tagNovels and NovellasOrphan Ch. 02

Orphan Ch. 02


Celaeno hangs forward motionless with her hands tied and stretched behind her back to a post and naked. She has several bruises covering various parts of her body, except thankfully, her face. That most likely will change especially once Rurik Garrison, leader of the Divortium, arrives.

Her abuser so far has only been a woman named Avyanna Maykov. Celaeno knows her all too well. Her and her sister Valentina. Celaeno went to through the Divortium Fleet Officer training program with the sisters. She didn't at the time care for either of the two and after today's abuse that hasn't changed in the least.

Celaeno is surprised by the strength of Avyanna Maykov. For such a lithe woman, she can sure pack a punch. Of course Fleet Officer training isn't just about command but being able to fight. It is what makes the Divortium so hard to fight, or in some cases, rebel against. Given a change of situation Celaeno wouldn't be in such a mess. Neither of the sisters was ever able to beat her in a fair fight.

Celaeno shakes her head at the thought. Then another enters: Why start now?

So she hangs suspended, aching and waiting. The torture she received was mild in comparison to what Rurik Garrison most likely has in store for her. The questioning that came with the beating was also most likely just a means to justify the beating. Of course Avyanna's hatred and malice would have been enough and Celaeno would have accepted it. Hell, if the situations were reversed, she might just have done the same.

Time moves slowly and the only thing the young woman has to give a small amount of comfort is the slight stream of light that filters in from a tiny skylight in the ceiling. It isn't much, not even enough to provide her with viewing anything other than her own nude form covered in bruises.

With what feels like eternity, the only door that she knows of finally opens, casting an even larger and brighter light into the room. The light is so intense that she has to quickly slam her eyes shut. It is probably done on purpose so that she can't get a view of anything that might provide her an advantage. The Divortium are certainly not taking any chances with her.

Once the light fades and the room is cast back into its natural gloominess, Celaeno opens her eyes. They quickly readjust to the semi-darkness and starting before her in both a mixture of light and shadow is a man. A man that she has known since day one of her training: Rurik Garrison.

The man responsible for ending the Great War and building the empire that brought all nations together as one is and has always been surrounded by mystery. With a dark complexion, shaved hair and long goatee, he gives off a menacing look. The air of confidence and power only add to that. And of course his regal dress let's all know just how wealthy and powerful he is.

Even though she has known him since her days of training, Celaeno and of course every other candidate and officer knows little of and about him. That kind of knowledge or lack of makes the rumor mills work overtime.

Before the war there is no record of his birth, parents or anything of any or little consequence. Because of his ears, there is the rumor that at least one of his parents was a Dranon. Because the Maykov sisters are his two highest ranking officers, they must be his daughters. And there are many others. Whatever the case may be in any of them are irrelevant. Celaeno's only goal is to bring the man to his knees before either running him through with a sword or splattering his brains all over creation.

Just seeing the pompous man standing before her makes her blood boil. The beating she received is forgotten. In fact the resulting pain seems to have even disappeared. Celaeno manages to gather enough saliva and probably even a little bit of blood, considering the taste of copper in her mouth, together and spit it at the man's feet.

The majority of it misses, but a portion does land on the toe of his boots. Rurik frowns, no doubt disturbed at such filth touching him. He is definitely one for not having a speck of anything on his uniform. He, of course, expects no less from his officers.

"Now is that really necessary?" he asks in a deep baritone voice that seems to resonate throughout the room.

Celaeno lifts her head up and tries to make eye contact with the man while putting on the best face of arrogance that she can manage. "Too bad I don't have the spit to try it again," she spats.

Rurik grunts and steps forward. He raises his hand and throws it across Celaeno's face. The sting ripples into her cheek bone and she knows there certainly will be a bruise. In fact, she can already feel it forming.

"Still the arrogant little bitch aren't you?"

Celaeno remains silent but looks at him, not showing any sign of weakness or hurt and simply smiles. Of course, this only enrages Rurik and he backhands her again, this time harder and across her jaw.

"I'll whip that little smirk off you face," he grunts.

The pain stings even worse than the first time and Celaeno tries hard to keep from letting it show. She grits her teeth together briefly, biting back cry and pain before looking up again and smiling. This time, however, a trickle of blood comes out from the corner of her mouth.

