tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOur Daughter's Friend Ch. 03

Our Daughter's Friend Ch. 03


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I suppose this could stand on its own, but you might want to read 1 and 2 to get the setup. Of course everyone is over eighteen, and safe sex, and marriage commitment, blah, blah. It's fantasy. Even if someone in the story gets hurt, no one gets hurt. Thanks for reading, voting and commenting.


I was humiliated as she took my hand, my hard dick jutting out from my open zipper, and she led me up two flights of stairs, passing open doors with people in them. I heard snickers from in the rooms as we passed. Finally we stopped at a closed door. I felt Desiree release my hand, and take my cock. "What do you think she's doing right now?" She put her ear to the door in an exaggerated mime, opening her eyes wide, mocking me. She giggled madly. "I don't hear anything. I wonder if she's taking a nap?" She squeezed my hard cock and pulled me to her. "Not likely," she grinned, and opened the door.

She led me in by my cock, parading me past three people sitting in the room, two guys and a girl. One of them was the tall black fellow I had watched fucking my wife. My face reddened in shame and embarrassment as she introduced me to them as 'her New Pet's Husband'. If she was trying to humiliate me, it worked. There was pride in her voice, but I felt none of it. I had my hard cock out of my pants, following the orders of a young college girl, standing in front of a young virile black fellow who had just fucked my wife. I reminded myself that I was trying to rescue Monica.

"Say hello, Roy," she ordered me, introducing Lisa and Paul. "And you know Jeffrey," she sneered at me. "Tell him you enjoyed the show."

I stood cringing in shame, frozen and unable to speak. Yet I remained hard.

"Did you hear me, Roy?"


She squeezed my cock, hard. "Yes? Yes, what?"

I remembered Monica's answers. "Yes, Mistress Desiree." The trio laughed at me, and my face reddened more, but my dick remained hard in her hand.

"Tell him you enjoyed it, Roy. Thank him. Then we can see Monica."

"She's inside with the others," the girl offered. My heart leapt in my chest, thinking I could see her, reassure myself that she was all right.

"Thank you," I managed to squeak out, "for taking care of my wife." I hung my head in powerless humiliation as I thanked a total stranger for fucking my wife. All three of them laughed, and then ignored me. Desiree smiled victoriously, and we passed through the room to the door.

Desiree swung it open unceremoniously and pushed me inside. There were four people there, including Monica. Except for my wife they were all young, athletic and good-looking. Monica was naked, sitting on a small couch, her legs spread, working a dildo into her pussy as the others watched her.

"Look, Pet, your husband is here for you," Desiree said, walking to Monica and stroking her hair as though she were a beloved puppy. "Are you entertaining my friends as I asked?"

"Yes Mistress Desiree'" she responded, and the devotion in her voice drive a knife into my heart. I took in the sight of her. There was fluid dripping from her pussy, which was shaved completely bare. When had she done that? Her pussy was red and swollen, the lips puffy with arousal. Her hair was a mess, and traces of what had to be cum streaked her face and hair. Despite my dismay I was aroused at the sexual nature of her actions, although for the life of me I didn't understand why. She turned to me and met my eyes. "Hello, Roy. Thank you for coming." As she spoke her eyes glazed a little, and began to roll back in her head. I recognized the onset of her orgasm. She was getting off fucking herself in front of these strangers while I watched.

Everyone was silent as she rode her orgasm to its climax, listening to her grunts and groans as she fucked herself through it. She crested, and rode it down, slowing her strokes, and relaxing back into the couch.

"Very good, Pet," Desiree said approvingly, then left her to return to me, standing in the middle of the room with my shameful erection standing out from my pants for all to witness. "Your turn, Roy." She leaned into my ear. "Remember what I told you about Rosie. Don't let me down again." She stepped back. "Go to your wife, now; show my friends what a good Pet you can be." I kept my head lowered in shame and stepped to my wife, but glanced up at her face to see it shining in anticipation.

"Take your pants down, Mr. Pet, and drop to your knees." I had my pants opened before realizing I was following her commands willingly. She had me, and the thought chased away the remnants of my resistance. I dropped my pants and briefs to my ankles, exposing myself completely to the watchers, and lowered myself to my knees before my submissive wife's spread legs.

"Nice ass," I heard the other girl's voice, "for an old guy."

"Monica, dear, would you be kind enough to remove that toy from your cunt so your husband can clean it off?" I watched her begin to slide it out. "With his mouth." I could hear the smirk in her voice.

