tagGay MaleOur New Family Dynamic Ch. 03

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 03


I'm Jake. 42, married to Kerry with Jason twenty and Jessica, twenty two. Most of you don't read these stories for a lot of build up so I'll keep it short. I have a damn good job so my wife, Kerry can stay home in our nice, but not huge suburban home. The rub is I have to travel, a lot, so that can be tough on the active and varied sex life I share with Kerry. But we manage; I'm not usually gone for more than three or four days.

Not this time. I'd been out a week by now and Kerry had a UTI before I left so there was no pre travel fucking. She did suck a few nice loads out of me but it's not quite the same. So, I'm sharing a room in a Hampton Inn and I'm horny as hell.

My roommate is Paul. We've worked for the company for about eight years and we get along like old friends. We always travel as a team so we are as close as you can get. Well, I thought so until our last trip.

It had been a long couple of days. That night we had gone out for dinner and then, on a whim had hit the strip club. We had a good time. The girls were, for the most part, good looking and we both got lap dances which, while nice only served to ramp up my already high libido. Just a bit buzzed from the drinks and not wanting to lay out the cash for a fast fuck in the back room we bailed back to the hotel.

After traveling so much, Paul and I are very comfortable around each other. After showers we frequently just walk out, not bothering to cover up. So, when we got back to the room Paul went in to shower and I followed. He was taking a little long so I yelled through the door, not giving it any thought. He came out a few minutes later and I understood his delay. His cock wasn't hard but it sure was bigger than normal. As I stripped down I had to tease him.

"Hey bud, if I'd known I woulda just waited."

Paul was a lot less embarrassed than I would have thought. He looked down and laughed.

"Yeah well, she didn't get me off so I was tryin to finish."

He just left it at that as he stood and toweled himself off. I was naked by then so I went in and did my bathroom thing, making sure to not take too long. Of course in showering I did end up playing with my cock a little more than usual so by the time I got out I was in the same spot Paul was.

Back in the room I noticed Paul was in bed with just the sheet over him and poking through the channels. He looked up as I entered.

"Ha! Same problem buddy! Now ya know how I feel!"

I looked down and laughed.

"Yeah, no shit, looks like all this traveling is catching up with us."

He laughed.

"Well, I figured I'd wait until you're snoring like you usually do and then deal with it."

Like I said, we've traveled a lot. But I had to tease him some more.

"Oh yeah, well maybe I just pretend to snore."

Paul was unflappable.

"Oh then you like to watch me jack off?"

He had turned the tables on me nicely. He followed up with another comment.

"Just like boarding school, eh?"

Both of us had been fortunate enough to attend boarding schools and we had shared a lot of memories, but jacking off wasn't on that list until now. It was like he was in my head. My mind went right back to then and the first time I ever saw another guy's hard cock. But I wasn't sure that's what he meant.

"Wadda ya mean?" I asked

Paul laughed, hard.

"Oh stop Jake, you're killin me. I used to jack off with my roomie all the time. You must have! Truth or dare time guy. Tell me the story."

I was a little embarrassed but we were good friends. I slipped under the sheet on my bed, not bothering with the boxers I usually wore. Then I shared.

"Okay, you got me. Lotsa times I rubbed one out as I listened to see if my roommate woke up. Until one night I woke up to see him, three feet away, sheets at his feet, briefs gone, stroking his dick. He looked at me, looked at his cock and just said.

'Jake, you can watch or you can join me. I'm tired of hiding. We both do it and we both know it, so let's just get it done.'

I was shocked but horny. Really horny. So I threw the sheet off, yanked down my briefs and started stroking my cock too. We sat there, the street light through the window giving us just enough light to see each other. I got over any weirdness fast. My roommate, Steve, was clearly enjoying watching me and I was enjoying watching him. We came pretty fast, wiped it up with our briefs and wet to sleep. It was funny but it was like a switch got flipped. After that we did the same thing almost every night."

I left out what came next, not sure how far Paul had gone. I looked over and I could see a nice tent in the sheet. I suspected he had nothing on. His hand was slowly straying towards the top of the sheet.

"Okay, your turn now."