Rurik raises his hand to strike her again and then just as quickly lowers it and steps around behind her. "You were an outstanding officer, but you always did have a problem with authority."

Celaeno suppresses a laugh. "I still do."

Rurik doesn't hold back and laughs at the remark. "You most certainly do."

"So," Celaeno asks in the most sarcastic way she can possibly, "what kind of torture am I to endure today?"

Rurik laughs again, but this time it is more sadistic. "I know you are not going to talk. At least not right away. And any torture we give you will only strengthen your resolve. No, I plan to weaken that resolve first."

Celaeno hears a click before a sudden jolt begins to turn her, the pole she is chained to and the floor around in a circle until she is facing Rurik once more. Then without a prompt or signal from the man, the door opens, bathing light into the room. Sitting before her is a rack with eye bolts on it and beneath it. Shadows dance behind her and chains clang until she feels a release. But before Celaeno has an opportunity to move on her own free will, she is forcible flung forward and over the rack. The chains pull tight as they are attached to the eye bolts.

When the task is done, the unseen owners of the shadows leave, closing the door behind. Once again the room is bathed in near total darkness. Then with another click Celaeno can hear a sound from above like stone on stone grinding. She tries to turn to look, but her current position doesn't allow for much movement. Moments later, however, she is bathed in light. Celaeno begins to struggle against the chains, the wooden rack and the floor, but all her efforts prove fruitless.

"Your pathetic attempts will get you know where," Rurik coos in an unnatural tone. "Just look around—he laughs—what little you can and see for yourself."

Celaeno does just that. She pauses in her struggles and peers around with her limited movement of vision until her eyes settle on a mirror sitting directly in front of her. It is placed in a way the she doesn't have to use any effort to view it except to lay comfortably and look forward.

"I'm going to kill you slowly," Celaeno threathens.

"Come now my dear," Rurik says smiling at her in full view of the mirror. "Surely you are no stranger to something like this. I can even guarantee that you are going to enjoy this."

Without another word Rurik steps closer and starts to run his hands slowly up her body, sliding them up her side and over her shoulders, squeezing ever so slightly as if giving her a light massage. Celaeno struggles, but Rurik continues as if she wasn't. His hands move forward until they land onto her breasts. With one in each hand he squeezes firmly her two firm mounds of porcelain white flesh, each topped by a small pink nipple.

Despite her current situation, Celaeno cannot help but to softly hiss from the pleasure. Softly Rurik runs his fingers up her pussy, just inside her outer lips. She gives a soft hiss so he probes deeper, sliding his fingers along her inner lips. Then he pushes two fingers softly into her. Celaeno gives a sharp gasp as he pushes his fingers inside her. Her pussy is already wet and her juices soak his fingers betraying her. He pushes them as deep into her as he can then pulls them out to slide the tips along the roof of her pussy. Celaeno gives a deeper groan of pleasure then gasps again as he pushes his fingers back into her hard.

She fights the urge to give any signs of pleasure as she fights her against her body to keep it from enjoying the sensations. Rurik knows Celaeno is enjoying it as well as fighting it and both thoughts cause his cock to harden. He begins to fuck her pussy with his fingers, sliding them in and out rapidly causing her warm and wet pussy tightens around them.

Then suddenly he breaks away, leaving Celaeno to gasp as she suddenly feels emptiness. She wants regret to come filling in to replace the emptiness, but instead it is desire that does so. Rurik drops to his knees and buries his face between her legs. Slowly, he runs his tongue along her lips and then uses his fingers to part them. He takes a moment to savor the way the soft petals of her lips around the deep pink depths of her pussy look. Then he lowers his face down to taste her, pushing his tongue deeply into her.

Celaeno's juices instantly flow over his tongue and he savors it, licking deeply at her and pushing his tongue as far into her as he can. She moans and gasps with deep sounds of pleasure coming from low in her throat as he probes her depths with his tongue followed by the licks of his tongue over the roof of her pussy.

She slowly realizes over the overwhelming pleasure that she cannot do anything about what is happening except to enjoy and savor the moment. Her revenge will come, at a later time, but it will come. With this, she relaxes both visibly and mentally and lets all the exotic feeling flood into her.