The tip of the dildo cleared her opening and turned to me. A string of slime connected it to her as the tip neared my lips, and brushed them, and I realized it was another man's cum. I shuddered, but my mouth opened obediently. The smell of semen greeted me, and then Monica pushed it towards me as I moved my head forwards, taking half the shaft inside my mouth. The flavor of her pussy was overwhelmed by the bitter taste and slimy texture of another man's load, and I balked briefly, before sucking on it, and swallowing the mixture.

"He's a good one, Des," I heard one of the boys say. "You've outdone yourself. A Married couple!" Laughter greeted the comment. "A new low!" he chided. "Look at him, sucking my cum off that dildo!"

I blanched in shame, knowing that the owner of the semen I was swallowing was watching me submit myself to Mistress Desiree's commands. My wife, eager to please, was swirling and pushing the toy into my mouth to the delight of the audience. When I had sucked it clean she pulled it out with a pop and held it up, triumphant.

"Her pussy, now, Mr. Pet."

I looked down between my wife's legs. I had never seen her hairless before, and the sight was mesmerizing. Her newly shaved mound was slick with drying cum residue. The insides of her thighs glistened wetly, as did her puffy, swollen labia. Her clit hood stood proudly at the top of her lips. But between her labia I could see her pink insides, and her red hole contrasted with a glob of white cum pooled at the bottom of her opening. I looked at Desiree, then back at my wife, then back at Desiree. I remembered Monica licking our Mistress's pussy after I came inside her, licking my cum out. One of the boys behind me had deposited his load here. And what about that black fellow? Was his here as well? How many others?

I turned back to Desiree in time to see her approach me, anger in her stride. Her hand grabbed the hair at the back of my head, and her lips came to my ear. "Remember the video, Roy. Think of what I will make your little Rosie do!" she hissed at me, and pushed my head down. I resisted briefly, but felt my face get closer. The seconds before I made contact were overwhelming to my senses and emotions: I felt the heat from my wife's pussy, the scent of her arousal confirming the fact that she had enjoyed the various cocks fucking her, and the strong bleachy odor of male ejaculate. In the second it took to close the gap I was furious and resistant to Desiree, felt hostility and betrayal at my wife, protection for my daughter, and an odd desire to do well, to please my wife and my Mistress.

And then my face was pressed fully into my wife's wet, sloppy cunt, Desiree's hand pushing hard on the back of my head. Unbidden my mouth opened and my tongue was bathed in a mixture of flavors and textures. Another man's cum, possibly several men's cum, filled my mouth as my lips closed around her labia, and my face pressed into the wetness around her genitals. I burrowed my tongue inside, digging for more, then spread her labia with my fingers, pushing my lips between them, and sucking the cum out. The slimy texture of semen coated my tongue and teeth, filling my mouth with the result of my wife's willing debauchery.

I swallowed, and went in for more.

I was barely aware of the lewd and disgusting comments of the people watching as I licked my wife's hole clean, sucking out her cum and the semen. I heard the door open and more people came in, making comments and jeering at my obedience and enthusiasm, mocking my debasement in harsh terms. I felt my already stiff rod become harder, and when I felt I had extracted all the cum from my wife's used hole, I moved my tongue up her wet slit and began working her clit. She moaned in appreciation and bucked her hips against my face. In seconds she was cumming, and she bathed my chin and face in her juices as she thrashed and squirmed on my face.

I wanted to take her then, to fuck her hard, slap her face and choke her while driving my cock hard into her cunt; I want to fuck her viciously, to pound her until she was bruised and sore and begged me to stop, crying and apologizing for her weakness and betrayal. But Desiree announced that the show was over, and told me to stand. She made me shake the hands of the men and thank them for fucking my wife.

"You must have liked it," one boy said, motioning to my hardness. With shame, I admitted that he was right. One girl stroked my hard cock as she thanked Desiree, then squeezed it painfully. The other one smeared her fingertips in the pre-cum that oozed from my tip, and rubbed it on my lips.

When they left I was still standing , half-naked and hard, and Desiree told my wife to get the harness for her. She bounded off the couch in her eagerness to please, and pulled a strap-on harness and large dildo from a nearby drawer. She undressed her Mistress and helped her put on the harness, working the dildo into the ring. It jutted proudly from Desiree's lovely hips, and I was a little jealous.

