Our First Time


A bead of sweat trickled lazily down the back of my neck as the taxi swept me closer and closer to my destination. I was so nervous, my heart pounded in my chest, my stomach had taken up residence in my throat and that butterfly feeling was threatening to invade my entire body.

In my head, I'd already conjured up a hundred ways to wriggle out of this situation, a thousand different escape plans and if anyone else had been waiting at the other end of my journey, I probably would have used one of them. But I couldn't do that. Not to him.

I lay my head back against the seat, closed my eyes and drew strength from my memories. I thought of his voice, the way it melted and debilitated my mind. I loved the way he said my name, although often, he just called me baby. I thought now about the way the low silky texture of his voice caressed the word and the smile on his face as his eyes flashed to my camera on his screen when he said it. I felt a shiver tingle down my spine and I squirmed in my seat feeling the anticipation, the nerves and excitement climb.

Both members of an online community, we'd met a year ago. Quickly becoming friends we'd started to flirt shamelessly with one another until that playful banter had become something deeper, something more. I thought back to that first time he'd told me he loved me and felt the same warm glow fill my body as it had then.

Now, I've had online friends, boyfriends, Doms before. It's not a new concept to me. But I'd never met anyone that encompassed all of these things and so much more. He was never someone I could simply forget the moment my computer powered down. He stayed in every thought, every action, every emotion and when I reached for my toy and felt its sweet vibrations pulse through my clit, it was his face, his voice, his body that drove me into that impossible abyss.

But when he'd mentioned, oh so casually, about the idea of us finally meeting up in the real world, I'd been worried, afraid. There's a big difference between seeing someone on cam, talking to them on skype and actually having them right in front of you. Now people tell me I'm pretty and its not that I don't believe it exactly but there's such a thing as spark, as chemistry. I knew that I would feel the same about him the second I saw him, but what if that chemistry was lacking on his side. Sometimes it's better to just not know.

Too late now though. The taxi pulled to a smooth stop out side of an ordinary looking house, in a typical suburban street. The dark silhouette of the trees outlined the neighbourhood and gave it a reassuring atmosphere. The driver told me what I owed him and I pulled the unfamiliar currency out of my purse. In my nervousness, I almost threw the dollars at him. I smiled my apology and climbed out of the cab, to find myself suddenly frozen in front of his house.

This was the hard part. As arranged he had not picked me up from the airport. Also as arranged he would not answer the front door and would instead, leave it unlocked. He was testing me, pushing me just a little. He wanted to see how far my bravery would take me, how much of this I could do alone and here I was, staring at the wood of his front door.

"Ok," I mumbled aloud for my own benefit, "It's now or never, get a grip."

I squared my shoulders and made my way up his drive way. Pausing at his front door I took a deep breath and took a firm hold of the handle. I pushed the door open just far enough to squeeze my head through.

"Hello?" I didn't say it loud enough but then, I already knew I wasn't going to get a response.

I took another deep breath, pushed the door open and stepped through. I looked down at the floor and chuckled. If there had been anything else on the floor, clichéd rose petals perhaps, I would have facepalmed. Instead, spaced about two feet apart on the floor were small rectangular flash cards. Each one had a bold, black arrow in its centre with a smilee face under it.

The faces were the kind you use in IMs and emails and I knew that he was giving a nod to our origins while at the same time trying to make me feel more comfortable and I loved him all the more for it.

I took a second to look around. The décor was light, airy, warm and homey. I could easily picture him here. I followed the direction the cards pointed me in, turned a corner and froze. There he was. He was sitting, in his chair at his desk just like I'd seen him every day for a year. The image was reversed though as I was no longer seeing him through the screen.

My heart stopped and all I could do was stare. Then he made my favourite gesture. Something he did subconsciously. He brought his hand up; his finger curled and rested his chin on it stroking it back and forth across the stubble there. I waited, unable to speak, unable to breathe. My pulse raced and a lump formed in my throat. A happy smile spread lazily across his face before he greeted me as if this were all entirely normal.

"Heeeey baby, there you are. I was getting worried."

Let's face it. I was an idiot. How could I doubt that he and I would do anything other than immediately click as if we were made for each other? I took a happy step towards him, intending to go straight up to him and kiss him when the blinking red light from the web cam sat atop his monitor froze me where I stood. Shit.

