"As a black cock loving married white slut I say that Oreo Town is a dream come true story for me." Nan aka Badtitties

Nan thanks for the great quote!

*This is a fictional story. All resemblance to those persons alive or dead is purely coincidental. For Adults Only.

I never knew it ever existed, at least not in my hometown. As usual my best friend Julia always seem to be one to enlighten me about the real world. You see, I've always been a bit naïve about how the world truly operates and the games we play. Especially when it comes to fulfilling our desires.

I live in an all white town, which I love. Partly because I'm one of the only single black males living there at the present, the other is, I really, really love white women. The confidence they portray when they walk and there smooth ivory skin always fuels my creative fantasies. Which is where Julia comes in. I've only known her for about five years. We met at work. She's a graphic designer and I handle the digital output for our company. We have never been intimate although we have flirted around the subject for months. Little did I know that I would have her as I've fantasized about and more.

Julia stood about five foot and seven inches with brownish blond hair that gentle fell to her shoulders. She had a body, as most black men would admit resembled a black woman. Her butt was well proportionate and curved at all the right places. Her breasts were round and firm. They stood out begging to be touched. As if they were saying to every man around "Hey you! Come and get some!"

Julia and I truly enjoyed each other company. We both had similar tastes in foods and entertainment. Like clockwork the day after payday we would celebrate a grueling two weeks of work and treat ourselves to a movie. We agreed to see a late movie as usual, but it was her turn to choose. She chose Star Wars Episode One. Fortunately our company had furnished tickets and we didn't have wait in a long line.

We arrive in time and dressed to kill. I wore one of my best black suits and Julia wore a black and silver skirt and blouse out fit that fit her curves and gave her breasts that extra lift that showed off her deep cleavage. When I saw her I wanted to lick between them, right along the crevice. They made my mouth water. I immediately felt a twinge of excitement throughout my body and especially my now awaken cock. Julia took my hand and clinched it tightly and guided my arm around her waist. We always like to tease the people, pretending we were a couple. Interracial dating was not quite accepted, so I thought.

The movie finally ended and all Julia could talk about where how dynamic the special effects were. I offered that we stop and get a drink at the local pub to end the evening on a good note. After a few club sodas and vodkas Julia really loosened up. She began to grab my knee and even kissed me a few times.

"Julia, do you know where we are?" I asked with a overtone of caution in my voice.

"I know exactly where we are." She said with a stare. "In the United States. Land of freedom and choice."

I took a quick glance around to see who may be staring at us. I grabbed Julia's hand and slightly squeezed.

"I think you've had too much to drink sweetheart. Let's get you home." Julia abruptly snatched her hand from my grasp. "I'm -not -going anywhere" She whispered. "Do you want us both to lose our jobs or worse?" I responded with a whisper. "You know how news travel in this town."

Julia then delivered a wicked smile that almost frighten me. "What if there was a place that would accept interracial relationships no matter who they were?" She grinned. "Would you go? Sure." I smiled "But we live on Earth not in the twilight zone."

Julia grabbed my hand and pulled me from the table. I barely had time to leave a tip as we paid and rushed out the door. "Where the hell are we going?!" I asked with a bit of frustration. "The twilight zone. My friend." She answered again with that wicked, wicked smile. I had no idea what was waiting for me.

We drove about forty-five minutes to the outskirts of town that was all but abandon. It was mostly farm land and desolate roads. Soon there was not a house in sight. I became a bit nervous. I'm not one for surprises. Soon we arrived at our destination. It was the old Johnson's plantation home. It was sold two years ago to of all people the owner of the company we both worked for. The house was at least two hundred years old, but it looked brand new.

"What are we doing here?" I glared as we began our short trek up the drive away toward the gate. "Just wait and see." Julia said as she sped up. "Trust me."

It didn't take long and we were passing the gate. Julia flashed her ID and we were in. I couldn't fathom why we were at our boss’s estate. The doorman smiled as we entered.

"Welcome back Julia." He grinned. "We've got a full house as usual. Same area as last time Jabir? Julia asked as she took my hand very lovingly.

"The same." He answered as she quickly guided me through a maze of hallways. "C'mon its about to begin" she urged as we stopped in front of these huge wooden double doors.

