tagSci-Fi & FantasyOrpheus's Fallen Angel Ch. 02

Orpheus's Fallen Angel Ch. 02




A few months ago...

Orpheus tries to bare the bright afternoon sun as he works to keep the timeworn ice machine of the Lakeside Motel operational for a few more weeks. Although Orpheus works as a mechanic at the Lakeside Gas and Grill across the road from the motel, he often goes over at the request of the motel's owner, Rita, for repairs needed, tedious as they are.

Orpheus notices the attractive blond in a blue motel maid's uniform from across the parking lot pushing a cleaning cart. Orpheus had seen her a few times at the diner since she started working at the motel last week but never had the chance to introduce himself.

The blond maid goes over the cleaning product in her cart when a portly middle-aged man with an obvious comb over in a gray business suit steps out of a nearby room with a subtle smug smile on his face. He stops a few steps from the room for a quick drink from his flask as a petite, light cinnamon-skinned woman in her twenties with long black hair whose attire is of a businesswoman with a short skirt leaves after him.

As the cinnamon girl walks pass the man she shared a motel room with, the man give a smack on her ass. She looks to the man with the pathetic comb over, giving an openly smug grim. The woman looks at him with silent contempt, and then walks to the parking lot. The comb over man soon follows, putting his flask back under his coat.

The businesswoman in the short skirt passes the blond maid, gathering towels. The lecherous man with her passes the maid, ogling at her backside silently, but in no ways subtle. Stopping halfway to his Porsche, he turns and walks directly to the maid.

"Can I help you?" the blond maid asks.

"Yeah, I think you can, honey." The leach answers, gazing to her breasts. "I've seen you before, haven't I?"

"I don't think so." The maid replies. "I just started working here last week."

"Oh, I don't mean here. I meant in the city."

"I think you have me confused with someone else, sir."

"No, I'm not. I wouldn't forget a face as pretty as yours...or those magnificent tits you keep covered."

Feeling the conversation getting uncomfortable, the blond tries to cautiously move away from the leach, who grabs her arm to prevent her from fleeing, causing her to drop the towels.

"Come on, honey. Don't be like that." The creepy comb over man says. "Why don't we go back to my room? Just the three of us."

"Not interested." Asserts the maid.

"I got a hundred dollar bill on me." The creep in the business suit states. "I'll let you have it if you let me slide it down your panties."

"Let go of my arm, you're hurting me." Pleads the maid, trying to pull herself away.

"I'll let go when you stop giving me attitude," The increasingly hostile lecherous creep demands. "and start being as friendly as you were at..."

The creep's non-optional request is abruptly interrupted when a hand suddenly grabs the wrist of his clutching hand and pulls it away from the accosted maid's arm to be pulled upwards. The creep looks for the source of the hand twisting his wrist and sees the stern unfriendly face of Orpheus.

"Maybe you'd like some attitude from me, asshole." Orpheus suggests.

Orpheus releases the arm of the business creep, who backs away immediately nursing his wrist.

"Fucking Lakeside yokels." The creep utters, hurrying to his Porsche where his cinnamon-skinned companion waits.

Orpheus watches the creep with the bad comb over drives his Porsche drive off the parking lot, ready to speed down the road to the Benny Bill Bridge. With the creep's car out of his sight, Orpheus turns to the maid, picking up the towels off the pavement.

"You okay?" Orpheus asks.

"I'm fine." The blond maid promptly answers.

"Did he hurt you?" Orpheus further asks.

"I said I'm fine." The maid replies in a less-than-grateful tone.

Bunching up the towels in her arms, the maid stands up and hurryingly walks away from Orpheus without looking back.

"I didn't get your name." Orpheus says.

In the first few seconds of getting no reply, Orpheus surmises if the beautiful blond maid he just saved wouldn't so much as say thank you, she probably won't give him her name either.

Not getting thanks or a name, Orpheus settles for the pleasure of watching the blond girl who looks sexy in her motel maid outfit walking away.

The blond maid stops for a second and looks to Orpheus.

"It's Angel." The maid says.

As Angel the beautiful blond motel maid resumes her departure, Orpheus begins to realize that doing repairs at the Lakeside Motel may not be so tedious after all.

  • * * * * * *

After the leather trench coat that covered her naked body is stripped off her, Angel is grabbed by the back of her neck by Moth, forcibly guides her upper body to bend over and lay across the driver's side of the hood of Moth's Thunderbird.

"Do. Not. Move." Moth orders, releasing his hold on Angel's neck.

Keeping his .38 on the bowed over Angel, Moth takes a few steps back next to Pin donning his trench coat. Both take a moment to admire the superbly shaped ass of their unclothed captive.

