tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOruale and the Saxons Ch. 01

Oruale and the Saxons Ch. 01


This multi-chapter story contains adult material, including rape and non-consensual sex; bondage, pain and humiliation; anal sex and ass-to mouth. If this offends you, do not read this story and do not rate it.

Chapter 01: Innocence Lost

It was the Dark Age in British history, a time of upheaval and turbulence. Missing a real leader, kings and knights were engaged in battling each other or, alternatively, in plotting and intriguing. It was during these troubled times Oruale was born on the green island of Erin. She was the second child and eldest daughter of Egan, the blacksmith, and his wife Fiona. When she was a couple months old, the color of her hair gradually turned red like of her mother's and soon after, a first freckle was discernable on the white skin of her cheeks.

Egan was an honest and enterprising man, always eager to improve his craft. Soon he took an apprenticeship to become an armorer. He liked to make bold decisions in life. Some of these decisions would turn out very well; on the other hand some of them could turn out disastrously. When rumors from the main island reached him about a young King trying to unify Britain, it was all Egan needed to decide to leave Ireland. He was sure his skills would be needed and living at the grounds of a castle would provide protection for his growing family and secure the education of his children. Since Oruale was born Fiona had given birth to two sturdy boys and a sweet daughter, Bronwyn, the youngest scion of the family and the apple of everyone's eye.

Thus, Egan in troubled times found an opportunity for himself, at the same time providing protection, refuge and education for his family, in the castle of Sir Lot, ruler of Lothian, the kingdom in the North. Egan's technical skills placed him in a trustworthy position and his children received lessons from the same teachers tutoring the infants of squires and Knights. Soon Oruale made friends since it was easy to like the cheerful redheaded girl with her laughing face, all covered by cute freckles.

Oruale was twelve years old when she and her friends were playing the timeless game of hide and seek in the forest northwest of the castle, the natural playground for them. In an adaptation, inspired by the actual situation they lived in, the children divided themselves into 'the good ones' and 'the bad ones'. When Oruale and two of her girl friends were captured, three boys, looking menacingly at them and clearly being 'the bad knights', tied the girls to the trees so that they hardly were able to reach the ground with their toes.

Then they left them for what seem liked hours but in reality were only a few minutes. When the boys returned, they spanked the girls mildly. Oruale joined the two other girls in screaming at the top of her longs as they were expected to do and shouting them to stop. How fortunate the girls were timely 'saved' by 'the gallant knights'! Only when they all returned to the castle Oruale realized she actually had liked the spanking. She also had experienced a strange new feeling between her legs. In bed that evening, protected by the darkness, for the first time she explored that humid region with her hand, seeking to revive those agreeable feelings she experienced earlier.

About a year after that episode Fiona fell seriously ill. First there was help from good-willing neighbors but soon Oruale as the eldest daughter gradually filled in. She was handy and practical, gifted with a terrific amount of common sense. When it became evident Fiona's illness would be chronic, the bright girl gradually took more care of her siblings to emerge as a second mother. The freckled, chubby redhead also physically matured which did not remain unnoticed to the male population of the castle. King Lot was an influential Knight and used to receive several knights from other areas. Many a visitor gave a sympathetic glance to the charming redhead. Although of common birth, the girl had acquired the dignified posture of a woman of noble ancestry. For a bold man like Egan the secret glimpses at his daughter were enough to generate ambitious plans for her. Matching her with a real heir would be out of her reach but some noble Knights like King Lot had several younger sons. Opportunities might present themselves but Egan was wise enough to keep these ambitions to himself. He never confided to a member of his family. To do otherwise he considered improper and dangerous. However, to cherish these ambitions would prove to generate danger anyway.

It happened shortly after her eighteenth birthday, on a beautiful spring afternoon, that Oruale left the castle for a ride. Of course she didn't own a horse. However, being friends with the children of knights and squires, from her youth she had opportunities enough to share their horses or to ride them for a couple of hours. In fact Oruale had become quite a horsewoman. The following day several men would leave to the South to join a campaign against the Saxons. Her close friend Clarisse, the youngest daughter of King Lot had offered to let her ride her horse this afternoon since it wouldn't be possible for the women to ride outside the castle alone after the departure of so many men.

