tagGroup SexOur First Swing:...

Our First Swing:...

byTx Tall Tales©

Our First Swing: Games & Discoveries

** Chapter 1 - A Weekend In the Country **

"Now try to be nice to Lisa tonight," Sheri admonished me, "why do you two have to argue so much?"

"She's always so contradictory. She will argue the sun revolves around the earth if you take the other side. And she uses no logic. And she's a tease. She just rubs me the wrong way."

"I bet I know how you'd like her to rub you..." Sheri teased.

Sheri and Lisa worked together and were good friends, all the more amazing since they had so little in common. Sheri was a computer programmer, Lisa was in recruiting. Sheri was tall and lean, Lisa was short and voluptuous. Sheri, dark and tanned, had long brunette hair. Lisa was very fair and had shoulder length platinum blond hair with a wild purple streak in the front. Sheri was from a western cattle ranch, Lisa, was a mid-west city girl. Sheri was elegant, Lisa was arrogant. Yet somehow they were best of friends.

They did share a common trait, they were both drop-dead gorgeous, and sexy as hell. I still found it amazing that Sheri was with me.

She was two years older than me, and was the hottest thing I had every dated. For the first five months of our relationship I had a perpetual hard-on, and the sex was incredible. She was adventurous, liked doing it in public, gave incredible head, and was even up for the occasional anal experience. I was in heaven. She was 5'8", had a great body, incredible ass, and nice 34C tits. She dressed to accentuate her best features and was very photogenic. We already had held two photo sessions where she would dress up and I would shoot roll after roll of pictures. These had ended in great sex, and I had the pictures to prove it.

Lisa looked wild. She was pretty short, about 5'1", and had short, platinum hair, with a defiant purple swath in front. She had full tits, wide hips, and a tiny waist, and gave off an aura of sexiness. Her greatest feature had to be her face, which was achingly pretty. She was almost angelic looking, with perfect features, a generous smile, slightly turned up nose, and huge green eyes. I could easily envision filling that mouth to shut her up sometimes.

As we were growing closer as friends over the last few months, Sheri would tell me stories of Lisa and Bill. Lisa apparently loved oral, but would not give up her sweet ass to Bill. They played some of the same play-acting fantasy games we did. Sheri took great pride in telling a story of them arguing, that ended with Lisa telling Bill to try to fuck Sheri's ass if he wanted it that bad - clearly Sheri was telling Lisa about our love life, and Lisa was sharing it with Bill. She had also told me a story of Bill tying up Lisa, and using a bag full of toys on her, making her come till she blacked out - le petit mort. Apparently it scared the crap out of him. These stories were always told in bed, during or after our lovemaking, and Sheri could of course tell just how these affected me.

Lisa was not nearly as confident as Sheri was. Sheri had always been the prettiest - cheerleader, homecoming queen, beauty contestant, even local modeling. She handled the attention she received well. On top of it all she was really sharp - literary, and analytical. I'm sure it was one of the reasons I was with her; I was an ex-jock, still in pretty good shape, and at least as smart as her - which I guess was rare. We had such fun together, and could talk and talk.

Lisa on the other hand, it turns out, had been chubby in school. She always heard the comment about what a pretty face she had, if only she lost some weight. She graduated from an all-girl college, with very little real experience at sex.

Moving to the D.C. area for a change of pace, she had joined a gym, joined weight watchers, and lost 50 lbs. She met Bill 30 lbs into her transformation. He wined her and dined her, and married her 4 months later. He was only her second lover. And her first extended relationship.

Lisa and Bill lived about 20 minutes from us, in the Virginia countryside, old money community of Middleburg. The first time we went over to their house, we had a great dinner, lots to drink, and ended up crashing in their guest room, rather than driving all that distance drunk. After Sheri and I retired to the guest room, we made love for over an hour, excited by the aspect of another couple being so near. I woke to a blow-job and, trying to keep her quiet, fucked her again, while we could hear Lisa and Bill moving around on the other side of the door. The weekend was a lot of fun, and we promised to do it again the next weekend.

Sheri and Lisa talked about it of course. Sheri loved the adventurous part of sex, and detailed how we did it, and what we could hear from them. Lisa was very private when it came to doing it; they had waited 'til we left to have their romp.

