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Our Lucky Weekend


Let me just state that this all happened 'several' years ago. If you like flowery, colorful, euphemistic erotic love stories, this is probably not for you. If you like hot sexual adventures you may like this. The names, places and dates have been changed to protect the privacy of all. I write it as it happened, no colorful sexual euphemisms, just the facts-just the hot facts.


"State line!!"

"Huh? What? Ah shit James!" Dawn exclaimed as she woke up in the passenger seat of our SUV.

"You know the rules," I told her.

"Damn James, I'm tired I had to work late last night."

"You know the rules. Show me or blow me."

Dawn and I had been taking a three-day weekend each month for the last year or so. After we each had settled down in our careers we discovered that we were working way too many hours and not spending enough time together. Now on the last weekend of every month we would take off to a bed-and-breakfast in an adjoining state. It was a pleasurable 4 hour drive from the house and we usually arrived by noon after leaving early Friday morning. We were about 3 hours into the drive when I woke Dawn up.

"You know the rules, if you go to sleep while I am driving and we cross a state line you have to show me or blow me."

I had this rule, not that my wife minded, but if she fell asleep while we were driving on our mini-vacation, she had to pay up. Since we worked all the time I wanted some company while I drove. Dawn really didn't mind paying up whenever she fell asleep; I think she did it on purpose.

"Well, what do you want, a show or a blow?" Dawn asked.

"Since I got my usual morning blow job before we left the house I think I want a show."

"You would you pervert!"

"My rule, my choice," I told her. "Besides, you love it anyway showing off for the other drivers."

Dawn and I had always enjoyed a great sex life since we met in college. She was adventuresome and a bit of an exhibitionist. I enjoyed looking at my lovely wife while she performed on our trips. Dawn was about 5' 3" tall, with a small slender beautiful body and a perfect pair of full 32C breasts. She also had beautiful long black hair because she had a little Cherokee in her. I looked over at her in the sun, in the passenger seat. She was wearing an extremely skimpy pair of cut off blue jean shorts and a revealing halter top I couldn't help but think; I never tired of looking at her.

"There is a lot of traffic on the road today, are you sure you want to make me do this?" Dawn said with a smile.

"Make you? Dawn, I have never made you do anything you didn't want to do and you know it."

"I know honey, just teasing. Do you want the full show?"

"It is a nice warm day, why not."


My rule was if I wanted a show, Dawn had to take off all her clothes and play with herself while I watched and tried to drive the car. She really did enjoy doing it. The added benefit was that when we got to the B & B she would be horny as hell and it would lead to a great fuck. She had done this many times before, and she really gets off teasing me for the next hour.

"Turn on the radio," Dawn requested.

I turned on the radio and turned to watch as Dawn reached behind her head and untied her halter top. She looked up at me as she slowly pulled it down freeing her perfect breasts that are topped with large dark areolas and big nipples. I always thought that her areolas and nipples were bigger than they should be on her small body. I thought they looked great and she loved me playing with them.

"You like James?"

"You know I do," I told Dawn as I glanced over at the skin of her breast showing against her tan lines.

Dawn reached behind her and untied the rest of her halter-top and removed it. Slowly she cupped each breast and began to squeeze and lift them. I managed to stay focused on the road as she pinched and twisted each nipple between her fingers.

After a few minutes, I said, "Dawn."

"Yes dear?"

"We are about to be passed by a large truck."

Dawn didn't really care. I had watched the truck approaching and deliberately slowed down so he would pass, he was sure to get an eye full through the open sunroof of our SUV if he looked.

"Oh no, he will see me!" Dawn pleaded in her best sultry southern voice.

Dawn laughed and reached up and pulled her long black hair over her shoulders to cover her tits, sort of. The truck pulled past us in a hurry then slowed so that he fell back even with us. I noticed as the truck got closer that there was someone sitting in the passenger seat of the truck, probably a relief driver. Dawn looked at me as she continued to squeeze her breast. Even though she has very long thick beautiful black hair there was no doubt what she was doing if you were watching.

The truck horn blew, I watched as Dawn looked up through the sunroof acting as if she was surprised.

"Do you want me to show him my tits honey?"

"Sure, you want to anyway."

