tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur First Time in the Park

Our First Time in the Park


Thanks to 'kinkybootskell' for her insight, help editing, and valuable suggestions...

We had been dating for a couple of months now, and had taken several walks in the park next to the apartment complex where we lived; a quiet, semi-secluded park, in the town of Addison, Texas. It was early evening on a late summer day, almost autumn; one of those days when the air has lost the heat of summer but does not yet carry the chill of Fall; when the sky is not truly blue but has not completely turned gray and foliage stubbornly hangs to the greenish hews that somehow appear to be out of place against the early sunset.

She was the most beautiful compassionate woman... a mere girl if you could judge her by her honest laughter and innocent demeanor. With olive tone skin and long, wavy, brown hair, framing those amazing eyes the color of honey and full but slender lips, she was the perfect image of ancient Mediterranean beauty. Although she was athletic and played a number of sports, she was not what would be considered slender. In fact she possessed that bit of extra flesh which gave her voluptuous breasts and magnificently sexy ass that quality that makes people want to reach forward and caress them,

The two sides of the park which faced the apartments seamed to be very much deserted and the few cars that drove on the other side would have to stop and look real close to spot us. I could smell the sent of her hair as we walked close together, my arm around her shoulders and hers around my waist enjoying each others company when, without thinking, almost without realizing it, my hand wondered down to her wonderful ass. I gave her a gentle but firm squeeze and, turning to meet my eyes, she stopped and reaching with both hands to take hold of my hair, she offered her sweet delicious lips for me to taste.

As I bent down to allow for a long passionate kiss, my other hand immediately reached down to capture her voluptuous rear end, pressing her hips firmly against my growing erection. Softly her right hand made its way down my back and, pausing just long enough to squeeze my ass, she moved it between our bodies and began to, gently but firmly, caress my erected penis; it jolted me a little at first but she had a way to work me up into wild excitement making it impossible for me to resist her every whim.

And how could I resist, even if I wanted to? There was a flash in her eyes that told me she wanted to fill me with pleasure, and as much as I wondered why? I could not explain what I had done to deserve her... She was such an amazing woman, a mixture of innocence and mischief, so soft and gentle and yet so full of strength. Her wonderfully firm body was at the same time tender and full of passion, to be near her was the most beautiful and wonderful adventure I had experienced. When we kissed, the whole world disappeared; she made me forget everything else... there was only 'us'.

The way her body responded to even the faintest touch of my fingers and the way she trembled in my arms, made our every moment together magical. Losing myself in the indescribable depth of her eyes and the melody off her laughter I wished—and still wish now—that my every moment with her could last forever...

Suddenly I was brought out of the ecstasy her spell had cast upon me when with her free hand she began to undo my zipper and reaching in she exposed my throbbing member. I gasped a bit, wanted to resist her, what if someone saw us? What if someone else decide to come in the park? But her eyes looked into mine with this spark of mischief and desire, of lust and innocence and, before I knew it, I was disarmed by her charm and closing my eyes, succumbed to the enchantment of her beauty. She knelt in front of me taking my dick, first in her hands... oh! Then, kissing my aching rod, she slowly wrapped her soft lips around it and took it into the warmth heaven of her sweet mouth, her playful tongue sending waves of pleasure up my spine...

My hands found her beautiful hair, dark long and wavy, and, as I pulled her up to kiss her and try to talk some sense into her, she appeared to go mad with desire and before I could say anything she slipped of her dress exposing her exquisite breasts, nipples visible through a sheer bra, and the luscious hair over her mound softly peaking through matching sheer panties; I could not believe what was happening, was this the same girl that not two months ago had blushed and turned away shyly when I told her she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen? I wasn't sure what had happened to the old fashioned girl that wouldn't hold my hand in front of my mother because it would be disrespectful, but certainly it could not be the same as this daring woman standing here, with her raw beauty in full display.

Before I could recover from the first wave of shock, with graceful, soft movements, she removed her undergarments and stood there fully naked, smiling with that beautiful and innocent smile that had melted my heart the very first time I saw her...

She shoved me gently to the soft grass behind the nearby bench and swiftly mounted me, pushing her hips against me, rubbing her exquisite cunt against me, taking my penis in her hand guiding it right into her warm wet opening, oh! I was immediately transported into a place only she could take me and as our bodies met, with me fully in her now, she began panting and breathing harder and harder, moving slowly at first and then faster... faster... driving herself into an almost wild rhythm. Trusting her hips forward first then backward, rocking and rubbing, making my whole body vibrate in a delightful bliss that words could never describe...

The incredible warmth of her pussy engulfed me completely and the rhythm of her motion made me become aware of every atom in my body as I felt that in a moment with the next trust of her mound against my shaft I would explode.

When I felt I could take no more, I thought I saw her glancing, briefly, in the direction of the apartments, no more than 100 feet away; a mischievous smile appeared on her face and after closing her eyes for just a moment, she began ramming her hips forward with renewed strength, her wonderful breasts bouncing back and forth and caressing my face, then my lips...she bit her lip and was breathing harder now, much harder and moaning louder and louder, she opened her eyes again fixing her gaze in the direction of the apartments, trembling, shuddering as she reached her first orgam.

Following her gaze, just behind the wrought iron fence of the park, I saw two of the maintenance workers--a guy named David and a girl named Sheryl--whom I had not seen until now but that apparently had been watching us from the beginning. I was now as alarmed as I was excited and trying to make her stop I said "babe, those two are watching us..." "I know..." she gasped between breaths, notably more excited now, almost mad with lust and desire "I know... and the two other guys from the apartment to their right also..." just then the pulsating shocks from her vagina and her heavy breathing announcing a second climax made me forget, for a split second, of the world around me and, as her body arched with the spasms of orgasm letting out small involuntary cries, I felt my own climax shooting a wave of warm sperm deep into her... For the first time ever, we had reached the pinnacle of our desire together; in a wave of pleasure becoming, in that instant, one being made of love and yearning, of tender passion and wild fervor for each other. It was as though our bodies knew we were meant to be together and felt compelled to fuse by means of this ardent embrace.

She turned her attention back to me and looking briefly into my eyes, with a sweet smile brightening her face, collapsed on top of me. Almost instinctively I began to run my hands softly through her hair then down her naked back, and bringing me out of the spell once again she said softly "we better get out of here before any of these curios audience members get over their shock and decide to join us..." she said and laughed playfully, but I knew she was right and as fast as it all had started, we were back on our feet and slipping her dress on without worrying about putting on her bra or panties we hurriedly left the park, holding hands, laughing and running towards the entrance like children after playing a prank on a neighbor...

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