tagGay MaleOur New Family Dynamic Ch. 01

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 01


Jason's new adventure

I'm Jason. I'm 19 and a freshman at college. As far as looks go, I'm a swimmer, long lean, short brown hair, brown eyes, six feet tall and good looking too. Don't hate me, well actually hate me if you want to, I don't fucking care. Just like the rest of my family I'm writing down how we got to where we are now. I've showered but my ass still hurts a little and I can still taste my mom, sister and dad in my mouth. It's great! Yeah, my dad. So, this is how I found out there's more fun to be had if you just keep an open mind and let things ride.

As I said, I'm on the swim team at college. I was a swimmer in High school but the experience there was different. You see, in High School the showers were individual: we had a pretty ritzy school district. Plus, since we were just a bit younger, we didn't shave more than our legs, it was some kind of rule. Boy did I have my eyes opened on the first day of college practice!

The coach introduced everybody and, of course all of us were in tight speedos, the usual suit. I'd never had any interest in guys, period. I'm only 19 but I've screwed like six girls and one mom (a story for another time, friends mom, yeah it was good). But I'm no homophobe either. My parents raised me and my sister to just roll with it, not make quick judgments and, as I said, keep an open mind. I've butt smacked the guys on my high school team and we got in our share of wrestling matches. So back to the pool deck. The whole team was there for the first day. After introductions were made he split us up and the five freshman, including me, started training as a group. I ended up chatting up Mark, he's five eleven or so, blonde and blue, another good looking swimmer. He came from a small town team and we compared experiences between drills.

Back in the locker room was when things got interesting. The shower here was one big room, probably twenty shower heads, no booths, no walls, just fifteen guys from 18 to 21 showering. Mark and I dropped our suits and headed into the shower. The rest of the team had been just ahead of us. When we turned the corner it was a bit of a surprise. Let me explain, when you swim at the college level, rules are different and the competition is tougher, everybody needs an edge. What you don't need is drag, so body hair, anywhere is an issue. In High School it was just my legs and arms but as we watched, the guys on the team were shaving each other, not to be gay but simply because it was easier. Backs, legs, chest arms, everything. We stood and watched as one guy would steady his hand on his partner and the razor would glide over his skin. He'd take the razor and put it under the stream of water to clean it and go back to work, his other hand never leaving contact with his partner. They were all doing it this way. It was very casual but I felt, in a way sensual. While shaving his legs, the partner would steady his other hand on a thigh or sometimes on the inside of his leg. After he was done with a section he's run his hand over it to make sure that nothing was missed. It was fast but thorough. Some guys, when their back and the back of their legs were being done would lean on the shower wall, arching their back out towards the shaver. Then, when it was time to do the front they would reverse and arch their hips out as they leaned against the wall. There was some conversation but it was mostly all business. Everybody was clearly very comfortable with the ritual.

What was interesting was that a few guys were sporting boners. Nobody said anything and I saw at least one guy just kinda elbow a guy's hard cock over a little to finish shaving him. It's not like they shaved each other's cock and ball sack, though I noticed that they all were shaved. But they did the backs of each other's legs, right up over their ass cheeks and all in between the legs. I've never had anyone shave me but if you think about it, it could be a pretty exciting experience. So I guess they just ignored that part. Plus even if someone was interested there were a bunch of guys there and I doubted many of them would be interested. I was fascinated by the size of some of the guy's cocks. Outside of porn I've never seen many hard cocks so I had to admit, I was curious. Most were average, six or so inches and so, so in width. One guy had a real monster, probably nine inches and thick as my wrist, okay that's an exaggeration but it was big. I hadn't seen the guys with boners before so I don't know what they started with. But I watched one guy start to get shaved and as I watched his cock began to grow. Like I said, my cock is the only one I've ever seen do that so it was interesting to watch. His shaving buddy just ignored his boner and shaved him. Nobody jerked off; nobody grabbed anybody else's cock.

I looked at Mark and he raised his eyebrows. Clearly it was all new to him also. It was funny, I felt a tingle down below my cock and I was getting the signal that my cock wanted to get bigger, come out and play. That was a bit of a surprise but I think it was just due to the circumstances. I did notice that Mark's cock, which was nothing spectacular when at rest, had gotten a little bigger and he was running colder water on his shower.

At a coffee shop afterwards we sat and I started talking about it.

"So, that was um, interesting."