Paul smiled and his hand moved under the edge of the sheet.

"Well, I was the guy who got caught. I thought he had class so I was standing with my pants and briefs around my ankles pounding it hard when he came in."

He paused.

"AND?" I prompted

Paul was a little embarrassed. But his hand was clearly teasing his cock now.

"Jake, this is like Vegas, right? It stays here?"

I was a little taken aback. He must have a big secret. Well, I had a few too.

"Paul, we're good friends, very good friends. Damn right, this is our phrase. Vegas. What happens here, stays here."

Paul clearly was relieved. But I knew he was dying to share the rest of the story.

"Okay Paul, give!" I smiled. In anticipation my cock had stiffened up too. I slid my hand under the sheet, just like Paul. He stopped rubbing himself.

"Well, I was pounding my cock but I had his briefs in my hand."

He stopped and waited for my reaction. I didn't let him hang.

"Really? You kinky motherfucker!"

He sighed with relief.

"I've never told that story, Jake. I am so glad I didn't freak you out."

"It's all cool bud, but don't stop, I know there's more."

He took a breath, headed into uncharted waters.

"Well, he shut the door as I tried to cover everything up. But he held up his hand. 'stop, its cool' he said. So I just stood there, his used briefs in my hand and my sagging dick just hanging. I asked him, 'you're not mad?' He smiled. 'I've known for a while, just wanted to be sure before I said anything. I ducked class to try and catch you, nice to see it worked.' Now as he was talking to me he had put his books down and he was undoing his pants. At that age I didn't know what I wanted. I just wanted sex. So I just watched him strip. I had admired his body plenty of times and I was jerking off in his briefs so I guess I was ready for what happened."

By now we both were stroking our cocks under the sheet. I kicked mine off and let my cut seven inches out for play. Paul looked over, laughed and kicked his sheet off too. He was cut too and a little shorter than me.

"Just like you and your roomie, eh?" He laughed as we watched each other stroke.

"Not quite." I answered, "But keep going with your story.

Paul caught the reference and it emboldened him.

"Okay, bud, you're gonna get the full story. Hope you don't freak out."

My cock was like a lamppost now.

"Not likely, bud, unless farm animals are involved."

He laughed hard.

"Oh shit! You know!"

"Come on Paul, get back to it, I'm dyin here!"

"Well Charlie, my roomie, had yanked off his shirt and was in the process of kicking off his pants. I kicked mine off too along with my briefs. I mean he's seen me already and he clearly was up to something so why not? My dick started getting hard again. I could see he had wood by the bulge behind the white cotton. I just stood as he walked over to me. 'So, want the real thing?' He took my hand and put it over the bulge in his briefs. Jake, I'd never touched another guy before. Hell, I didn't even know I wanted to, but man, it felt good! Charlie groaned as I rubbed him and I went back to stroking. But that didn't last long. I hope you're ready for this Jake, I'm out on a limb here.'

He was stroking his cock, staring at my cock which was getting the same treatment.

"Paul, I think I know where you're headed. Been there, okay?"

He just continued.

"Jake, Charlie just dropped down to his knees, looked up at my confused face and said, 'you're gonna love this,' and swallowed my dick."

I laughed.

"Man you must have been surprised!"

Paul laughed.

"Dude, I came right in his mouth! I didn't last ten seconds! He swallowed, and then got up. He looked at me. 'That was cool. Now, you wanna try?' I'd never thought about it. It was all so new. Hell I was a freshman in high school. But he had done me so I felt I had to, at least once. So I reached over and pulled his briefs down and over his dick as I kneeled. Jake, it was something I'll never forget. I held his cock in my hand. I loved how it was soft and hard. He sighed. I loved that fact I was pleasing him. I looked at his cock and thought about it. Ya know? Tryin to get my nerve up. Finally I just leaned forward and slid him into my mouth. I liked it, I liked pleasing somebody else. I had no idea what to do so I just let him slide around my mouth. I gotta tell you, it felt gooood! He didn't last any longer than I had. All of a sudden he groaned and stuff was hitting the back of my mouth."

I was stroking hard now. He was too.

"So what did you do when he came?"

