tagIncest/TabooOur New Family Dynamic Ch. 02

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Mom's Little Adventure

My husband Jake was out of town. He'd been gone a week and I had a UTI for a week before he left. I was horny, very horny. That and a bit of family history got me into this. I started something and it culminated in our family orgy tonight. But I'm here to tell my part of how it got started. I'm Kerry, 41, mother of Jason 20 and Jessica, 22. I'm 5'8", in good shape, of course and have a nice C chest. I love sex. Duh! Jake and I fuck regularly and with great enthusiasm and vigor. We're not rich but we live a very comfortable life. Big house, pool, and I don't work. The kids are in college and, when this began, I wasn't expecting them home till tomorrow.

It was evening and I was alone floating around in our pool. Three of my friends had been over and we had been giving the margarita machine a work out. It had been a beautiful spring day and nice and hot. All the ladies had been dressed to tan and I was no exception. I still had my Wicked Weasel bikini on and if you know the brand I needn't say any more. I only wear it when I know the kids won't be around as they probably would be embarrassed. Meri had her WW on today too. It was mesh and even more daring than mine. She was being a tease, you see we have a history too, but recently there have been no opportunities, another reason for my current dilemma. As the sun passed, the lights around the pool came on giving the area a subtle glow, just enough to see your way around. I still had a good buzz and the booze had jazzed my starved libido even more. My hand moved down towards my pussy as the float squeaked beneath me. Just as my fingers were about to move the tiny triangle of fabric aside I heard a voice, right in my ear.

"That's no way for a good suburban soccer mom to dress."

I shrieked, flinched and proceeded to fall off the float. Once in the water, my wits returned and I recognized the voice immediately. Jason, my son, the comedian, just like his father, had come home early. He had managed to wade into the pool without disturbing the water, pretty clever actually, but now he would have to pay. I dove deep and moved fast, twisting around and grabbing his legs. It looked like he had just a pair of boxers on; he must have dropped his pants and shirt on the pool deck when he saw the opportunity to torment his mother. Now it was my turn. I yanked his legs and he went under. I was on him in a flash. He's tall and lean, like his dad and he has that sinewy strength that goes with it. But I had surprised him. I climbed up his young body as he slid under and grabbed his head to hold him under again. I was up on his back and trying to force him under again but he was too quick. His feet were under him in a flash and he was upright and grabbing for me behind him. As he turned I tried to get his legs again but he pushed me away and then tried to grab me back. I got away, and standing at the shallow end I stood and smiled.

"Ha! See, the old lady is still pretty quick!"

Jason's face was blank.

"Ummm mom, you're naked."

I looked down and noticed that all our wrestling had divested me of what little swimsuit I started with. I looked up and saw the two pieces drifting away.

It was one of those moments. I could be embarrassed, and make him look away while I tried to regain my limited attire or I could follow in the family footsteps. Being horny I, of course decided to do nothing and see what happened.

"Yeah, looks that way huh. Guess I shoulda thought twice about getting in a wrestling match."

Jason was only a couple of feet away so I moved closer. He was staring alternately at my tits and my shaved pussy. He wasn't even trying to conceal it. I moved to within a foot of him. Now he got nervous.

"Umm mom, you want me to go get your suit, or leave or something?"

Now I was having fun.

"Why Jason, your old mom not looking too good?"

Looking down I thought I saw a tent forming in the soggy boxers. Oh yeah, this was going to be fun.

He held his hands up and waved them.

"Hell no mom! You're fucking hot looking!"

His mouth hung open when he realized he had actually spoken his thoughts.

"Oh shit! Mom I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that! Damn!"

I reached out and cupped his chin in my hand.

"Jason, it's okay pal. You're a man and I'm a woman. I'm very very happy that a good looking guy gets a hard on looking at me."

He looked down and noticed that his cock had found the fly of his boxers and was pointed right at my pussy. From above the water it sure looked like he took after his old man. I liked that.

"Oh shit mom! I'm sorry! I didn't see that, oh fuck! Damn!"

He was all flustered. But he wasn't leaving either. I moved over to the steps and stood on one, letting the water level go below my pussy, displaying all of me to him.

"So Jason, you think I'm hot? What do you like the best? My tits?"

I reached up and massaged them, pinching the nipples to further harden them.

"Or maybe it's my shaved pussy?"

I reached down and as I bent back I spread my legs and pulled myself open.

"You must like something to get so hard."

"I didn't mean for you to see that mom. I dunno, this is weird. I mean you're my mom. I shouldn't be doin this."

I smiled and let go of my sex.

"Jason, like I told you, you're a man and I'm a woman. That happens when there is an attraction. What do you think is happening with me right now?"

