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Our First Fuck


Our First Fuck on May 7, 2005

We had played and done just about everything EXCEPT sexual intercourse. We had even discussed it openly many times, but we were concerned that somehow it could possibly jeopardize our very strong friendship -- something that we both cherished VERY much.

I believe I had thought about going "all the way" even before she arrived that Saturday, but I think in the back of my mind, I wanted the first time to be a time when she could stay the night, and she had already told me she would be going back and staying at her parents' place that Saturday night.

I had already played with her pussy, giving her a couple of intense thumb ride orgasms. I remember lying beside her as I did that to her, holding her TIGHTLY so that I had complete control over her as I thumb fucked her cunt as she writhed with pleasure each time I brought her off. I loved how she had an almost insatiable appetite for orgasming and how we shared our sexual desires so openly with each other!

We were cuddling naked in bed, and I fondled her big gorgeous 38DD tits as we talked easily about anything that came into our minds. I would caress her and at times drift in and out of sleep, just enjoying the opportunity to hold her and feel her voluptuous body next to mine. I remember then getting up on my knees and telling her to spread her legs. She obeyed, and I knelt between her legs facing her with my hard on standing at attention. I'm not sure if I was certain I was going to enter her or if I thought I was just going to rub my hard cock on her juicy pussy lips, teasing both my cock and her cunt. I felt she was receptive to whatever I wanted to do to her. Taking my cock in my left hand, I leaned down and rubbed the swollen head on her wet pussy lips. I looked at her lying there looking up at me, completely exposed, totally vulnerable and submissive to whatever I wanted to do to her.

Her legs were spread wide with me kneeling between them with my manhood jutting with desire for her. I don't know if she KNEW we were about to do it or not. I'm not sure I even knew. As I rubbed my cock head against her slippery cunt lips, I WANTED to feel myself INSIDE her. All of a sudden I pushed, and felt my cock ENTER her delicious pussy!. I couldn't BELIEVE it! It had been almost a year and half since I was inside a woman! And now I was inside HER! And we were fucking! Looking into her eyes, I said almost in disbelief, "What are we doing?!" It felt EXQUISITE fucking her warm wet pussy! But the mental and emotional aspect of it all was almost overwhelming! She and I were FUCKING! Performing that sacred act -- sharing that very special union and intimate experience that a man and woman can experience together!

I said, "I can't believe we are doing this!" as I relished our first fuck as I continued humping her in the missionary position. I ogled her huge tits hanging down on each side of her chest, swaying each time I rammed into her. I looked at her almost expressionless face as she watched me as I fucked her.

All of a sudden I wanted to try various positions. Knowing her favorite is doggie, I pulled my cock out of her and told her to get on her hands and knees. She quickly complied, and I admired at her shapely ass as I guided my cock into her with her assistance and held her hips as I pounded into her from behind in the doggie position.

Like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to try ALL of the positions, and pulled out again and lay down on my back beside her asking her to get on top. She climbed on top of me and we worked my cock into her pussy in that position. I looked up at her on top of me, my cock in her cunt. As she fucked me, I gazed at her huge tits hanging down. I grabbed them and devoured their exquisite beauty with my hands as her pussy hungrily milked my cock. I could hardly BELIEVE we were finally DOING it!

Eventually, I asked her to lie on her back next to me, and she did. I lay on my right side, lifted her leg over both of mine and straddled he right thigh as I guided my hard prick into her, teaching her one of my favorite positions. She told me she had never done it in this position before. We held hands and I started RAMMING it into her as we gazed into each other's eyes relishing that we were FINALLY consummating our relationship. Our bodies slapped together each time I bottomed out causing her huge tits to sway with each impact. I KNEW I was going to orgasm and fill her with my juice. And I WANTED to ejaculate deep inside her, filling her pussy with my hot cum.

When I came, I thrust in deep and groaned with pleasure as I held her hand tightly, my cock throbbing as I squirted my man juice deep into her vagina, holding myself inside her until her wonderful pussy milked every last drop of semen from my spent cock.

We had done it! We had finally fucked!

We talked some more, and when I felt my cock begin to stir again, I positioned myself in the same scissors position as I had before, less than an hour earlier, and eased my erection into her womanhood again. The warm mixture of her pussy juices and my previous ejaculation felt delicious as we fucked. I was eager to give her my cum again and screwed her hard until I reached my second intense orgasm. With my cock again buried deep inside her groin, I moaned in ecstasy as I injected my second load deep into my lady's body.

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