tagRomanceOur First Christmas Together

Our First Christmas Together


It was our first Christmas together. The day had been spent decorating the house. We had gotten to the final box when you smiled and said "Oh, mistletoe -- my favorite!", sounding delighted and giving me a teasing smile.

I returned your smile and asked where we should hang it.

"Probably the light fixture in the living room. That way we will be able to find it whenever we want."

I set up the ladder for you and you climbed up while I stood on the floor admiring the view. A slight wiggle of your ass showed me you knew exactly what I was thinking. With the mistletoe up, you stepped down the ladder and paused at the bottom, pressing yourself against my hard cock, which now threatened to burst from my jeans. You rested your back on my chest, then turned to your left, smiling, eyes half-closed.

"Mmmm... I know what I want for Christmas," you said with a soft moan, pressing your ass harder against my shaft.

I pushed back into you.

"Later, baby!" I loved teasing you.

"We really need to start decorating the tree," I said, then began pulling a strand of lights from a box so I could check for burned out bulbs. You were standing beside me as I knelt on the floor, untangling lights and checking for loose bulbs. When you knelt down to my right I paused and turned my head. Your breasts swayed gently inside your loose T-shirt as you leaned over.. I moved my eyes up and down her body, then finally locked my eyes on yours. You looked up towards the ceiling and smiled, then looked back down at me.

"We're under the mistletoe," you said, sounding slightly nervous.

I looked up, although I believed her. "Yeah, I guess we are," I replied.

"I suppose we'd better see if it still works after being boxed-up all year."

Your voice was sweet and tender, as soft as your skin.

You leaned towards me. I felt you brace your left hand on my right thigh as your hot breath stroked my mouth for a second. You softly pressed your mouth to mine, parting them and sucking on my lower one. You gripped my thigh harder and inched your fingers closer to my hard shaft as your tongue darted past my lips, searching for mine. Soon my hand was moving up your thigh towards your hip. I clutched it, urging you closer. You moaned as we kissed and slipped your right hand around to the back of my neck, holding me tight so you could suck on my tongue. When you eventually pulled away I heard a soft sucking sound as your soft, pliant lips released me. It was then I realized that my hand was cupping your left breast.

"You're a good kisser, Nick" you said. I've always loved that about you."

"Thanks. So are you Lisa. Remember, you taught me all I know."

"So, I guess the mistletoe works."

I leaned forward and continued kissing your warm, watery lips. I felt your left hand leave my waist and slide down to my ass. As we rolled together onto the floor, you gave it a hard squeeze, pulling me closer so I could feel my throbbing shaft rubbing over your stomach through my jeans. You felt it too because I heard her moan.

"You're so hard," you said, sounding pleased.

A moan escaped from my throat and I pressed my mouth back to yours. I moved my right hand up to your breast.. Through your T-shirt and bra I found your nipple, hard and thick. I pinched it lightly, then a little harder as I gave it a tug. You moaned louder this time and snaked her tongue deeper into my mouth. I grabbed one handful after another of your breast, pushing it up and trying in vain to fit it all into my hand.

"I love having my tits played with," you said, almost panting.

"I know, Lisa. I love playing with them," I replied, then gave your lower lip a tug between mine.

You broke our embrace and quickly pulled off your T-shirt. Above the cups of your bra two firm mounds rose from your chest, rising and falling as you breathed heavily.

"God, you're beautiful," I sighed as I stared at you like I was seeing you for the first time.

"Thanks. I think you're pretty hot yourself."

You reached behind and in one motion your bra was on the floor. I leaned forward and starting sucking your nipples.

"Mmmm... yeah... I love that, Nick," she moaned, swaying gently.

We finally got composed enough to stand up and I pulled you towards me until our bodies were pressed together. I slid my hands down your back, pushing the hard bulge in my jeans into your soft tummy.

"I thought it went: 'Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse'," you said, then looked own between us.

"Mmmm... it feels like something's stirring alright."

"So... do you want to stay in here, or..."