He looked stunned.

"Mom, you mean you're...?"

"Soaked Jason, and it's not pool water! You're a really good looking guy and my body is just reacting. Oh and as for seeing you, Jason, I've seen your hard cock in action already."

Stunned again, he let it hang. I stepped back into the pool and got right up close to him. I was so close his cock occasionally brushed my front, just above my pussy. He was breathing hard.

"Jason, you didn't tell me what you liked best."

My nipples were about to touch his chest. His hands hung at his sides like they were screwed to his hips.

"Hmmm I think if you're going to decide you need to inspect."

Took his hands and placed them on my tits. After a second or two, his face changed and his hands started massaging my tits.

"Fuck mom, these are awesome. They feel so soft but firm."

His hand roamed around a little but soon he was rubbing his thumbs over my nipples. He was no virgin. I was getting seriously horny now. My breathing was getting ragged too.

"You know what that's doing to me don't you?"

He paused using his right hand and just alternated tits with his left.

"Uh huh, but you told me to inspect."

I was practically panting now.

"But you only inspected part of me."

He stopped, moved a little and then his hands came up again. I stepped back towards the molded concrete steps at the shallow end. I stopped and he moved up to me again. Now I felt it. Looking down I saw that the boxers were gone and his lovely big cock was aimed right at me. He saw me look.

"So mom, when did you see me hard before? You catch me jerking off?"

I had stepped up one step and now I sat on the next one, putting my ass above the water. I leaned back and spread my legs, letting my son gaze on my soaked and glistening pussy. Jason moved closer. My heart was racing. Now he stepped up and his cock was above the water. It was beautiful. Probably seven inches at least and nice and thick. I knew he was cut, hell we had it done, but now, 20 years later it was staring at me. Thick, hard and pulsing. He said nothing and just stood between my legs, gazing at my face and pussy alternately.

"Well, Jason it's funny I landed here because that night I looked out and your girlfriend Betsy was sitting just like I am now."

"You were home?"

"Oh yeah, my meeting got out early and you never heard me come in the house. I stood in Jessica's room. So Betsy was right like this. Her suit was gone too."

Jason moved in, just a little.

"What was I doing?"

I couldn't help it any more. I reached down and started caressing my pussy as I spoke.

"You were about where you are now; no you were closer to her."

He moved between my legs till his cock was almost touching my pussy. I had two fingers doing a figure eight over my hooded clit. Jason looked at my hand.

"Mom, is that what you were doing that night while you watched us?"

I was a bit breathless.

"yes" I moaned.

"Mom, what did I do next?"

Now was to time to stop it if I was going to. It was pretty clear Jason had no plans on stopping. I pulled my fingers off my clit and started pinching my own nipples. I wasn't stopping.

"You moved even closer."

"Like this?"

I was spread wide and now Jason's cock was brushing my soaking wet pussy lips. I was soo fucking turned on. I could barely speak, just a rasping whisper.

"Yes, just like that."

My son looked deep into my eyes as he spoke.


This was it, I couldn't stop now.

"You put your cock all the way into her hot wet pussy."

He held my knees and in one smooth motion buried that hot cock of his in my pussy. It was just too much I started groaning.


Jason just let it go and fell over me, holding himself up on the step as he tried to fuck me as hard as he could.

"Oh fuck Mom this is so good! You feel so hot, so soft! He was looking in my eyes, which had to be rolling around like slot machine wheels.

"Do it baby, fuck your mom, oh I need this soo bad, don't stop, I'm cumming again!"

Another one, better than the first. But my son was enjoying it too much.

"Can't hold back mom, I gotta cum!"

He tried to pull out but my legs locked him in.

"Cum in me, I want it! It's okay, baby, fill your mom with cum!"

His head rolled back and with a grunt he buried himself and I felt the pulse of cum bathing my insides.

We both were panting, hard. Jason stood, his still hard cock sliding out of me. He stood for a second and then got that look. I knew it was coming. I headed him off.

"Jason, listen. We are two adults that know what we are doing and consented. I know this is very strange right now but just calm down. I wanted this too. I'm still your mom but things are a bit different now."

He huffed in amazement.

"You ain't shittin they're different!"

"Jason, how do you feel right now? How was it?"

He looked at me. Thought for a minute and then his face changed.

"Mom, that was the best fuck I ever had! I haven't had a lot but you're the best!"

I laughed, hard and stood up.

"Wow, best compliment my boy ever gave me!" I paused.

"Jay, you okay with this?"

Jason moved in and hugged me, tight. I could feel his cock up against my pussy, he was still hard, oh youth!

"Mom, I'm great with it, how bout you?"

