tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOrgasm Torture Ch. 03

Orgasm Torture Ch. 03


More of the story that follows Sara through her adventure of being "tortured" with sexual pleasure. Though "Val", "Sara", and "Rose" are actual people all of the events are *quite* fictional.

Please - feel free to comment and rate this story - there are at *least* 3 more installments already in the can - and more if enough people enjoy them.

This story is inspired by, and dedicated to WomanChild - a new Literotica contributor, and one who is wise, thoughtful, and sensual beyond her years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it for her... (She is also my "editor" - Thanks!)


Part 5

"So," came a voice from the doorway, "How is Dr. Feelgood and his young lover?" the woman smirked as she strode through the door.

She was about 5'3", shoulder length brown hair that was clipped "up" on the back of her head. Her clothes were the most unusual thing about her - starched white blouse, tight tan riding pants, high black boots.

The woman was not remarkable looking, but fit and muscular, mid-forties she guessed. From the fit of her clothes, she also guessed that she had no underwear under the jodhpurs, and under the white blouse was a lacy demi bra - obviously intended to show off her full breasts. Sara's eyes were drawn to the woman's tight black gloves and riding crop she held in her left hand, tapping against her boot as she spoke.

"What can I do for you Rose?" Val asked politely, but obviously a trifle upset about her attitude and the interruption. He dried his Sara-slicked face on a green surgical towel as he repeated the question. "Rose - what can I do for you?" She smiled sweetly.

"Calm down Val - I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" she asked, knowing full well exactly what she had interrupted. "My my my - so this is young Sara, hmmmmm? Seems that Jones figured you would be able to get a few trade secrets out of her. I grant you this - she does look sweet." She slid her gloved right hand up Sara's leg from the ankle to the knee.

"Now Rose," Val warned sternly, "You be nice to Sara - none of your nastiness!"

"Oh relax Val! Just admiring your young lover here - and my gosh!" she exclaimed, "Your handiwork is marvelous as always! Look at this!" Her hand continued to glide to Sara's shaved pussy, and she gently rubbed her gloved hand over the smooth mons and slick labia.

"Nobody shaves a woman like you do Val! When will you do mine again? Soon? Please!? I have such a hard time getting to all those tough places - and I usually end up nicking myself, and that really stings."

Val smiled – even blushed, thought Sara.

Rose went on commenting as she continued to feel Sara's shaved pussy. "You're very lucky you have Val, dear. He is a master - both at shaving women, and making them feel so - so marvelous!"

"My GOSH!" she laughed, "I wonder if I looked so wonderfully lewd and sexy strapped to this table as you do dear! Val had me here for three hours one day dear - three wonderful hours....." She seemed to be reminiscing.

Sara was sure she saw Rose's nipples stiffen as she talked. "Of course, Val may not have enjoyed the three hours he spent as my guest." She laughed a wicked laugh as she thwacked the riding crop against her boot with a loud snap. "Though I really can't say who made more noise that day."

Sara looked at Val and he answered her question without further prompting.

"Rose and I had a little bet Sara - whose torture was more effective. We both had a secret told to us and the other had three hours to extract it from them. Rose spent three hours where you are - and I spend three hours tied over a saddle rack in her interview room. Rose is a spanker, you see. Not really a fair contest - any woman can take cumming for three hours - in fact, I think most crave just that."

"GOD Yes!" Rose exclaimed. "When can I spend another afternoon with you Val?" she cooed. "Tell you what - let me have your young lover for a few minutes. I'm sure I can drag a few juicy secrets out of her! Why, the way you have her tied like this," she said, sliding her riding crop over Sara's soft inner thighs and shaved pussy, "I could make quite an impression on her with just this crop Val."

"NO Rose! - Don't you even think it!"

"Calm down Val - just musing - with her sensitive inner thighs and that wonderful shaved pussy all nice and exposed like this, I could have her telling me anything I wanted to know." Her wicked smile came again.

"Well, that's not going to happen here Rose!"

