tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOral Fixation Ch. 02

Oral Fixation Ch. 02


Jennifer was falling. Falling through warm air, her eyes still closed. Then she felt the overpowering impact of water, shocking her eyes and body. She slowly floated to the surface gasping for air. Where was she? Suddenly a pair of spotlights came on, piercing the darkness and illuminating Jennifer in a small above ground pool. She turned in a panic, not yet aware of her surroundings. She was outside now.

"Stop right thar! Fry mah hide! Stop o' ah will shootcher so'ry ass!"

Jennifer froze, it was Floyd and she heard the cocking of a shotgun from between the spotlights. Looking down, Jennifer noticed that her clothes were gone and her young 18-year-old body was completely naked. Somehow she had made her way into Floyd's old rusty above ground pool. Unable to find her voice she heard some of his many dogs now barking wildly around the circumference of the pool.

"Git th' hell outta mah pool," he snarled.

Then noticing her pretty face as the one down the road he opened up a crooked smile. Jennifer held one of her arms across the front of her large breasts, suddenly wishing she was not the proud owner of them as she tucked her hand near her opposite armpit.

"Whar yer clo'es? Decidin' t'go fo' a li'l skinay dippin' swim in Floyd's pool eh?"

Still confused, Jennifer floated backwards until her shoulders hit the pool ladder, looking frantically for any of her clothes. Picking up on Jennifer's predicament, Floyd approached. As modestly as possible Jennifer removed her young slender body from the pool and backed down the ladder.

"Li'l shit kin't even find her clo'es kin she?" Floyd shook his head.

"I...I...I'm sorry, I just got...I'm sorry, it won't happen again I promise," Jennifer managed.

One of her hands was now attempting to conceal her crotch as Floyd made his way around the edge of the pool with his shotgun and dogs. His yard was muddy, it always had been. Looking around now she saw many of the broken down cars and near useless scrap metal that made his plot of land an eyesore.

"ah sh'd call th' cops right now, yo'ng lady, trespassin' on mah fuckin' propuhty, wait until yer Pappy gits wind a this"

"Please, no! I'm sorry it won't happen again!"

"ah's gonna haid in right now an' make th' call, yo' rich kids is all th' same, usin' people an' then reckonin' yo' kin git away wif it, fine not this hyar time."

Jennifer's mind was racing now, it seemed like she was in a dream.

"Please don't," she whispered to him as he walked slowly back towards his house, eyes still on her naked body. Jennifer noticed for the first time that Floyd was only wearing a pair of dirty white boxers, a wife beater and work boots. His pale skin and showing ribs hinted at his more unhealthy problems as she smelled the unmistakable scent of cheap whisky on his breathe. His buzzed head and gap-tooth grin accented his ignorant collection of Confederate memorabilia well. Not wanting to leave such a sight, Floyd paused at his door and looked Jennifer up and down again. Jennifer's arm struggled to conceal even half of her cleavage as her breasts spilled over the top of her arm.

"I'll suck your cock," Jennifer blurted out.

In shock she tried to cover up her mouth before the thought escaped her lips, accidentally exposing her crotch in the process but it was too late.

"Say whut now?" Floyd's grin grew larger, "soun'ed like yo' said yo'd suck mah cock yo' li'l tease."

"Um....I..." Jennifer paused. Looking around for an escape or at a minimum, clothes. Floyd took another step forward from the door frame.

"Whut thet, yer hankerin' me t'call th' cops, does yo'?" Floyd said fiercely.

"No, please don't."

"an' whut is ah gittin' outta this hyar deal?"

"I'll suck your cock," Jennifer repeated.

Floyd made his way back to her, his dogs now silenced to a low growl with his approach. Inches from her face, he stopped, his whisky breathe exhaling from between his crooked teeth.

"Bess git startin' den," he said with a smile.

Jennifer dropped to her knees in front of him as he dropped his boxers, revealing a large half stiff cock. Jennifer's knees sank into the mud and she had no idea why she had even suggested such a thing, she would never in a million years do this. She held his thickening cock in her hand. She never sucked much cock and now at the first sign of trouble she brings up the idea? She slid the head of his cock into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down his shaft. She was enjoying it. Cooing softly against his hard cock as she bobbed playfully up and down, her long brown hair waving back and forth.