I had been so worked up about the man himself, I'd totally forgotten the other part of this day. Right now, right at this moment there was an online theatre full of people watching this. We'd planned this. Figuring we would start things off with a BANG but somewhere over the ocean thousands of feet up in the air, I'd forgotten all about it.

He cocked his head to the side and I knew that look. It meant, "fight, or flight?" He knew me so well. He knew that look would stop me turning tail and running. So, looking far more confident then I felt, I walked slowly toward him.

We'd had this meticulously planned so I knew what I was supposed to do first but the temptation to get a little payback for all the teasing, the testing and the nerves won out so I was going to have a little fun before we started. I walked straight up to his chair. I planted my palms on the arm rests and leaned down low so my face was mere millimetres from his. His eyes locked with mine and I had to stop myself from closing that gap and going straight for the kiss. Instead, my tongue flicked out and I laid little laps all over the tip of his finger.

He smiled as he got my hint and offered it to me. Keeping direct eye contact I first kissed, then sucked his finger slowly into my mouth, a little ripple of pleasure shuddering though me as I tasted his warm flesh for the first time. I pulled my mouth back off his finger and kissed the tip again before going for my next target. His jaw line was rough against my soft, seeking lips as I kissed, nibbled and licked my way along it to the column of his neck. There I went straight for the hollow of his ear and gave him a tiny nip with the edge of my teeth before tracing his neck with my tongue.

When I got to the base of it, that sensitive part that meets the shoulder, I sucked hard on the juncture and felt him shudder. I smiled before kissing back up his neck and crossing his jaw to pause right in front on his lips. I whispered softly against them "hey baby" and he managed to smile right before my lips brushed once, twice over his. It was almost like electricity crackling between us and for now at least, the people watching through the camera were completely forgotten by both of us.

Vaguely the realization that this was our first kiss flashed through my mind, but then he inched closer, crushing my lips against his and all reasoned thought disappeared from my head. I don't know how I got there, whether he pulled or I pushed but suddenly I was in his lap, my arms wrapped tightly around his neck, his arms holding me and my breasts crushed to his chest through the thin tank top I wore. I squirmed in his lap, anxious to get closer to him and then felt his cock jerk up under me, hard and demanding under my ass. I almost lost it but just at that moment he paused to catch his breath and my mind cleared just enough to remember what I was supposed to be doing.

As I tried to scramble off his lap his arms tightened around me and I giggled as I loosed his hold on me shooting him a "be patient" look. He made his half sigh, half tut sound and closed his eyes as I stood and turned on the spot and then his whole face froze, a dead pan expression fixing itself in place as I hooked my fingers under the hem of my tank top and playfully teased it up. I loved that look. The concentration, the lust in his eyes only spurred me on, made me feel more daring and I flashed him a mischievous smile. I crossed my arms in front of my body and grabbed the sides of my top.

Pulling it over my head, he got his first look at my DD breasts, accentuated and enhanced by the pink plunge bra I wore. I put my hands on my hips and watched as he seemed to have a little trouble swallowing. I grinned and slowly unbuttoned the denim shorts I wore, sliding them down over my hips and kicking them out of the way when they reached the ground. His eyes were glued to my pussy. He knew, had to know because I'd told him so many times, but he almost looked shocked that I wasn't wearing panties. The shock vanished and his eyes went dark as they raked over my body hungrily.

I reached around my back and unclasped my bra. Slowly, I pulled each strap down off my shoulders until my breasts fell loose and I let the bra drop, unheeded to the floor. Smiling at him I dropped to my knees and crawled to kneel in front of his legs. I wasn't giving him any options here and I separated his knees and wedged myself in between them. He grinned at me, shifted his weight to the side and I watched him adjust the cam, giving everyone a really good angle on what he had already, correctly guessed, was about to happen.

I locked my eyes on his again and leaned forward. My fingers found the button on his jeans. I pushed it through and pulled the zipper down. Slipping my hand into his pants I pulled out his cock and had to work for a second to swallow. I'd seen it before of course, and it sounds weird to say this about a cock but this one was beautiful.

