tagLesbian SexOur First Meeting Ch. 01

Our First Meeting Ch. 01


Our First Meeting: Chat One

We have been such close friends/sisters in the online chat room. Her name is brandy and was the best person for me to get acquainted with on the internet. I am michelle and was very new to the whole world of chatting online. I’m the kind of girl that likes excitement and a good friendship and was looking for someone to connect with. It had been awhile since I had been serious with anyone, and the last experience I had with my ex-fiancée was very distressing. That, for me is ancient history, but let’s just say that I don’t see myself dating another man for quite awhile.

It was within the first week of my new online exploration when I met her. Her name was and is Janna’s beautiful brandy. Now the chat room that I was in had a BDSM theme. This excited me because I like very much to be spanked when having sex and had explored that kind of relationship without much success. After reading some BDSM fiction I felt it was time to see if I could find someone to talk to regarding that kind of lifestyle. From my reading I came to the conclusion that brandy was submissive to a Domme name Janna. So I took a chance in saying “hi” to brandy in hopes of striking up a conversation. It was at this time that I notice a Miss Janna in the room and felt that I should acknowledge Miss Janna’s role as Domme to brandy and said “hi” to Her as well. This was one of the best things to happen to me in the chat room ever.

I will make a long and wonderful story short by saying that Miss Janna and brandy decided to take a chance on me and welcome me into T/their family. This was the all time best ever event for me online. I have grown to love and care for Miss Janna and my sister brandy. T/they have given me a wealth of knowledge into the Domme/sub relationship and I am forever in T/their debt.

My sis from the very beginning has looked out for me and helped me in this often times confusing world of BDSM. I understand now that it was out of caring and need to keep the reputation safe for my new Mistress and sis. If I was to misbehave not only would it make me look bad, but most of all it would tarnish the reputation of my Mistress and sis. Through O/our growing relationship, both in respect and love I began to ache for a meeting with my sister.

I was so excited the day she said that she wanted to come see me and meet for real. We had decided on a weekend that would work for both of us and she made the plans to visit. I had taken some personal leave days from work so that I would be sure to spend every last moment I had with brandy. I was a real mess that proceeding week with nervous excitement. I could only hope that the love and passion we shared online would be equally matched in our soon to come real life meeting.

I will never forget the day that I drove to the airport to meet and take home the girl that I had begun to have such loving feelings for. I had her picture in hand and waited by the jet way in anticipation. People kept streaming in and as each one past by I could feel my heart beat quicken, knowing she could be the next one off the plane. And then it happened. I saw her walk through the exit. It was like a breath of fresh air. Her eyes sparkled and her face displayed a nervous energy that matched my own.

“brandy!”, I called out. And our eyes met for the first time. She stood there looking at me and I at her as we both closed the last bit of distance between us. My arms wrapped around her in a hug that can only be shared by two long lost friends who are reunited from a long period of separation. It felt so wonderful to finally hold her in my arms. I could feel the nervous tension drain from her body as her lips touched my cheek in a soft kiss. We held the embrace for long moments before parting to look at each other in the face again.

Her smile was golden, and mine felt like it was going to split my beaming face in half. We have both typed the word “hugggggs” so often, and I know how much I wanted to feel her for real. The joy that this touch brought had me floating on air.

“You are so beautiful brandy” I said smiling at her.

“Oh michelle, you are prettier than I could have ever imagined.

To hear her voice ringing in my ears sent chills down my spine. I could feel myself getting wet from this small connection. The weekend held such promise for me that I wanted to get it started as soon as possible. We walked hand in hand to the baggage claim, and then continued to the car. The whole time talking back and forth about her flight, how I was, how was work going, etc. I was happy to find out that as brandy started to relax she became as talkative as she has always been online.

The drive to my home was much the same. I held her hand the entire way, giving it little squeezes and looking her way with a big smile on my face. Every squeeze and smile was returned in kind.

