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Our Latin Lover


For a while, Alana & I resided in Bali, and just by chance, had a film crew doing a documentary contact us, turned out they wanted some local knowledge and invited us to join their short trip as tour guides. Great opportunity, free everything, including copious amounts of wine.

We had joked over the time about inviting Adriano to share an intimate moment or two with us, but neither of us was really sure if we would follow through. On the last night, we had had a bit of a party over dinner with him and his friends, and I think we were all feeling a tad tipsy.

Late into the night, we said our goodnights & headed of for our rooms, me a little disappointed that we hadn’t had the opportunity to chat privately with Adriano.

As we were getting ready for bed, I casually mentioned that we might have missed an opportunity. In our bedroom play over the past couple of nights, she had expressed an interest in being a bit naughty with this handsome young man, and during our private lovemaking the night before, had really gotten into an erotic fantasy, which featured Adriano servicing her fully while I watched.

Alana was game but didn’t have the courage to go knock on his door, so put the onus on me to deliver the invite. “If you want to play, you issue the invite, that’ll give me time to have a few “nips of courage”

Adriano was very easy on the eyes, and was much much younger than us, so maybe she was afraid I suppose of rejection, that he might not want to play with someone a few years older,

Quickly I dressed again, and off I raced, my heart pumping, hoping that he wouldn’t think we were crazy. He answered the door, a surprised look on his face. “Want to join us for a night cap?” I asked. “Sure” he replied, “a drink or two to help me get to sleep won’t hurt.”

As we entered our room, now nicely and softly illuminated by candles, I noticed that Alana hadn’t bothered dressing; glancing sideways, I noticed that Adriano had virtually stopped in his tracks, taking in the sight of an almost nude Alana sitting cross-legged on the bed.

Alana directed him to take a seat, and said she’d fix some drinks.

We took a lounge chair each, and watched as Alana moved towards the mini bar. “Please” Adriano said, unable to keep his eyes off Alana, dressed only in a long lace top that barely covered her bottom, as she bent to take some drinks from the fridge. He glanced towards me; maybe not really sure of what was going on; I just smiled, and then winked at him.

Alana delivered the drinks, then slumped into a large cushion on the floor in front of us. The usual small talk followed, plus a few more drinks to loosen the inhibitions.

Adriano by now must have realised that something more than drinks was on offer. The conversation had drifted into more intimate subjects, and when Alana told the story about how she had arranged a young lady as a birthday present for me, suggesting, with a glint in her eye that she that she would like the same gift in return, his eyes widened.

Alana was now quite relaxed, and seemed to be giving Adriano glimpses of her thighs, till eventually she looked Adriano in the eye, slowly spread her legs a tad and stretched. “Like to give a lady a back rub” she asked and without waiting for his answer, casually removed her top leaving her now totally nude.

Adriano didn’t really get a chance to answer. I suggested that Alana freshen up with a shower, to give us time to prepare towels and oil. While she was absent, I put Adriano’s mind at ease. “Everything’s cool” I said, “She’s had a few glasses of courage, I think she wants to play a bit”

He almost whispered his reply, “You’re sure this is OK”

“Of course, we don’t have too many boundaries here. Anyway, Alana does want to sample your goods, I’ll enjoy watching, and that turn’s her on more”

He nodded his head, I think still amazed at what was being offered to him.

Alana returned and stood in front of Adriano, hands on hips, feet slightly apart; watching him, lounging back in his chair, eyeing her up and down. I had recently trimmed her pubic hair, leaving her almost bald, apart from my customary touch of flair, a thin lock of hair that curled down to cover her clit.

His gaze was fixed on her pussy; My eyes were flickering from Alana to Adriano and I smiled as she ran her hands down her torso, saying “Ready? Want to play with my body?”

I handed Adriano the oil, and settled back in my chair, feeling quite relaxed, quite excited, but also a little nervous. Our few past experiences were both of us participating, now I was going to just sit back unnoticed and watch this young stud service Alana.

He gave her a short but decent back rub, then rearranged her legs so that he could kneel between them, and began kneading her bottom and thighs. From my vantage point, I noticed that he was gradually becoming more sensual in his movements, when stroking upwards, his palms would gently spread her bottom cheeks, his fingers just grazing her lips. He eventually lent forward, kissed her on the bottom, and suggested it might be time to roll over.

