the direct heat. The food would wait. The blowjob wouldn't.

I needed more. This long languishing blowjob was nice, but I wanted to fuck. I wanted to be held tight by a warm, wet pussy - and I think Sarah was ready for a fucking too. I pulled Sarah up by her shoulders and motioned her over to the table. A long string of spittle dangled lewdly from Sarah's red lips. "Hop on, I want to fuck you" I said. I am sure it sounded very romantic.

Sarah just nodded, with lust burning in her eyes. She climbed on top of my dining room table and spread her legs wide. Her hands went immediately to her snatch. One hand rubbed her clit, while the other opened her delicious nether lips. She was ready and waiting to be fucked.

I stepped between her legs and looked down. Sarah, who was strumming furiously at her clit, was an image of raw sexuality. I aimed my cock right at Sarah's splayed cunt. I moved my hips forward. I felt myself sliding smoothly into Sarah's warm, juicy hole. My balls tapped against the cheeks of her ass. A feeling of bliss washed over me; my entire core was centered on my cock. I pulled back, and then pushed in again. I was moving slowly -- steadily -- as I built up the rhythm of our fuck. My strokes were long and deep. I would hold each as I bottomed out in Sarah's juicy pussy. Her pussy walls seemed to flutter and caress my cock with every stroke. So fucking good!

I wanted to take my time, to make this a deep and driving fuck. Sarah writhed beneath me, twitching on the dong that was impaling her. She arched her back, breathed in deeply, and moaned, "Oh God, ohhhhh that feels so fucking good! Mmmmmmmmmn... ohhhhhhhh... fuck me...." Was she cumming? Holy fuck! That was quick!

I didn't want to give her time to come down. Hopefully, this orgasm would just push her to the next one -- and that one would be that much harder. I drove my dick deeper into her, this time with increased force. I wanted to give it to her, to bang her pussy so that she could lose herself wholly in the orgasm.

The force of my thrusts shook the table. It skittered along the floor, and backed into the wall. Each movement of my hips was hard, wracking -- pounding. Sarah took my pistoning cock inside of her clutching cunt. Each thrust solicited a new moan. Through sheer fucking, I pulled a bawdy string of expletives from her throat, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, do my fucking pussy. Ohhhhhhh, I like it.... Ram my hole.... HARD!!!" I pulled Sarah's ankles over my shoulders so that I could really thrust into her voluptuous body. Her tits shook lewdly with ever thrust. My balls smacked against her rounded ass. I was really banging her, when she exploded for the second time. Her voice was a high pitched wail. Sarah's body shook and trembled beneath me. Her arms swung wildly as the release of tension overtook her. Sarah's pussy twitched and spasmed. She coated my cock with her juices. Cum overflowed her fiery pussy and ran down the crack of her ass. Sarah's entire body was an arch as she came on my dining room table.

I let her rest for a moment. She looked so beautiful sprawled out beneath me. Sarah's breathing was shallow and quick as she came down off the orgasm. Every muscle in her body released as the afterglow of the cum set in.

Sarah's eyes opened. They were sleepy and content, but they still pulled in my gaze. Her voice was almost a purr as she said, "Oh yeah. Fuck that was good. I got mine so you need to get yours. Use my cunt, Professor. Fuck me until you cum. I want to feel you shoot your warm cum inside my pussy. Blast me with your load."

That was what I needed to hear. I leaned over Sarah's body to get maximum leverage. Her feet were up around my ears as I rammed my shank into her. I wanted to drive my cock as deep inside of Sarah's cunt as I could. I wanted her to feel it at the core of her being.

From that first driving thrust I was a madman. My hips were flying with unmitigated lust. Our pubic bones crashed into each other over and over again. Our stomachs slapped together in a lewd symphony. Sarah's dripping sex felt so good clutching my rock-hard cock. Her legs wrapped around me, pulling me in even closer. This was animalistic, bestial -- pure rutting.