"Okay, now we got her, what next?" Pin questions.

Before Moth could give an answer, his attentions turns to the blue Fiat 126 driving up and stopping behind the T-Bird. Out of the Fiat comes the remainder of his gang, Zippy, Zane and Oxy Mo, making their way to Moth and Pin. Nearing the T-Bird, the sudden banging from the inside of the trunk startles them.

"Heeeeeyyyyy!" Greenie's voice emanates from the trunk. "Let me outta here! Let me OUT!"

"Fuck, I forgot all about her." Moth says. "Get her out of there."

Moth tosses his car keys to Oxy Mo, who fails to catch them. After Zane picks up the keys from the ground, he and Oxy Mo walk to the trunk as Zippy proceeds to feast his eyes on the naked girl hunched over the hood.

"You got her." Says Zippy.

"Fuck, yeah, bro." Moth boasts as he lights up a cigarette.

"So, we gonna take her in now?" asks Zippy.

"Yeah." Moth answers with a sly grin. "But not right away."

Moth walks over to Angel, stopping right in front of her protruding ass. Inhaling a mouthful of smoke from his cigarette, Moth leans over her. He notices Angel's body shivering, either from the cold night air on her naked skin or from the fear of being at his mercy. Moth blows the smoke from his mouth to Angel's face.

"You were really lucky to get passed us at the hotel." Moth states. "But as you can see, your luck just ran out."

Moth straightens up from Angel and gives a hard smack across her defenseless ass, Angel silently winces. Moth slams his hand on Angel's ass again and begins fondling it.

Finally out of the trunk of Moth's car, Greenie is forcibly escorted by the arm by Oxy Mo to the gathering of her captors centered by Moth as he continues to molest Angel. Like the men around her, Greenie is instantly fixated on Angel's alluring physique.

"And don't think we haven't forgotten about what you did to us either, bitch." Moth exclaims. "Hitting us with phonebooks, punching Zane in the throat, flashing your pussy at Oxy Mo and kick him when he's distracted. You trying to make us look bad?"

Although Angel could make a good argument of the little effort it takes to make Moth and his so-called gang look bad, she decides to stay quiet.

"I think you own us some payback, sweet cheeks." Moth declares. "How 'bout it, guys?"

Moth's gang all cheerfully utters and grunts their agreement and approval at Moth's suggestion of reprisal, along with Greenie, looking at Angel with a wicked grin.

"The fuck you sneering about, junkie?" Moth snaps at Greenie. "You and your friends won't exactly helpful. So, ipso facto, both of you bitches should be punished."

"What are you gonna do?" Greenie asks the second her grin vanishes. "Rape us?"

Moth inhales another mouthful of smoke from his cigarette as he steps in front of Greenie and blow the smoke in her face.

"No. We're not raping you." Moth answers.

"Not even the blond?" asks disappointed Oxy Mo.

"No, not even the blond." Moth confirms. "As much as I want to tap that pretty ass, she's meant for someone else. Someone we don't want to mess with."

"Who?" asks Oxy Mo.

"Oxy, later." Pin insistently tells Oxy Mo.

"But who...?" Oxy Mo insists to know.

"Later." Pin interrupts through his teeth.

As dense as Oxy Mo can be sometime, he decides to shut up.

"And we sure as hell ain't gonna rape you, junkie." Says Moth in Greenie's face. "Not without you getting a STD test and a shower."

"So if you're not gonna to rape us, what will you do?" asks Greenie, not sure if she wants to hear the answer.

"Well, just because we can't fuck you two, don't mean we can't get some entertainment out of this." Explains Moth.

Moth grabs Greenie's arm and roughly guides her to stand in front of the ass of the hunched over Angel.

"Get on your knees." Orders Moth.

Reluctantly, Greenie lowers herself on her knees, putting her face a few inches away from Angel's ass.

Moth turns to Angel and presses the barrel of his gun on Angel's temple.

"Spread your legs." Moth orders. "NOW!"

With no choice but to obey, Angel slowly parts her legs, showing Greenie her pussy.

"Now lick her pussy and ass." Commands Moth.

As Moth's gang hold their breaths eagerly anticipating the female Zed to go mouth-to-pussy-and-ass on Angel, Greenie remains still, blanking looking at the pussy and ass in front of her. To motivate Greenie, Moth aims his gun at her head.

"Do it." Moth orders.

"Or what?" asks Greenie, facing Moth. "You'll kill me?"

As Moth looks in Greenie's eyes, he's surprised to see no fear, no pleading for mercy. Moth deduces that after years of drug abuse and living a dismal life with the Zeds, Greenie would probably see death as an end to her endless suffering, and actually welcome it.

So Moth thinks of another way to sway Greenie.