Dawn used one hand to sweep her hair back over one shoulder and then returned her hands to her breasts and pinched her nipples. The truck driver blew his horn several times and Dawn and I laughed. Dawn then turned with her back up against the door so she was facing me and the sunroof. She swept all her beautiful black hair back so that I could now see both of her breasts as she played with them, another honk blew from the truck. She brought her legs up into the seat revealing just how skimpy her shorts were and she spread her legs. Now the guy in the truck could see everything easily.

The truck drove beside us for several more minutes as Dawn performed. I was looking at her when she began to slowly slide one hand down her stomach and into the front of her shorts. I watched her hand disappear in to the skimpy shorts. I looked up her shorts and saw her fingers slowly begin finger her pussy. She continued this for several minutes and then I watched as her fingers disappear into her pussy. The truck blew its horn again; I reached up and pushed the button to close the dark tinted sunroof.

"Spoiled sport," Dawn said.

"I don't want an 80,000 pound truck running over us," I said as I accelerated away from the truck.

"Anyway, someone looking at your tits is one thing, looking at your pussy is another; now take off your shorts."

Dawn looked at me as she unbuttoned her shorts and slowly pushed them down around her hips and slid them off her legs. Now she sat there in nothing but a black thong. She brought both legs up into the seat and pulled the thong down her long tanned legs. She spread her legs apart as I looked at her perfect pussy with its small tuff of black hair just above her clit. The contrast of her tan lines with her darkening summer tan was stunning.

"Dawn, you really should think about sun bathing in the nude."

"I would if we didn't have such nosy neighbors."

"Like you care, go to the tanning salon then."

"That's no fun, I like being outside, but I don't like the neighbors." Dawn remarked. "Maybe one day we will have a house where we can sunbathe in the nude all the time."

"Maybe," I said.

With that Dawn dropped her thong on the floor and slid her hands up her legs and began rubbing the insides of her thighs.

"You know, you really should put your seat belt back on, as much as I hate for you to."

"Ok...we don't want to get stopped for me not wearing a seat belt do we?"

"We don't want to get stopped at all," I said.


Although we had been stopped a few months back--it seems I had been drifting in the lanes as Dawn was giving me a blow job-- it was funny. I tried to get Dawn off my cock when the cop turned on his lights but she stayed there until I stopped and then popped up in the seat. I am sure the cop knew what was going on. You see, I had no chance of getting my cock back in my pants. Dawn is only 5' 3," but I am 6' 5" and along with my height, I have plenty of length and size, over 8 inches. My cock was sticking straight up hard as a rock.

Dawn had sat up and was smiling a big shit eating grin when the cop walked up. I had no choice but to sit there with a huge erection sticking straight up. I dared not try and cover up; I didn't want the cop to think I was trying to hide something. I rolled the window down and this young officer in dark sunglasses leaned in and paused. He started by staring at Dawn in one of her usual skimpy pair of shorts and a t-shirt cut off just below her breasts. I watched as he looked down at my erection. He looked back at Dawn for a minute and then said, 'You folks have a nice day, and pay attention to the road', and walked off. As soon as the cop was back in his car Dawn started laughing hysterically. I told her pay back would be a bitch.


Dawn had now laid the seat completely back and snapped her seat belt around her waist. I watched as she spread her legs apart and began to rub her pussy lips. She had been right, there was more traffic on the road than usual and I had to spend more time watching the road than her.

I took another look and saw that she had one hand massaging a breast while the fingers of her other hand were spreading her pussy lips. Dawn's pussy was beginning to glisten with moisture as I watched her slowly slip one finger then another inside her.

"Dawn, there is a lot of traffic on the road I can't watch as much as I like, so I want to hear you."

Hearing Dawn was not usually a problem, she was very vocal during sex especially when she was teasing me while playing with herself.

I kept glancing over from time to time as Dawn slowly worked herself up. I was enjoying the moans that were starting to come from her as she worked her pussy harder. The wonderful smell of her sex was filling the SUV now as she moaned louder. My growing erection was getting uncomfortable in my pants under the seat belt. I watched Dawn begin slipping two fingers vigorously in and out of her pussy.

"Damn you look hot!" I told her.

Dawn looked up at me then removed her fingers from her pussy and placed them at my lips. I sucked both fingers deep into my mouth; the taste was exquisite. When she pulled her fingers from my mouth she slipped them back inside her pussy and worked them around, she then removed them, stuck them in her mouth, and sucked deeply as she looked at me. She returned her fingers to her pussy as she used her other hand to spread her lips so she could finger her clit. I kept glancing over as she circled her clit with her fingers, moaning more as I drove on mile after mile.

