tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Masturbation Adventures Ch. 1

Our Masturbation Adventures Ch. 1


My name is Heather, I’m 23. I’m involved with a much older man. His name is David and he just turned 47. David is a pilot for a major airline - a DC10 captain. I have been seeing David for about six months. What I love about David is that he is such a pervert!

Some would consider our relationship is pretty strange. We don’t fuck, we masturbate. Oh, I have fucked him but not often. He would rather that I bring him off with my hand. Even better, he wants me to jack him off in public. David is always setting up situations where I masturbate him in places where we might get caught. I just love it! I would do anything for him.

In the six months we have been doing this I have jacked him off in his car, in movies, on the beach, in restaurants, on a chair lift in Aspen, and once in a hallway leading to the rest rooms in a bar with three other guys watching. On each of those occasions I also fingered myself so David could watch.

David’s has always talked about watching me jack off another man’s cock. He says he wants to see me covered with cum from jacking strange cocks. I am more than willing to do it for him but the situation was never right. But David had a plan.

David told me that Mardi Gras was the perfect place to put his plan in action. He told me that public sex was not unheard of at Mardi Gras and that I would love it. Besides, he said he would be there to protect me if things got “out of hand.”

David has unlimited passes so the next night we were scheduled on a plane from Tampa to New Orleans. David picked me up at my apartment. I had spent most of the afternoon fingering myself thinking about David arranging for me to jack off a number of strange cocks on our trip. I’m not exactly sure but I must have cum five or six times. When David rang the doorbell I was on the couch with my skirt up around my waist and my legs spread wide. I had two fingers pumping in and out of my cunt and was just about to cum again.

“Is that you David?” I asked.

“Are you ready Heather?” he responded.

“Yeah, doors open - come on in.” David froze when he saw me masturbating. “Do I have time to finish, baby?” I said as I began to work my cunt with my fingers so David could see.

“Have you been masturbating all day again, Heather” he asked knowing full well that I had.

“David, I’ve cum so many times thinking about our trip. Will you really set it up so I can jack off a stranger while you watch.”

“I promise Heather. I might even arrange it so you can jack off a cock in each hand. Would that turn you on baby girl?”

“Oh yes! Will I be covered with their cum, David? Will they cum in my hands, on my tits? Where do you want them to cum honey? Can I let them shoot their sperm on my pussy while you watch?” I was getting closer to cumming and I wanted David to talk me through my climax.

“Can you imagine yourself on Bourbon Street surrounded by a crowd of guys all with their cocks out as you finger yourself while they watch? We will take three of four of them down a side street. We’ll find a spot where you can lean against a building. There will be a strange guy on each side of you. You grab a cock in each hand and begin to stroke them. You know they won’t last long. I will be encouraging you to let them cum on you. You turn to the guy on your right and direct his cock between you legs. You pump him faster. He stiffens and shoot his cum all over your pussy. The guy on your left is next. You bend over and begin stroking him close to your face. The head of his cock is against your lips when he starts to shoot. You let him cum all over your face. A third guy will jack himself off on your face as you cup his balls. Walking out of the side street you are covered in their cum - dripping down your face and running down your thighs under your skirt.”

“Oh, God David I want that so bad. I want you to watch me make them all cum.” I was fingering my cunt furiously as I began to cum with visions of strange cocks swelling in my hands as I stroked them. “David, I’m cumming for you. Watch me cum!” My orgasm was sooo intense.

David was rubbing his cock through his pants as he watched me cum. “Do we have time to jack you off before we go David?” I asked as I calmed down.

“Sorry baby girl, we’re late as it is.”

“Can I take your cock out and jack you while we drive to the airport?” I asked.

“What do you think?” he laughed.

I stroked his cock all the way to the airport but I deliberately did not get him off. It was unspoken, but we both new that I would masturbate him on the flight.

We flew in first class. David was in an isle seat and I was against the window. When we were settled in and the plane reached cruising altitude I asked David, “Would you like me to masturbate you now? Can I pump your cock til you come?”

First class was almost empty. Besides, David had taught me how to get him off under more public circumstances than this.

“That would be great baby girl” replied David. I put my hand in David’s lap and traced the outline of his cock with my fingers. He obviously had been thinking about me jacking him off because he was hard and a small spot of pre-come had formed on his slacks.

David rang the call button and asked the flight attendant for two blankets. It turned out that she recognized David as a pilot. She gave us a knowing smile when David asked her to see that we were not disturbed.

