tagErotic CouplingsOur First Time

Our First Time


I'd like to tell you about my time with a previous girlfriend of mine who was nineteen at the time we met; I was thirty. She was a nurse and we first met when she started working on one of the wards in a big city hospital where I was a manager. She lived in the nurses' home which was in the basement of the hospital. I had noticed her a few times in the hospital canteen and asked her out for a drink. She eventually said yes and I looked forward to getting to know this young beauty better. She was small built, and her white uniform hid most of her womanly treasures. Her hair was always tied up when she was working but was long, dark and curly as I was to later discover.

One day, after we had been out for dinner a few times she invited me back to her room after work. We listened to some music and talked before she asked me if I would like to take things a bit further. I knew that she wasn't a virgin but had only had one serious boyfriend before; he had convinced her to sleep with him and had then left her.

We lay on her bed kissing for a while and then I started to run my hands all over her body but only with her uniform still on. When she didn't object, I began to open her white uniform dress which had a zip all the way down it. Her small, pert breasts came into view and I leaned down to kiss the top of them. Her bra was functional more than sexy, small and white with no frills, and I eased it down to reveal her long nipples. I took each of them into my mouth and sucked on them, one at a time. She moaned and threw her head back.

I eased her uniform off her shoulders, pulled it down her young body, then she lifted her hips to allow me pull it over them and down her legs. Now she lay in just her white bra (even if it no longer covered her breasts), white bikini-style knickers and tights. I find a woman in tights very sexy but I thought that was enough for her at that stage as she looked almost frightened to be lying there in just her underwear while I looked down on her, my eyes feasting on her tender body. We kissed and cuddled for a while more, my hands roaming all over her body while she seemed to be holding on to me more and more tightly, pressing herself against me. She must have been able to feel my hard cock pressing against her because she broke off our kiss and looked down between us. Seeing the bulge in my trousers, she reached out and tentatively touched its head. This of course caused my cock to jerk, even within my trousers, and she jumped back.

Her fear had returned so we just lay there for a few moments more talking until I kissed her again and, once again, she returned the kiss passionately. I started to kiss downwards over her chin, down her neck and towards her breasts. Smothering them in kisses, I once again suckled on her large, engorged nipples and caused her to begin purring in delight at these new sensations. She later told me her previous boyfriend had simply fucked her, without a thought towards her feelings or pleasure. Her breasts were no more than a handful in size and she yelped when I tried to suck each breast entirely into my mouth.

Slowly letting those tiny tit mounds out of my mouth I returned to her engorged nipples. That night I discovered that the size of her nipples had always been an embarrassment to her as she grew up but I thought they were gorgeous. I could have spent much more time just running my wet tongue round and round each of them but she was squirming beneath me and I thought she was as hungry as I was to go further. Reluctantly releasing those hard nipples, I started to kiss downwards over her young body until I reached the waistband of her tights. Taking them in my hands, I slowly peeled them down over hips and legs, pulling them off her feet, leaving her with just her white cotton knickers covering her young pussy. She seemed to suddenly become shy at this point and turned on to her front, hiding her breasts and hiding where she knew I was ultimately heading.

I lay on top of her, caressing her shoulders and arms, letting her confidence and lust slowly return, before I started to kiss down every inch of her smooth back. When I reached her knickers she shuddered but did not try to move away. Not wanting to frighten her by going too fast, I simple kissed around the edges of her knickers, each kiss eliciting a small moan of pleasure, especially when I reached the parts of her bum peeking out of the bottom of her virginal panties.

As she lay on her front I unclasped her bra and slid it from under her. Now was the time to remove her last piece of clothing, her white knickers, and I pulled them down over her round bottom, very slowly. I didn't want her to take fright but I also wanted to savour the moment of her gorgeous bum coming into view. It was truly magnificent and I was surprised at how easily it had been hidden in her uniform. I sat back for a moment just to look at her but she grew nervous under my gaze and started to become uncomfortable with a man looking her up and down in her nakedness so I lay on top of her, still fully clothed, and began to once more kiss her neck, her cheeks and, eventually, her mouth when she became comfortable enough to turn her head round to meet my lips.

As our kisses became more intense I whispered to her to turn around. She did so, clinging tightly to me, trying to protect her naked body from my eyes once again. I held her just as closely and kissed her back with as much tenderness as I could when all I wanted to do was to ravish her there and then. Very slowly, I began kissing down her body, again paying special attention to her breasts and nipples. As I went lower, my wet mouth kissing every inch of her skin, she seemed to suddenly fear what was happening and realised that I would very soon be at the same level as her pussy. She squirmed in embarrassment and tried to pull me back up by grabbing my head but I knew we had both gone too far by then. I reached up and played with her nipples, again making her moan as I flicked and tugged at them. This was enough to make her release my head and I continued down her young body.