"Oh yes!" Dawn let out. "Mmmmmm!!"

After several more minutes Dawn's hand became a blur as she alternated between jamming her fingers in and out and rubbing her clit.

"Oh god!"

I could tell Dawn was working toward her first orgasm.

"Come for me baby."

"Oh! I'm starting!"

Dawn's fingers were flying over her now engorged clit.

"I'm coming! Oh god!"

I watched as Dawn began to buck her hips wildly in the seat.

"Yes, yes, yes!" She screamed.

Then Dawn thrust her hips up hard and began squirting out of her pussy. With each squirt she thrust and screamed.

"Oh James!!"

And with one big thrust, Dawn collapsed down in the seat breathing heavily. I looked at her beautiful body now covered in sweat. She really got turned on doing this in the truck.

"That was great!" I told her.

"Oh my god, I am exhausted," Dawn said as she sat there.

She sat quietly for a few miles.

"Was that enough of a show?"

I paused and looked, admiring the beads of sweat running down her breasts.



"Not enough, I wanted to talk today and you fell asleep."

"Shit. Now what?"

"Reach into the back and get a towel and clean up your mess first," I told her.

Dawn was a squirter, she didn't squirt as much this time as she does when she is really driven over the edge but she was sitting in a puddle.

Dawn undid her seat belt again and turned and retrieved a towel we always kept in the back seat. She raised her ass up and wiped the seat and then wiped her legs off.

"Now what?"

"Get your big vibrator out of your bag please."

"Oh goody!"

Dawn sat up and turned in the seat with her knees on it while she reached in the back fishing through her bags. I just looked at her perfect pale ass sticking up in the air. When I looked up I saw that I was approaching another SUV so I slowed down some so we would pass slowly. The sunroof was darkly tinted but the side windows were not. As I approached the car I could see that the guy driving was probably about 30, about our age. I looked to make sure there were no kids in the car since I could see a woman in the other seat, I didn't see any kids.

I slowly pulled by the other SUV without looking over. Dawn's ass was in the window for the looking. We were even with the other SUV now.

"Your ass looks great."

Dawn stopped rummaging for a second, as I knew she would, turned and leaned over and gave me a kiss, turning her ass and pussy to the window as we passed the other SUV. I knew there was no way in hell that the guy driving was going to get away with speeding up to stay even with us with his lady in the car. When I turned to kiss Dawn, I caught a glimpse of the guy and the woman checking out her ass.

I was pulling away very slowly making sure he got a good look as Dawn returned to rummaging through her bag, to my surprise the SUV sped up and pulled alongside of us.

"Found it!" Dawn said as she retrieved the big red vibrator and turned to sit in her seat.

Dawn was holding the big vibrator up so I knew the couple in the other SUV saw it. Dawn saw me looking at her with a big smile.


Then she noticed the other car. Dawn turned and waved at the other couple. I turned and saw the other couple wave back and the guy mouthed 'nice ass'. I heard Dawn say 'thank you'.

"Nice couple," Dawn said as she smiled at me. "Now speed up!"

I sped up as the other SUV trailed off.

"You still want the rest of your show?"


"Then don't do that again."

We both laughed. Dawn returned her attention to her activities as I watched her rub the tip of the vibrator between her wet pussy lips. I said the vibrator was big but it was actually only a little larger than my cock when I was fully erect. Dawn slowly slid the vibrator up and down getting the end lubricated with her juices.

"I want to see it disappear," I told her.

Dawn used her other hand to spread her lips apart, she turned and looked at me and then slowly slid the entire length of the thick vibrator into her waiting wet pussy.

"Ohhhh," she sighed.

Dawn reached down and turned the vibrator on. The SUV was filled with its low buzz. I glanced as often as I could as Dawn slowly worked the length of the vibrator in and out.

"Are you enjoying the show?" Dawn asked.

"I would be enjoying it more if we were at the B & B and I could help."

"You will have plenty of chances this weekend," Dawn replied.

Dawn spent a long time sliding the vibrator in and out of her pussy, slowly working her way up to what would be a huge orgasm. She turned the speed on the vibrator up and began to work it faster. She worked it with one hand while she fingered her clit with the other. Her loud moaning began to peak.

