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Our Method Works!

It really was a unique way to stop smoking.

Marilyn Bowers was 39 years old, and her doctor had just scared the hell out of her. She always knew she should stop smoking. Even when she started smoking in college, she knew she should not have done it. But now, her physician had put it in the kind of terms she could no longer ignore. She had all the genetic factors to put her in the worst possible risk group, and now he had convinced her in the most graphic language that it was turning her already precancerous skin to ugly old lady face leather, damaging her lungs, and sending her blood pressure into early stroke and pre-senile dementia territory. She had told Dr. Shithead that she had tried everything under the sun and could not stop. Now that she was divorced from her chain smoking and philandering husband it should have been easier, but somehow it wasn't. Her girlfriends told her that the competition for straight men out there in the world was fierce, and only about 15% of the decent ones smoked. The other 85% would not even consider being with a woman who did.

Dr. Shithead finally heard her desperation, and told her about a new experimental clinic that he had seen work where other methods failed. It was hideously expensive, for women only, and required visits to the clinic three times a day for the first three weeks of the program. He made her sign a huge long legal release before he even gave her the number to call. She carried the card in her purse for a week, and then saw a story on TV about a 40 year old woman that had to have her vocal cords removed due to cancer. So she got out the card and decided to call first thing in the morning.

She was so anxious and knew that she couldn't even wait until 8 AM, which she assumed was the earliest a doctor's office would be open. But instead of lighting her morning cigarette, she called the number at 6:45 AM and was surprised to get an immediate answer. And not a machine, but a sincere sounding woman with a British accent who told her to come over immediately before she lit up! The clinic was in a very generic looking stand alone office building with a parking garage underneath. She noticed lots of spots marked 'reserved for #XYZ', and avoided these, parking in one of the 'visitor' spots near the elevator that was marked "visitors'. The office was laid out like a large psychotherapist's office, such that arriving patients almost never saw departing ones. She was greeted by a receptionist who somehow seemed to recognize her and addressed her as 'Ms. Bowers' and showed her into a nicely appointed office.

A very attractive woman soon entered. She was very dark skinned, dark haired, and looked like the female lead in a 'Bollywood' medical movie. She wore a starched white lab coat over an expensive silk blouse and slacks. Her manner was all business as she introduced herself in a British accent "Good morning, Ms. Bowers. I'm Dr. Ramananthran. My parents were from Bangalore, India but I was born in Britain and am now a US citizen. I have an MD from Duke Medical School and a PhD in neuropsychiatry from UCLA. I'll get right to the point. Dr. Shithead has briefed me on your situation. You meet all the qualifications for our program. But I must tell you that the lowest medical risk way to quit smoking is simply to stop cold turkey using willpower. That has the least side effects and potential complications. Unfortunately, it also has the lowest expected probability of success. Our program is radical, unusual, and very counterintuitive. It has a higher risk of medical and psychological complications than going cold turkey. But it has a much higher chance of success, and it has significantly lower medical risk than you undertake by continuing to smoke. Are you truly desperate to quit? Are you ready to commit to a very radical course of therapy for one year, and an especially intensive and unusual one for the first three weeks?"

Marilyn did not hesitate. "Yes. I have tried all the other methods, and this is all that is left for me. I am terrified of what will happen if I keep smoking!"

Dr. Ramananthran smiled. "Very well. The program costs $50,000, but you must give us an upfront deposit of $100,000. If you complete the first three weeks of the program and remain in compliance with our protocols, which we will confirm with blood tests, we will refund $25,000. If you complete the rest of the first year and remain in compliance, we will refund another $25,000. You will also sign an ironclad nondisclosure agreement that prevents you from talking about our program to anyone in any way without prior approval in writing from our law firm. You will agree to pay further liquidating damages of $250,000 to us if that agreement is breached. Are you ready to proceed on that basis?"

Marilyn was shocked. What in the world was this woman going to do to her? "What are the risks of your method?"