Alana was becoming quite turned on, as she had slowly, bit by bit, allowed her legs to move apart, all her womanly bits now in full view. Adriano had been stroking her legs, but was being quite a gentleman (which really wasn’t required) and hadn’t strayed too closely to her private parts, but now I think it finally hit him that all was OK. His hands now concentrated on her upper thighs, each stroke closer and closer to her pussy.

My distant view in the dim light wasn’t the best, but I realized he must have touched home base, as I heard her moan softly, and noticed her knees raise slightly and drop sideways opening her legs a little wider. I decided it was time for me to improve my vantage point, and quietly moved onto the bed beside them resting back on the headboard. Perfect. I could now see him as he became more intent on her pussy, his hands stroking her inner thighs slowly, until they reached her lips, opening them slightly at the end of each stroke.

He began to focus his attention on her erogenous area, the massage was more or less finished now; I watched closely as he opened her pussy with the fingers of one hand, while gently inserting his index finger, feeling her warmth, his thumb resting on her clitoris. Alana was breathing deeply, obviously getting off on the double pleasure of being pampered by a virtual stranger while her man watched.

She opened her eyes slowly, glanced to me at the end of the bed, smiled, then said, “How about getting naked, Adriano. Let’s see what you have to offer me.”

While he removed his clothes, he kept his eyes firmly on her beautiful, hairless pussy, and then knelt again beside her. As he started tickling her clit again, Alana reached down and held his cock in her hand. It was half erect, A nice manageable size, and after a few strokes, she rolled slightly bringing her mouth closer, running her tongue along the underside of his cock, each lick seemed to make it grow longer, then, when she had him fully erect, squeezed slightly on a slow upward stroke, and with the tip of her tongue, licked the pre cum from the eye.

I was by now, rather turned on myself, and was sporting a fine erection which was VERY uncomfortable as I was still dressed; As I removed my pants, Alana looked me straight in the eye, smiled wickedly, then opened her mouth wide, and slowly engulfed his knob completely;

Our first adventure together with Rob had confirmed that the occasional jealous pang seemed to increase my excitement, so I watched, holding my breath, as she sucked on his tip as tho she was trying to glean every last trace of his juices; then she slowed again, all the time holding eye contact with me as she proceeded to swallow more of Adriano’s fine erection, one moment she had it all in her mouth, the next she would be running her tongue along the underside sensitive trail of his cock, or licking his balls. She was being rather mischievous, I thought; even though she obviously enjoyed having a strangers cock in her mouth, she was deliberately trying to test my resolve, seeing if she could take me to that fine line between eroticism and jealousy, but hey, as mentioned, I enjoy that sensation.

Adriano was blissed out, and did not resist when Alana changed position, pushing him onto his back as she moved onto her knees between his legs. She cupped his balls in her hand, and licked again the eye of his cock. It twitched as she worked on it.

“God, don’t let him cum yet” I thought, “We’ve only just started.”

Holding his tip between her lips, Alana maneuvered herself, now straddling his chest, her naked and moist pussy only inches from his head. Alana moved forward, dropping her head to lick and nuzzle his balls, this move intended to allow him better access to her pussy for his hands. From my vantage point, I could watch both pieces of action, so my gaze shifted constantly from his balls being nuzzled and licked, to his fingers opening her pussy wide, inserting two or tree fingers to open her inner parts, it was as tho he wanted to give her an internal inspection. His thumbs were beating a gentle rhythm on her clit, proving too much for Alana, who had stopped in her oral ministrations, she was left holding his cock with both hands, her head raised, her mouth open, till suddenly she forced herself back, landing her dripping pussy square on Adriano’s face.

Momentarily she arched her back and ground herself onto him, till she allowed him some air, then waited for his tongue to find her. I was gob smacked; that jealousy thing again, she was enjoying it so much she was almost wanton.

Alana looked over to me, winked then gave me a whispered commentary on what his tongue was doing, describing how far his tongue was inside her, how good it felt circling her clit. Holding his cock with both hands, she said, “I can’t wait much longer to have this inside me, do you still want to have me first”

I nodded, and said “ of course Darling, up to the host to test the water” She crawled off him and still holding Adriano’s cock, spread her knees, opening her pleasure palace wide for me to take her. Adriano watched as I hopped off the bed and moved in behind her, resting my hands on her butt, I opened her a little more, and rested my tip on her lips.