Your soft voice was inviting and I needed no more encouragement. I took you by the hand and lead you upstairs. I never let go of your hand as I pushed our bedroom door open and drew you over to the bed. We stood beside it, facing one another. Your skin was soft and sensual. When our lips met you moaned once more. Your tongue flitted over mine while I stroked your back..

I stepped back to once again admire you, still wondering why you were mine.

"Lisa, you are so beautiful, baby ...."

Pulling you back to me again I held your left breast in my hand and bent down to take the nipple in my mouth. I sucked hard, then swirled my tongue around it. When you moaned and cupped the back of my head I moved to your other breast, licking and sucking while I held them.

One quick tug and your sweatpants fell to the floor. You looked breathtaking, standing there in just your panties. I surveyed the mound in them made by your lips. My cock throbbed in anticipation of entering you there.

Before I could do anything you were tugging at my t-shirt. You drew it over my head and tossed it aside. It had barely hit the floor before you were unzipping my jeans. My engorged cock tented my underwear, but soon you had them down past my knees. I kicked them aside, feeling my heavy balls sway and my shaft move.

"Mmmmm...," you moaned as you surveyed my cock.

You reached out and held my balls in your palm, then ran your fingers down along the underside of my shaft.

I shuddered when you stroked me and pulled you to me. Again, I held your breasts in my hands, lifting them into mounds and teasing one nipple, then the other.

The sheet and blanket on our bed were pulled down and I moved you down on it beside me. We kissed and fondled one another, then you rolled onto your back and looked up at me. Your hair was fanned out on the pillow around her radiant face and your eyes were half-closed. You reached up to me.

"Don't tease me anymore, my Nicoli," you said.

Your skin was soft and smooth as I ran my hands up your parted thighs and settled between them. My eyes moved down the dark hair to your lips. They were parted slightly and glistened with your juice. I ran my finger up them, stopping to press on your clit. She clenched her jaw and moaned, then arched your back. I pressed harder, then slipped a finger inside you. You gave it a squeeze as I inserted a second finger, then a harder one when I rubbed my thumb on your swollen clit.

"You're so wet," I said as I watched my shiny finger move in and out of your tight pussy.

"I have been all day," you said as you exhaled.

As I was slowly lowering myself down on your inviting body I felt you tense and push up on my hips slightly.

When I felt the head of my cock slide between your tender folds I moaned. You did too and hooked your calves around my thighs. I held your shoulders and began a slow, steady rhythm, working my cock in and out of you. You had closed your eyes, but mine remained open. I wanted to see the look of ecstasy on your flushed face as we made love. Your breasts shook as I began to enter you harder and harder, working my cock deeper and faster into you.

"Oh god, Nick... that feels so good," you said in one breath. "Fuck your naughty Lisa."

My balls slapped against you with each thrust and I grabbed your shoulders harder, until my fingertips dug into them. Your hard nipples were long and thick, pointing up towards me. I bent down and pinched your left one between my teeth and gave it a gentle tug. You moaned louder and dug your fingernails into my back as you lifted up to meet my shaft.

"Harder, Nick... pound that thick cock in me," she cried out. "So good .. so good baby. Jesus, I'm gonna..."

You never finished your sentence before I felt your hot, wet pussy grip me tighter. I could feel a slight gush of juice coat my balls as she came. My turn was soon, but I kept thrusting -- harder and deeper until I could not hold back any longer. As my cum filled your dripping pussy I let out a throaty moan. I felt my whole body tense and I remained buried deep inside you until I was spent. After a minute I eased out of you and collapsed on our bed, breathing hard.

You smiled and rolled over to lay across my chest, running your fingers through my chest hair like you always did. Your hair hung down, brushing over me and I could feel your hard nipples poking into my side. I kissed you and stroked your smooth back. My cock lay limp on my thigh, still wet with our juices. You reached down to give it a gentle stroke, then held my balls in your soft hand.

"Merry First Christmas, Nick."

" You too, Lisa. Merry Christmas."

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