tagLesbian SexOur Little Secret

Our Little Secret


I was so nervous that first day when I walked through the door to her office. I almost hadn't showed up. I sat on the edge of the bed, trying to figure out what the hell I was going to wear, and I almost decided it wasn't worth it. "This isn't going to help anything, anyway. I don't know what I'm even going for." I didn't know why I was so nervous. Maybe it was the thought of telling someone about what really goes on inside my head, or maybe it was just the fact that going to a therapist isn't exactly the coolest way to pass a Friday afternoon. One thing I knew was that I would die if any of my friends or coworkers found out that I was going. And I'd certainly never tell my mom. She'd kill me. What was I thinking, anyway? It's not like I was depressed or anything. I'd never had any issues or mental problems before. But I was kind of stressed. I'd just gone through a really rough breakup with my boyfriend, and my roommates and I were not getting along at all. My job paid way less than I needed in order to make ends meet, so I was worried about money pretty much all the time. I was also not doing so well at my job. As it turns out, retail is not really my calling. Anyway, there was a lot on my mind and with all my strained relationships, I felt like there was nobody to open up to. But that's what therapy is for, right? So I was going.

She was definitely not what I expected. What I expected was a small, mousy woman with spectacles and weird clothing. As soon as I walked in, though, I think she could tell I was kind of stunned. She was dressed head to toe in black, but it came off looking very professional yet sexy. She was tall, taller than me, and a lot younger than I had expected. She definitely looked like she was no older than 35. She stood there slightly to the side, opening the door for me to come into her office. I was in shock and just stood there until she gestured for me to walk in the door. She had a slight smile. I'd say she was amused.

"So, how are you doing today?" she asked, shutting the door.

I had no idea. "How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked.

"40," she said with absolutely no hint of embarrassment. I liked her confidence.

She sat down behind her desk and we chatted on for a while about her skin and her beauty products that she used. I couldn't stop complimenting her on how fantastic she looked. After I had been gushing over her for a couple minutes, she finally told me, "You're not so bad yourself," and winked at me and smiled. I smiled back, the silence between us thickening until I broke it.

I giggled. "It's been a long time since somebody's winked at me." Oh, God. I wished I hadn't said that.

"Why is that," she asked.

"I don't know," I told her, completely flustered. I laughed again. "I kind of like it, though."

We smiled at each other again briefly before she moved on. She didn't make any other suggestive comments and stayed very professional for the rest of the session. Somehow she even got me talking about my mom, which was a subject I never talked about with anyone. She was very good at pulling information out of people. I think it was because she gave off this vibe like she was listening closely to everything you say, but with no judgment. I felt so safe telling her everything. She was very friendly and had a welcoming personality. I was glad I had chosen her as a therapist.

The hour was over before I even knew what happened. She got up to walk me out, and I followed her reluctantly. I was so disappointed that we were done already. It wasn't so much that I had gotten into the therapy session, not really, but it was mostly that I just wanted to be around her. I didn't want to go. Before she opened the door, however, she pulled me over so that I was standing in right front of her.

She leaned in until our faces were inches apart. "I want you to come back," she told me quietly, and very sexily. It was obvious she meant it in a very suggestive way, especially since she was looking down my blouse while she said it. I followed her gaze down towards my blouse and when I looked up, she was still staring away at my cleavage. I grinned and waited for her to look back up before saying, "Yes. Definitely."

She smiled confidently and patted my arm before finally leading me out to make an appointment with her receptionist for next week. "I'll see you next Friday," she said while I left. I looked back just as I opened the door to go out and she was still standing there, leaning up against the wall while she watched me leave. She gave me a little wave. I left feeling like I was walking on air. "Thank God my insurance covers therapy," I thought.

I thought Friday would never come. I spent all week just waiting for it, and when Friday finally did come I couldn't believe how fast it went. All of a sudden it was 2:30, and I had to leave for my appointment in 10 minutes or I else was going to be late. I rushed into her office right on time, and checked in with the receptionist while I ran my fingers through my hair and tried to collect myself.

I was ready to tell her about how I'd been rushing like crazy to get over here, but she invited me into her office without hardly even looking at me. She just shook my hand like I meant nothing but business to her. I was kind of hurt, but I followed her in without saying anything. She busied herself behind her desk with some papers. I sat down on the couch and after we exchanged pleasantries, she asked how my week had been.

"Pretty good. I thought about you a lot," I said without thinking about it. I instantly regretted it and watched her face closely to see what kind of a reaction she would have. She laughed.

