Oral Pleasures


With each lick you can either keep your tongue on her clit as you go back to the starting position or you can lift your tongue away so that there are brief moments with no stimulation to the clit on each lick.

You can lick fast, or you can lick slowly, you can bear down with some pressure, or you can keep the contact of your tongue on her clit feathery light.

If you want, you can spell out letters and words....like "I love eating your pussy,' or 'this is so hot,' or 'you taste great,' or 'I want you to cum for me.'

As you are doing this, after you've spelled out the phrase, back off for a ½ second or so, and tell your lady what you just wrote with your tongue on her clit. This will let her know you are enjoying what you are doing, and that will increase her excitement.

Remember, most of making love for a woman is the mental aspect and if she knows you are having a good time, she can relax and have a good time too. However, don't ask her to try and guess what you are spelling.

You want her mind, body, soul, and entire being concentrating on the pleasures she is feeling and not the words you are writing with your tongue.

After a few minutes of licking her pussy, gently wrap your lips around her clit, clitoral hood, and the upper portion of her inner lips and suck them into your mouth. Gently suck on them, moaning as you do it, and if you have the talent, continue to stimulate her clit with your tongue.

Make sure never to bite her, or suck her in so far that any of these really sensitive parts scrape across your teeth. That could cause pain and she'll lose her concentration.

All the while you are doing this, licking her pussy to start, and then sucking on her clit later on, gently glide those two fingers you have in her pussy back and forth. As you do that, make sure your fingers rub against that rough area (covering the G-spot) on the inside of her pussy.

This might take a little practice, because, remember, the thumb and other two fingers of that hand are cradling your chin so you don't scrape her with your whiskers, and you have some support to help relieve the strain on your neck.

If you've prepared everything properly, somewhere between about 3 -- 15 minutes after you started licking your sweeties' clit, she should be ready for her first orgasm. Generally there are subconscious and physical clues your lady friend will be sending out letting you know that she is close.

She may be moving her hips in a regular rhythm now, pushing up in to your face. She could be moaning and whispering something like 'that's it, don't stop,' or 'that feels so good.'

She may have moved one or both of her hands to your head where she could be gently running her fingers through your hair, or reaching around back and pulling you in to her pussy.

If her hands aren't on your head or near her pussy, she may be playing with her breasts or pulling her nipples. She could be grabbing on to the head board with one hand while clutching the side of the bed or sheets with the other. Sometimes when she's getting really close she may move one hand down near her pussy and start digging into her thigh like she's kneading bread.

One other sign that she is getting close. If, when you started licking on her clit it is standing out proud and strong, but as you work on it, at some point it starts to disappear....and she's still moaning and groaning and showing all the signs that she's really loving it....

that's the little clit bitch trying to trick you into thinking you're doing something wrong!!! Unlike men, who get harder and stiffer the closer they get to orgasm, a women's clit does the opposite. It runs back inside and gets ready to throw a party.

Whatever you are doing when these signs happen, DON'T STOP!!! At this point, variety is not a good thing. Keep doing exactly the same thing. If you can keep it up for another 1 -- 2 minutes your lady friend should reach her peak and have an orgasm.

There are two other thing you might want to try at this point...just before the orgasm. If she is in a regular rhythm, or holding your head to her pussy with her hands to where you think she won't jerk away and lose the contact with your lips and tongue, you can let go of that vice grip you have around her one leg and use that free hand to reach up and play with her breasts and nipples.

If she's already playing with her own breast, the other option is to let go of that vice grip, suck on your index finger and gently insert it into your ladies butt hole and gently twirl it around....no more than up to the first knuckle. Go slow when you first start to insert your finger in to her anus, some women really love it, and others want nothing to do with it.

Watch her reactions, if she sends you some kind of signal to stop, stop and go play with her nipples. Again, if she is playing with her nipples, softly run your free hand over her belly or across her ribs...just another added sensation to intensify her pleasure.

If however the signal is a positive one, keep your finger in there and gently move it in and out...or around in circles...whatever is getting the best reaction. One note of caution though, if you do stick your finger up your ladies bottom, once you are done don't use that finger again to play with her pussy because it could lead to an infection.

Once she starts cumming, move your hand that is not playing with her butthole back to that leg lock again because she's probably not going to stay still any longer but start bucking and jerking around. While this is happening, keep doing whatever it is you are doing for as long as she can handle it.

She'll probably clamp her legs on to your head, and if she's got her hands behind your head she may pull you in even further as she grinds her hips up in to your face. Ladies, I ask a favor here.

As you do this, try to stay focused enough that you don't cut off all your guys means of getting oxygen. If he can't breathe, he won't be able to keep sucking on your pussy and at this point you don't want him to stop.

Women's orgasms tend to vary in length from a few seconds to several seconds. Keep doing what you are doing while she's cumming, do not stop.

Think of your own orgasms. Imagine how you would feel if a woman had her hand wrapped around your shaft and was stroking you back and forth at the same time she was going down on you, and just as you started to cum she pulled you out of her mouth and stopped stroking your shaft...how would that feel??? Horrible right, you want her to keep going all the way through the orgasm and maybe a little more.

A woman is the same way....keep going.

She'll let you know when it is time to stop. She may put her hands on your forehead to try and push your head back off her pussy, tell you to stop, or collapse in temporary exhaustion.

Now is the time to stop. Let go of her clit at this point because she's either lost all sensation, or it's gotten super sensitive again and needs a break. Pull your fingers out of her pussy, and at this point kiss her inner thighs, lick your tongue in that V space between her legs and her outer pussy lips.

Wrap both your arms around her legs and gently rub your hands over her belly. Tell her how wonderful this moment is for you and how happy you are that she came. Keep this up for a minute or two, and then lick her pussy from perineum to clitoral hood. If she doesn't jump from the shock of your tongue gently passing over her clit, she is ready to start round two.

Give her several more long slow licks, wet your two fingers and slide them back in her pussy, and start tongue massaging that clitoris again. Second and subsequent orgasms should come much quicker than the first, often in half the time.

Now your goal is to see how many you can make her have. Enjoy it down there!!!! At some point she will be exhausted and ask you to stop.....take a 5 -- 10 minute break. While you're on break, kiss her, hug her, gently run your hands over her soft skin and tell her how wonderful she is and what a great time you are having. At some point she will recover her strength, and then it is time for intercourse.

That's it; hopefully you have successfully brought your lady to multiple orgasms and had a great time yourself. I only talked about giving her oral pleasure while she is lying on her back, but there are many variations.

You can lie on your back and she can sit over your face. There are two general variations to this. One she is facing you so as you look up you can see her belly, breasts, and face. Or, the second option she is facing the other direction and you see her butt and back.

This is a really good position if she enjoys you licking her anus because you can play with that for awhile before you get down to serious business. Ladies, you have to be careful with this one because it is so easy for you to cover both your guys' mouth and nose, and if he can't breathe, he can't pleasure you.

Another position is where you lady friend is on all fours (the doggy position if you were going to have intercourse) and you kneel down behind her and pleasure her orally. This is also a great position if you want to do it on the stairs....or the kitchen countertop.

A favorite of many people is the good old 69...but this is often only good for warming you both up for intercourse, because if you are both concentrating on orally pleasing your other half, it is much harder to have an orgasm of your own....although not impossible.

Finally, figure out what works for both of you and enjoy yourselves. Guys, you virtually always get your orgasms, take care of your ladies needs before you have you take care of your own and she'll most likely invite you back for seconds...

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A little long.

I'm going to keep reading it but I was getting a bit bored by the end of the first page... you could have said all that much more succinctly.

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