"What did I do? I swallowed it! He'd swallowed mine so I had to. Actually, it wasn't bad. I got up and we just looked at each other for a few seconds. He asked me, 'well, what do you think?' I said, 'I liked it, wanna do it again later?' He smiled and just said 'yeah!' So until we both discovered girls we had fun. Okay, I bared my soul, now give me the rest of your story."

"What makes you think there's more?"

"Duh, asshole because, one, you didn't freak out and two, you're jerking off like crazy, so share!"

I laughed and slowed down my pace.

"Yeah well, we jerked off together almost every night for a few days, until one night as we were doing it he whispered, 'wanna do more?' I was like you, I had no idea what he meant, but I was curious. 'Yeah, but what?' I asked. 'come over here.' He said and I moved the three feet to his bed. He was holding up his prick and he just said, 'suck it, and I'll suck yours.' I didn't know what to do either but I was wicked curious. I kneeled down and held his cock, my first too. I stroked it a bit and he was thrusting up into my hand. He had reached over and was stroking mine too. Oh man, it felt so good. So I just climbed on his bed with my head down towards his feet and slipped his dick into my mouth. It was one of those things, I just knew I liked it. I don't know why and don't care. He shifted around and we ended up in sixty nine. We made it last though, taking a break and talking about how good it felt. After a few minutes I was too horned up so I just started sucking him harder. He did the same and pretty soon I felt him shoot off in my mouth just as I was cumming in his. We both swallowed and then just lay there. I asked him, 'did you like it?' He just nodded. After all it was the most intense sexual experience of our lives till then. I said 'yeah, me too', then we both agreed that we'd do it again. Well, we did that night and a lot more after that. It was a lot of fun to know you had someone for sex anytime you wanted. After that we'd do each other whenever we felt the need until our sophomore year when we managed to get girlfriends. After that it was once and a while. Once I hit college it was girls all the way."

Paul smiled.

"Yeah same here. But it was fun."

There was a pause in the room as we lay in the semi darkness, still stroking our cocks. Finally, Paul whispered,

"Come over here."

I rolled out of my bed and stood next to his. He looked up at me, still rubbing his cock.

"Vegas? You suck me and I'll suck you?"

I could see he was nervous. I went to put my head towards his feet and he repositioned.

"Vegas." Was all I said as we took each other 's hard cocks in our mouths.

I hadn't sucked a cock since boarding school. His was bigger and thicker than my roommates. He smelled clean and he had just a drop of lube at the head. I savored the feel of the spongy skin as the head of his prick grazed my lips. I closed around his cock, trying to get in as much as I could. I felt the head hit the back of my throat. Then I felt his wet mouth on mine. I groaned as he took me deep and massaged the head with his tongue. At first we just played a little with our mouths but soon enough the horniness kicked in. We just went nuts. We grabbed each other's ass cheeks and sucked like crazy, groaning at the pleasure. I let him ram his cock down my throat till I thought I'd gag. I was jamming my hips into his mouth too. We were moaning all over each other's cock. I wanted to suck him all night but I could feel it wasn't going to last long. I slid my mouth off his dick.

"Paul, I'm gonna cum soon."

He paused.

"Me too."

Then he went back to town on my cock. I knew it was okay so I just let it all happen. I felt him getting harder and that sent me off. I groaned around his cock as my cum shot into his mouth. I felt his jizz jetting hard against the back of my mouth at the same time. I swallowed the cum of the second man in my life I ever had sex with. We fell apart, panting. A few seconds passed and finally I laughed and asked.

"you feel queer?"

Paul reached over and toyed with my limp wet cock.

"No, I just feel like two good friends who just got a bit closer."

"So we're good with this?" I asked, wanting to make sure.

Paul moved so he could clearly see my face.

"Jake, It's Vegas. I'm good with this any time. It's not changing us. Just more fun."

Well, we spent the next few nights sleeping tighter and sucking each other off whenever we felt like it. I gotta tell ya. I'm not dreading that next business trip any more. I'm not sure if I tell Kerry about it yet. But I will have to tell her. I mean she told me about Meri, but that's her story.

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