tagErotic HorrorOuija Nightmare Ch. 03

Ouija Nightmare Ch. 03


Fiona cried out and tried to crawl away as the tentacles enveloped her, pulling her towards the creature where her friend was suspended above him. On the floor, Sara went to Paula and held her in her arms, and the girls could only sit there and watch as the creature continued to feed its lusts. Little tentacles massaged her breasts as the creature positioned its dicks at her stretched holes; unfortunately for Fiona, because of her face down position the larger dick was at her ass and the smaller at her pussy hole. Even though she was stretched out, it made for uncomfortable and painful proceedings as he started brutally thrust in and out of her. Because she was already stretched he had less patience with her body than he had with Paula's or Elaine's. By the second thrust he was buried into her as she screamed, and then began fucking her hard while her holes struggled to adjust to these new invaders.

It also seemed much worse because her holes were being plundered simultaneously rather than one at a time as Sara had done. Everything felt overly stuffed, totally full, and her tits swayed painfully beneath her while the little mouths nibbled on her nipples. Her ass felt like it was going to explode with the thickness of the cock in it, even the pleasant rubbing in her pussy wasn't quite enough to overcome it yet. As her ass clenched down in protest, she screamed with renewed pain as the cock continued to thrust even though she was clenching tighter; all her efforts did was make it more enjoyable for the creature as he raped her holes. Even though it caused her pain, Fiona couldn’t help but continue to clench, her holes convulsing in anguish as she was raped; everything seemed to be hazy with pain and she could see her friends watching.

Above the creature was Elaine, writhing in pleasure as a tentacle tickled the inside of her ass. The creature lifted his head to her and flicked out his forked tongue along her slit, caressing the first pussy that it had ravaged. Now that pussy was feeling a different kind of fire, and she moaned and humped her hips against that long tongue. Her breasts and nipples felt swollen and plump in the grasp of the tentacles, and as his flexible tongue buried itself inside her pussy, wriggling and twisting as did the tentacle in her ass, she finally climaxed. Crying out with complete abandon, she twisted and humped his face, feeling the long tongue licking her insides. The creature was enjoying her passion, feeding off of it just as he had her fear. This particular human was a regular banquet for both his powers and his sexual lusts, the way she writhed against him with such abandon... not even caring who was giving her pleasure as long as she was getting it.

The way that these girls were feeding his powers he wouldn’t need to be here much longer before they’d all be his. In some ways he was bound to them, unfortunately he was not a powerful enough demon to go out into the world... but if he held onto them for long enough, building his power base, perhaps one day he would be. And in the meantime he would feed his power and his sex on these girls, these silly girls who had called him forth while one who believed was at the board. Her belief made it possible for him to travel to this realm, and now he rewarded her belief with his tongue, bringing her to such a rousing climax that she thought she would faint from the pleasure of it.

As her cries lessened, the creature lowered her to the ground with her friends, and they all lay huddled there. Elaine and Paula were completely exhausted by their ordeals, Sara felt exhausted too, but mostly by terror. She'd watched her friend's rapes and tortures, they seemed to get worse with every one and she knew that she was next.

All of them watched as Fiona's ass was split open again and again by the huge dick the smaller one beneath it plundering her pussy. Her cries of pain and pleasure were mixed. As the creature fucked her, its tentacles started to slap against her ass, starting more cries of pain from her as it beat her tender cheeks. Over and over it hit her as her body was moved back and forth on its cocks, raining blows down until her ass was red and sore and she sobbed her shame and defilement. What was worse than any of it was when one of the tentacle mouths latched onto her clit, and started to nibble and massage.

It hurt, because it was biting down so hard, but at the same time all that stimulation combined started moving her to an orgasm. Trying to fight it, Fiona writhed and struggled, amusing the creature with her pathetic attempts to save her dignity. So unlike the pretty and compliant Elaine, but Fiona’s emotions were even sharper in some ways and he delighted in her resistance. The little mouth on her clit sucked hard, biting down and massaging the tender bud until her body overcame her mind. Her friends were shocked when she came, crying and screaming at the heady mix of pain and pleasure that was swept up into her climax. The creature laugh as it filled her, its hot fluid covering every inch of her insides and squirming up into her womb. She cried as her ass was flooded and she was dropped to the floor, every part of her feeling overworked and painful. The girls converged on her and cuddled her as the creature watched smiling.

Sara was watching him from the corner of her eye, waiting in dread for the tentacles that would ensnare her. To her shock, when the tentacles whipped out they didn't just grab her, they grabbed all four girls, hanging them from their arms like fruit on a tree as they stared at him. All of them shook with fear, not knowing what was coming, and he basked in the glow of their terror; for a moment or two he just stood their and enjoyed the addition to his power.

Then the creature grinned and snapped his fingers, a brazier with an iron heating inside of it appeared. It had been called forth from his own realm, his powers were at their utmost for now... if they continued to feed him like this then in a few years he would probably be able to elevate to a higher status of demon. But it would take awhile, there was still the matter of binding them to him so that he could have those few years and gather that mass of power.

Grinning evilly, he picked up the hot iron with its strangely shaped brand on the end and the tentacles turned the girls so that all of them were facing away from him.

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