"What is this place?" I asked with a bit of enthusiasm. Julia knocked on the door and to my amazement my boss Trisha and another one of our co-workers Cynthia answered wearing nothing but lacy bra and panties.

"Welcome to Oreo Town Calvin. Oreo Town?" I said with a mixture of bewilderment.

As I looked around, I noticed three other white women and five very well built black men dressed in nothing but g strings. The huge rooms had six separate beds with well-decorated linens.

"Julia what is going on here? This is Oreo Town." She smiled as she pulled me closer. "Listen, I know you've wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with you. This is the place where interracial lovers come to be with others like them. I wanted our first time to be special."

I couldn't believe it, a place for interracial lovers to express their sensuality. This was definitely heaven.

"Every weekend we share each other" Trisha explained. "Tonight you and Julia will have the golden bed which represents new discovery."

I watched as the lights dimmed and every women joined with a man of her choice and took a bed. I was staring so intently Julia had to shake me to break my gaze.

"How long have you known about-" I stammered. "For about two weeks." Julia said as she guided me to the bed. "I wasn't sure how to invite you. You always seem to be a straight arrow. So what do you think so far?"

"I'll let you know later." I answered as I slowly began removing my clothes. By now my eight inch cock was as hard as stone and Julia noticed as it made an impression through my briefs. Julia's body was everything I imagined. I slowly traced one finger down between her breast, but not before licking it first. Her moans just elevated my excitement.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted this." She breathed as we kissed. Our tongues met with joy as they entwined. Her lips tasted so sweet that I purposely slowed down to enjoy it. I gently bit her bottom and top lips. Her hand gradually with expert precision found its way inside my briefs. Her hand felt warm and inviting that I almost came as she slowly stroked my penis concentrating on the head.

"Oh my God" I moaned. "That feels to damn good. I've got more baby." Julia smiled as she kissed me again thrusting her tongue inside my mouth. I couldn't hold back any longer. I had to touch her pussy. I first slid my fingers outside her panties in between her slit. She was so wet my fingers were saturated. Which is one thing I love about white women, it doesn’t take them long to get wet. I took my fingers and sucked them licking her juices off them while staring at her with the most lustful expression I could muster. I removed the rest of my clothing and took a look around and found that everyone was deep into their lovemaking. Moans and groans filled the air. Trisha, who I thought was prejudice as they come, was riding a huge black cock like there was no tomorrow.

"Are you ready to get down to business or would you rather stare at them?"

I smiled as I saw that Julia had removed her panties and placed them to the side. Her legs were spread displaying her beautiful flower in bloom. The pink lips of her pussy were shining with her juices. Drops of her liquid began to cascade down toward her tight ass. I dropped down to my knees as if in prayer and worshipped this beautiful sight. My tongue slowly licked a trail from her ass to the bottom of her slit, just lightly touching her clit.

"Eat me!” she groaned. "Lick me clean!"

I obliged her with series of quick flicks with the tip of my tongue. She tasted like sour and sweet honey. I knew there was more where that came from. You see, I love to eat pussy and I love for a woman to cum in my mouth hard. So hard that her nectar pours into my mouth. Tonight I was committed to making that happen. Julia's hips began to gyrate as I plunged my tongue inside her vagina and slowly twirled and fucked it in and out.

"Oh fuck me with your tongue. I love you Calvin." I then quicken my pace and sucked lightly then firmly on her huge pearl of a clit. Her juices began to pour like a gentle spring and I hurried to lap up every drop. My cock felt like it was going to burst. I definitely needed a release, but I really wanted to concentrate on Julia. I wanted this to be the best she ever experienced. More importantly I wanted her juices in my mouth, I wanted to be drowned in her cunt cream. With a dive, I licked with a fury her clit, while stopping between intervals to suck and bite her velvet folds.

"Shit Calvin." She moaned over and over. "You going to make me cum." I slowed down a bit and took time to admire her beautiful cunt. She had shaved so that only a trail of brown hair was left. Her lips folded neatly back in place as I ran my tongue between her now creaming vagina.

"Don't stop please Calvin." She pleaded. "I won't ."I slurped.

With that I concentrated again on her clit with rapid strokes. Her cream was so intense it ran down my chin. Without a warning Julia rose up. "Lie down I want to sit on your face."