I could feel it; the orgasm was no longer a goal in the distance. It was taking me over at a furious rate. I needed my release. Sarah's pussy was too fucking good. I could only see red. Sarah was so beautiful -- so slutty -- lying on the table, completely open for my dick. She was a horny, slut goddess split in two by my relentless assault. Thrust after thrust impaled her gloriously tight pussy. I was driven by the fuck, the need to pummel her with my dick. I loved hearing the table quake with every thrust, to see her lost in the sensation of the banging.

I was so close. I needed to nut. My loins ached with flaming want and desire. I felt a small hand wrap around balls. The little fingers gingerly worked and massaged my nut sack. A soft, sultry, feminine voice whispered in my ear, "Cum inside her. I want to eat your cum from her cunt." Jessica's voice was too much. I came in an incoherent roar. Spurt after spurt of jizz shot from the tip of my cock. Sarah's hungry pussy immediately swallowed the spunk.

I closed my eyes and stood motionless for a long moment. My breathing gradually began to revert back to normal. What an amazing way to start off a day!

I felt a hand tapping me on my shoulder. I turned my head to see Jessica and Shannon right behind me -- both still fresh and wet from the shower. While they had towels wrapped around their sexy coed bodies, I was sure they were nude underneath. Jessica spoke, "Professor, I believe that you are in my place. Can you move, please?" She sounded so polite. Propriety is everything, I guess, when one is asking to eat man chowder cum out of a pussy that had just been fucked wide-open.

I scooted out of the way and plopped down in a chair next to my dining room table. Sarah's head lolled to the side as I sat down. I blew her a kiss. She breathed in sharply. Jessica's head was now buried in Sarah's drooling crotch. I could hear the soft, wet sound of Jessica lapping away at Sarah's cunt. Jessica seemed to savor the flavor of sperm mixed with pussy juice. That's good; there was plenty of it. Sarah once again started down the road to orgasm. This time, though, Jessica would be the guide.

I was shaken from this vision by the clattering sound of a dish being placed in front of me. I looked down. Lying haphazardly on a plate were a few strips of bacon and some scrambled eggs (I guess they were finished before I arrived on the scene). Shannon said lightly, "Jessica's got her breakfast, you need yours. Besides you need to keep up your strength." Shannon dropped the fluffy white towel covering her body. Shannon's tight, teen form -- from legs to pussy to tits -- came completely into view. She did a cute and sexy pirouette before kissing me on my cheek. Shannon flashed me a winning smile of pearly, white teeth and ruby, red lips. I smiled back, toasted her with a piece of bacon, and began to chew.

The show in front of me was getting pretty intense. Sarah looked like she was almost ready to cum again. She was mauling her own tits by pinching and rubbing the nipples. Her legs were wrapped tightly around Jessica's head. Jessica's golden blonde hair hid everything going on between Sarah's thighs. Sarah's hips were thrusting upward, grinding into Jessica's face. She moaned, "Lick it you slut. Oh yeah, do you like it? Eat my fucking pussy you sweet little whore. Ohhhhh.... Lick all that nasty cum out of my nasty snatch.... fuck...."

I picked up a fork full of eggs and shoveled them into my mouth. They were tasty, but a little cold. Out of the periphery of my vision I saw Shannon duck under the table. Dear God, she wasn't going to, was she? Yup, she was? I felt her pull my legs apart. Her warm breath circulated around my sloppy crotch. So much for eating breakfast.

The remnants of my fuck with Sarah still coated my shaft. Shannon held the head of my cock between her thumb and index finger. Her tongue snaked out and licked me at the base. Then, with a second long lick, Shannon painted my entire length with her saliva. "Mmmmmm. I love the taste of Sarah's juices on your cock. She tastes so good and it is so nasty," I heard Shannon moan from my lap. "I want to suck the cum off your cock, Professor." She licked me again, before her sweet, teen mouth completely consumed my meat.

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