Now it was three weekends later, and we were headed back to their place. Bill's family had money, with a capital M, and he and Lisa lived on the family property in the guesthouse. It was a lot better place than our tiny one bedroom apartment so we let them host - but insisted on bringing the dinner. The plan was for a quiet evening of talk, and maybe some board games, and then tomorrow we were headed to the skyline drive for the fall view and a visit to Luray caverns, where neither of the girls had ever been.

We brought the fixings, and Sheri cooked a pasta feast, while I broke out the margarita mix and some Cuervo Anejo. Two hours and two pitchers of drinks later, we were talking about the high school days and games we'd played - when Lisa confessed she'd never played any of them.

Well we'd have to rectify that! Of course the initial stages of inebriation contributed to the unanimous decision.

We started out with truth-or-dare, and we got pretty personal - pretty fast. We discussed first times, favorite places, wildest moments, and more. Lisa couldn't contribute much, but I know Sheri's stories were working on Bill. About 15 minutes into the game Sheri dared Lisa to play spin the bottle. Thus ended the first game, and the second one started.

In about 10 minutes, the boys had kissed the girls, the girls had kissed the boys and each other, and my pants were starting to tent. I was entertaining little fantasies of where this might head, with very little hope of it actually coming to pass - but wistfully wishing, never the less.

The kissing had turned slow, and sensuous, but involved very little contact other than lips. Really nice, but certainly none of the immediate total wantonness I read about others experiencing so frequently.

It was at this point that Sheri admitted to wanting to play strip-poker, but never having the chance - having walked out of a high-school party where others were starting up a game, and being curious every since. She asked Lisa if she'd ever played it, which earned her an outright laugh.

Bill was clearly as eager and interested as me; he was off like a shot, returning in moments with a deck of cards. We didn't know enough of the game to make up any rules for what happened when we were out of cards, and played it very simply. The winner could make one person take off one item. We played five-card draw, nothing wild, to keep the game simple. We still had to go over the rules of poker three times for the girls, and eventually make a cheat-sheet of what hands beat what others.

I went to make a third pitcher of margaritas, a little stronger this time, while Bill made the cheat sheets, and the girls cleared an area around the coffee table. The table was glass and chrome, mostly glass, and we sat around it on the floor, knowing that it would do very little to hide any views.

** Chapter 2 - The Card Game Begins **

We were all dressed pretty much the same - shirt, pants, shoes, socks, underwear. The girls had the added benefit of bras, which was offset by their lack of experience at the game.

Sheri was seated to my left, Lisa across from me, and Bill on my right. I refilled the glasses, put the pitcher to the side and grabbed the cards, which were sitting in the middle of the table, but no one appeared to be willing to start the action. I was afraid a little hesitancy was creeping in and decided to break the ice with a little humor.

"Man, for once I wish I wasn't so lucky in love, I'm bound to be unlucky in cards and running around naked in minutes."

They generously giggled at my lame attempt at humor, but the conversation started up again. Amazingly, we had been together almost three hours, and Lisa and I were yet to argue.

I dealt the hand, and Bill won with 3 nines.

"Sheri, those shoes have got to go."

"Oh no, you don't, you won a single item, you get one shoe," Sheri replied.

Lisa jumped in on her side. We agreed that shoes could be removed one at a time, but socks were removed as a pair, since someone could be wearing pantyhose - all very hypothetical.

Sheri dealt, and I received four cards to a straight flush.

No poker face here - "You guys are doomed, I've got this one won off the deal. You better go for the big hand!"

"Can I fold?" Lisa asked.

"Sure, just take off something", I replied. Bill chuckled evilly.

So - no folding. I drew the high card for the straight, and won the hand easily. Lisa was reaching down for her sneaker when I told Sheri to remove her other one.

I had decided to mix it up a bit, and not go into a pairing off mode where I disrobe Lisa, Bill disrobes Sheri, and the girls try to disrobe us.

Sheri looked stunned. "Is that fair?"

"Of course it is. I just can't wait to get some of those clothes off of you - you know how I love the way you look."

Sheri giggle nervously, and passed me her remaining shoe.

Lisa dealt, while Sheri took a big hit off her drink. In the ensuing play, Lisa drew three cards, and pulled a full-boat.

"Now the socks, Sheri." Everyone started laughing except Sheri.

"Now come on, that's not fair! You have to pick one of the guys."

"That's not the rule. The winner chooses who removes an item. Gimme your socks." Lisa said, holding out her hand.