"Allus knowed yo' were a li'l cock sucker," Floyd grinned as Jennifer began to deep throat his shaft down her mouth slowly. Jennifer repeated these long gentle sucks a few times before grabbing the base of his shaft again and playfully bobbing up and down on his cock head.

"Yo' does this t'all th' fellas at skoo too?" he asked, but Jennifer continued to concentrate on his cock, working it against the inside of her cheeks before slurping up and down it again and again.

"ah axed yo' a quesshun," he said, pushing Jennifer's hot mouth from his cock. Jennifer didn't look up and continued to stare at his cock, memorized, leaning in to start sucking it again before being pushed back for a second time. Jennifer shrugged and pushed the cock back into her anxious mouth, giving off a cute, barely audible, high pitched squeal as she felt the cock against her tongue once again. His cock was huge now, Jennifer began to jerk off his shaft with all five of her fingers on her right hand while sucking up and down his cockhead. Several times, Jennifer found her hand at rest as she tried to stuff as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She had never seen such a big cock. Floyd enjoyed the view of her full breasts from underneath her flowing hair and her arched back and ass as she leaned forward to suck.

"Nice an' beg ain't it?" Jennifer looked up at him and nodded doe-eyed, his cock shaft deep in her mouth.

"Way mo' begger than yer old man's, ah bet," Jennifer nodded again, not really paying attention, just wanting to suck. Floyd let out a low chuckle and began to tense up. Jennifer's wet lips slid up and down the length of his cock again and again. Floyd grunted and Jennifer felt ropes of sperm explode in her mouth. Moaning and swallowing she slowed her pace to a stop, deep down on his shaft as the last of his cum emptied into her mouth.

"Yeah swaller thet shit down," Floyd encouraged, staring down with hunger at Jennifer's young toned body. It tasted amazing to her and after a brief pause of her lips wrapped tightly midway down his shaft she started to bob her head slowly. Floyd's scrawny hips pistoned slightly away from her slow sucks but as his sensitivity subsided his cock stiffened again in Jennifer's little mouth.

"Like suckin' dick doesn't yo'?"

Jennifer nodded without much thought as she forced his cock to the back of her throat again and again.

"Yo' kin come on over an' suck Uncle Floyd's cock ennytime. How's thet soun'?"

Jennifer nodded again, swirling her tongue around his cock head and dripping saliva down her chin. Floyd pushed on her forehead and pushed his cock again from Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer leaned in again but was pushed back.

" Yo' pow'ful like suckin' cock doesn't yo'?"

Jennifer nodded again and opened her mouth, making another attempt to slide the head of his cock back into her mouth. Floyd moved his hips away slightly with a chuckle.

"ah's havin' a nice lil ho down on over on th' propuhty hyar t'morry yo' like t'supply th' entertainment? Starts at sevn'." Floyd ended the line of conversation by sliding his stiff cock back into Jennifer's waiting mouth. She sucked recklessly up and down, gagging slightly before working into a rhythm that concluded with Floyd pumping the last of his cum into her mouth. Jennifer swallowed quickly and slid her mouth down his cock and waited for him to get it back up. Doe-eyed and topless, she looked up at Floyd innocently before Floyd pushed her off his soft cock.

"thass all fo' tonight, git on home."

Floyd backed away from his naked neighbor and replaced his boxers. Jennifer breathing heavily, slowly began to come back to her senses, wobbling to her feet, not bother to cover her breasts or pussy from Floyd's prying eyes. Looking up, Jennifer realized her mistake and slowly covered as much of her bust with her arm and moved a hand to her crotch as she peered around one last time for clothes before deciding she needed to get home, regardless of her clothing situation.

"we will all need yer intertainment Friday, so be hyar at seven."

"I have to go," Jennifer mumbled softly and slipped off behind the pool and walked into the still corn fields, knowing her way home without seeing it. She jogged, holding her large breasts as they bounced over the muddy rows of corn and through the irrigation ditched of her father's property. Approaching the house from across the dark dirt road, she was relieved that all of the lights were off. Creeping quietly through the still open backdoor she made her way weakly upstairs to her bathroom where she began to wash her legs under the faucet. Her pussy was soaked and with one leg still in the sink she finger fucked herself to an orgasm, muffling her whimpers in her other hand. Now completely exhausted she made her way to her bedroom where she collapsed on her box spring. Her mind raced and she could not fall asleep. How did she get in Floyd's pool she wondered. Why did she enjoy sucking him off so much? He is disgusting looking and a creep but she had done it anyways - twice. Then she had that weird dream about all of those tentacles, that couldn't have been real either.