"I know Val, just thinking."

Sara felt her gloved hand still playing over her pussy - it felt strangely different to have a woman touching her like this. Exciting, gentle, forbidden. She tried hard not to move in response to Rose's hand - afraid to show she liked the feelings it was causing. She saw Rose smiling at her, then felt two of her gloved fingers slowly sliding into her sopping pussy. She bit her lip and let out a stifled moan as Rose worked her leather-clad fingers in and out of Sara's slit.

"Careful Rose - only pleasure in this room - no pain!" Val warned again.

"Yes, yes - I know," she answered, working her fingers in and out faster now. Sara had given up trying to hide her response - Val's tongue had inflamed her, and now this woman was bringing her to another orgasm as he watched.

Rose's fingers were flying in and out of Sara's pussy now, and her thumb was bumping against her clit with each stroke. Sara's hips were bucking again as she felt herself going over the edge again. "uuuHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried out - thrusting her hips against Rose's gloved hand and cumming intensely once again.

Part 6

"My Val – you may have been right! Sara here is quite the sexy young thing. She came for me so easily!" Rose exclaimed as she slid her slick gloved fingers from Sara's quivering pussy. She inhaled Sara's aroma, and then licked her juice from the black leather glove.

"Rose – can you excuse Sara and I for a moment?" he asked bending near to Sara's ear.

"Sara," Val whispered, "I want you to know that you will only experience pleasure while with me. I think Rose would like to have sex with you. Does that excite you? Would you like to? I'll stay here with you the whole time – but it's up to you."

Sara thought for a moment, still panting from her last orgasm. She'd been excited by the thought of being with another woman – and as menacing as Rose could be, she found her especially arousing – to be touched by her, her authoritative demeanor, her intrinsic sexiness. She whispered to Val, "You'll stay with me though?"

"Yes Sara, you're my responsibility – I won't let anything bad happen to you."

"Then yes, I want to have sex with her."

"OK – that might work in our favor – be quiet for a minute while I talk to Rose – trust me."

He walked over to where Rose stood, still licking Sara's juices off of her glove. "OK – here's the deal," he began. Sara couldn't make out too much. He seemed to be bargaining with Rose. She seemed quite adamant at times, disagreeing passionately, the relenting when Val made a "take it or leave it" gesture to her. She finally saw that Rose seemed to agree to all conditions and was smiling and looking at Sara quite lustily. Sara thought that she saw a darker spot in the crotch of Rose's tan jodhpurs – she smiled as she thought she was the reason that Rose was so aroused. Val started walking back to Sara – then turned to Rose.

"When was the last time you shaved yourself Rose?"

"Well," she blushed a little, "I've been so busy that it's been weeks, no – two months since I have – it looks like I never shaved it at all!"

Val grinned. "Actually, for my purposes – that's perfect!"

"Why?" Rose sidled against him. "You gonna shave me now, here, in front of your lover, Dr. Feelgood?" she smirked.

"No, Ms. Smartass," he joined her game, "I just think that BEFORE I do shave you, Sara might like to experience you unshaved."

"Now remember Rose – Sara is my guest. She is to experience nothing but pleasure and arousal, and I will be watching to make sure you are nice to her. And go easy on her – you're her first woman."

Val wheeled a platform over to between Sara's widespread legs for Rose to stand on so Sara could see her.

"OK – have your fun Rose, but remember – be nice!"

Rose gave him a half-nasty glance and stepped up onto the platform. She ran the flap tip of her ever-present riding crop over Sara's smooth-shaved mons – then flung it over her shoulder.

Val and Sara both breathed a sigh of relief to see Rose relinquish her favorite spanking tool.

Val whispered in Sara's ear, "If you want this to stop at any time Sara – just squeeze my hand, ok?" Sara nodded nervously and squeezed his hand right then as a test.

"Never done it with another girl before dear, huh? – Well, I think you're gonna enjoy this quite a bit."