The day before she had asked Gorvenal, the man who took care of Clarissa's horse, to saddle her mare for this afternoon. Oruale normally didn't feel so comfortable with Gorvenal. He always eyed her so intensely and she always felt his glances when she turned her back to him. This time however, he was in good spirits and he even told her about the beauty of the Glamoran forest in spring. She had decided to follow up on his suggestion and soon she was headed to the South. She had heard the men would, the following day follow the same route, an alternative to the regular path to the South. They probably wanted their departure to be as inconspicuous as possible. Gorvenal had been right: the forest was beautiful in springtime. The light illuminated even central parts of the forest which otherwise would be dark and somber. Slowly Oruale took her horse even deeper into the forest. She was unaware being shadowed from a distance.

Rufus of Carlisle smiled while he followed her. The light breeze rustling through the foliage conveniently masked the soft swishing of his horse moving through the grass and leaves. He was the natural son of the ruler of Carlisle, Sir Gormont, visiting the castle as member of the delegation to negotiate support for King Lot's political ambitions. He had noticed the girl and taken interest in her. He even had asked a matchmaker to approach her father. That old bitch only reported him that the man had laughed in her face and told her a bastard would not suffice for his daughter.

What impertinence from a simple blacksmith who had picked up a few tricks here and there! What he obviously couldn't have cooperatively and legally, he plotted to take anyway. He would just have his pleasure and never would return to this place. In Gorvenal he found a source of information and some more assistance to make a perfect plan. The fellow would follow the girl from the castle to lend him a hand later. He had provided him with a rough mask of sacking: while similar Rufus would wear a knight's helmet that obscured almost all of his face.

Gorvenal had told him that Oruale used to pick some flowers for her sick mother and his information was perfect. When Rufus saw her dismount he straightened his bow and silently fitted an arrow. He gave a sharp whistle and let his arrow fly. It flew through the air and hit the ground next to her feet. It was meant to scare her and to freeze. His plan worked out perfectly, exactly on cue he saw the masked Gorvenal racing to the scene from the other side. Oruale was horrified when the arrow struck so near. She saw a masked man running at her. All alone and confused, she could take only a couple of steps before he caught her. His intentions were clear when his rough and ruthless hands started tearing her clothes from her. Rufus watched while Gorvenal stripped Oruale from her clothes. She was weeping in shame and fear. When she saw him approaching her, she desperately tried to cover her breasts and her loins at the same time.

Rufus' heart started pumping faster. The splendor of her nudity exceeded all he had anticipated. She was statuesque with a sinuous, alluring body although perhaps certain areas were wider than to be expected from an ideal beauty. His lips curled, he always liked his meat to be rich. Her breasts were large and firm and their lovely curve made him crave to run his hands slowly around it. Her hips were wide, well molded with luxurious flesh, exactly how he liked it. Her legs were slim, with beautifully shaped firm muscles.

She gasped when she saw him walking up to her. Gorvenal kept her wrists behind her in a tight grip and had her in complete control. Close up she was more perfect than ever. Now he could admire more of her body in nice detail, the small mole beneath her right breast, and the puckered areola around her swollen nipple. His eyes wandered lower, to the chalky white flat belly, moving in the rhythm of her gasping breath. Farther down was the spectacular beauty of her flaming triangle, totally exposed and visible and yet so mysterious. He would find out the treasure deeply hidden in the bush, and then fill that inaccessible cunt with his prick, so intense and full that she'd never be able to close her legs again. He smiled cruelly musing on this prospect.

Rufus signed Gorvenal to hand the girl over. He turned her around, holding a firm bicep in each hand when he marched her in front of him. She had a firm, straight back, and a lovely curve to her spine. The narrow waist rounded out into the fleshy dome of her bottom quivering sinuously as she walked. He put one hand against her buttocks as she walked. Feeling the smooth silky skin made his hand tingle, brought his cock crushing up against the inside of his clothing, giving it the yearning ache only an intense fuck would relieve.

"I am warning you...! Before I left, I asked Gorvenal to come over. He soon will be here and get you...!"