"You did?" She sounded pleased. "I have to admit," she continued on, although somewhat ruefully, "I thought about you a lot too."

I wasn't sure how she meant that, so I waited for her to explain more fully. She didn't explain, though. Looking down at her desk, she finally said, "I've been wanting to have dinner with you."

That caught me off guard. "Yeah! Yeah, I'll definitely go out with you. I mean, if you want to." She nodded and caught my eye briefly before she looked back down. I was a little uneasy. She seemed so serious, not flirtatious like she had been when we first met. I wasn't so sure what was going on with her.

I decided to just go for it and ask her. "You seem sort of...I don't know, serious," I said. "Is something wrong?"

She hesitated before saying, "I've never done this before."

I was confused. "What do you mean, like you've never done this -" I gestured to myself - "before?" What I was trying to ask was if she had ever been with a woman before.

She smiled to herself and said plainly, "I've never had a serious relationship with someone such as yourself before. You know, a patient." She rambled on, "There have been a few love interests, but nobody that I've ever asked out."

I was kind of embarrassed. "I prefer to think of myself as, you know...something other than a "patient." I told her.

She looked straight at me. "What would you prefer to think of yourself as?"

"I don't know. Someone who has a hot date with you on Saturday night."

She smiled. "I'm in."

Thinking to myself on my way back home after that day's session, I was feeling sort of confused. On the one hand, she was undeniably gorgeous and I had a lot of fun chatting with her that first session. I was so curious about her and wanted to know what she was like beyond her office. I wanted to know everything about her. But she was so...weird sometimes. I felt like there was a depth to her that kind of scared me. During our second session, when she wouldn't look at me and I couldn't tell whether she was feeling me or not, I didn't know what to do. I was confused and a little hurt, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out with someone who made me feel like that before we even had our first date. Besides, she obviously had her own conflicts about our date that she was dealing with. I felt like this might not be a good idea, but I was so attracted to her I wanted to go ahead with it anyway. I hoped she wanted to as well.

She showed no signs of hesitation when I walked into the restaurant to meet her. In fact, she warmed up to me pretty much immediately. She graciously offered to take my coat off for me, and slid her fingers down my arms as she pulled the sleeves off. It gave me goose bumps that had nothing to do with the cold weather. We sat down and instead of pulling out her menu, she rested her arms on our table and leaned forward, looking at me, her expression pleasant and calm, but unreadable.

I smiled nervously. "I never know what you're thinking when you look at me like that."

"I'm thinking that you're beautiful," she said simply, still gazing across the table at me. This time I smiled for real, and leaned forward towards her.

"Well, I'm thinking the same thing about you," I told her, and let myself drink her in. She was wearing a white dress - silk - with sort of a pleated look on top that was very elegant. It looked expensive. Her shoulders were mostly bare, and I briefly wondered what it would feel like to run my tongue over her clavicle. She looked so unlike how she looked in her office, so...relaxed. It was nice to see her like this.

The waitress interrupted us to see if we wanted drinks, and took our drink order. I finally began to look at the menu. Even though I'd been dying to try out this restaurant for months, I couldn't focus long enough to read. I finally just put the thing down and stared at her, since that's what I'd been wanting to do all along. She looked up and smiled at me, then went back to reading her menu. "The salmon sounds good," she said.

"Yeah," I said, not getting into it.

She put her menu down and gave me an amused expression. "I'm glad it sounds good."

I laughed. "Sorry," I said, and managed to make it through the rest of the meal without being awkward. I have no idea how I did it, though. She made me so nervous. It wasn't like me, I usually could make it through a date without spazzing out or anything. Just not with her. I hoped she didn't think that I was a complete dork.

When we were ready to leave, she walked me to my car. I felt the nervousness returning. I fumbled in my purse for my keys, finally digging them out before I turned around to face her. She was waiting patiently.

"I had a really great time," I said.

"Me, too," she said, and stepped forward until she was so close that I could feel her breath on my face. I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. I still remember how she felt that night, the way her lipstick tasted and the way her perfume smelled. It was like a wave of heat went through my whole body. All of a sudden our hands were caressing each others' faces and our mouths were opening to each other. Our tongues touched and we moaned softly into each others' mouths. I wondered if I should have worn sexier underwear.

She pulled away slightly. "Do you want to come home with me?" she murmured, still caressing my cheek.

