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Oriental Angel


So there I was looking for a date on the internet.

"How had it come to this?" I wondered.

I'd never been short of female company, from a young age. In fact, I'd never really had to try. I just had to smile, tell them they were beautiful and how lucky I was to be with them. But it had been a couple of months. Maybe I had to face the fact that I was getting older. After all, I was now 32. I guy can't expect to pull pretty young girls all his life, even if he is 6" with a lean muscular body, a boyishly handsome face, and a good line in chat. I debated this whilst I checked out the profiles.

"Where have all the good men gone?" asks one girl.


Another tries to tempt me, "Keep reading....You might get lucky :O)."

"Ah, no thanks."

Pages of them, and all of them had been on the website that day. All of them 'nice girls' I'm sure, but somehow there wasn't any spark. All of their profiles were too similar, too earnest. Where was the sense of humour, the confidence in their attractiveness? Most of the photos didn't help either. I was just about to call it quits when I saw her.

I'd have to admit it was the photo that caught my eye first. Not a very good photo actually. It was small, too dark, and she was wearing black. But I could see this pretty little Chinese face, with long straight black hair cascading down across her shoulders as she lay backwards on an arm chair. Then I realised how small she looked in the chair. I looked across at the text. 23 yrs old, 4"11' and 86lbs. My god she was tiny, more than a foot shorter then me and less than half my weight. I would break her in half.

She hadn't written very much.

"I have just moved to Melbourne (Australia). Working hard but still lots of time for more. Could you be the one to show me what this big city has to offer?"

Not much to pin my hat on and not very original but she had my interest. I looked back at the photo. Was that the curve of her breast hidden in the shadow? I couldn't tell but if it was, they were big. Very big for a girl her size.

I had to find out more. She was so pretty and she looked sharp. I've always liked intelligent girls. I even have a thing for girls with glasses. To me they look sexy. And then there was her body. If I was right, she was petite but with large, perfectly formed tits.

I typed a response. Just a few words. I complimented her on her bravery in moving on her own to a new country, how smart she seemed, and her beautiful, long, lustrous hair. I told her I would make her feel very welcome in Australia . I hit send.

I couldn't stop thinking about her the next day. This mysterious and cute girl who just might have a killer little body. What would it be like to hold her in my arms? I'd be frightened I would crush her. And then there's my dick. I'm just under nine inches long and nearly three inches wide. How on earth would she be able to take it? Most bigger women have trouble.

I left work early and rushed straight home to check my mail. Fantastic! She had written back.

"Nice to hear from you. You sound like great guy. I don't like to type much so you call me."

Jackpot! Her phone number first up. None of this beating around the bush playing email tag not knowing if the person at the other end is who they really say they are. I had another look at her photo. Damn she was cute. But don't call straight away. Experience has taught me that if you ring too soon you look too keen and/or desperate.

So I waited, and fantasized about slowly sliding into her tight little pussy and her eyes growing bigger and bigger and rounder and rounder as she felt my huge cock filling her, more than she's ever had before, more than she can bear.

"Ben, are you okay? You don't really seem with us today."

I snap out of my daydream. Shit! I've got a meeting with the senior manager in five minutes about the new IT deployment. Roll on 6 pm when I can knock off.

Two days later I call her.

"Hi, it's your white knight come to rescue you."

Some people can get away with corny lines. I'm one of them. I find if you deliver them with a hint of a smile and a twinkle in the eye they can actually be very effective. But not today. Culture clash. She has no idea what I am talking about. But after stumbling at the first hurdle I manage to get her giggling. Her name is Sherry and she is from Taiwan. She's been recruited to help an Australian company break into the Chinese market. Her spoken English is very good but she says she doesn't write so well. Even better, she's living only about 15 minutes from me.

We're getting on really well so I decide that we might as well take the next step, "How about we have dinner?"

I arrange to pick her up from her place at 7pm on Tuesday. Not the slightest hesitation from her. Not at all frightened of letting me know where she lives.