Rufus smiled behind his mask and just slapped each of her buttocks hard in turn. She quivered and tried to break free but his grasp tightened on her arm so strongly she cried out in pain and froze. Unconcerned Rufus jabbed his thumb between her quivering thighs, exploring her dark secret. She cried out and again tried to squirm away. He grabbed her hair, forcing her body up against his. He felt her buttocks writhing against his erection. He joggled against her, crushing his cock against the dark gorge between the mellow mounds of pale flesh.

"No, no... please..."

Despite her pleas he tied one arm firmly to the trunk of a tree and the other one to another nearby. He handled her struggling legs by tying her ankles to some lower branches, high enough to have them open and wide like a lascivious invitation. Rufus looked down at his victim, enjoying the sight of her body, rippling and undulating to get free. He admired the movements of her beautiful muscles. She was in his power he just could take his time, torturing her as well as himself.

He kissed and started the foreplay, which he surely would make long and agonizing. Her lips trembled and she tried to draw away but he insisted, forcing them open despite her muffled cries of protest. Then he moved his mouth away to nibble at her nipples. He sucked at her breasts, letting it bulge right into his mouth like a ripe fruit. His mouth was moving southwards again licking at her flat belly. She tried to fight him off with her legs, but the unintentional result was she was hopping and rotating her hips like a lady in heat. After a while Oruale realized what effect her movements had.

"Oh bastard ... you filthy bastard...!"

Unknowingly Oruale had used the wrong words. Suddenly enraged and out of control Rufus slapped her so hard in the face, her head almost was spinning around. It was time to put real fear into this wench. Cold-hearted he watched how she started to cry now she realized how hopeless her situation was. Rufus took off his helmet, he was sure the crying girl would never recognize him.

"You wench. Tell me you yield or I will beat you into submission!"

She only broke into more tears. Rufus grew impatient. His cock was dry and throbbing. It badly needed some wet relief. When he rose, her tear-stained face showed she didn't have an idea what to expect. She would find out soon. He took a dead branch and mercilessly hit her bottom, just below her nude crotch. The small gnarls of the branch were biting into her tender rubbery flesh, leaving red stripes and holes. Oruale ousted a heartbreaking shriek but merciless he hit her again. The girl started to break under the pain.

"I yield..." she sobbed. "I yield... don't hurt me, please..."

Rufus calmly stepped back en slowly began to undress. He stripped gradually, garment by garment, feeling the cool touch on his naked flesh. When he revealed his loins, a rush of excitement ran through his veins as his hot cock shot up into the coolness of the spring air. Oruale had stopped crying, just watching in despair how he was preparing himself for her ordeal. He walked over till he was standing over her head and knelt down to bring his cock closer to her face. Unsupported it was slowly moving up and down as in a provocative, obscene dance. It was just like he wanted; he wanted her eyes to follow it, to take in all the details from his penis, the smallest twist of each vein coiling around his fleshy menhir, the swollen purple crowning the end and the drop of fluid oozing through its eye.

He bent over to her.

"Ask me to put my flesh in your mouth." He whispered in her ear.

Oruale had the feeling she would die in shame and horror. She was about to brake into tears again when she saw from the corner of her eyes how he groped for the dead branch.

"Pppput your flesh in my mouth..." she sobbed.

"Again!! I want it loud and nice!" She saw his arm rising, the branch in his hand.


"Good girl!"

He put his hand around her neck.

"That was much better. Do you have a good memory?"

She looked at him helplessly. His hand closed even tighter around her neck.

"Remember, girl, you begged for it and in case you forget and try to hurt me... I can break your neck with one twist of my hand. It is very painful and it will take a long for you to die. That would be a shame. So, to make sure, tell me again what and how you will yield to me and how you will proceed."

Over the years, in girl talk at the castle Oruale had absorbed some shredded information how ladies can please their knights when they returned from a long campaign. In some whispered, giggling confessions she even picked up some saucy details. She never expected to have her first experience under these circumstances. As terrified as she was, Oruale remained a practical girl and managed to accommodate his demand.

"Please put your flesh in my mouth. I will suck it and lick it."