With out any hesitation I did as I was told. I watched as her pussy rested on my tongue. Her hips began to move back and forth slowly at first and then faster. Her moans graduated to screams as her fluids rushed down into my mouth.

"Shit! Calvin, I'm cumming! Fuck!

I grabbed her hips and pressed her pussy even tighter against my open mouth and tongue wanting to catch every drop she had to give. Her hips that were once in a blur had begun to slow down.

"Oh my god" she breathed as she flopped down on the bed next to me. "That was so fucking good, so intense."

I stood up, my face glistening with her cum and held my rock hard dick in my hand.

"Out of energy already?" I teased.

Julia sat up and began stroking my cock.

"What do you think?" she answered as she slowly licked the underside of my dick, while massaging my loaded balls in unison.

"I've been waiting for this since you first got hired."

I almost fell to my knees again as I felt her moist mouth envelop my cock. Her tongue made trails across the head and back. My black seed was aching to be free and I knew that this night was far from over.

To be continued.

Part 2

I couldn't fucking believe it! The woman of my dreams was licking and salivating over my cock as if it was the last one she would ever have. I stood there entranced by her and the others around me. The smell and sounds were more than just invigorating but nearly hypnotic.

"Jesus Calvin, your dick tastes sooo fucking good." Julia smiled.

"So you like that do you?" I whispered as I guided her gently back on the bed. "Then I'm sure you're gonna loved this."

I licked my fingers and slowly inserted two inside her wet cunt.

"Yes! Oh god!" She groaned. With my thumb I began slowly rubbing her clit, while finger fucking her with slow steady strokes. Her eyes began to roll back, while she pushed her pussy toward my fingers whispering "Right there, Oh shit, yes!"

I've been with different women of diverse backgrounds and white women are the most vocal. They let you know if you’re on the mark. And I love that.

And now it was time I hit mine. My dick was deep purple and aching like hell. Without a warning I plunged my cock home into her pussy

"Damn, Julia your pussy is straight!" I said as I slowly pumped faster and faster.. Beings careful not to cum. Her cunt walls massaged by cock better than any blowjob I've ever had. As I pulled out just leaving the tip in, I saw the most wondrous sight, pussy juice dripping off my dick.

"I want you to cum inside me." She moaned. "I want to feel your dick grow and fill me up with cum."

I began to kiss her nipples, while continuing my assault on her cunt.

"Are you on the pill" I asked. "Would it matter?" she breathed in my ear. I knew deep down it wouldn't. We had gone too far. I pulled out and once again engaged in tonguing her pussy. I wanted her to cum in my mouth just one more time before I did. I aimed for her clit, while giving her nipples gentle tugs. Her moaning told me that I was clearly satisfying her. I then began talking dirty.

"I've never tasted a pussy this sweet." I said " Open that cunt wider let me scoop out all that cream."

"Oh my, Oh Fuck Fuck, yeah!" Julia moaned loudly as she open her legs wider giving me access to her inner hole. I quickly plunged my tongue in and out scooping out her cunt juice, while rubbing her clit with my thumb.

"I like that baby! Do it, make me cum! She urged. "Calvin, I'm cumming hard fuck!"

I could feel the juices saturating my face again. I lapped and slurped as much as I could before I replaced my dick where my tongue had been.

"Get on top and ride me like a horse." I ordered. Julia eagerly traded places and lowered herself down on my strained member.

"Damn! It feels like your dick is coming up through my throat." Julia screamed as she bounced and gyrated on my dick. It wasn't long before I released my crème filling in her devouring pussy. I could feel her pussy contracting from another climax that in turn triggered my own. My dick began to swell uncontrollably

"Julia, I'm cumming arrgh! Oh god oh god oh god yeah"! I open my eyes and saw Julia staring down at me with the most satisfying grin.

"Shit I have never made love like that before." I watched as she rose off my dick and my filling now dripping from her pussy. I pushed her back down on the bed and attacked her cunt tasting my own sperm, a first for me. I looked up with a smile and realized that everyone else had been watching us.

"I think I'm going to love Oreo Town" I grinned. "Where do I sign up?"

"You've already have." Trisha laughed. "You already have."

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