He didn't let go and just held me.

"I loved it baby, you were great. I needed that more than I can say and you gave it to me."

He started moving, just a little. I could feel his cock between my legs. It was working, I was horny again.

"Does that mean we'll do this again?"

The look on my face gave him the answer.

"Yes mister but not in here, I'm water logged!"

I dragged my son out of the pool and threw two lounge mats on the deck.

"Lie down my son, it's my turn to drive!"

Jason lay down, his beautiful cock standing upright. I moved myself over his glistening cock and got comfortable, all those days in the gym sure payoff in the bedroom. I squatted down and felt this prick at my pussy. As I hung over him a trail of his spent cum ran out of my pussy and dribbled over his cock. I moved around a little to lube him up with the copious flow and then centered him. Slowly I sat on his cock as I looked in his eyes. I'd never seen him so blissful.

"Oh mom, that is sooo nice!"

I was settled on his cock now. It filled me so nicely. I began to shift, forwards and back. Jason had obviously never had this done yet.

"Jay, you like this? You like mom fucking you like this?"

"Oh fuck! So fine! Keep it up Mom! Don't stop!"

My hips were sliding back and forth over my son. I could feel the head of his cock massage the front of my hole in one direction and the back in the other. I was in heaven.

"Jason baby, moms gonna cum soon!"

He was panting now.

"Do it! Cum Mom! Cum all over me!"

He was really getting into it now. Any hesitation with incest and my son was all dust and taillights now.

"Cumming Jay, I'm cumming all over your hot cock!"

I squirmed and rubbed and felt the wave approaching and just let it go. As I came I felt the torrent pour all over my son.

"Oh fuck Mom! Outrageous! Do it! Yeah! Cum on me!"

He loves it! I just rode my orgasm out, squeezing to push the rest of my juice out.

"Don't stop mom I'm cumming now!"

Jason bucked up into me and I rode him back, really rocking. He rammed up and stopped, his face red and his breath coming in deep gasps.

"Oh my fucking god! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"

I felt the spurt of his cum and I stopped to just enjoy it.

Jason collapsed under me and I slowly dismounted, letting his softening cock slide out of me with a sodden plop.

We lay next to each other, catching our collective breath for a few minutes. Finally I rolled over and looked at him.

"Jason, I need to say a few things."

"Okay Mom, whatever."

"First, now that we've gotten ourselves off, how do you really feel? Is what happened here going to be a problem?"

Jason thought for a second.

"No mom, no way. It was unbelievable! But I really don't know what's next."

I reached over and cupped his head.

"You have no idea what you've done for your old mom tonight, baby. You're right, it's unbelievable. But I have to be mom now and say a few things. One, this has to be our secret, okay? You cannot tell anyone! We were weak and we had fun but you know this is not approved behavior."

Jason frowned.

"You mean this is it? Never again? I get it mom, I'd never tell anyone, but..."

I laughed.

""What, you think I'm not going to fuck you again? Ha! Oh my baby boy we are going to do this again, count on that. But, you better be cool! You act like this never happened! Keep your hands to yourself, got it?" If you don't it's done."

Jason crossed his chest.

"Word mom. I'll behave, but when..."

I reached down and fondled his now soft cock.

"You will have to be patient. Your dad comes home soon and he and I will be busy making up for lost time. Do not get jealous, you hear me? Go get another girlfriend, I mean this. If you get all cranked up over me, it won't go well, got it?"

Jason sat and thought, I saw him look at the house and then he looked back at me.

"I understand mom, got it. There will not be a problem. But, don't tease me either, okay? If you want me let me know, anytime, anyplace."

We got up and I hugged him.

"Thanks, I knew I raised a man. Now go sleep in your own bed and stay there! Oh, and you better keep your room clean too. You may be a great fuck but you are still my son!"

Jason smiled broadly.

"If it will get me that pussy of yours, you'll be able to eat off my floor!"

Now I smiled.

"Oh I'll have something for you to eat! Now off to bed!"

We stumbled off to our beds and I collapsed, totally satisfied and just a tiny bit guilty.

The sunlight streamed in the window as I woke up. I got up and stretched, noticing the wet spot on the sheets where my son's cum had poured out of me as I slept. I smiled and turned to the window only to stop in shock. Sitting in the driveway was Jessica's car! When had she gotten home? Had she seen me fucking her brother? My bliss turned into dread.

I got dressed and went down to the kitchen where Jessica sat, dressed, drinking coffee. Trying my hardest to seem casual I asked.

"Jessica! What a surprise! When did you get in?"

"Oh, I got up way early and drove home mom, I just got here about a half hour ago."

I was safe, for now. Or so I thought...

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