"Oh this feels so great, watch me James!"

I looked as much as I could and drive. Dawn's hips began to thrust into the vibrator as she plunged it deeper.

"Oh yes!"

The longer Dawn went the louder her moaning got.

"Oh my god yes!" She said as she started to buck her hips wildly.

Dawn thrashed in the seat more and more trying to get as much of the big vibrator into her as she could.


Her hand was moving as fast as it could over her clit.

"Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Ahhhhhh!"

I watched as Dawn's stomach muscles convulsed over and over for several minutes as she spasmed; I knew she was about to explode.

"Oh my god!!"

Dawn thrashed against the seat and exploded in a huge orgasm, bucking over and over.

"Oh yes!"

I tried to watch as she thrashed around, more sweat running off her breast and stomach, her pussy juices flowing out of her. Slowly she subsided, continuing to slowly slide the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

"Now that was a show!" I said.

"You owe me big boy."

"Like you said, we have all weekend."

"Now turn the air-conditioner back up!"

After she cleaned up again she set her seat back up. Dawn sat naked for about 15 miles recovering. We passed several more cars but since Dawn is short only the people in trucks and SUV's thought they saw anything. I arrived at the turn off from the interstate; we were about 15 minutes from the B & B. Dawn slowly slipped her shorts back on, minus the thong. She picked the thong up and hung it on the mirror, then she put on her halter top.

"You look a little scruffy there sweetheart," I said with a laugh.

"Screw you."

Dawn tried to fix her hair but without much luck. Soon we arrived at the B & B. We stayed here a lot, usually every trip, so we knew Beth the manager very well. Since we usually arrived around noon each time there was normally no one else there yet. It always gave Dawn and me the afternoon to have a nice long, loud, fuck. Beth was only a little older than us and was a very pretty tall blonde with an excellent body; she didn't mind the noise as long as we kept it down some when there were other guests.

I pulled into the drive of the B & B, Beth was outside in a pair of short shorts tending her flowers, she turned and waved as we pulled up.

"Hi James!" I heard as I got out of the SUV.

"Hi Beth, you look hot today," I told her.

"It is hot."

"Not what I meant Beth," I said with a smile.

Beth smiled back.

Dawn got out of the SUV and walked around to say hi to Beth.

"Hi Dawn. You look like you fell asleep again," Beth said with a smile.

"Yep," Dawn said as she smiled back.

Beth had asked one time if Dawn was okay when she got out all ruffled and flushed, Dawn told her what had happened. Beth was really cool as well as pretty.

We grabbed all the bags and headed inside with Beth. Our usual room was upstairs away from the main part of the house.

"You guys want a beer?"

"Sure," I said as I dropped the bags and followed Beth to the kitchen.

"Nice to see you two again, how are things going?"

"About the same, too much work, not enough play." Dawn said.

"Will you be making up for lost time this weekend?" Beth asked with a big smile.

"As usual Beth, hope you don't mind?" Dawn said.

"Not at all," Beth said. "There will only be one other couple here this weekend, a young couple so enjoy."

"We will," I said.

Beth was outgoing and pretty, she had gotten used to Dawn and I having loud sex on the weekends. Her and Dawn had even talked sex sometimes. I enjoyed watching Beth work outside in her shorts and tight tops in the summer. Beth had nice breasts and usually didn't wear a bra unless there were other people around. She was a lot freer around us than others.

After we talked some more and finished our beers Dawn and I grabbed our bags and headed up stairs. I was hot and horny and knew we would be making love shortly. We entered the room and closed the door.

"You think she ever gets embarrassed listening to us?" Dawn asked.

"Dawn I have seen her after we come down from having sex, I don't think embarrassed is what she is."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean her bedroom is across from ours and since I am about to fuck your brains out look at her after we leave the room."

I grabbed Dawn's halter and ripped it off her then I picked her up and carried her to the big king size bed. After I dropped her on the bed I grabbed her shorts and pulled them off and just stood and looked at my beautiful wife. I pulled my shirt off and then removed my shorts and shoes.

"My, you are ready to go," Dawn said.

Dawn rolled over to the edge of the bed and sat up and began stroking my cock to full attention. I looked down and watched as she looked up at me and slowly slid as much of my erection into her mouth as she could. Dawn had never been able to take all of me into her mouth but she still gave wonderful blow jobs.

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