Still staring at the ceiling, Jennifer's alarm clock went off for school. Groaning, she made her way out of bed and inspected herself in the mirror again. Was that really all a dream? In a slight panic she made her way to the bathroom in her towel. After a quick rinse she headed downstairs in her towel and found her father at the kitchen table, visibly irritated.

"Everything okay daddy?" Jennifer inquired.

"No, someone went through and destroyed our crops last night, there are big damn circles everywhere, I just got off of the phone with the police to report it." Jennifer suddenly felt sick to her stomach and looked horrified.

"Don't worry your little head about it Jenny," her father rationalized, "we will be okay. Now get dressed for school or you're going to be late." With a slow thoughtful nod, Jennifer was back upstairs, looking in a panic for her hot pink thong that she recalled being snapped from her body last night in what she hoped was a dream. What the hell was going on she thought. It had to be real, those crop circles from last night were just confirmed by her father.

Still confused by everything, Jennifer closed the door to her room and removed her towel. Standing naked in front of her dresser she looked through her clothes debating what to wear. Her mind was racing, she had a lot to be concerned about. Where were her clothes from last night? At Floyd's? Out by that crop circle? In a spaceship? She bit her lip again. And why does she really want to give head all of a sudden? Sure Jennifer had hot moods like everyone else. Occasionally they involved the idea of sucking up and down on a nice hard cock on a sexy looking muscular guy, but if Floyd's scrawny disgusting self was in front of her again, she would do it all over again.

Jennifer slipped on a black lacy thong, tight pair of pocket-less jeans, top and bra. She grabbed her backpack and headed downstairs and to her despair was not able to find the boots that she had sported last night. Not a good sign either. Pushing on another pair she made her way out the door with her mother to the car.

Jennifer's mother was upset about the vandalism of their field and their car passed the sheriff's on their way out of the driveway. She went on and on about the foolishness of it all to Jennifer. Jennifer nodded occasionally but for the most part remained quiet, unconsciously sucking up and down slowly on one the pens she had grabbed from her school bag. Arriving at school, the bell quickly rang.

"You better get going dear, have a good day," her mother said. Closing the car door, Jennifer made her way into school and to her 1st hour class. The school day dragged on and all Jennifer could think about was last night. Her friends were excited about the upcoming dance but Jennifer said little. During a discussion at lunch about what dresses everyone should wear, Jennifer gazed outside the lunchroom into the parking lot. Doing a double take she immediately caught sight of Floyd's rusty Ford pickup in the back corner of the lot against an embankment. Looking closer she saw him in the driver's seat raising a beer can to his mouth before replacing it with a cigarette. Not really sure what she was doing, Jennifer excused herself from the lunch table and made her way down the hallway to the door nearest his rusty truck. Floyd let slip another one of his crooked grins before starting up his truck and driving halfway up on the sidewalk to cut Jennifer off.

"Whar does them purdy cock suckin' lips reckon thar runnin' off to?" Floyd slurred.

"You can't be here Floyd," in a slight panic, Jennifer was relieved to see that they were out of sight from the lunch room. Looking Jennifer up and down once again, Floyd took another puff of his cigarette.

"This is public propuhty as ah see it, li'l missy. Love them jeans gal is thet whut yo' sedooce th' skoo fellas wif?"

Looking down Jennifer realized she was wearing her tightest pair of pocket less jeans that made her ass look incredibly round and squeezable. They clung tightly to her slim thighs and all the way down to her toned calves. The light bleach jeans appeared ready to burst at the seam that traced between Jennifer's ass cheeks. She never really dared to wear them to school much just because they drew even more attention to her frame but apparently this thought didn't cross her mind as she was dressing herself this morning.

"Bet them skoo fellas squeeze on thet thin' all day," Floyd said with another crooked smile. Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"You should leave," Jennifer said quietly, "before you get into trouble."

"Git in th' truck missy," Floyd said with a serious look on his face. Not sure what to think Jennifer slowly walked around to the passenger side of the truck, pulled the rusty creaky door open and leaned her elbows down on the seat cushion.

