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Orgasmo, Machine of the Future


The question is not when did machines take over our marriage but how did machines take over our marriage. No, I know the exact date it happened; I can still picture the ad I read in my 'Boobs and Butts' magazine. In giant type it seem to call out to me, "Does your wife think less of you because she can't get an orgasm from you little cock?" Why just that very day she had all but said those very words to me after a frustrating round of lovemaking in which she had not achieved satisfaction. In fact, she also said that if I couldn't improve she would need to look somewhere else for relief. I remember I picked up the ad and reread it word for word. It had a picture of a pretty girl who defiantly had a satisfied look on her face. I would love to be able to put that look on my wife's face, if only I could. It said, "Once your purchase Orgasmo your life will never be the same. Your wife will look up to you in awe as she swoons to the touch of the world famous Orgasmo. Don't delay buy it today, we here at Orgasmo Inc. think that three thousand dollars is not too much to spend to make your wife happy and content." I called and put it on my credit card that very day and they promised it to be delivered in five working days.

Sure enough on the fifth day, I came home from work to hear my wife screaming and moaning from our bedroom. Thinking she was being attacked I ran to her aid only to find her on her back holding this contraption to her genitals with both hands. Gloria looked up at me just as she exploded into another orgasm.

"Oh god George, where did you find this wonderful machine? Oh, god there's another one; I've already had more cums today than you have given me since we were married." I just stood there watching as Gloria lie in our bed panting and screaming,

"There's another one, oh yes another one."

I have no idea how long I watched but at last, she cried that she couldn't take any more. She pulled the Orgasmo away from her pussy, she then kissed it, and I think it kissed her back. Next, I swear to god they cuddled until she fell asleep.

I fixed my own diner and ate alone, then after watching a little TV headed off to bed. Our bedroom door was locked. I remember while I was knocking I kept thinking 'Why do I need to knock on my own bedroom door?' After a while Gloria came out wearing a robe,

"George we need to talk Orgie doesn't feel right about you sleeping in our bed."

I didn't know where to start,

"You already have a nickname for that thing and what do you mean he doesn't feel right, how do you know what he feels. For god's sake Gloria it's a fucking machine it can't feel."

"George you take that back right now, Orgie's right, you are just insensitive. From now on you will sleep in the other room."

She slammed the door in my face and as I trudged down the hall, I thought I heard two people laughing.

In the morning she came into the kitchen looking like she had been up all night, she had bags under her eyes and she looked exhausted. Were those hickies on her throat and upper chest? I volunteered to make her breakfast and she merely nodded. I asked Gloria why she seemed so mad at me and she said she would never forgive me for all of the lousy sex I had given to her for all the years of our marriage. As she ate her breakfast, I got down on my knees and begged forgiveness telling Gloria I would do anything to save our marriage. The only answer I got was that she would discuss it with Orgie and would do whatever he wanted. I told Gloria that the Orgasmo was nothing but a machine and it was unable to talk. She screamed at me to shut up, that Orgie communicated to her and from now on, her only mission in life was to make sure he was happy.

I went to work not knowing if I would have a roof over my head at the end of the day. When I got home, I was pleased to see my key still fit the front door. Gloria was sitting at the dining room table with a can of WD40 and she was using it to polish her mechanical lover.

"George, Orgie has decided to let you stay in the house for now but you will be expected to do all of the house work and laundry to repay for that privilege. If you are unhappy with that arrangement you can move out now."

Unhappy, of course, I was unhappy, but I just could not muster the courage to leave Gloria. My wife had been the only woman I had ever made love to and the thought of losing her was scary. I was a beaten man,

"Honey I'll agree to anything I don't want to lose you, just tell me you'll make love to me again."

"George that's not gonna happen, about the best you can hope for is a pair of my dirty panties to sniff while you wank yourself."

I can't believe how much our lives have changed since the fateful day I answered that ad with the hope of improving our sexual escapades. My wife made me quit my job to become a full time househusband and she is on the road as the leading sales rep for Orgasmo Inc. She is making more money now than I ever dreamed of and she says her goal of putting an Orgasmo in the hand of every woman in America is the driving force behind her work effort. As for me I guess I kind of enjoy my new life, I stay home and keep house and at the end of the day, if I'm lucky I get another pair of Gloria's dirty panties to sniff while I play with myself.

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another cocksucking WIMP posting dumb cuck SHIT.

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