Finally, I reached my prize and took a moment just to appreciate the beauty of her fresh body. I love all ages of women and can appreciate beauty in any age but the sight of her hairy pussy was a delight to behold. I love it when I see a woman naked for the first time, or touch her through her knickers, and discover that her pussy is shaved but it seemed right that this innocent young girl had never thought to trim the curly hair between her legs and there was a lot of it.

She trembled in anticipation and trepidation but didn't try to move away from me. I looked up and she met my lustful eyes, hoping she could trust me but afraid that I was going to use her just like her boyfriend. I had no intention of doing that, however, as there was far too much to look forward to with this young almost-virgin. I dipped my head and reached my tongue out to taste her pussy for the first time and she jerked as if struck by lightning when I made contact with her. Very slowly, I ran my tongue up and down the length of her musky slit and she moaned and groaned more with each trip I took. When I thought she was wet enough I started to slowly run my finger up and down her cunt as my tongue moved slightly up to tease her clit. As soon as I touched her there she came with a power that promised much for the night ahead. I just continued to flick her clit, move my finger up and down her slit and she just came and came and came.

I've always enjoyed eating a woman's pussy, taking my time and making them cum with just my tongue and fingers. It always seems to make the later orgasms when they cum on my hard cock even more intense.

As she calmed down after her very first orgasm, I quickly undressed. She watched me with a nervous smile on her face but when I pulled down my boxers I could see the fear return to her eyes. She was staring at my fat cock as it pointed straight up, hard and throbbing. She obviously knew what was coming next as she lay there, waiting to be fucked while I took my clothes off and climbed on to the bed beside her.

As I did this and took her in my arms, I could feel she was trembling in fear again. We kissed and I waited until she was feeling hot again before I slowly got on top of her. Nudging her legs apart, I slowly got into position and rested my cock against her young pussy. She was wet from cumming already but she was still afraid of what was to come. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her moist slit and waited as she held her breath. Once she knew I wasn't going to hurt her, she relaxed a little and I eased the dripping head of my cock into her. Again I waited until she got used to me then slowly pushed forward inch by inch. I knew she wasn't a virgin but she felt as tight as one and I knew this would have to be taken very slowly – or so I thought.

Once I was all the way in and her pussy was wrapped around me like a tight glove, she looked up at me, straight into my eyes and pleaded, "Fuck me, please."

I wanted to do just that with every ounce of my being but thought if I started to hammer into her she would never let me fuck her again, so slowly I started to move in and out of her. Her cunt may have been one of the tightest I had ever been in but it was quickly becoming one of the wettest too and I could feel her becoming more and more comfortable below me. Then to my shock she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me. "Please," she begged, "Fuck me hard."

It's something else that turns me on enormously when a woman does that in the throes of passion, wrapping their legs around me, surrendering to me, pulling me deeper into their hungry cunt.

With her I couldn't hold back any longer. She wanted me to fuck her hard so I was going to fuck her hard. I pulled out of her and I grabbed her legs, pulling them wide apart. Then I pushed them up and back so that her feet were now beside her head. I could see her cunt waiting for me and I could see her tight arsehole winking at me but knew that would have to wait for another time. I plunged into her, making her gasp for breath then proceeded to fuck her as she had asked. In and out, deeper and deeper, faster and faster I fucked her while I lay on top of her, her legs bent, her tits flattened between us. Very soon we were both about to cum. She was first.

"I'm cummming," she screamed. "OH MY GOD! I'M CUMMMING!"

That did it for me and I flooded her young cunt with my spunk. I don't think I'd ever shot a bigger load into any woman and I could feel it flooding out of her and over my balls. When my cock softened and I slipped out of her, I let her legs back down and looked at her battered cunt. Our combined juices were pouring out of her and then I did something I had never done before. I lay down between her tired legs and licked all my cum, and hers, straight from her pussy.

It would be a long time before I got to fuck her arse. When we went to bed again many times in the future, it seemed as if each new position for her was a whole new way of learning to enjoy each other's body. The first time I rolled round on to my back, holding her tight while my cock stayed nestled in her tight pussy, she wasn't too sure what she was supposed to do but, as she slowly learned to rock back and forward on my dick, she slowly learned how good this position was for her and I was more than happy to see her small tits wobble with her exertions. The first time I took her hands and placed them on her tits as she fucked me in this position she immediately pulled them back. When I returned them to her tits, she got the message and slowly learned what she liked to do to those tiny mounds, eventually learning to love her big nipples as much as I did. But her arse was another story.