She pushed back a little, seemingly impatient to have something inside her, until my knob popped inside her very moist lips.

My preference, when playing with another guy, is to be the first to fuck her, but the last to come in her, so I just stood behind her, allowing her to do the work.

Having my cock in her satisfied her immediate needs, but I knew she wanted to take Adriano. She slowly pulled away from me, and crawled along his body, keeping his proud erection trapped between her body and his stomach, she tongued her way upwards to his mouth, straddling his legs in the process. A beautiful sight, her knees spread wide, her back arched as she began to kiss him passionately.

I heard her asking him, “do you want me, do want to fuck me, you can take me anyway you like, I just want to feel your cock inside me.”

Wow, even though we had played a bit in the past, she had never been as intent as now to provide a show for me. Now, I thought, it’s my chance to get a close up of Alana having sex with another man. She had deliberately kept his cock squashed to his stomach, wanting to tease him, then slowly sat upright, her pussy lips resting on his cock “oiling his pole” but now it was time, so she stopped kissing, lent forward and said to me “will you help put him inside me please” I reached for his erection, and placed it at her entrance. He was trying to thrust it into her, but she resisted him, saying, “Slowly, slowly, there’s no rush.

I quietly knelt at the side of the bed, my eyes now only a few feet from the action. Just in time too, as her pussy did a dance with his tip, teasing him with her opening, only rarely allowing it to pop inside her. Then suddenly she stopped, clenching her lips around his knob. I heard her whispering to him, wondering what she was asking for, then I found out, as his hands caressed her back down to her bottom. He snaked his fingers to the outside of her pussy then gradually pulled her cheeks apart. In our fantasy lovemaking times, I often did this for our “phantom voyeur” so she knew what I wanted to see. Alana arched her back a tad more and with her cheeks pulled wide apart allowed me to watch as she inched down Adriano’s cock, sometimes on the up stroke raising so high that his tip was teetering on falling out.

She turned her head towards me and mischievously told me how great his cock felt then asked how it looked. This got Adriano going; he timed his thrust well; as Alana began to lower again, he caught her unawares, forcing himself upwards and deep inside her, holding her onto him.

Sometimes, especially at moments like this, that is watching my wife impaled on a strangers cock, I wonder how far off normal are my fantasies and sexual desires. Does a “normal” guy gaze intently at his lovers lips they kiss and caress a strangers cock, or thrill at the sight of his lovers’ pussy being invaded by the same cock? I wouldn’t have it any other way, I thought, as I leant closer, bending forward so that my eyes were only a couple of feet from the action. . She was in no hurry, but was it her wanting to give me voyeur’s delights, was it her wanting to take me to that fine line between jealousy / eroticism, or was it because she wanted to prolong the pleasure for herself? These are times of heightened pleasures actually, the times the erotic realities are mixed with jealous tinges. I heard her asking how he liked to cum, whispering to him that she wanted to feel him spurting inside her.

He momentarily quickened his pace, excitedly thrusting in her, his efforts pushing Alana more upright, forcing her to ride his ramrod, then she calmed him, slowing him down, bringing on another jealous twinge; she WAS enjoying this. I knelt behind her, kissing her neck, whispering to her, letting her know how fantastic this was for me, asking her how his cock felt inside her. I caressed her breasts, and held eye contact with Adriano. He had a glazed look in his eyes, and looked as though he just wanted to come.

Alana liked being taken from behind, so I asked him to fuck her from behind, knowing this way she could be passive and he could do all the work. I could feel my cock twitching, I wanted him to fill her up so that I could have her; I imagined how wet and slippery her pussy would be after his balls released their load, my cock quivered again at the thought of feeling the cocktail of juices that would soon be inside her.

Alana again knew what was required, and cheekily asked us if we liked bottoms; she allowed Adriano to pop out of her pussy, and changed her position, this time facing away from him. I decided to move so that I got the same view; both of us watched as she bent forward, knees spread wide outside his legs, and showed us her very moist pussy, then prepared to mount him again. Her hand reached between her legs, searching for his cock. Placing his tip at her entrance, she wriggled her bottom a little and pushed back, allowing his knob to once again pop back inside.