I was surprised by how fast we were moving, and I was a little scared. I didn't know what to say. Part of me wanted to say, "Yes, take me," and another part wanted to be a little more careful. After all, we barely knew each other. But the next thing I knew, we were kissing again and all I could think about was how she felt. Any hesitation that I had was lost in the heat in the moment. I wanted to touch her skin, but she was wearing her coat.

"Get in my car," I growled. I unlocked the doors and opened the back door. She looked surprised but started to climb in. I pushed her in the rest of the way and climbed in with her, slamming the door shut behind me. I had to touch her. Her coat buttons were big, so they were thankfully easy to unbutton. I pulled her coat off and threw it over the driver's seat. She knelt over me and devoured my mouth with a deep kiss. I pulled her in and ran my hands down her arms, over her shoulders, down her back, everywhere. I couldn't stop.

Our thighs found each other's pussies and we immediately started rubbing against each other. Our dresses rode up to our waists and I took advantage of that to squeeze her bare ass. She was wearing a purple, lacy thong that didn't cover much. I loved it, but the panties had to go. I slid them off, pushing them down her legs with my foot until they finally came off and fell to the floor of the car. She had gotten my coat off somehow and had slipped a hand under the top of my dress, squeezing one of my breasts. She started moaning and slipped her hand in between my legs. I threw my head back as she rubbed her whole hand up and down my pussy. I knew she must have been able to feel the pussy juice coming out the sides of my thong.

With one of her fingers, she expertly pushed my panties to the side and slid her middle two fingers inside me. It felt like I had a mini orgasm just from that. We both moaned as she slowly began to slide her fingers in, and then out. I could tell she was savoring the feel of my pussy around her fingers. She pulled my panties off and they disappeared. Her thumb found my clit and quickly rubbed it, before she went back to pumping in and out with her fingers. I found a comfortable spot in the backseat and pulled my legs up towards my chest, giving her more room. She glanced up at my face with lust in her eyes, then fixed her gaze on my pussy and the fingers she was sliding in and out.

I reached towards her head and pulled it down to my pussy. I wanted to feel her tongue on my clit, to make me come. She obliged and I scooted up farther, and she settled herself between my legs and took hold of my hips before she started running her tongue up and down my slit. I gasped at how good it felt. She sucked my clit into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it. Almost immediately it felt like I was going to come. I put one hand on the back of her head and my other hand pushed up against the door behind me. It was just so intense. My hips rocked against her mouth. Panting, I looked down at her and saw her looking up at me, watching my face as I neared the brink of orgasm. I threw my head back and felt it rip through me. I vaguely heard her moan into my pussy as my hips bucked.

When I felt myself come down from my orgasm, she climbed over me to kiss me on the mouth. I grabbed her face and drew out her tongue to suck on it. It tasted like my pussy. She moaned again and I could tell she needed to come. It was hard to move around because the backseat was so cramped, so instead of switching her over onto her back I pulled her hips up towards my face while I scooted down. She lowered her pussy onto my willing mouth. It was so wet, I didn't know where to start licking her. I wanted to lick her everywhere. I made out with her whole pussy. I sucked her lips into my mouth and lathered them with my saliva until her entire pussy was wet, both from my mouth and from her arousal. I spread her lips open and licked as far inside of her pussy as I could get until I reached my way up to her clit. It felt so good, not just for her but for me as well. I was getting off on it.

She moaned as I captured her swollen clit in my mouth. I was instantly captivated by it. I ran my tongue in circles over it while she moaned, then sucked it in to my mouth and flicked my tongue over it like she had done to me. She started squirming and I would have had a hard time keeping my mouth on her if she hadn't been pressing herself against my face. I held onto her hips with one hand while I reached up and began massaging one of her tits with the other. Her hands went everywhere, one second she grabbed my hand that was on her breast and massaged herself through my hand, and one second she was gripping the edge of the car seat with the other. It was like she didn't know what to do with herself, it felt so good. And then she shuddered, and I slipped a finger inside her pussy so I could feel her come. The muscles in her pussy twitched over my finger as I continued to lick her through her orgasm.

She got down and laid down on top of me, softly rubbing my side while we kissed. The heat had gone out of us and we laid there, just relaxed. There was still a lot more that I wanted to do with her, but that could wait until later. Right then it was nice to just lay there, to feel the warmth of her skin and the softness of her body against me. We stayed like that for a couple minutes until eventually we started moving again and found our underwear. I couldn't find mine, so I just pulled my dress back down over my hips and figured I'd be going straight home anyway. No one would know. It would be our little secret.

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