Mark smiled

"You got that right! Never saw that in my little High School, that's for sure!"

"Yeah, me neither, but then we didn't have to shave all of our bodies either. It looks like we are going to have to join the group shaving club if we want to pass the qualification tests. So, Mark, ya wanna be my shaving buddy?"

I nudged him a little with my arm. I noticed he got a little nervous, but he recovered quickly and smiled.

"Yeah, definitely, but I'm not sure I'm ready for the group shave, that was a bit, well, it was a bit..."

I laughed again.

"Yeah no shit. I mean half the guys had boners! And nobody said anything! You think there's something goin on there that we don't know about?"

Mark was nervous again but once again, recovered.

"No Jason, I think it's just a natural reaction to all the contact. If you think about it having anybody's hands all over you like that has got to be stimulating. Obviously more so for some of them. I personally think it's pretty mature of them to ignore the whole thing."

"Well, Mark if we're going to be on the team I guess we will have to overcome our shyness. I'll bring the supplies to the next practice."

Mark gave a weak smile.

Sure jas, as long as you don't get freaked if I get a woody like some of the guys."

I smiled, not feeling uncomfortable at all.

"Nah, it's not big thing...."

I laughed hard.

"Well at least I don't KNOW if it's no big thing! Guess I may find out!'

I pounded Mark's shoulder and he laughed too. I liked this guy.

At the next practice I had gotten all the supplies and while the rest of the team showered Mark and I shaved each other. I had never touched a man the way I was touching Mark in order to shave him. My hands would hold him steady but also glide over his smooth wet skin as I scraped the limited amount of hair from his hard body. I was very surprised how sensual it really was. I'd had my hands on a few girls and loved the feel of their skin but found that, once shaved Mark's skin was soft too. Before I was done I'd run my hands over most of his body including a quick pass over his ass cheeks to make sure I got all the hair. I found my breath coming a little faster as I progressed. When it was Mark's turn the feelings were reversed. His hands were all over me and the razor scraped all but my most intimate skin. I couldn't believe how stimulating it was, even though it was a guy doing it.

We both ended up with boners. I was a little freaked out but, once again nobody looked, well too much, and nobody said anything. I've got a good cut seven inches and thick too, so it's not like you wouldn't notice. Mark was even bigger; I think maybe eight, cut too. He was more nervous than me, but we managed to get it done and soon enough the boners were gone and we had made our college swimming right of passage. From here on it was only before meets when everybody touched up the shave jobs. It was the same act; it just didn't take as long. But the whole event left me with a new impression, and stirred a curiosity.

Mark and I got to be great buds. We had a few classes together but not many. He was in a different dorm too. But we hung out a lot and trolled for girls. He was really shy and he did okay, I'm not shy at all and I have had the benefit of an older woman's teaching so I was getting ass all over the place. I felt I was more driven to getting laid than when I was in High School and, thinking about it I wondered what got me so well, horny all the time. I was fondling the girls more. After fucking I'd just run my hands over them. They loved it and my rep around campus grew as the word of my caring caresses spread. But what I was doing, without conscious thought was comparing, I didn't think about it then but I know now. I realize that most college guys do not self-analyze to this degree but I'm a very smart guy and my mind tends to do that. It took a while to accept the idea but once I thought it out I had to come to the conclusion that the shaving show in the swimmers shower did have an effect on me. I ignored it but when Mark shaved me, I did get hard, he did too. Plus, watching all the other guys and seeing the different size and shape of their dicks. Like I said, I'm very intelligent and curious, that's all. I thought. Now when I shaved his lower abdomen I would sort of brush his boner aside with the side of my arm. But I was curious, what I wanted to do was touch his hard cock, just out of curiosity. I know what mine feels like and all this contact was making me wonder. But looking around the shower it appeared that it would not be a good idea. Nobody else was doing that, it was all business. Plus I wasn't sure how Mark would react. We were buds but this might be going too far. I mean I was brought up free and easy but that doesn't mean everybody was. And Mark still got a little nervous talking about it, though he did seem to take longer when he shaved my ass and the lower part of my abdomen, nah, I'm just imagining that. At least I thought so till one Friday night.