She was happy for me to hold on to her arse as she rode on top of me and eventually I got as far as touching her tight hole with my fingers as she came, but that was as far as she was prepared to go. She just didn't understand how I could want to go anywhere near what she called her "dirtiest hole". But one lazy weekend at my home, after spending most of the Saturday in bed, she surprised me. Apparently she had heard some of the other nurses discussing anal sex and how much they had come to love it after their own initial reluctance. She had decided it was time for her to lose her own anal virginity but first she wanted to get drunk, very drunk. I had no problems with that and proceeded to open the first bottle of red wine while we eventually moved from the bedroom to the kitchen to get something to eat and to build up our strength for the night ahead.

I quickly rustled up something. I have no idea what it was; I don't think either of us was thinking about food. She certainly drank much more than she normally would and pretty soon I was opening another bottle. As the wine began to take its effect, she leaned across the table and made me promise to be gentle with her. I had no problem at all in making that promise; all I could think about was sinking my throbbing cock into the sweet little arse that I had been lusting over these past few months. Eventually, after yet another glass of wine, she looked at me and smiled. "Take me," was all she said.

I walked over to her and, taking her face in my hands, I kissed her then carried her back through to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed, I slipped off my dressing gown and helped her off with her own. She rolled round on to her front, nervously giggling but seeming to want to get straight to it. I lay on top of her, letting her feel my hard cock pressing against the crack between her two sexy cheeks as she shuddered in lust and anticipation.

I slowly slid down her body as she opened her legs to allow me the sight of her pussy lips peeking out. We had fucked twice already that day and her lips were still inflamed from our shared lust; I had to remind myself that I wasn't going back there just yet. I took hold of her gorgeous arse and pulled her cheeks wide. She later told me that she had expected me to use some sort of lotion to open her up but I had waited far too long to savour this tightest of holes and I shocked her by sticking out my tongue, licking her arsehole.

She let out a little squeal and squirmed beneath me but she didn't pull away. I took this as a positive sign and continued my rimming of her "dirtiest hole". Round and round my tongue went as I continued to prepare her for something much harder and much bigger. Moving even closer, I pressed my tongue hard against her hole and was delighted to feel the tip slip in. She tasted tangy, sharp, and I wanted to share the taste with her. Moving back up on top of her, I twisted her face round to meet my kiss. She tried to pull back but eventually gave in and kissed me back, keeping her lips tightly closed. As I opened my own lips, however, and pressed my insistent tongue between her lips, she finally opened them and allowed my tongue entry. She fought it at first but, as with everything else she had learned from me, she eventually welcomed it with a passion which always took me by surprise. Wrapping her tongue around my own she tasted her own arse and seemed to savour it.

"Do it now," she whispered.

It was now or never and I certainly wanted it to be now so, once again, I pressed my eager cock against her wet hole. I may have licked her hole to make it easier on her but she was still incredibly tight. Not wanting to frighten or hurt her, I went as slow as I possibly could, but when she pushed back against me the engorged head of my fat cock slipped inside her. She buried her head in the pillow, stifling a very loud scream, but didn't try to pull away. After a few moments of getting used to where we both were, she again pushed back and I took that as my sign to continue. Slowly, very slowly, I pushed my full length into her and then rested again.

Just like the first time we'd ever fucked, however, once she had made the breakthrough, she wasn't one for going slowly. Again she bucked against me and, again, I moved out and in her tight, tight hole. Meeting her backwards pushes with my increasingly hard downwards thrusts, we were both very quickly ready to cum. When she reached under herself and started to rub her clit, she began to cum very quickly and very enthusiastically.

"Oh my god! Oh my God! OH MY GOD!" she screamed.

As her arsehole squeezed my thrusting cock I couldn't stop myself either and plunged one more time into her as I felt my spunk rise from my balls and shoot deep into her bowels. I collapsed on top of her and we both lay there very quietly.

"That was.......incredible," she whispered quietly beneath me.

I had one more treat for her. As my cock slid from her battered arse, I slid down her body once more and pulled her cheeks apart. Using my tongue on her as I had done previously, I lapped up the cum flowing from her dirty hole as she purred beneath me. Once she was clean I climbed back up to lie beside her and this time she kissed me full on the lips. This time it was she who stuck her tongue into my mouth to taste everything she could.

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