It was tall, standing proudly. The base was tanned with a pink blush creeping up the shaft before busting into a deeper pink right beneath the head of the cock. The head itself was perfect. It was perfectly proportioned to the rest of the shaft, not overly bulbous but completely smooth and definitively ridged. The veins under the skin, while visible and providing so much texture that it made my pussy ache, were not so pronounced that they would spoil the overall aesthetic of his cock. I took a moment to really examine it; the pictures he'd sent me had not done it justice.

My tongue flicked out to moisten my lips before I leaned my head forward and swirled it over the head of his cock, savouring the taste and the texture. I ran my tongue under the ridge making a circuit and when I reached the point I'd started from, I wrapped my lips tightly over his tip. I kept him there for a moment, just letting his head rest in my mouth, my tongue pressing firmly against that mushroom, making small circles against his skin.

Half an inch at a time, I began to slowly pull him into my mouth, swallowing him all the way in until my lips were at the very base of his shaft. I sucked hard, making my mouth warm, tight and wet around him and I heard him groan softly, his head rolling back on his shoulders. I gripped his hips, steadying myself as I held him there, not breathing, feeling him fill me. I pulled back off his cock, running my lips up that silky smooth skin of his, massaging the underside of his cock with my tongue, nice and firmly as I did. When I reached the tip, I licked little circles around the hole at the top before firmly taking his shaft in my hand and applying just the right amount of pressure, just stroking for a few seconds. As I stroked I sat back and watched his face.

I delighted in the expressions that I saw flashing there. I revelled in the fact that I was responsible for them. I smiled softly, biting down on my bottom lip as I felt my pussy reacting to all this. Those sharp little contractions flashing through my inner muscles, the way the juices coated my thighs. I couldn't hold back any more and my mouth went hungrily, greedily back to work.

There was nothing gentle, nothing teasing about my movements this time. I took him straight into my mouth, his head almost instantly butting against the back of my throat. I slid off, building both lubrication and rhythm. I made sure to apply pressure, but not too much. I made sure there was enough friction to drive him crazy. I cupped his balls gently in the palm of my hand, massaging them carefully as my mouth bobbed over his cock.

His hands were in my hair way too soon, pulling gently and I whimpered my protest at the interruption. He chuckled softly at my reluctance to stop.

"Mmm baby, not too much. Not yet, It's too close and I want to feel you." His voice sounded half strangled as he said "I want you baby, now."

Well, I was hardly going to argue and I moved very quickly up off the floor and onto his waiting lap. I straddled his thighs, my calves on either side of him and I was about to reach down to put his cock in just the right place when I felt his fingers slide over my labia. I sucked in a harsh breath as he caressed my pussy with all four fingers. He just made light touches to start with.

I bit my lip hard as his lips caught one of my nipples and he sucked it in between his teeth, pulling it gently and then nipping it before releasing it. He looked up into my eyes as his fingers first dipped shallowly into my pussy and then started to massage my clit. My hips bucked against his hand, my back arching as my legs clenched against his. I could feel the tension building in my body and I was desperate to find some relief. My budy was bucking this time and my moans were coming loud and fast. His other arm circled my hips and he pushed me down. I yelled as his cock filled me, stretched me and added to the sensation on my clit it drove me instantly over the edge.

As my orgasm hit and the explosion raged through my body I started to fuck my pussy down on his cock harder, faster, the rhythm building the sensation as the spasms took me higher still. His groans were low and quieter in comparison but I felt his whole body tense and his eyes closed as he emptied his balls into me. I could feel his cock expelling load after load of cum as my pussy clamped and released around him. We both came down at around the same time and breathless, I laid my head against his shoulder, kissing it softly before giving into the lack of oxygen. He stroked my hair lightly and while he was just as breathless as me, he whispered,

"shh, it's ok. Breathe baby. I got you, just breathe". He leaned to the side, Spoke directly into the mic,

"um.. I think that's about it from us for tonight. We're going to get, a little better acquainted. Hope you enjoyed our first meeting" and with that, he switched of the cam and pressed the power button on the monitor. I still had my head buried in his shoulder, mostly out of it when he chuckled and said,

"Hey baby, nice to meet you. Oh, and have I told you yet today I love you?"

All I could do was smile and in a totally spent voice whisper "I love you too".

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