I had to study for and exam so I bolted out of practice without having Mark shave me. He sent me a text later inviting me over to the house he lived in to hang out and get the shaving done for the meet Saturday. Now, he had gotten a job house sitting for a couple that was spending the year traveling. Well, calling this place a house was understating things. It was a 4500 square foot mansion with a staff. All Mark had to do was make sure the place was maintained. He had a weekly conference call with the owners and that was it. I pulled up into the cobblestone parking area and jumped out of my old civic. Normally the owners probably wouldn't let me park a piece of shit like this in front of a house like this so that made me smile.

Mark was up in one of the guest rooms where he had moved in his stuff for the year. He was at an antique desk playing world of warcraft on his laptop. I just sat in a bottomless overstuffed chair and watched him as he played. After a while he reached a stopping place and shut down. He leaned back and looked at me.

"You ducked out of practice fast today.'

"Yeah, I had a big exam and still need some book time."

"How'd it go?"

I held my hand up waiting for the high five that came almost instantly from Mark.

"Aced it dude!"

Mark settled back in his chair.

"Cool but you missed out on the shave, we have a meet coming up."

"Yeah, I know, not sure when we can get that done."

Mark looked a little apprehensively and spoke softly.

"We could get the job done here."

I don't know why but I associated shaving exclusively with the gym showers. I smiled.

"Geez I'm a dolt. Yeah, let's get it done."

Mark rose and as we headed for the bathroom remarked.

"Ya know, people may get the wrong idea if they found out we took a shower together."

I stopped and thought for a second before I answered him.

"Mark here's what I think. One, I don't fucking care what people chose to think. Two, it's none of their damn business and three, I don't plan on telling anyone, you?"

We were in the bathroom now which was about the size of our gym locker room. Okay, I exaggerate but it was close. The shower would hold eight people comfortably and I'm not making that up. It had all kinds of shower heads and granite benches; the one wall was all glass. Mark started the hot water and we casually stripped. Each of us took an end and we quickly showered the daily dirt off our bodies.

Mark shut off his shower and grabbed the shaving gear. I stood way from the one running shower head and braced my hands against the wall with my feet spread a little and my back slightly arched.

It seemed like Mark was taking his time, he was much slower and more through, running his hands over the completed section a few times. Naturally this had the usual effect and my cock was soon hard as a rock. I had to admit I was enjoying the experience. As he got to my ass Mark was even slower, caressing my butt cheeks and for the first time running a finger down my crack, to check his shaving job, I thought. I had to admit the whole thing was turning me on and I was surprised and amused by that. I thought, well whatever happens, happens. He finished my back and tapped my ass which was our usual signal to turn. I turned around presenting my rock hard dick with no shame or embarrassment. It was no big deal we both got boners when we shaved but it felt different today, we were alone.

Mark started at my neck and I immediately noticed that he was much closer to me than normal. He was so close that his hard dick would brush my leg as he shaved my neck and upper chest. I was surprised again, I liked it. Once again he took longer and inspected more thoroughly. He shaved round my nipples with agonizing slowness and it made them hard. When he was done he brushed over them and I felt a twitch in my boner. This was turning into an interesting shave. He went to my legs next and slowly worked his way up, kneeling in front of me in the steamy shower. Occasionally the top of his head would hit my cock. As he got higher he shifted to one side to do my right thigh. I could see his hands were just a little shaky. It was odd, I was feeling the same way.

All that was left was the hair around my dick. Mark stayed on his knees and looked up at me. I looked down at him kneeling at my feet. He spoke in a low voice.

"Nobodies business right?"

I was confused. I sensed we were on the verge of something here. But I was curious too. I answered, knowing, in a way, I was giving permission.

"Nobody's business at fucking all."

Mark looked up at me and then looked at the scrub of hair surrounding my cock, now with a drop of fluid at the end.

"May I do the rest?"

"Please." I panted

This was going to be new ground for me. I knew I would have to return the favor for what ever happened from now on and I decided I was okay with that. This was going to be interesting.

Mark sighed with relief. He tentatively reached out and I felt another man's hand on my dick for the first time. He held it away as he very slowly shaved the area. My head was spinning a bit. I'd never thought of doing this but right now it just seemed like fun. I felt the razor scrape as Mark's hold on my penis varied. He actually stroked me once, I think as a test. I couldn't help but give a moan. This was all so intense. He would shave a small piece and then lean back to rinse the razor. He did it all in very slow motion and it was obvious he was enjoying it. I was too. But he was still apprehensive, I think he was wondering how I felt. He would shift his hand around my cock to move it but I knew what he was doing was exploring how I felt. Having a hard cock in his hand excited him. I could look down and see his cock, rock hard and twitching. I made a decision.