I arrive at her door. It's in a cheap block of apartments but in a nice suburb. The door opens. Wow! Extremely pretty but so small. Like a tantalizing little flower that you're afraid to touch in case you crush it. A delicate but well-defined chin, full lips, big wide eyes, long eyelashes, finely shaped eyebrows, a small upturned button nose, and a flawless complexion. She's dressed entirely in black. A black top of some sort, hard to tell as she has a loose fitting jacket on over the top; so loose I have no way of checking if my suspicions are true. A black miniskirt exposing short but extremely slim and shapely legs covered in sheer black stockings. To make herself taller she is wearing knee-high black leather platform boots. The heels at the front are at least two inches and maybe four at the back. Even so I tower over her. She doesn't reach much past my shoulder.

I tell her she looks fabulous and offer her my arm. As I walk her ahead of me I check out her arse. Again perfect. Slightly bigger than normal for a Chinese girl, but still slim, toned, and magnificently shaped. She is wearing her hair loose and I notice that it is actually dark brown and reaches right down to the top of that adorable arse. I feel myself getting hard. This is always a problem as it's not exactly easy to hide.

Dinner goes well. I let her do most of the talking. She is incredibly sweet with a child-like excitement about even the most mundane things, but especially about her new life in Australia. And she's so pretty I'm happy to just look. I mean I've been out with beautiful women before, some of them stunning in fact. But this girl is making me feel things I've never felt before. Maybe because she's so small I want to protect her. I don't know. At the end I can barely remember anything she's said.

I pay and we walk back to the car. And that's when she has a bit of a problem. The car is parked at the bottom of a steep ramp. She didn't have any trouble walking up it but in her platform boots she can't keep her footing going down. I have no choice but to carry her. I cradle her in my arms with her angelic little face only inches from mine. I've been wondering for days what it would be like to hold her and all I can think of is how little she weighs. I lift a lot more weight at the gym. I can't help but think of all the ways I can fuck her. Up against the wall is going to be a breeze. My cock swells, bursts out of my briefs and presses hard against my belt. I don't know if she is thinking the same thing or if she sees the look in my eye but suddenly she smiles in a knowing way. It's the first time she's seemed like a mature woman all night.

At her front door I tell her how much I enjoyed her company, and how pretty, intelligent and sexy she is. And for once I really mean it.

She asks me, "Would you like to come over on Thursday for dinner?"

"That's sounds fantastic." I lean down and give her a gentle but firm kiss. I lift a strand of hair and tuck it behind her ear, then gently caress the side of her head and run my hand down her neck and onto her shoulder, "See you Thursday".

I arrive at her door two days later.

"These are for you" I say giving her a large arrangement of mixed flowers in white and blue.

"Thank you, they are beautiful. Blue is my favourite colour".

Whilst she admires the flowers, I admire her. She looks even better than the other night. She is wearing a similar short black skirt, but this time no stockings and boots, just a pair of extremely elegant black open toed shoes. This shows off her fabulous legs, pencil thin but with fabulously shaped calves and tiny perfectly formed feet. Her feet are about the length of my hand.

But it is her top that really gets my attention. It is reflective silver, with shoelace straps and a neckline that just covers the top of her breasts. She is obviously not wearing a bra and the fabric clings to every curve. I was right, they are magnificent. Large (for her), high on her chest and pointing only slightly outwards. I can tell exactly as her nipples are pressing firmly against the fabric, just as my cock is beating against my jeans. I can tell it's going to be a good night.

Dinner is wonderful. Chinese food naturally. She has cooked four dishes, two meat, two vegetable. All are very tasty and perfectly cooked. She says as the oldest daughter in her generation she had had to help her grandmother cook for the whole family including her cousins. This is looking better and better. All the time I am trying not to stare at the fabulous tits that are just begging me to kiss and suck them.

As I help her tidy up I suddenly feel pain and tightness in my shoulder. Shit! Just what I don't need. I seem to have pulled a muscle in my shoulder, probably from overdoing it at the gym in the morning.

"No problem," she says "I can fix that. Take off your shirt and lie face-down on the carpet."

"What?" I started to wonder. Was this her secret dark side? I thought she was too good to be true.

"Come on!" she orders.

Bemused I strip off, and lie down on the floor in the lounge room. She quickly slips off her shoes and then steps onto my back. Using her toes and the balls of her feet she gets to work on the knots in my shoulder.