As drove up and got into my apartment we stopped at the door just inside, dropped her bags and looked at each other. The silent gaze we gave each other spoke volumes. Simultaneously our faces closed together and our lips touched, softly pressing together. I could feel both ours hearts pounding as our chests came together in our embrace. Her soft lips melted in my own and our tongues met for the first time. A soft moan escaped my lips as our kiss grew in passion.

“Oh brandy, this feels so right. I’m so glad you came.”

“michelle, you feel so good in my arms, and to finally kiss you. “I don’t want to rush you, but I need to have you so bad. I got so excited as the plane came in for landing.”

“My hopes exactly brandy.” I replied as I took her hand and lead her to my bedroom. We stood in my room and slowly helped each other undress, kissing body parts as they were exposed. I laid back on my bed looking at her sexy form as she pulled my panties from my ankles, licking my lips as I caressed my nipples to full hardness.

“I have been waiting for this for such a long time.” She said as she laid down next to me.

“Kiss me more brandy, I never want to forget how your lips feel.”

Leaning over me, she brought her lips back to mine and kissed me deeply, our passion building with each passing second. I felt her hand slide down my body, running along the side of my breast to my hip. My hand at the back of her head, fingers running through her hair pressing our faces together.

I felt a surge of exhilaration as she moved her hand across my tummy and down between my legs. Her fingers began dancing around my lips as our fervent kissing continued. Our tongues were twisting and probing each others mouths with a delicious hunger. As brandy began to glide her fingers into me I moved my own hand down between her legs and cupped her mound, sinking a finger deep between her moist lips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, brandy.” I moaned into her mouth. “I’m so close. Please let’s cum together.”

“Oh michelle, yessssss. Make me cum with you.”

The pace of our rubbing hands and delving fingers quickened as our bodies began to quiver. My approaching climax ever closer.

“I can’t hold on much longer. Look me in the eyes as we cummm.”

“Yesss,” brandy’s eyes locking with my own, “nowwww!”

“Ooooooooooo,” I cried as I let go, “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” My own cries echoed by brandy’s loud moooooan as her juices erupted against my fingers.

We both clamped our legs on the others hand while our eyes held each others gaze, and then our lips met again in the longest most passionate kiss I have ever had.

We laid there together in one another’s arms as our passion subsided, the sweat on our bodies drying and our heart rates calming. I now felt complete with brandy in my arms. All of the times I’ve had an orgasm with her online now felt as trivial things. Knowing that the weekend must come to an end, I wanted to make special every moment I spent with her.

“Shall we have a shower together before we get something to eat?”

Taking her hand I led her to the bathroom. I wanted to touch her as much as possible while I could. As the warm water splashed against our naked bodies we lathered and cleaned each other. This only served to get us both excited again and soon we found our lips together in another sweet kiss. Her hands slid down my back side to rest on my ass and gave a firm squeeze. My hand came to rest on a perfectly shaped breast, cupping it, my fingers toying with a nipple ring. Then the aggressive girl I knew online emerged. She pressed me against the wall of the shower, her hands in front of me now.

Looking me in the eyes with burning desire she asked, “Do you know what I want my sweet michelle? I want to taste your lovely pussy. Do you want that?”

With my eyes fixed with hers all I could do was nod.

“Tell me that’s what you want.” She said as her hands began pushing my legs apart. “I want to see if you beg as well in real life.”

“Oh brandy,” I whispered “yessssss, please suck me.” I had the feeling she was testing me. Would I act the way I do online? Was I really as much of a slut as I let on in the chat room? And the answer was yes. “Please brandy, this slut wants your mouth on her pussy soooooo bad”, this time louder.

She started by kissing her way down the front of my body, softly nipping the side of my neck down to my collar bone. All the while her fingers were teasing me, dancing around my pussy lips and gently brushing up against my swollen clit. Soon her mouth came to a stop on a nipple and she started to gently suck. My body was shuddering with pleasure and my cunt was burning like a furnace. The warm water only adding to the heat brandy was stoking in my body. I let out faint whimpers of pleasure as she began to suck on my nipple much harder.


“Does my slut like that?”