Desiree directed my wife onto her back, with her legs spread, and drove her fake cock hard into her, making her grunt as it surely pressed too far into her. Desiree grinned.

"Pet, tell your man how good that feels."

Monica's face turned to me, her eyes dreamy and loving. "Oh, baby, she fucks me so good. Even after all the cocks I've had tonight, she feels so wonderful inside my cunt!"

"Yes, my Pet, you love when I fuck you, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress Desiree, fuck my cunt hard! Take me for your pleasure! Pound my cunt!"

"You hear that. Mr. Pet? Do you hear your slutty wife?" She leaned to me, grabbing my hair, and pulling my face to hers. "You hear what a filthy disgusting slut she is for me?" She laughed and licked my ear. "She was never like this with you, was she, Roy? She never let go like this, gave herself over to her passion, did she?" I could feel her hot breath in my ear, and it sent tingles down my spine to my aching erection. She pulled her fake penis out and rubbed it lightly on the outside of my wife's pussy.

"Oh, put it back in, fuck me," Monica moaned.

"Beg me, Pet. Let your husband hear you beg for your Mistress's attention!"

"Please, Mistress Desiree," my wife pleaded. "Please put your cock back in my cunt and fuck me! Please! Please I need you to fuck me, fuck my willing cunt!" She grabbed at the face dick, trying to aim it at her pussy, but Desiree held it away, allowing only the tip to brush between the swollen lips of my wife's gaping sex. "It's all for you, all yours, please, fuck me!"

The young girl thrust herself back in, interrupting Monica's pleas, and turned back to me as she began pounding her, hard and remorselessly. "You like that, Mr. Pet? Do you like hearing your wife beg for my cock?" She laughed victoriously. "Does that make you angry? Do you want to shut her up?"

I looked at my wife, my formerly decent and loving spouse, and barely recognized the thrashing, wanton beast getting her cunt reamed by the younger girl who controlled her. Anger raged through me; anger at her weakness, her willingness, bitterness at her betrayal, the risk she had imposed on our daughter and our lives. And resentment, too; resentment that she could be this sexual, this wild, but had never offered this version of herself to me, her husband, her partner.

"Shut her up, Roy," Desiree whispered in my ear. "Stuff your balls in her mouth! Do it!"

In a flash I was straddling my wife's head, facing our Mistress, and dropped my groin onto her face, my ball sack landing on her mouth, and I felt her lips wrap themselves around one of my testicles, sucking it in. I pressed lower, dropping my ass to her face, feeling her nose against my anus. Even with her air cut off, she sucked on my swollen nut, sending chills of erotic stimulation through me. I lifted up, allowing her air, and shifted, dropping the other ball into her mouth. She sucked just as hungrily. Wet slurping sounds assaulted my ears, mixed with the sounds of Monica's wet cunt getting fucked hard.

I could feel her tongue swirling around my scrotum as she slurped and sucked at my balls, and my eagerness grew; my desire to punish her, to debase her, competing with my willingness to comply with our Mistress's commands. I was doing what I was told, but now I WANTED to, I was liking it, enjoying making my wife suck my swollen nuts, making her perform a lewd act for my own enjoyment. My head went light as the thrill of the moment took me.

"Suck my balls, Monica!" I bellowed, and my hand found my cock and began stroking. "Suck them with your filthy mouth!"

"Oh, yeah, that's it, Roy, use her! Use her for me!"

I heard the words, but knew that it wasn't for her, for Desiree, but for me, now. I was getting off on the power, the debasement of my submissive wife, even as I submitted to Desiree. Unbidden, I shifted forward, still stroking my cock, and popped my balls out of her mouth with a wet sucking sound. Even as I felt her saliva cooling on my sack, I lowered my ass to her face. I felt her tongue at my back door, and groaned.

"Oh, yeah, you filthy slut, lick my asshole! Fuck it with your dirty tongue!"

"That's it, Roy!" Desiree encouraged. "Use her! Use her like I would! She loves it!"

The words registered, but I was overwhelmed by the feel of my wife's tongue forcing itself into my rectum, pushing against the muscle, working its way inside against the tight muscle. Feelings of elation and freedom rushed through me on waves of stimulation from my sensitive back door. The muscles loosened, and opened, and her tongue entered me, digging inside my anus. My hand worked harder at my shaft, and the sensation in my ass drove currents of passion to my brain, and to my cock. I felt my climax begin.