She explains, "This is an ancient Chinese technique. My arms are not strong enough so this way I can use my weight to help."

Wow! Who is this woman? She is full of secrets and my mind is full of questions, but I quickly lose focus as I enjoy the wonderful feeling of her expert manipulation. The tightness disappears almost immediately replaced by a tremendous feeling of relaxation.

"That felt great," I say as I roll over and stand up. "Now what can I do for you?" I pull her toward me and gaze into her eyes. I gently run my hand down the inside of her arm, then pick up her hand and bring it to my lips, all the time keeping my eyes on hers. I bend down to kiss her and am forced to bend my knees to get down low enough. Our lips lock as I put my hand to the back of her head and run my hand through her hair. Her lips feel fantastic. Full, smooth, soft and yet firm if that is possible. I slip my tongue between her lips as my right hand slides down onto that perfect backside. I can feel the firm shape as it curves back down to her leg. Our tongues entwine and then I suck first one side then the other of her wonderful lips. She is totally with me, pressing her body hard against mine, her head tilted up so I can kiss her.

I bend right down so I am kneeling on the floor, moving my lips across her jaw line and down her neck. Her head stays backwards, her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted. I move my attention to the cleft in her throat as my hand slides down the back and inside of her leg. Her skin is so smooth, like velvet. My right hand returns to her bum as I use my left to left the bottom edge of her top. I move my head down to her belly. Now that's another surprise. A belly button ring - in the midst of a flat and tiny stomach. I put it out of mind and use my tongue to explore her stomach, running it around her belly button but being very careful of the ring. I have had problems with them before.

She's panting now, both her hands around the back of my head. I pull her top up further trying to reveal those magnificent breasts.

"Can't we just be friends?" she says suddenly, her hands still on the back of my head.

I pull my head back a little and look up around her boobs. She's still got her eyes closed but her head is now tilted to one side.

"If that's what you want," I say whilst sliding my right hand down under her skirt and extending my middle finger under her panties and across the smooth skin to the bottom of her pussy.

She gasps, clutches my head and pulls me back into her. Circling her stomach with my tongue, I use both hands to lower her panties, then bring my left hand to the front and gently explore the inside of the top of the thighs. Occasionally I gently slide a finger, as if accidentally, across her mound or around her labia. Again another shock. She has shaved her pussy. And she must have done it today, it is totally smooth. This girl is full of surprises.

I do this for about a minute, building her tension, whilst still kissing her stomach, belly button, hip and exploring her arse with my right hand (and slipping a finger or two into her crack every so often). Then I bring my hand up to her pussy and gently explore it, before sliding a finger just into her moist, warm pussy.

"Ohhhh," she sighs and thrusts her pussy onto my finger.

Rubbing gently back and forth with only the tip of my finger inserted I can feel her excitement building. Her pussy is getting very wet. She is still panting as I pull her skirt right up and lower my head. I pause for a moment to admire her beautiful hairless pussy. She's quivering slightly in my hands as I bend and touch my lips to hers. As I do so I slide my finger in further. She jerks and clutches at my head. My tongue reaches out and licks up and down the top part of her pussy, pausing briefly over her clit before continuing to caress her beautiful lips.

I curl my finger and find her G-spot. I gently press and rub. She is starting to moan now. My tongue touches and then swirls around her clit. I start drawing the letters of the alphabet whilst still gently stimulating her G-spot. My fingers are dripping now, and she is starting to thrust her hips up and down, making it hard for me to keep my finger and tongue in the right spots. She is making lots of noise now, grunts and moans.

Then she coos, "Ohhh, that's so good."

She's building up a head of steam now, I can feel her whole body vibrating like a tuning fork as I hold her tight little arse in my hand.

"Ohhh, oohhh, oohhh, " she cries.

She is getting ready to blow so I slide my finger out and back right off with my tongue, kissing the crease at the top of her leg, her inner thigh right down to her knee.

"Oh, no, no" she complains.