Rurik notices the change and slowly runs his tongue up her pussy toward her clit and with a soft flick of his tongue he exposes the hard bud of her clit and begins to softly flick the tip of his tongue over it. Celaeno gives a sharp gasp of pleasure. Rurik smiles to himself just before moving his tongue faster and harder over her clit, flicking it repeatedly and licking all around it.

It is a bit unexpected with her sudden change, but it doesn't bother him in the least. Focusing totally on her clit, he licks it hard, running his tongue over it. He brings Celaeno to the edge of her orgasm only to slow down and hold her here for a few seconds. Her cries become almost desperate as she strives to tip over the edge. Then when he feels he has held her long enough, he pushes two fingers hard into her pussy. At the same time he gives her clit a rapid series of hard flicks with his tongue. It is the trigger she needs.

She screams as he feels her body explode into orgasm. Her breathing comes in sharp gasps and she cries out in a shrill voice. He rapidly thrusts his fingers in and out of her while licking her clit all over to add to her pleasure. Rurik quickly sheds his clothing, letting it fall into a heap at his feet. His hard cock bounces in the air and he takes it with one hand, gripping the large vein filled flesh and guides it to Celaeno's entrance.

He gives a gasp of pleasure as her pussy lips draw back his uncircumcised flesh as his cockhead begins to slide inward. Her pussy tightly grips his cock as it slips onto him. He thrusts hard into her suddenly and her eyes widen. Rurik moans at the feel of her warm pussy opening to him. Pulling out, he thrusts deeply into her, burying him totally inside her before thrusting in and out, hard and fast, burying his massively thick cock totally in her body each time. Celaeno moans loudly with each thrust. He reaches down around her neck and lifts her toward him to her limit while still thrusting hard into her, fucking her as deeply as possible.

Celaeno's pussy feels so tight around him and warm and wet. He thrusts hard into her, repeatedly pounding himself into her body. Her pussy opens up to him taking him into it with each thrust. Her moans of pleasure grow deeper and harder and she eventually starts to push down toward him with each thrust, grinding her ass into his pelvis, taking him even deeper into her body as much as her restrictions will allow.

With a hard thrust it becomes harder and harder for him and within few thrust into her, he releases his cum inside her. Celaeno gives a deep hiss of pleasure and clings tight to the wooden rack. She squeezes her pussy around his cock milking him for all she can and only when he has totally finished pumping does she release her grip letting him slide out.

A devilish grim appears on Rurik's face. He is in no way done with Celaeno, not after waiting this long to have her. He reaches down to rub at her pussy and Celaeno moans as he runs his fingers along her flesh to feel his cum slowly drip out of her. Taking his huge uncut cock back into his hand, Rurik pulls back his flesh and runs his cockhead up and down her slit before plunging back into her cum filled pussy.

Celaeno lets out a long shuddering sigh. Once Rurik is buried deep inside, he starts off slow this time. Then slowly his movements increase, growing faster and harder. With her face tightened with pleasure and her eyes tightly closed and her mouth open gasping deeply, Rurik slides his hands down to her hips, wrapping them around her and pulls at them as he thrusts into her harder and harder. Celaeno gasps and her eyes shoot wide apart.

He rams even further into her body, feeling the way her body jolts with each thrust. Celaeno's moans grow louder. "Oh fuck yes," she gasps. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Her body explodes in a torrent of both hers and his cum. Rurik grips her tightly as he continues to relentlessly fuck her, slamming in with all his strength. Celaeno cries out with each hard thrust. He rams into her as her second orgasm makes her pussy tighten around him. The sensation slams into him and he buries his cock deep into her pussy as he explodes inside her, pumping his cum into her. She cries out in pleasure, riding her own orgasm even as she feels his cumming inside her.

Just as Rurik is pulling out, the alarms begin to sound out. He stiffens for a quick moment before stepping away to gather his clothing. The door to the room springs open revealing a Divortium trooper that announces the prison being under attack.

Rurik grunts and says, "Secure the prisoner and have my ship prepared for lift off."

The trooper nods and stands aside at attention. Rurik is just as quick to dress as he was to undress and Celaeno can't help but smile to herself as she watches him in the mirror.