Alana turned to watch me watching her, a wicked grin on her face as she inched his length slowly inwards, rocking her body allowing the underside of his cock to stimulate her clitoris. Eventually, she sat upright on him, holding him fully inside her. I had moved so that I was in front of her; we held eye contact as she gyrated her hips in a figure 8 motion. “I want him to cum soon” she whispered, “is that OK?”

I asked how she wanted it. “From behind please” she pleaded. I glanced at his balls, all that could be seen of him. They were tightening as he lifted his butt of the bed, as though they wanted to join his penis inside her.

I lay back against the end of the bed, allowing Alana to lean forward, her head resting on my stomach. In doing so, the angle of entrance became too much for Adriano, so he lifted Alana off him for a moment as he adjusted his position.

This left her pussy wide open in front of Adriano. As I couldn’t see what he was doing, Alana again gave me a commentary. “He’s stroking my lips, mmmmm, he’s tickling my clit, oooh, he’s just put two fingers inside me, aaaah, he’s opening me wide, pulling my pussy lips wide apart” I watched Adriano as he focused on teasing Alana’s pussy; when he did look up, I gestured toward her, an invitation to continue. Holding her in position with his finger, he scrambled to his knees.

She knew what next, what his intentions were, and lowered her head to my groin, raising her bottom in the movement. He just looked at her pussy, which must have been wide open to him, a glistening invitation.

“Take me” she ordered.

He reached forward and inserted another finger inside her, she moaned as he opened her lips, spreading her knees wider. He guided her backwards onto his cock, allowing her to find the spot. Alana had a soft grip on my cock, her nose nuzzling my balls; I could feel her breathing as he raised the tempo. Gone were the teasing antics; now, she just wanted to be fucked, wanted him to come. I was watching him now, waiting for his finale, wanting to see his expression change as he prepared to empty himself in my lover’s pussy.

He momentarily pulled out as he raised himself onto one foot, and holding eye contact with me stroked himself a few times, stating his intentions to me,

As if he needed an invitation, what more could a man want, especially a stranger; a woman with her face in her husbands lap, her bottom raised, her knees spread, her cheeks pulled apart and a very moist hairless pussy, open glistening, and waiting to be filled.

Adriano and I watched each other, as he re-entered her, slowly raising the tempo, then when fully lubricated with her juices again, quickened the pace, thrusting, forcing her into submission. He appeared to be on the brink, and holding the pace, looked towards me, almost asking permission to finish, to fill her with his seed. It was obvious that was precisely what Alana wanted, her posture, almost sluttish, her breathing rapid, exhaling with every thrust.

Alana groaned as he pulled her backwards impaling himself fully inside her with each thrust. I knew he was about to come, and that it would be my turn soon.

Alana whispered, “Tell him to fuck me Allyn, tell him to fill me up.”

I smiled, nodded to Adriano and said, “she’s ready“ Adriano smiled back thankfully. He quickened his pace, almost pummeling her into submission then his muscles tightened, he groaned, pulled Alana back forcefully and emptied himself inside her pussy. He held himself deep inside her, moaning, waiting for the emissions to finish, then collapsed backward onto the bed, exhausted.

Alana fell to one side, rolling onto her back, her legs splayed. Adriano and I gazed at her pussy, it was splattered with juices, and a small river of cum was edging down the crack in her bum. It was too much for me, I had had an erection now for ages, and wanted my own fulfillment. I knelt between her legs, let my fingers roam, feeling Adriano’s still warm come. I lifted her bottom onto my lap, placed my tip at her entrance, feeling the combination of her juices and his cum moisten my knob, then slowly made love to her, we could all hear her pussy squelching as I moved in and out of her.

Now, it was his turn to be the voyeur, and one thing I liked more than being a voyeur, was to have a voyeur, I loved the thought of a man watching us, so I slipped out of her, rolled her onto her side, and lay behind her. I lifted her leg high and showed Adriano her puffy pussy, then entered her again, excited that the man who had just spilt his load, was now watching my cock doing her.

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