I grab her panties and pull them right down to her feet. She steps out of them and I slide the tips of my fingers like a feather up the inside of her thigh. She quivers again. I start to sit down, pulling her down with me and then lie back completely, so she's now squatting over my face, her pussy on my lips. I push her skirt out of the way so I can see what she's doing.

I really get into my work now licking and sucking as she rubs her pussy all over my tongue, nose and chin. My face is totally smeared in liquid and her arse is shaking. She's bent forward, her long hair hanging down over my face. Her lips are parted and her tongue pokes out.

"Uggh, ohhh, so good!" she groans.

Her tits are jiggling everywhere, pressing up against the silver fabric, just begging to be set free. I push one hand up under her top and run my hand around the edge of her breast. I still can't see it but it feels wonderful. Big, too big to grasp in my hand, but firm. I gently massage it, then squeeze and twist the nipple and her body shudders.

Suddenly she screams and presses her pussy hard down on my mouth. Her body is shaking like an earthquake. Slowly the tremors fade away. I quickly touch her anus with my left hand and swirl my tongue around her clit again.

"Aahh," she screams and her body shakes violently.

Then she relaxes and actually sits down on my chest. It doesn't hurt, she hardly weighs anything. I pull my hand out from under her top.

She looks down at me with a big smile, "That was wonderful".

She stands up, drawing me after her. She bends down, picks up her panties and my shirt, but leaving her shoes, and pulls me into out of the lounge room and into her bedroom.

"My flatmate should have been home by now," she says.

She turns on the bedside lamp, shuts the door and pushes me onto the bed. I take off my shoes and we lie down on our sides, we start kissing. Whew, those lips, who knew kissing could feel this good? I start running my hands through her hair. My cock is going to burst. After tasting that beautiful pussy it wants to experience it too. But I pull away.

"I'm not sure about the next step", I say.

Her face shows her surprise and confusion, "What's wrong?"

"I'm a bit worried. I'm very big. I...I'm frightened I might hurt you."

"Really?" Instead of being worried she looks excited, her eyes wide. "How big?" she asks as she reaches toward my jeans.

I would have thought she could work it out as I have a huge tent pitched in my pants. She undoes my belt, button and unzips me. My cock bursts free, the head pulsing angrily.

"Oh my God," is all she says as she grabs my jeans and underpants and pulls them off.

Bending down she tries to take my cock in her mouth, but she struggles to even swallow the glans. So she licks my cock gently around the head, then licks down the side and takes one of my balls in her mouth. She rolls it around in her mouth. God, it feels good. I can feel electricity flowing through my veins. Even my nipples are tingling. And I love seeing this tiny little girl with her angelic face with my ball in her mouth. If she could only fit my cock in. I'd love to see those beautiful red lips wrapped around my cock.

Suddenly she sits up. "Fuck me," she demands.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me," she says urgently, breathlessly.

She slips off her skirt and pulls me down on top of her. I'm frightened I'm going to crush her so I rest all my weight on my arms. She's frantic now and grabs my cock and pushes it into her pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she implores, her eyes begging me.

I kiss her forehead as I can't reach her lips and gently caress her head as I try to slide in. But even though I can feel how wet she is I can barely get the head in. I slide my arms underneath her shoulders and wriggle my cock around, slowly working it back and forth in her pussy. I keep kissing her, on her forehead, her neck, her ears, her nose. Little by little I inch in. It must be teasing the hell out of her. She's clutching at my back and she is kissing, sucking even, on my neck.

"Oh, it's so big, it's so good," she sighs contentedly.

After a couple of minutes I probably have about four inches in so I start to thrust gently, taking my cock almost completely out before gently sliding back in. It feels so good, she is so tight but so wet. I can feel the skin on my glans being pulled back and forth. It's exquisite torture. Slowly, slowly I creep into her pussy, not even sure she will be able to take all of me. She wraps her legs right around my back and pulls me close.

Eventually, to my amazement, she takes all of me. I rest, luxuriating in the feel of my cock being squeezed to death by her tiny pussy. I slowly gyrate my hips, screwing her. I can't even see her eyes as the top of her head only comes just past my chin but I hold her gently in my arms, making sure she doesn't carry any of my weight. I start to thrust, each time having to press hard to get back in. So tight. It's never felt this good before.

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