"I enjoyed it, but that still doesn't mean that I'm not going to kill you."

Rurik, clearly irritated by the words and her resolve, replies, "Keep that as your dying wish then. You and your friends will burn with the rest of this prison." He turns to look at the trooper and says, "I want it all burned to the ground."

Without waiting for the trooper to reply, Rurik Garrison slips out the door and out of sight. The trooper behind his faceless black mask strolls into the room behind Celaeno.

Sage and Tanttan are met by a squad of Divortium troopers the moment they exit the Jericho. Their hands go instantly to the sky and the bag Sage is carrying falls to the ground as the team effectively has them covered with two in the front and two behind.

"Hi there," Sage says smiling. "Guess you're going to tell us we don't need to be here."

The leader of the group steps forward, distinguishing him from the rest. "On the ground or we won't hesitate to shoot. And you, you power down or something."

"Alright, alright," Sage says still smiling. He starts to drop down but as his knee touches the ground he draws out a sword with his right hand and lets it fly. His left hand follows suit toward the second trooper. Both swords land in the chests of both, dropping them dead before their bodies hit the ground.

Tanttan gets the drop on the remaining two before they have time to react. His first strike lands with a giant fist to the top of the closest trooper, decimating the helmet and skull beneath. Before the last trooper can react, a jet of flame shoots from the War Golem's opposite arm, igniting the trooper and leaving him as a charred piece of flesh and armor.

Sage quickly pulls free both his swords from the two dead troopers and grabs up the bag before waving on the giant machine. "Come on before the alarm is raised."

"Zzzt...too late for that...Zzzt," Tanttan replies just as alarms begin to sound.

"Stealth was going to be something we needed."

"Too late...Zzzt...for that too," the War Golem replies.

Sage casts a sinister glance. "Just be lucky I don't dismantle you."

"I think the...Zzzt...mistress would have a problem with that."

Sage shrugs. "You're probably right, but I can probably get myself out of trouble on that."

Sage and Tanttan speed from corridor to corridor managing to avoid the Divortium troopers that rush through by Sage sticking to the shadows and Tanttan using his camouflage light-bending device. The tech for the War Golems was essential once they were used for special operations work. Virtually invisible to the human eye, they were able to slip into enemy compounds and wreck havoc before soldiers could get it together and put up a fight. Many times bases and compounds were completely taken over before the regular soldiers arrived.

Suddenly they come up to a check point. Sage holds up a hand, giving the War Golem the signal to stop and wait. He breaks off into a run, drawing two swords out. His footfalls echo down the corridor drawing the troopers' attention. They raise their rifles, taking aim. Sage, who is running a straight line, suddenly veers to the right and leaps to the wall. His feet carry him across the length of the wall in a run. If the troopers are surprised they don't show it. The rifles come up following him and firing. The bullets miss, crashing into the wall behind where he was just at. Both his swords come down. The first cleaves the closest trooper diagonally in two, the other straight through his forehead.

The entire scene takes just a couple seconds. Tanttan is just shaking his head when another trooper whips around the corner, his rifle coming to bear on Sage. The War Golem starts to bring out an assault cannon hidden in his shoulder when Sage drops into a low crouch and begins to glow. In a flash he slams his fist into the floor. The ground ripples, throwing the trooper off balance. He sprays the ceiling with bullets as he struggles to regain his footing. Then the floor forms into a large spike that shoots straight up into the air and through the troopers back, impaling him in place.

"Zzzt...show off," Tanttan remarks as he strolls up next to the Dranon monk.

"I thought I could have used a little more flare myself," Sage remarks before jumping to his feet and once again takes the lead.

The corridor eventually brings them into a large open room presumably a recreation area for the prison's prisoners and her is an entire squad waiting for them.

Sage looks over to Tanttan just as he is pulling out his swords. He locks eyes with the war machine and winks. "Let's dance."

"You don't...Zzzt...have to tell me twice."

Sage leaps straight into the fray. His first two strikes cut through the faceplates of two troopers and into their face. A group of three focuses their attack toward the giant war machine, but Tanttan is the faster and opens up on them with the shoulder mounted assault cannon, mowing them down in a haze of cannon fire.

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