"No, I won't kill you." Moth says, lifting his away from Greenie.

Moth squats down to be face-to-face with Greenie.

"You know what I'll do to you?" Moth rhetorically asks. "I'll duct tape your hands and feet together so you don't run away. Then after a long drive in the trunk, I'll drop you off at the parking lot...of Space Monkeys Adventure Park."

Only Zippy lets out a terrified gasp but the rest of Moth's gang is just shocked by Moth's threat. Moth begins to finally see fear in Greenie's eyes.

"But that...that's where the..." Greenie is too scared to finish her sentence.

"I know." Moth says with a small but unsettling grin. "And they will kill you...eventually, after they, well, I'm sure you've heard the rumors too."

Finding Moth's ultimatum frighteningly unacceptable, Greenie closes her eyes as she pushes herself to place her mouth on to Angel's pussy. Angel grimaces as she feels Greenie's tongue slithering up and down her slit and crack. As much as Angel enjoys cunnilingus, she tries to find the will not to enjoy it hoping it will dampen the entertainment of the pitiful gang of voyeurs leering at her and Greenie as if they're watching a porno.

After a few minutes of gawking at the back driveway sex show with his cohorts, Moth takes out his cell phone and begins dialing as he turns away from the girl-on-girl spectacle. Halfway through dialing, Moth is shocked and disgusted by the sight of Zippy with his hand in his pants, pumping his cock.

"What the fuck, Zippy!" Moth bellows.

"Oh, I thought... well, I thought it was okay." Zippy explains after he steadies his hand. "Ya know, with them doing it and...and..."

"No one wants to see you jerk off, ya fucking idiot." Says Moth as he resumes his dialing.

Hearing the ring tone, Moth sees the slack-jawed Zippy, not masturbating but still with his hand down his pants, too embarrassed and too stupid to move.

"This is why you don't have a girlfriend." Moth bluntly states.

  • * * * * * *

Orpheus walks out from an alley to Tarrant Street and proceeds to the Primal Instinct Tattoo parlor. He notices a Harley Knucklehead Motorcycle and a vintage Indian Motorcycle parked near the front door. Although Orpheus is proud of his free-running skills, he always wondered what it would be like to own a bad ass motorcycle.

Entering the tattoo parlor, Orpheus sees a slender Asian woman with a dragon tattoo down her right arm sitting behind a desk next to the waiting area, reading an issue of Skin Art magazine. Even in her late-forties, Orpheus considers this aging beauty hot. The kind of mature and experienced woman any young man would like to have his first sexual intercourse with.

Like Orpheus did.

"Hey, beautiful, any way I can get a tattoo of your pretty face on my wife's back so I'll have something sexy to look at when I'm fucking her?" Orpheus jokingly asks.

"Orpheus." the surprised Asian woman exclaims with a beguiling Thai accent.

"Hey, Magga." Orpheus smiles.

Dropping her magazine as she stands up, the Thai beauty walks from the desk in her black low-heel shoes with her shimmering blue tube top, containing her augmented D-cup breasts, and her low-cut jeans, low enough to show she's not wearing panties.

Orpheus is greeted with a friendly hug by Magga, which always seems too brief to Orpheus as well as any man lucky enough to have the tantalizing temptress from Thailand to press her voluminous body against.

"I see you're still sexy as ever." Orpheus compliments.

"Oh, really? You don't think I'm getting old?" Magga playfully disbelieves. "I've notice you haven't looked at my tits once."

"I'm too preoccupied with your eyes." Orpheus truthfully informs.

"Oh, such a charmer." Magga replies with a light slap on Orpheus's shoulder.

"You better not be hitting on my wife, kid." A tall and heavyset man with a full ginger beard and a red bandana wrapped around his shaved head calls out, pulling back the curtain of one of the parlor rooms.

The man with the bandana walks over to Orpheus wearing a black t-shirt under a leather vest with the logo of the Unholy Riders Motorcycle Club, along with his black leather chaps over his blue jeans with black leather boots. In addition to the leg brace strapped to his left leg.

"Maybe you should keep a closer eye on her, Uncle Rembrandt." Orpheus suggests. "And quit calling me 'kid'. I'm twenty-four."

The man-bear in leather briefly chuckles as he gives Orpheus a hug with a double-pat on his back.

"Baby, I'm done with Gemini." Rembrandt says to Magga. "Could you gauze her up for me?"

"Okay." Magga agrees, knowing his husband wishes to speak to Orpheus in private.

Orpheus and his uncle wait for Magga to enter the room and draw the curtain over.

"I had a feeling you were back in town." says Rembrandt. "I heard some Steelheads got their asses kicked at a Comin'/Going store by someone who was brave, stupid or plain crazy."