"There is a slight chance of contracting infections from other patients in our study. We have done everything medically possible to reduce that risk, and none of our patients have actually even been infected, but the risk it is not zero. Also, some patients find it psychologically difficult to initiate and complete everything that is required by our protocol, especially in the first three weeks. But most have no problem and soon enjoy it. I should tell you that I not only developed our method and studied its effectiveness, but I underwent the treatment myself, I have not had another cigarette in the 6 years since those initial trials, and I have enjoyed my daily life much, much more since then."

Marilyn was ready to commit, but she was still curious. "Why are all of your patients women?"

Dr. Ramananthran smiled again. "Actually, we have many more male patients than female. But only the women are here to stop smoking. The male patients must be lifetime non-smokers or we could not use them for our research studies. That is all I can tell you until you have signed our documents."

Marilyn said she would go forward, and signed a sheaf of documents that were on the desk, and wrote out the $100,000 check from the funds she received in the divorce settlement. She should be maximally motivated to make this program work, because she had to have that $50,000 back! "What do I do now?" she asked.

Dr. Ramananthran looked pleased. "Let me go through the theory of how our method works, and then talk to you about how we implement it for the first three weeks. I am assuming that you want to start your treatment today?"

"Yes. I don't want to smoke another cigarette, but I am suffering from incredibly strong cravings!" Marilyn was getting desperate already. A technician came in and explained that she needed to take several vials of blood to begin developing the customized treatment regimen for Marilyn. Marilyn agreed and Dr. Ramananthran nodded for her to proceed.

Dr. Ramananthran moved her chair around the desk and sat closer to Marilyn, and touched her shoulder gently. "May I call you Marilyn?" Marilyn nodded. "I identify with you since you are beginning your treatment at the same age that I did, and I also was divorced from an unfaithful husband just before beginning the program. I am going to walk you through things today and take a personal interest in your success. The cravings you are feeling are actually not for a cigarette. It is for something much more primal and basic that you need and want, and cigarettes are actually a very poor substitute for what you really need! That discovery was the key to developing our method."

Marilyn couldn't help but ask "Are you really 6 years older than I am? You look 6 years younger!"

Dr. Ramananthran smiled againy. "You will find that stopping smoking has an almost immediate effect on wrinkle lines and how your face looks. I also have noticed steady improvement in my skin, not just from stopping smoking, but from the vitamins and some other aspects of our treatment, I think you will be pleased with how quickly your appearance begins to improve. It's not just the elimination of the toxins from the cigarette smoke, or even the greatly improved oxygen carrying capacity of your blood that improves overall oxygen metabolism everywhere in the body. And that is actually a good transition into how our method works. Tell me about your sex life."

Marilyn was taken aback. "Well, it has been zero since my divorce, and it wasn't much better before the divorce."

"I know the feeling my dear. And I am sure that as your sexual activity went down your smoking went up, and I also recall that your husband was a long term smoker, which makes things even worse. What you are craving is not sex per se. It is not even orgasms, although they help make things go better. Believe it or not what you are craving is oral genital stimulation and release!"

"I never got that from my husband! He didn't want oral sex from me and he would never even consider going down on me. Never!"

Dr. Ramananthran looked sad. "I hear that a lot. And although having a man go down on you does feel good, is not what you are craving. It is the satisfaction you would have derived from going down on him, stimulating a man and making him ejaculate and the benefits you would have derived from ingesting it! Since your husband was a smoker his ejaculate probably contained little of what you needed anyway."

Marilyn was almost unable to speak! "So you are telling me that the secret to stopping smoking is to give more blowjobs?"

Dr. Ramananthran smiled wickedly. "Yes, and I have the experimental data to prove it! And there are many other benefits: improved skin circulation and tone, lower blood pressure, reduced incidence of depression, much greater feelings of happiness and peace of mind, and fewer allergies and colds. Plus you will soon learn how much you will enjoy doing it when you realize how to do it right and what it will do for you!"

Marilyn's mind was working overtime. "How many is enough?"

"Well. It varies from woman to woman, and that is one of the things we will learn from the blood chemistry the lab is running on you right now. You need an especially large dose early in the treatment cycle – that's the first three weeks we spoke about. It varies but generally a minimum of three per day, although most women need six and some nine."