"Rules are rules, baby. But don't worry, what goes around comes around," I replied.

"Damn, damn, damn...." she muttered, but passed over the socks.

On Bill's deal, I pulled three of a kind again, but when Sheri claimed a win with 2 pair, and the others threw in their cards, I decided to quietly throw in mine, to let her have a win.

"Ok, Lisa, I'll take one of your shoes," Sheri said. "Payback's a bitch."

"If you don't get something from the guys we're going to lose this," Lisa answered, removing a shoe, while Bill commented something about 'the shoe being on the other foot'.

Bill won on my deal, and had Lisa remove her other shoe. I took off Lisa's socks on Sheri's deal, with a lowly pair of Kings.

I think the girls realized what was happening, they had lost 3 items each, and we had lost nothing.

On Lisa's deal Sheri won. "Bill, I'll take a shoe."

"You're wish is my command." Bill was always the quietest of us, but seemed to be getting into the mood of the moment.

I won on Bill's deal, and a few comments about luck were dropped. Of course, I was not the one trying to fill inside straights, and going for flushes with 3 hearts.

"Ok, Bill, the other shoe." The girls burst out laughing, and the table was set. Everyone was fair game.

The next two hands went to the girls, and we got back to form, Lisa had me remove a shoe, Sheri had Bill remove his socks. Now it was getting interesting, the big clothing was coming next, for everyone but me.

Lisa dealt me two pair, which held up against one pair, and two nothing, queen high hands.

"Lisa, since you were kind enough to let me win, I'll let you choose what to take off."

She thought about it a moment, then stood up and removed her jeans. Her sweatshirt was huge on her tiny frame and hung halfway down her thighs, and all I got was a glimpse of yellow.

Bill dealt and Sheri won, by finally drawing the flush that she seemed to attempt every hand.

"Ok, Steve, the socks, so you won't feel all alone, fully dressed."

Actually, I still had a shoe on, but not wanting to get too far behind, I surreptitiously kicked it off, and took off my socks. While I removed them, Lisa got up and put on some music; the radio station had moved on to some show with too much talking. She was wobbling more than a little. She bent way over from the waist to pick-out CD's giving a nice view of her tight panties and her voluptuous ass. I'm sure it wasn't accidental. I could definitely see why Bill would want to get some of that ass - I was tempted to get up and chew on it right then and there!

Sheri asked for a potty break. Bill refilled the glasses, and I went to make another batch, a little lighter on booze this time, didn't want anyone passing out. Lisa did the girl thing, and joined Sheri in the bathroom, where there was way too much laughing going on.

"Damn Bill, Lisa has a sweet ass."

"Heh - I bet you get to see more of it pretty soon. I hope you don't mind, but I'm dying to see those tits of Sheri's."

"Oh, they are perfect - you won't be disappointed. I've played several games of strip poker before, but they've always seemed to crap out at the underwear level. Maybe with just the four of us we'll actually get down to skin. I think Sheri will go for it, she's not too shy about her body. I know I'll go as far as they will."

"Well, Lisa is pretty uptight. You'd be surprised from the way she looks and talks, but she is really insecure about her looks. She seems to be really comfortable with Sheri though, since her family is so far away and she really hasn't developed any real friendships around here, Sheri is the only one she really talks to. It's nice to have some friends like you and Sheri that we have something in common with.

"Plus I thing she's always had a thing for big guys like you. The football type. And she's a little drunk. I think she'll chicken out when it comes to removing her panties - but you should get a chance to see her tits."

Whereas Sheri and I had only been together for a few months, Bill had been married for over 2 years. He would know about her taste. I wouldn't mind seeing her tits, but I was still silently praying that the aged tequila would allow me a view as to her real hair color.

The girls reappeared, and no one could remember whose deal it was. I dealt, and Bill won.

"Sheri, may I have your shirt?"

Sheri stood up and unbuttoned it slowly, making a bit of a strip tease out of it. Lisa complained about the never emptying margarita, but continued to drink. Sheri was wearing her black bra, which looked a size too small and she was filling it nicely. She still had her pants and underwear on. Lisa had on her sweatshirt, bra, and panties. Bill and I both had shirt, pants and underwear.

Lisa won on Sheri's deal, and asked for my pants. I stood up and removed my Dockers. My dick was pointing almost straight out, with an obvious wet spot pointing at Lisa.

"Well, I see someone likes this game", Lisa said with an embarrassed laugh.