Sara felt her juices beginning to flow just hearing Rose talk about what was to come. Rose stood on the platform, fully visible to Sara even in her lying position. She started removing her gloves by biting the tips of the fingers in her teeth and tugging each finger out one at a time – finally tugging each glove off and dragging it over Sara's shaved mons – then dropping them on the floor.

She reached behind her head and took the clip holding her hair in place out – and shook her hair out of its "put-up" condition. It fell over her shoulders, softening her hard appearance a bit more and making her sultry eyes look even more aroused.

Sara was feeling like she was starting to drip about now.

Her gloves gone, Rose started to unbutton her white blouse. She quickly unbuttoned it, too excited to go slow, and tugged the tails out of her riding pants, exposing her white lace bra. She quickly shucked the blouse off of her shoulders.

Sara saw that she was definitely a muscular woman – she had broad shoulders. almost as broad as some men – definitely a strong woman.

Sara felt a ripple go through her stomach as Rose reached behind her back, and she realized she was about to take her bra off. Rose quickly slipped the bra down her arms, exposing her breasts to Sara (and the room).

Sara couldn't help but notice that she had large, dark nipples that protruded about ½" when they were erect (which they were – quite!). Sara saw her hands slide down her chest - cupping her breasts.

Rose looking her in the eye as she slid her hands down her stomach – hooking her thumbs in the waist of her jodhpurs. She kept right on sliding her hands down, pushing the tight, stretchy pants off her hips and bottom.

Sara saw that she was, indeed, not wearing any underwear under those pants, and her dark bush of hair came into view as the pants rolled down her legs. Sara felt herself get even wetter as Rose alternately lifted her feet to slide her boots off and take the pants off the rest of the way. Rose now stood in front of Sara – fully naked and looking very aroused. Even from where she was, Sara could smell the scent of Rose's arousal, and it made her feel even more excited to know that she was so lusty.

Part 7

Sara's stomach was doing flip-flops as she realized that something she'd always fantasized about was about to happen.

Val leaned near her ear again – still holding her hand – and asked: "Still want this Sara?"

Sara nodded nervously – wanting it, but being so nervous that she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

Val whispered again in her ear, "There's a lot I could tell you about making love to a woman Sara – but I think I will let you discover it for yourself. Don't worry – I think you will enjoy it very much." He squeezed her hand again in encouragement, and she squeezed back.

She felt a strange connection to this man – even though he was her captor, she sensed a genuine care and concern for her in his voice, actions, and demeanor. She looked in his eyes and saw a softness and affection that she'd only seen one place before – her lover's eyes. The association made her think for a moment, but seeing Rose stepping down off the platform drew her full attention.

Rose was standing between her legs now, close to her, running her hands up and down the smooth, soft skin on Sara's inner thighs. She leaned up against the edge of Sara's restraining table, and leaned against her wide-open crotch. Her hips were pressed between Sara's thighs and she knew that Rose must be feeling the heat and humidity centered at her pussy.

Rose started climbing up on Sara's table, stalking her like a cat would stalk her prey. She moved like a graceful lioness as she slowly climbed up over her, her hands and knees straddling Sara's body. Soon, she was directly over her and Sara was feeling paralyzed in Rose's gaze as she saw her lowering her head towards Sara to kiss her deeply and passionately.

'I've never been kissed by a woman like that,' she thought, as Rose's lips pressed against hers, her tongue pushing into her mouth as Sara opened her mouth to receive it. She tasted her own juices on her lips as she did. Sara was panting heavily with excitement as Rose lowered her body against Sara's.

She ran her hands over Sara's shoulders and arms, then down to caress her breasts, tracing circles around her nipples and teasing them with soft pinches. Sara felt her nipples stiffening as she did so. She felt Rose's coarse pubic hair grinding against her smooth shaved mons as Rose toyed with her.

Rose broke her lip lock and Sara and lowered her lips to Sara's ear. "I'm going to have you now Sara," she whispered to her, "or maybe you're going to have me." She grinned as she said it.