"Oh, yeah, I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes, my Pet, cum for me, shoot your cum for your Mistress!"

I grunted, feeling myself pass the point of no return, trying to hold it back, straining not to release, knowing it would make the inevitable explosion stronger, more powerful, more pleasurable. I stroked my cockhead, edging myself to my climax, dancing at the precipice of release, until I could not hold it off any longer. My balls pulsed and my sphincter tightened on the wet muscle penetrating me, and I felt the first strong jets of semen launch up my shaft. I threw my head back and shouted as my hot cum blasted out the tip of my cock. Holding it straight up, the first blast launched high in the air, boosted by my resistance, and striking my face; I bellowed my release as the next volleys erupted from my shaft, pulsing out the top of my cock and running down the shaft, coating my fingers and my balls. I stroked and grunted through the rest of my climax, as my balls clenched and emptied, and looked down at my hand and cock as I regained my breath.

My shaft, still wrapped in my hand, was completely coated in cum, and the slimy goo dripped off my fingers and down to my relaxed, loose ball sack. I was still, and looked at Desiree, who had stopped fucking my wife.

"Give it to her," she hissed. She pulled her cock from Monica's cunt and slipped three fingers inside her loose hole. "Make her suck your cum off your balls."

I lifted my hips off my wife's face, and dangled my dripping ball sack above her mouth. I looked down at her, between my legs. Like a hungry bird, she lay with her mouth open, waiting for sustenance, and I watched the first creamy white globs drip into her mouth, pooling on her tongue. She extended the pink muscle, trying to entice the rest of my load from my wrinkled skin, and she swallowed as it dripped down into her open mouth. She made eager, hungry sounds as my cum dripped into her mouth, sounding vile and disgusting and so very hot.

I pushed my cum down my shaft, forcing it to drip down my balls into her mouth, watching it fill, and close, and swallow. Several drops landed on her lips as she swallowed, and she licked them off hungrily. It was disgusting and strangely arousing to see her like this and I watched with fascinated horror, but my thoughts were interrupted by Desiree's voice.

"Your fingers, Mr. Pet," she said. I looked down at my hand, seeing the fingers coated and dripping with cum. I lowered my hand toward my wife's mouth.

"No. You do it."

Knowing instantly what she meant, I looked at her, and then I wanted it, too, and I raised my hand to my own mouth, and began licking my load from my fingers, tasting my own cum, noting the difference between my flavor and texture and the cum I had eaten from my wife's cunt, the mixed cum of several other men. As before, I did it willingly, then enthusiastically, running my tongue up and down my fingers, getting every drop of the slimy coating, relishing the scent and flavor, and understanding my wife's actions below me as she licked all around my balls, cleaning me off.

"Don't swallow," I heard my Mistress whisper, and I held the residue of my climax in my mouth, feeling it pooling as I licked my fingers clean. And then her mouth was on mine, her tongue digging inside my mouth, and I forced my reward into her mouth, sacrificing my pleasure for hers, giving her the treat I wanted, because she desired it, and I wanted to please her. Her wet mouth sucked mine, and when she had extracted my slimy goo and saliva, she smiled at me, and pushed my torso back, away from my wife's head, exposing her wet, cum-slicked face. She grinned evilly, and lowered her face, hovering about a foot away from Monica.

My wife glared wildly at her Mistress in anticipation, and opened her mouth to receive the awful gift. But instead of passing it to her, she pulled her fingers from my wife's wet pussy and jammed them into Monica's mouth, filling her mouth with her own wetness. Monica groaned and sucked the fingers, closing her lips around the younger girl's digits, and I saw Desiree's head move slightly as she inhaled.

And then she spit the entire mouthful of mixed cum and saliva into Monica's pretty face. It was violent, and sudden, and the glob splashed onto her nose and cheek, covering her eye. I watched the mess strike her, and she startled and her mouth opened, and Desiree slipped her fingers from Monica's mouth. The disgusting glob began to spread at the edges, dripping slowly down the side of her wet face, dripping into her hair and ear.

Desiree stroked the other side of Monica's face with exaggerated affection, as you would a dog or cat. "What do you say, Pet?"

Monica's eyes opened, and she stared into Desiree's with a devotion I had never seen in our married life, a look of love and need and satisfaction that belied the stain of fluid covering half her face. She was contented, and beautiful and awful to behold.

"Thank you, Mistress Desiree," she whispered.

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