Marilyn was surprised not put off by that. It actually sounded pretty good, given that she had years of latent demand built up. But she did think about the practical aspects of it. "How in the world can one man supply that much sperm? Then she answered her own question. "How many men..."

Dr. Ramananthan laughed again. "Remember I told you we have many more male patients than female! Basically each time you succeed in getting a man off and swallowing his ejaculate, your craving for a cigarette is drastically reduced. If you space your experiences out and get enough volume each time, you can make it through the day without smoking. And then you make it through another day, and another, one day at a time. After a few days, you no longer crave the cigarette, you crave the next man! Then we work to find out what your minimum is to keep the cravings away. It's best if we can eventually get your needs matched up with what one man can supply."

Marilyn needed to do something fast. "Well doctor I have a major craving right now! What's the best way to get started?"

Dr. Ramananthan smiled again, as if she was remembering something pleasant. "Some women are so scandalized and inhibited by the whole idea that we use little privacy booths where the man puts his penis through a little hole in the wall, and the woman fellates him without them ever seeing each other. But the best way is to maximize the sensual and emotional experience. You should see the man, make eye contact with him, know that he is watching you, smell him, touch him, feel his motions, and get as connected to him as you can. Then you get more of a memorable emotional experience, and our studies show that he in turn produces more and better ejaculate when he feels a connection to you. Are you ready to try it that way?"

Marilyn found herself getting wet like a school girl, even while feeling panicked and driven by the craving for a cigarette. She was ready to try anything! "Yes" she said firmly.

Dr. Ramananthan led her to a room marked "Treatment A1" and had her sit on a little stool similar to the ones salesman sit on in shoe stores. Marilyn asked "What if I just can do it, or if he can't get it up for me?" The doctor smiled. "I wouldn't worry about that, Marilyn, you are quite attractive, and we have never had that problem with any of our patients. But I should tell you that we start out with very young athletic men who have just turned 18." She giggled heartily. "In general they come fairly soon, produce greater volumes, and recover faster than older men. Just between you and me, they taste great, too! But you have to be prepared for the sometimes surprising force and volume of their ejaculations, and you have to make sure you swallow it all."

With that the door opened and a tall young man walked in dressed in jeans and a plain white T shirt. He was very cute, with a nice smile and he had a little bit of acne on his chin and was quite muscular, like a football or basketball player, which she guessed he probably was. He looked at her and said "Wow, you are beautiful! I'm really lucky today." With that he took off his T shirt and jeans, revealing plain white briefs with a 'tent' in the front. Dr. Ramananthan told Marilyn to take off her clothes slowly, and look at the young man to watch his reaction. The last time she stripped for her husband was ten years ago, but it felt good to have the young man's complete attention. He slipped out of his briefs, revealing a nice looking circumcised penis of average to above average size. He stood and looked at her expectantly.

She reached up and undid her blouse slowly, then removed it and her bra. He got even more erect, and that spurred her on. She slowly dropped her skirt down to her ankles and slipped it off. His breathing got louder. She slipped out of the panties and then used them to gently touch his penis, which made him inhale sharply. Dr. Ramananthan urged her on. "Okay now sit down on the little seat and concentrate on him. Just do what feels good to you. Kiss, lick, suck whatever you like at first. Notice what seems to make him harder and do more of it. You are in control. You are the master of that dick. It belongs to you! You have his complete and total devotion and you want his come. Make it happen!"

Marilyn marveled at how he felt hard and silky soft at the same time! He was very hot in her mouth, and had a strong smell that she found she liked. She licked all over, and then began sucking him into her mouth. She sucked more strongly and took him in more deeply with each passing moment. His cock was the perfect size. It filled up her lips but was not making her jaw sore. She could get about half of its length in her mouth without gagging or struggling. It was fun! She remembered some tips from a magazine and stopped to suck on his balls and run her tongue down the underside of it. Then she took it back in and started a strong sucking motion. He said "Oh!" and she felt a little dribble from the end of his dick! The he said "Oh! Oh!" and suddenly a strong gush of hot come filled her mouth. It was salty and thick like tapioca pudding that someone had accidentally put lots of salt on, with a little bit of a bittersweet aftertaste. She sucked hard and then tried to swallow. Some came out but she got most of it! He spurted twice more, in big strong spurts. She swallowed those too and kept sucking and moving her head. Three more spurts and he was slowing down! She stayed with him until there was nothing more coming out, then used her fingers to gather up what had escaped her mouth and swallowed that, too. She licked the head of his cock and then took one strong suck again. She looked up and he had him eyes closed with a huge smile on his face. "Awesome!" he said. Marilyn smiled and said "Very tasty!" He collected his clothes, smiled at her again, and then walked out the way he came in.

