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True Story...It all started a couple of years ago at a birthday party for my wife. Melinda was a gorgeous 20 year old college student that baby-sat our boys. She was very mature for her age yet very innocent in her ways. Melinda was 5'5" about 110lbs brown hair and had a very firm body with an awesome tan. She wore a mini skirt with a low cut shirt that gave all a very nice view of her 34B boobs. She attended the party alone and spent most of the night chatting with my wife and helping out. After a few drinks I could tell she was loosening up and really starting to enjoy herself. After the party I was laying on the floor (best place in case of a fall) when Melinda stepped over me. I looked up her skirt and saw that she was wearing leopard thongs! My thoughts at that point were of a hot 3some but I wasn't sure if Melinda was into that. My wife, Susie, was a hot honey herself. 5'6" 120, blonde hair with 34C boobs. She had a sexual encounter with her best friend about a year ago so I knew if the situation presented itself all was good with her.

After everyone was gone, Melinda decided to stay over since she had had too many drinks. The girls decided to relax in the hot tub and I, being the gentleman I am, made sure their wine glasses stayed full. Susie told Melinda that I gave awesome body massages and they decided to move inside. I stayed behind to put the cover back on the hot tub and when I walked into the bedroom, I found them both laying face down on the bed minus their bathing suits. Susie said, "We're ready for our massages."

I began massaging Susie's feet and calves then moved over to Melinda. I massaged her very firmly on the inside of her legs then brushed my fingers across her pussy. She raised her butt off the bed a little to meet my hand. I then inserted my thumb inside her and she began rocking her hips up and down to my motion. I stopped and moved over to Susie who was dripping wet between her legs. She had been watching with much delight. I fingered both of them together for the next few minutes. Susie reached over to Melinda and began gently scratching her back with her nails. I knew then that this was going to be a great night!

As Susie began scratching Melinda's back lightly with her fingernails, Melinda began to get very excited. I'd never seen anyone hump a bed like she was doing! Susie sat up and rolled Melinda over and began sucking on her boobs and rubbing her clit. Melinda was at the point of no return but I noticed she was getting frustrated at not cumming. It was then that she told us that she had never had an orgasm and had never been eaten out. Oh my God, I was in heaven for sure! As Susie continued working on Melinda I was about to explode. Susie became exhausted and asked me to "help" out. Me? Oh thank you honey. I dove straight down to Melinda's hot pussy and licked it relentlessly.

My tongue probed where no man had gone before. I licked inside and out and she was wetter than I've ever seen a woman. Her clit was so engorged that I was getting jealous...lol...but, she just wouldn't cum for us. When I thought all was lost, Susie grabbed her vibrator and very slowly put it inside Melinda. Melinda started humping like crazy! Susie and I traded off over the next hour until we finally made her come. She laid there, tired, yet stunned. What had just happened to me she seemed to ask? Was the night over? Not yet. Susie told her that having a dildo up her pussy was great but that she had never done anal sex before and wondered how it felt. I was shocked! Susie had never mentioned that she was interested in anal sex. I asked her if she was sure and she said I'm ready to try it.

Melinda looked very unsure about anal sex. Heck she just had her first orgasm. Susie assured her that it would be gentle. Susie told her to just sit back and watch. She rolled over and inserted a finger up her ass while rubbing her clit with the vibrator. She then ordered me to stroke my cock while I was watching her. It took all of a minute for Susie to come. The sight of Susie's finger up her ass and her pussy dripping around her finger made me come right there with her. Susie asked Melinda to give her a chance and she wouldn't regret it. Melinda gave in and allowed Susie to play. Susie treated Melinda just like a doctor would treat a patient during an exam. She explained everything she was going to do.

Susie had Melinda lay back with a pillow under her hips. She then rubbed her ass with KY. Melinda got a very erotic look on her face as to say keep going. She then, thank goodness, wanted my cock up her ass. I lubed her up and slowly inserted my cock into her tight ass. What a great, tight feeling! I fucked her ass while Susie slowly inserted her finger inside Melinda. She then placed her vibrator on Melinda's clit. This time Melinda came within 2 minutes! I continued to fuck Susie's ass while Melinda without any hesitation, climbed under and began sucking on Susie's pussy. It was her first taste of pussy. The night continued with Susie and Melinda exploring each other like never before. What a night!

Needless to say, that night was the beginning of many nights. We've got another party planned and Melinda is bringing her best friend from out of town. Hopefully, that will make for an incredible sequel to this story...Until then...

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