Her timid voice sounded so nice Rufus somewhat softened. Tenderly he kissed her forehead and the cute freckles on her face. He would have been a good husband for her, he thought, always preparing her nice and tender. In response he expected her to be nice and naughty for him. He straddled her head, his face between his knees. Looking down at her face, he watched it disappear when he lowered his balls, covered it by his hairy sack like he dreamt he would do.

He felt his balls tighten under the exquisite caress of her tongue when she started to lick. Slowly he moved his hanging spheres over the soft skin of her face, later replacing it with the heated length of his rod. Only when his rod was just a pulsating mast of flesh, he placed the purple crown against her lips. He felt them open and finally, with a sigh of delight and relief he plunged the whole length of his cock in the cool wetness of her mouth.

Oruale almost suffocated when he had put his sack over her nose. She could barely breathe while she had to inhale the rancid smell of leather and sweat. She had licked and kissed his balls just to survive. She felt completely helpless, ashamed and humiliated, forced to please this unknown, to nibble at his nether parts, to lick his dried sweat. She felt the heat of his member against her cheek, her lips opened and then her mouth was filled. It all was too much but surprisingly a weird sensation was creeping up her legs. Memories from the past flashed through her brain. She didn't get the time to do any more thinking. His flesh was moving in and out and her mouth was taken in a whirlwind of new positions and new penetrations. Desperately she had to open her lips further and further as he invaded her from all angles, deeper and deeper, ultimately making her gag.

Rufus rose and moved over to place himself between her helplessly raised legs. Her mouth had been wonderful. His feelings of revenge had replaced his shortly timed feelings of tenderness. The girl had a mouth, perfect to be fucked. She had been clumsy at first and he was sure it was the first time for her. He had shown her all the tricks of the noble art of mouth fucking. In his desire to humiliate her, he even created some variations of his own. He had pulled out and wiped off his slimy member under her nose, leaving some of her own saliva in one of her nostrils. He even had fucked her mouth from behind her head, forcing her to flex her head sharply backwards. The position enabled him to reach her throat again and again, till she started choking.

He looked at her body. Her skin was pale with a wonderful matt gloss. She was just a living doll of flesh and blood, a toy for him to play with. With her knees up wide in the air there was nothing she could do to stop him. Like the way he had taken her mouth he just could take her cunt any way he pleased. He had her legs so wide open that even her rich bush was not able to hide that pink spot of delight between her white columns. Another hole waited to be broken in.

His cock was sticking straight from his loins like a handle. A drop of moisture dripped on her belly. He grinned and knelt down between her legs, staring at the opening he was going to fuck. Surprised he saw she was wet too, a small streak of fluid trickling down from her cunt to her crotch. He wanted to make her humiliation complete, show her his domination, how he controlled her body and her arousal. He inserted two fingers into her wet opening. The walls of her vagina were deliciously soft. When he had wetted his fingers well enough, he brought them to her mouth. She licked them like an obedient puppy.

He lay down on her and slithered up her body. She gasped, knowing what the weight of his body meant for her. Her breasts were firm and spongy, carrying him like as two living cushions, the nipples burning into his chest. He put his hand down in her V and felt for her moist aperture. He took his cock in his hand, moved the knob forward against the elastic membrane of resistance and then lunged forward.

A wild cry of despair escaped from her lips as he moved through her tight channel, right into her dark depth, separating the inner walls all the way until it was just too tight to absorb his thickening stem. He pulled back a little and rammed up again, reaching farther this time till he gritted his teeth in the painful ecstasy it brought him. He felt the warmth and fresh wetness of her blood. It made it easier for him to accelerate his strokes and plunge deeper into her squirming channel.

Oruale was groaning and sobbing continually, her degradation mounting as he plowed faster and deeper into her womb. Gradually she was reduced to a whimpering, sobbing mass of white flesh. Her breasts seem to melt under his hands. She cried out loud when he pinched her nipples between his fingers, evoking fresh pain and humiliation. His loins were in fire, trying to push his cock even further than were possible, wriggling his hips against her pelvis. The filling of her cunt was over-complete so the fleshy rims flattened against his overpowering mast.

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