Marilyn looked over at Dr. Ramananthan, who was smiling. "See what your husband was missing all those years! How's your craving?"

"Well, I would say that took the edge off, but certainly did not fully extinguish my craving." Marilyn said. But another young man was already entering the room. He was short, wiry, and had olive brown skin. He looked like a swimmer, or maybe a long distance runner. He smiled at Marilyn, then dropped his sweat pants and took off his T shirt. He had a very healthy member with a large bulbous head. Marilyn smiled at him and began her 'treatment regimen'. He smelled different, he felt different, and in the end he tasted different, too, but nice, very nice. And her second dose did more than take the edge off, it made her feel relatively calm. She told the doctor.

"I want you to do one more for good measure. Then I am going to sedate you and ask you to sleep here for a few hours until your next treatment session. By then all your lab work will be in and we can calibrate things a bit."

Another young man strode into the room and stood in front of her. This one was big, black, 6' 3" at least, and heavily muscled, a linebacker or tackle, she guessed. His penis was flaccid but looked long and skinny. As she touched it, she smiled at him and he smiled back at her. She took her time, no longer driven by a desperate craving but turned on and feeling a little bit in control. She varied her techniques and motions and listened intently for his murmurs of approval and that wonderful feeling when his cock seemed to be growing in her mouth. Soon he was saying "Oh yes get it!" and she was happily emptying him. Although his volume was impressive, she had anticipated it and never let a drop touch the air. She discovered that it tasted better that way, too. She told the doctor she now felt no cravings, and actually felt full!

"You certainly had a high protein first course for breakfast. We are going to give you a tray with some vitamins, juice, water and some fruit. Please eat everything on the tray and take all the pills. We will then let you sleep in this room for a few hours."

Marilyn found she was hungry and very thirsty. She polished off her breakfast and all the juice and water, and was suddenly very sleepy. She put her head down for just a minute, and soon a nurse was waking her. "Ms. Bowers? It is now 2 PM and time for your afternoon session."

She soon drained a young red headed man with lots of freckles and a big thick dick. His volume was a little small but the flavor was excellent. He was followed by a very tall and thin young man so pale he was almost transparent. He had a long thin neck and a huge Adam's apple, and his cock looked like it belonged on a horse. It was long and thick and produced a tremendous volume of ejaculate with the best taste so far, although he was quite a mouthful to keep in her mouth while she swallowed. He smiled and said "Awesome!" like the first boy had, and she agreed. Finally a third young man appeared, short and with a very dark complexion, and he soon delivered into her mouth with a sigh and a grunt. Marilyn felt wonderful. No cravings, no worries, and a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Dr. Ramananthran appeared. "You seem to be taking to the treatment regimen well. We have your blood test results. You have a high need, but I think 9 per day will work for you if we watch things carefully. We are preparing some vitamins and supplements for you to begin taking each day. You and I and a couple of my specialists are going to your house now. We are going to search and destroy all the cigarettes you may have stashed away there, and then let you make yourself some lunch and then stay there until you return for you 9PM session." At her house, they found hidden packages of cigarettes that Marilyn had completely forgotten, in drawers and boxes and purses and coat pockets, in her car, in her suitcases, all over the place, plus they removed things from her refrigerator that the doctor said would interfere with her uptake of the 'good vitamins' from here treatments. They gave her a suggested diet plan, but made her promise not to go to the store in her present state, but to stay home, sleep if she could, and return to the clinic at 9 PM.

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