Rose climbed up even higher on Sara's table, on just her knees now – Sara could see what she had in mind, and she expected it, though she was still very nervous about it. Soon, Rose had straddled Sara's face, and Sara had her first close-up look at a woman's pussy. She couldn't see much because of the thick curls covering her pubic area – but she could immediately smell the scent of Rose's arousal. Sara found that the heady aroma made her feel even more aroused herself, and felt an irresistible urge to taste the woman straddling her face. She lifted her head to meet Rose's furry pussy and stuck her tongue into the dark mass of curls.

Rose responded immediately with an "oh my god!" as Sara tasted her first woman. Like her own taste, it was sweet and salty at the same time, with a quality that she could only describe as "incredibly sexy." Sara flicked her tongue up and down in Rose's wet, sexy slit and Sara noticed that her fluid was almost a creamy consistency and feel on her tongue. Very slippery – and she found the taste made her crave even more.

Rose slowly lowered herself until Sara was able to rest her head on the padded table again. Rose held still as Sara's tongue explored her fur-covered depths. She slid her hands up her thighs and taut belly until she was cupping and squeezing her breasts while Sara's tongue filled her with pleasurable feelings. Her lubrication began to flow in earnest as Sara's tongue stimulated her. She shifted her position to bring her clit to Sara's tongue and her body stiffened in response as Sara found that hard nub of a target. Rose gasped in pleasure and stayed stock-still to allow Sara to continue to lick that spot.

Rose slid her hands back down her body to just above her curls, then slid her fingertips through them to rest on each side of where Sara was licking. She reached down and spread her labia apart, giving Sara a better view of her inner labia and clit, but more importantly, better access to lick her – which she did. Rose began to moan as Sara's tongue flicked over her sensitive clit again and again. She was trying to hold her hips still in accordance with Val's directives – to be nice to Sara and not maul her this first time with a woman. Sara could see Rose's hard nipples pointing straight out and her large breasts gently swaying with each lick she gave her. Rose's juices were streaming down Sara's cheeks and her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps now.

Val bent to whisper in Sara's ear again, "You're about to find out that Rose cums in a very powerful way Sara."

Rose began to moan loudly and bounce against Sara's lips a little harder now. She saw her spread her labia apart even further and saw the dark pink hue of Rose's engorged inner labia. Sara was having a hard time keeping her tongue in contact with Rose's pussy as she began to buck a little more each minute. Rose's cries were getting more frantic with each passing moment, and Sara was smiling – not that it was visible – to see and hear the profound effect she was having on this woman. She could see that Rose was very near to cumming, so she changed her tactics a little and wrapped her lips tightly around Rose's clit and began to suck and nurse on it while flicking it with her tongue.

"OHMIGAWWWWDDDD!" Rose cried out as her body stiffened and shuddered. She let go of her labia and began to undulate her hips as she put her hands in her hair and surrendered to her imminent orgasm. A cry stuck in Rose's throat as she came powerfully, shuddering as a gush of her fluid washed over Sara's face. To her credit, she was able to swallow most of what entered her mouth while continuing to suck on Rose's clit. Rose convulsed three or four times before falling forward, panting, her breasts heaving in the wake of her powerful orgasm.

Sara turned her head sideways to get a breath and swallow the rest of Rose's juice while blinking to clear her eyes.

Val quickly dabbed off her face with a towel he seemed to have handy. As he dried her face he asked her, "How was that Sara – did you like it?" She smiled and let Val dry her face.

"I did Val – I liked it a lot. I think that this isn't a good position to do that though!"

He laughed and smiled. "Yes, especially, with Rose, one can get a little wet down there – but I didn't want to spoil your surprise by telling you too much."

"Thanks," she snorted, coughing a bit, clearing her throat. "I did like it though – do you think she'll let me do that again?"

They both looked at Rose, still half-straddling Sara's face as she recovered from her orgasm.

"Oh," Val laughed, "I think she'll let you do that as much as you like Sara."

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