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Orc Lore


Lenore tried not to scream as the orc pulled her clothes off, ripping them from her body... everyone knew that orcs were very violent. The only way a female would be able to escape from their hands unharmed was to do everything they wanted... those than ran or tried to resist were torn limb from limb after the orcs had their way with them.

At only 19 years of age, Lenore wanted very badly to live... so she stood there and let the huge creature tear her clothes from her young, lush body. It was very large, a dark greenish color... almost human features except that they were sluggish and too big on its face. Pointy ears... no hair... and its body was much larger than any humans. Heavily muscled with big hands...

It touched her with those hands now, making her shudder as it squeezed her breasts hard and she winced. Seeing her expression, the orc seemed confused and it squeezed her more gently... she shuddered again, but this time more from pleasure. A silly grin spread across the creatures face and it stroked her breasts, seeming entranced by her hardening nipple. Lenore let out a small moan as it pinched the nipple between her fingers... she hadn't thought it possible but she was becoming aroused.

Fortunately she was not a virgin, although not a slut she'd slept with three different men in the village. Right now, staring at the orc's hardening weapon she was very glad that she'd had some experience of the pleasures between men and women. If she hadn't, that large, knobby cock would hurt her very much... instead it was making her almost curious.

Sure, the orc was ugly, but her body was responding to it... and that huge cock interested her. It was thick, long, and had lots of runs and bumps all over it. The same greenish color as its skin, Lenore tried to imagine what it would look like spearing her pink pussy... gross but erotic? The ridges and nobbles were bound to feel good though... she shuddered a little, reaching out to touch the strange cock.

The orc was surprised when the human female touched it, it let out a grunt of pleasure as she ran her hand up and down its length with a look of curiosity in her eyes.

Feeling the pleasure running through its body, the orc ran out of patience and pushed her to the ground. Lenore looked up at the orc with trepidation, not sure what she'd done wrong, but as it knelt between her thighs she realized that she'd done right. The orc was horny. It looked at her open legs, examining her pink pussy before sliding one finger between her folds.

Lenore gasped as the thick finger pushed into her, shuddering a little... the orc's skin was hotter than a human's, she hadn't really noticed before but now that part of him was inside her she could feel the heat in her pussy. Leaning her head back she moaned, her breasts thrusting forward... and the orc reached forward to squeeze the tender mound with its other hand.

Writhing a little, Lenore whimpered with disappointment as it pulled its fingers from her open slit, and then sucked in her breath eagerly as it positioned itself between her legs. She realized that she must be slightly crazed, wanting this grotesque creature, not even human, to fuck her... but she did. Badly.

She groaned as the wide, hard, hot head of its cock pierced her, letting out a cry as it stretched her tender pussy out. The orc was much larger than any man who'd entered her body, and she groaned, panting with exertion as her body stretched to accommodate it. Letting out grunts of pleasure as it was wrapped in her tightness, the orc continued to thrust hard, forcing its way into her wet sheathe.

Lenore's back arched as the orc buried itself in her body, the ridges and bumps did feel amazing as they rubbed along the inside of her pussy, its wide meat pressing against the interior of her body. She cried out with painful pleasure as it pressed their groins together, its strange cock fully sheathed inside her.

Then the orc began to pull out, a very strange feeling, leaving her empty... before filling her back up again. Lenore cried out with abandon as the orc began to hump her like an animal, it had no interest in fulfilling her desires, only in finding its own release within her body. Fortunately she didn't need it to try and help her find her orgasm, she was so turned on by the entire experience... the strangeness, the animal brutality, and the huge cock plunging in and out of her.

The brutish creature howled on top of her, and as she felt that large cock swelling even bigger, she screamed with passion, ecstacy wrapping her body in folds of sensation that exploded throughout her being. Liquid spilled into her, hot and heavy, filling her and making her writhe with desire...

When the orc was finished it stood, not bothering to clean off its groin, and left. Lenore lay there, panting with exertion as she recovered, eventually standing and gathering up the shreds of her clothes, walking awkwardly back to her village. She'd make more excursions into the woods at night... and she would never, ever run from an orc.

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