"Yeah Jason?" In a very unsteady voice.

"That feels really good."

"The shave?"

"No bro, your hand." Really good."

Mark started to slowly jack my dick. I let out a very deep and genuine moan and he held me tighter as he stoked.



"Nobodies business, do whatever you want, bro and I'll return the favor. I can't believe I'm doin this with a guy but it feels great."

Mark was squeezing my cock as he stroked it, openly exploring how another man's cock felt. He was done shaving me now so he had a free hand which he brought up to fondle my ball sack. I groaned again. I looked down. He was staring at the head on my cock and he would run his thumb over it when a drop of pre-cum appeared, which was often. He was stroking faster now and I was really feeling it. Mark broke his stare and looked up into my eyes.

"Nobodies business?"

I was getting really hot and my breath was deep and long.


"You'll return the favor?"

I was beginning to get that deep feeling in my groin. The one that leads to a lot of cum.

"Oh yeah."

Suddenly I felt hot wetness surround my cock. Looking down I watched as my boner disappeared into Mark's mouth. He moaned deeply and took almost all of me, his tongue swirling around the head of my cock. It was all way too much.

"Mark, you're gonna make me cum bro. Oh fuck I need to cum, please don't stop. I'll warn ya."

I arched my back and thrust my hips into his sucking mouth. He clearly was loving it and was devouring my dick. But I felt the wave starting.

"Mark, I'm fucking cumming! If you don't want it get off now!"

He gripped me harder and I felt his tongue go into overdrive on the head of my cock. I just leaned back and let it happen. I came, really fucking hard. Mark pulled me back till just the head of my cock was in his mouth and let my hard shots of cum race over his tongue. After four really satisfying cum spurts I was done. Mark sensed it and let my dick go and stood up. Now the awkward time. I looked at him.

"So, where'd that come from?"

Mark smiled, I watched as he visibly swallowed.

"Dunno, it just came over me. I've never done anything like that before."

I smiled back.

"Yeah, me neither, but it was fun."

Mark frowned a little.

"Um yeah, for me too. But right now I'm the only one in this shower that has sucked a cock and I'm a bit nervous."

I smiled back.

"I told ya, nobodies business, right? And I told you I'd return whatever you did. So, get ready for it Mark. I hope I'm as good as you."

With that I put my hand on his hip and kneelt down in front of him. I reached out and held a man's cock. Hard but soft, pulsing with energy, warm. I stroked him, getting a feel for a dick that was a little bigger than mine. Mark groaned deeply.

"If you're gonna return the favor, you better hurry. I'm not gonna last long."

It was game time. I looked at his dick, it was really beautiful. The head was nice and big and he didn't have too many really big veins or anything. I was loving the feel of it. I decided I really wanted him in my mouth. Holding the base of his cock I just slid it into my mouth. Mark's knees buckled a little but he recovered.

"Oh Jason, please do not stop! I'm fucking close!"

I could feel his cock get harder when I slipped it over my tongue so I knew. I took him deep, caressing the underside with my tongue, like he did. His hands came up and cradled the back of my head, not to push but to just be there. Mark started moving back and forth and I tried to get in his rhythm. He was panting now.

"Oh fuck Jason, I'm gonna cum so fucking hard, get ready!"

I was as ready as you can be when you don't know what to expect. I didn't have to wait long. I felt is cock twitch, I knew the signal. Suddenly a hard shot of cum hit my tongue followed by more. The first was so hard it hit the back of my mouth. I kept sucking him, feeling another two race over my lapping tongue. Mark was almost shouting as he filled my mouth with his seed. I could taste it now. Salty, earthy, I'm not sure if I'd like it without the fun of satisfying another man attached to the taste. But it was the taste of my best friend and I loved it for that. Mark stopped cumming so I gave a few final licks and let him out of my mouth. I stood up and he was still panting. Now it was really awkward time. The horniness was gone. All that was left was the reality that two friends had just had sex with another man for the first time. As his breathing got back to normal I watched Mark looking at me, looking for a clue as to what was next. I thought the whole thing over for a few seconds and seeing that he was not going to speak first made my move. I reached over and took his softening cock in my hand as I looked in his eyes. He flinched a little but when my touch was soft he relaxed.

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