I checked that no one could see us and said to David, “Can you get your cock out for me?” David dropped his hands to his lap and freed his cock. I was pumping him slowly when the flight attendant returned with the blankets. I froze.

While focusing on my hand wrapped around David’s cock the attendant said, “You guys didn’t waste any time, did you? Well, just make sure you don’t disturb the other passengers.”

She looked at me and said, “This is a pretty short flight, you’d better hurry.” I began to jack David’s cock as she watched. She made no move to leave and I think David wanted her to watch as well.

Another passenger ringing the call button brought her out of the trance. I said, “Come back when I ring our call button and you can watch me finish him off. I said to David, “Is that OK David, can she watch me bring you off? Would you like her to watch me masturbate you?” David answered with a soft moan.

“OK, but promise you won’t let him cum until I can watch,” the attendant said.

I said, “I promise.”

David was watching my hand jack his cock and I said, “You really love this don’t you. A girl half your age casually pumping your cock; masturbating you; jacking you off right in the middle of first class.”

I slid my hand between my legs and pulled my skirt up a bit so that I could finger myself if the urge struck me. I know David likes to look at my breasts while I jack him. He always says he loves the way my tits bounce ever so slightly in time with the movements of my hand on his cock. I unbuttoned two buttons on my blouse and made sure it gapped open.

“Can you see my tits, honey?” I said as I used my thumb to milk a good amount of pre-come from the head of his shaft. I love a guy who has lots of pre-come and David is the king of pre-come. I’ve never had to use lube on his cock.

“Not very well,” he managed to say as I began to increase the pace of my hand up and down his cock which was now very slippery and wet.

I again checked the cabin to see if we were drawing the attention of any other passengers. It seemed OK so I pulled my blouse from the waistband of my skirt and completely unbuttoned it and let if fall open. My tits were totally exposed. The cool air and the excitement of stroking David made my nipples stand out. I flipped up my skirt with my free hand and began to rub my wet clit..

David gently cupped one of my breasts and I began to work him towards his climax. “David, are you getting ready to come? Am I going to make you squirt right here on the plane? Does my hand feel good on your cock?”

Ohhhh, that’s it . . . so nice . . . I’m almost there,” he hissed. His hips were starting to raise off the seat and he thrust his cock into my pumping hand.

I had to slow him down a bit if we were going to keep our promise to the flight attendant. I squeezed the base of his cock and said, “I’m going to make you cum now and when your almost there I want you to ring for the flight attendant. I want her to watch as you cum. OK?”

David could only nod. I began to pump David with full strokes. My hand on his cock began to make the noise that everybody whose into masturbation instantly recognizes. I love that sound - its so sexy.

David was so focused on my hand masturbating his cock I was afraid he was going to forget to ring the call button. I could tell he was just about ready to cum. “David!” I whispered with some force, “push the call button, now!”

With his free hand he rang for our flight attendant. I looked up as she made her way to our isle. I could see that she had one of those towels the airlines use in first class as hot towels. She was prepared. When she arrived and looked down my hand was flying over David cock. She glanced around the cabin and said, “Is he almost there? It’s OK, nobody can tell. Finish him off!” Let him spurt all over, I’ll clean you both up afterwards.” She was breathing a little faster than normal.

It was perfect. She had positioned herself at our row so we were totally hidden from the other passengers. I used the opportunity to really get into my stroking of David’s cock. I also slipped two fingers up my cunt and began to pump them in and out in time with my stroking of David’s cock. I wanted to make this good for both David and the flight attendant.

I masturbated us both faster. “Cum now baby, we’re both watching. Let yourself go and cum for us. Nobody will know.”

David’s body stiffened as his cock began to release his sperm. I kept on pumping him. The first string of cum flew about a foot in the air and landed on his shirt. I aimed his cock towards the flight attendant and he soaked the front of her uniform with string after string of his hot load. She just stood there and let herself be spermed. I came watching Davis’s cock shooting all over her.

The attendant moaned out loud as I milked David’s cock for every last drop. As David settled back into his seat the attendant began to use the towel to clean up David’s mess. I also sank back in my seat and buttoned my blouse and rearranged my skirt.

The attendant draped the towel around David’s cock and cleaned him throughly. Her hand lingered on his cock for a few seconds. A quick couple of strokes and she had the honor of milking the last drop of cum from his cock. Then she was gone to look after the other passengers.

“That was so great baby girl!” moaned David as he put his cock back in his pants.

“David, I want to jack off lots of cocks on this trip. Is that what you want too?” I asked.

“I’ve been dreaming of that Heather,” he said.

It’s going to be a good trip!

More to cum . . . .

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