"Floyd I have to get going okay, lunch will be over with soon and then I have class," she explained and with that Floyd grabbed forcefully at her arm and pulled her upper body into the truck. Floyd grabbed at the back of Jennifer's neck and pulled it towards his lap. Jennifer still in shock found herself sliding across the torn leather of Floyd's front bench seat, the passenger door shutting itself behind her. Floyd was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants to compliment another of his stained white beaters. Jennifer felt his hardening cock against her cheek, growing larger underneath his sweatpants.

"Feel ennythin' yo' like down thar?" Floyd chuckled to himself, pressing the side of Jennifer's attractive face against his bulge. Jennifer still somewhat surprised at her apparent capture, tried to put the thought of sucking him off out of her head. Floyd pulled up Jennifer's head by her ponytail and began to fish in his pants. Jennifer winced at the pain but laid there limply as Floyd removed his cock from the top of his boxers and sweatpants. Floyd fed the tip of his cock into Jennifer's passive mouth and continued to stuff his girth further down her throat by pushing down on her head. Jennifer moaned and winced as his hard cock slid deep into her mouth before feeling another painful tug on her ponytail forcing her head back up his shaft. Jennifer moaned softly as Floyd fucked her face in his truck, beginning to enjoy the sensation of his cock pumping in and out of her wet mouth. Several minutes passed before Jennifer realized that she was the one sucking up and down on his cock as Floyd's hand had left the back of her head.

With a quick tug of her ponytail, he pulled Jennifer's now eager lips from his cock. Jennifer panted heavily from exertion as she felt drool from her mouth drip off her chin. Her entire chin was soaked along with the corners of her mouth and cheeks in her saliva.

"Yer a sloppy li'l cock sucker today isn't yo'?"

Jennifer nodded quickly quite beside herself. She stuck out her tongue and took a long lick of the underside of his saliva soaked cock.

"So yo' a-gonna be our intertainment tonight den?"

Jennifer nodded again, still in a daze from sucking.

"Me an' fellas will pick yo' up at seven fum th' farm thar, alright? Long as it's alright witcher old man" he said with a dirty sarcastic smile. Jennifer nodded again without much thought as she knew both her parents would be occupied elsewhere on the property. He then pulled her head down between his legs, resting her neck on his thigh.

"Wears sumpin purdy too," he grunted as he aimed his stiff cock down towards her and emptied his load across her face. Jennifer in an exhausted daze felt ropes of cum gush over her cheek, eye, forehead and lips before he emptied the last few shots into her half opened mouth. Jennifer swallowed the partial load slowly.

"Now yer a real mess, yo' bess git them cock suckin' lips t'class then." Floyd said with another gap toothy smile as Jennifer moved to her hands and knees across the seat, cum streaming down her face.

"A yo'ng hot slutty mess yer!" Floyd pushed his hand against the side of her face and smeared his cum all over the side of her face as she awkwardly sat back into the passenger seat, still in a daze. Finally Jennifer was able to catch her breath and give one last look at Floyd's sadistic smile before exiting his truck. Late for class she made her way quickly towards the school and around the corner to the door. Still in shock of what she just did and how little she resisted she was relieved to see the hallway empty as she made her way to the ladies room.

Jennifer slowly opened the ladies room only to hear someone washing their hands. Backing away from the door slowly she turned the corner in hopes of not being noticed in such a state. Finally she heard the girl leave and she made her way quickly into the bathroom. She gasped at her reflection in the mirror.

Thick streams of cum were smeared across the left side of her face making her mascara run dark black down her cheek. A mixture of drool and cum had collected underneath her mouth and had oozed on to her neck and chest above her top. Cum was nearly sealing her left eye closed as she watched it ooze from her forehead and eyebrow. Leaning over to reach for some paper towel she heard the bathroom door swing open as another girl entered the bathroom. Jennifer turned away quickly and made her way into one of the stalls and slipped off her pants. She heard the girl stop at the mirror as Jennifer felt more cum drip down her cheek to the corner of her mouth. Without much thought she licked it. The taste was incredible. Jennifer bit her lip momentarily before wiping large amounts of cum and saliva into her mouth, moaning slightly before catching herself. She licked and sucked at her wet lips and fingers, devouring as much of his fluid as she could. With a little effort she was able to wipe the remaining cum from her forehead, eyebrow and eye socket onto her index and middle fingers. Jennifer waited to continue as she heard the girl leave the bathroom. Without a second thought she gave out a quick excited squeak as she pushed her cum covered fingers into her mouth, swallowing and sucked at them, up and down until the taste was gone.

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