"More like...all of the above." Orpheus affirms.

"Shit, Orpheus." Rembrandt replies. "Is life in Lakeside so boring, you have to come back and give the Steelheads a reason to kill you?"

"I don't plan on being in town that long. And before you ask, I'm not looking for protection from your biker buddies. Last thing I need is to owe a favor to the Unholy Riders."

"So why are you here?"

"I'm looking for someone."

"Let me guess. A girl?"

Orpheus pauses with a smile to his uncle.

"You know me too well." Says Orpheus.

  • * * * * * *

Orpheus follows Rembrandt in one of the small rooms of the parlor. The first thing he sees is Magga sitting on a stool, about to tape a small sheet of gauze on the ass of a woman in her late-twenties with a blond side ponytail, wearing a white belly shirt and a black G-string. With the blond in the G-string facing away from Orpheus, he can only see the right side of her, which had doesn't have so much as a drop of ink on her lightly tanned skin.

Seeing her at this angle, anyone would just assume this ponytailed girl to be from Westward taking an outing to Central Rutberg for something like a simple butterfly tattoo or a stylish but tasteful tramp stamp as a symbol for her break from monotony before returning to her suburban life in the Glens.

Anyone that doesn't know her that is.

"Hey, Gemini." Orpheus greets. "I knew there was a reason to come by here."

The ponytail girl turns her head to Orpheus, showing the short cropped black hair on the right side of her head along with the extensive use of black eye shadow on her right eye, the numerous rings on her right ear and the small tattoo of a red rose with long thorns on the right cheek of her face.

The half-blond/half-black haired girl, known as Gemini Fury of the Unholy Riders, turns her body to Orpheus, allowing him to observe the assortments of tattoos on the entire right side of her body. The right side of her belly shirt has numerous horizontal cuts, barely giving coverage to her breast but showing the tattooed logo of the Unholy Riders. The other tattoos Orpheus notices are the ones he did himself, such as the dream catcher tattoo on her upper arm, the glock handgun tattoo on her lower hip and the cheetah tattoo down her leg.

"If I knew you were coming, I would've worn sometime nice." Says Gemini.

"If I know you were coming to gawk at my girl, you wouldn't be here at all."

Looking to the middle of the room, Orpheus notices a tall, shaved-bald, copper-skinned man in black leather chaps over blue jeans and leather boots reclined on the parlor chair. Wearing no shirt, the copper-skinned man's rock-hard pecs and abs, covered by a roaring bear's head on the left side of his upper chest, a skull in a feathered head on the right, tribal tattoos on both his muscular arms, and a native art style eagle over his left eye.

Orpheus then notices the scowling looking from both eyes looking directly at him, expressing his distaste to the man flirting with his girlfriend.

"Next time, I'll call, Cochise." Orpheus brashly replies.

With a pricker in hand, Rembrandt rolls his stool to Cochise's side while Orpheus walks closer to Gemini, ignoring Cochise's hostile glare.

"Can I take a look?" Orpheus asks Gemini, referring to her newly-inked tattoo.

The bi-attired biker babe takes a step away from the sitting Magga, turns the left cheek of her ass to Orpheus and gently pulls off the gauze, showing him COCHISE FOREVER in a Harlow Solid Italic font.

"Nice work, Rembrandt." Orpheus praises.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't mind you working here again, lighten the work loud for me." Rembrandt states.

"I'll think on it." Orpheus replies. "I just have to take care of some business in Plutopolis first."

"So why are you back?" Gemini asks Orpheus, sliding a fishnet stocking up her left leg.

"He's looking for a girl." Rembrandt answers for Orpheus.

"Can't find any in Lakeside?" Cochise condescendingly asks.

"Shut it." Rembrandt calmly asserts.

"It's my girlfriend." Orpheus explains. "She left Lakeside a few days ago and I'm trying to find her."

"Any idea where she is?" Gemini asks, sliding a white silk stocking up her right leg.

"One, and it's a longshot." Orpheus answers.

"Too bad the rest of your gang can't help you, Jones." Cochise harshly mentions. "Y'know, on account that they're dead."

"Hey, I said shut it." Rembrandt less calmly asserts.

"No, it's okay, Rembrandt." Orpheus assures, walking to Cochise. "You got something to say to me, Cochise, then just say it."

Cochise lifts himself off the parlor chair and stands in front of Orpheus. Being a foot and a half taller, Cochise looks down on Orpheus with a hostile look that would intimidated any man in Orpheus's situation.

Anyone but Orpheus.

"So what's you beef, dude?" An unwavering Orpheus asks.

"No beef." Cochise states. "Just reminding you to go look for your girlfriend and stay away from everyone else's."

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