“Yessssssss.” My head was thrown back against the wall, my eyes closed, my mouth hanging open. “Please stop teasing me. Pleeeeease.” I put my hands on top of her head trying to encourage her to go down further, but was punished with a bite on my nipple. “Owwwwwww.”

“Hands behind your back slut. You don’t get to control what happens now, but you can always beg.” She said this last with a wicked grin on her face.

Obediently putting my hands behind my back I whimpered acceptance to my situation. Every part of my body was on fire, centering at my burning cunt which she continued to tease unmercifully. “Please brandy, I nnnn, neeed you. Make me your slut, but please make me cummm.”

The feeling of letting go to my desire to be her slut drove my lust to soaring heights. She said the word “slut” in a way that was tender and loving but made it very clear who was in charge. All of the times we were in the chat room together now had a reality to them that made my heart sing. I wanted her to use me and make me her slut for the weekend but I also hoped that she in turn would become my slut as well.

After torturing my nipples to rock hard pebbles she finally began to move down my stomach. Giving me little bites along the way she stopped just as she reached my boiling sex. Pulling back to admire my cleanly shaven pussy; tracing her finger lightly down the center of the small triangle of hair that pointed at my swollen lips.

“You have such a pretty pussy sis. Should I suck on it now”, she said looking up at me with a gleam in her eyes.

The moan that escaped my lips spoke volumes, but brandy would do nothing until I followed the rules. “Pleeeeeeeeease, please, please suck meeeeeeeee. I need to feel your tongue, pleeeeeeeease.” My knees were getting weak and I knew that as soon as she touched my pussy with her lips I would explode. This, however, was not to be just yet. Still looking up at me she traced her fingers down along my little patch of hair and spread my inflamed lips.

“Can you hold on until given permission michelle?” she asked as I felt her fingers enter me. As brandy began slowly fucking me with excruciating slowness, my juicy cunt easily accepted two and then three fingers. I had had some practice at holding off my orgasm when I roleplayed with Mistress Janna and brandy online. I always wanted to make the experience as real as possible, but this was real. I yearned to show brandy what a good slut I could be.

“Yessss. I will try to hold off. Ohhhhhhhh.” Her fingers pushed in and out, the feeling so delicious, my moans of pleasure echoing in the bathroom. “Please let me cum soon, I need it so bad. Pleeeease.”

“Not yet sis, hold it like a good slut.” She started to fuck me faster with her fingers as she brought her tongue to my throbbing clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Pleeeeeeeeeease let me, please. Oh my god please!”

“Please what michelle.” She said this between long leisurely licks on my clit.

“Let me cummmmm.” My body was beginning to shake, and my legs were ready to give. “Please brandy, ohhhhh god, please.” I was leaning against the shower wall, my head thrown back and my mouth open with my blissful groans of pleasure. Then she brought me to new heights as she clamped her mouth on my clit and began to hum; fucking my cunt more rapidly with her fingers. “PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!” I screamed.

“Now sis, now. Cum for me!”

My body tensed as I finally let my focus go. I let out a tremendous “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH” as my orgasm slammed me with a power that ultimately made my legs give and I fell to the floor. My body writhing and my chest heaving as the rapture poured through me. “Oh brandy, thank you. Oh my god, thank you.”

She looked at me and then moved to kiss me. “You’re welcome sis. You are beautiful when you cum.”

I wrapped my arms around her kissing back; tasting my own juice on her lips. The water was getting cold as it splashed against our bodies so brandy grabbed the soap to give me a quick cleaning. She then shut it off after cleaning herself. I still lay on the floor calming down, catching my breath.

Finally getting my strength back I stepped out of the shower with her and she wrapped a big fluffy towel around me. I kissed her as we dried each other off. Total satisfaction swept over me as I hugged brandy close to me.

“I love you brandy. I’m so glad you came to visit.”

“I love you too michelle.” Her hug tightened on me as I laid my head on her shoulder, nuzzling her neck.

“I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat.” I said as my stomach gave a low growl.

Continued in Chapter two.

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