"Hell, I'd be a fool not too - with a chance to see two of the most beautiful women I know in all their glory!" Ok, so maybe I was pouring it on, but hey, it was for a good cause!

Lisa blushed strongly, but smiled. Sheri had a bit of a sleepy look, and I was hoping the alcohol hadn't gotten to her.

I won on Lisa's deal beating her three fours with my three jacks. She was furious, she was sure she had the hand won.

"Let's see what's under that sweatshirt, Lisa."

She stood up, came over and knelt next to me.

"I'll give you a big kiss, if you'll let me remove my bra first" she whispered into my ear. Her whisper was half-nibble. I don't think she was coming on - just trying to keep the game going before she chickened out. That and the effect of about 5 margaritas on a hundred pound girl.

I turned and looked at her - our eyes about 3 inches apart, "Ok".

She did that contortionist thing, reaching up her sleeves, and under the shirt, and pulled the bra out the far sleeve. She dropped it in my lap, then clung to me, and gave me a great big wet kiss. I was holding on to her butt, half to keep her from falling, half for the fun of it. She was crushing her tits against me; it felt great.

Sheri won the next, and soon Bill was shirtless. The girls were making cat-calls, and Bill looked a little shy. He was pretty skinny, that rock-and-roll body type - we were effectively opposites - my 6'1", 220, against his 5'7", 135. He looked big next to Lisa, and I looked big next to Sheri, but he and Sheri were about the same size, and of course I dwarfed Lisa.

Bill won next, and Sheri stood up and started removing her jeans without being asked. They were tight, and took a bit of working, but they were soon on Bills side of the table. She looked great in just her bra and panties. Bill was obviously mesmerized.

I was wondering if this would last much longer. All of us were down to 2 items. I didn't think Sheri would chicken out, and I knew I wouldn't, but I wasn't sure about either of the other two.

Sheri dealt the next hand; Lisa had two pair. I had a better two pair, but again let her claim the win. I figured if I won, I'd have to have her remove the sweatshirt. And if she were the first to go that far, she would chicken out. But maybe if Sheri went first, peer pressure would keep her in the game.

She asked for my underwear.

Bill was laughing, and Sheri was shouting, "Whip that thing out!"

I'm not a shy guy. Nor am I enormous. I have about 6 1/2" but I was so turned on by events I was standing a good 7+ and hard enough to drive nails.

I took off my underwear, and showed myself to the world. Up and to the right. Lisa just looked at me as I sat back down, and Sheri reached over and gave me a squeeze.

"This guys gonna be seeing some action tonight. Can't let him go to waste!" she said. I was a little surprised, Sheri had never done anything like that in front of anyone before.

Sheri won on Lisa's deal, getting a straight on the first deal. "Bill, you are way over dressed, I need your pants." He stood to take them off; strangely, he still wasn't sporting an erection. I was nervous he would be the one to end things. But play continued. An air of expectation, and a little uneasiness could be felt. The chit-chat had dwindled away to almost nothing.

Bill dealt, and he won. He cheated. I saw him switching cards, but I wasn't going to make a fuss.

"Ummm, the bra, I think", he said to Sheri.

She stood up and walked over to him. "You'll have to help me, I'm too drunk."

She stood facing him, inches from him. He had to reach around behind her. She leaned up against him, nuzzling his shoulder, as he unsnapped the double clasps. Isn't it obvious why I was crazy about her? She was clearly playing these guys as well. I could tell now that she wanted to see how far this game would go.

"Thanks" she said, and kissed him on the cheek. She backed up, and he pulled the bra off her arms, brushing his hands against the sides of her breasts. They were fabulous, and her large hard nipples were sticking straight out. Bill was openly staring.

"God, your breasts are gorgeous - I just can't get over it," I told her. She smiled and made a small curtsy, naked except for a pair of low-slung white bikini underwear, with a few wisps peaking out the sides.

I dealt myself three aces, and a lot less obtrusively than Bill had cheated.


"Shhh, Shhh, wait" she said, and came around the table. It was back to the whispering/nuzzling. "Let me take off my underwear, and I'll give you another kiss," she wheedled.

I whispered back, "Ok, but in the other room, just you and me, and a looooong kiss."

"Ok" she didn't hesitate a moment. I was amazed she hadn't dropped out. I figured my odds had gone from 1 in 10 to about 50-50.

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