tagIncest/TabooOur New Family Dynamic Ch. 05

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 05


I'm Jessica; I'm a going to be a junior at one of the better colleges. I'm 5'8" brunette, brown eyes, 140 more or less. C cup boobs a nice figure and, of course, a shaved pussy. I figured I'd get that all out at first so you don't have to guess what I look like.

Well, if you want my history you can go read my story about what happened between me and my roommate and, gasp, LOL my roommate's mother, Cynthia. But this story is about my family, or at least parts of it.

I had gotten out of college for the semester a day early. I had managed to stay out of my roommate's panties long enough to pull a 3.9 for the semester and opt out of the final.

So, I'm pulling into my driveway at home. It's nine ish at night. I'm beat, it was a long drive. I just want to say hello to mom and dad, Jason's still at college too, and just crash. I shut the car off, grab my overstuffed duffle and stagger to the door. I managed to open it without sounding like I had a warrant and the first thing I noticed was silence. No TV, no voices. Hmmmmm. No Matter maybe the parental units are out by the pool.

I dragged my gear upstairs and into my room. The damn bag is so heavy I don't have a hand for the switch, fortunately, the light from the hall and the fact that I've lived in this room for twenty years make it easy to find my way.

I dropped the bag and stood there catching my breath. Then motion out the window caught my eye. My room looks out the back of the house, right over the pool. Two people were wrestling in the pool.

I was briefly alarmed but I instantly recognized it as horse play. I stopped in the dark and watched. Mom and Dad were having some fun. Now, just to make this clear, we are not one of those new age families where nudity is cool and we all sit around and talk about sex. We are, well we were, just a normal suburban family. At least I thought so. But as of tonight, I found currents running beneath the surface.

So, I watched, feeling mildly guilty to be a voyeur, but not so much that I could overcome my curiosity.

My first surprise was to notice that it wasn't Dad, but Jason, wrestling with Mom. My second of many surprises was that Mom had the tiniest of bikinis on. I know the brand, Wicked Weasel, and hers was a micro! Well, they weren't paying attention, but I sure was! It took no time before Mom's micro was gone. She was still trying to dunk my brother, all six feet two inches and 190 pounds of swimmer body, using her five foot two inch, curvy body. She was losing. But, man, was she giving it her all!

She dove under, trying to get him off balance but he was too big. Then I see her catapult out of the water, onto his back. Where's he bikini? Somewhere between Jason tossing her off him and her going under she lost it! She doesn't seem to know!

As she has her hands around his neck she's trying to leverage him off his feet. As I am looking at her firm compact, and now naked body, clamped against the muscular back of her son I start to channel my experience with my roommate Brit and Cynthia, her mom. I'm getting wet.

Initially I felt a little weird but it took no time for me to give in, pull up my desk chair, slip off my shorts and settle in to see what happens.

So, Mom is still trying to get Jason off balance. I'm thinking, can't he feel those 34 c's pressing into his back? I guess not because he's trying to grab her legs and get her off him. He has no idea she's naked! She doesn't either!

After watching Brit and her Mom have sex my mind is permanently in perv-ville and I'm rubbing my soaked panties hoping this gets good and not just some embarrassing mistake. Now my shirt and bra are gone too. Just me, my panties and my hand in a dark room, watching.

Finally, Mom grabs Jason and literally walks vertically up his back. That did it. He goes under and she leaps off in triumph, standing waist deep in the shallow end. Now it's gonna be fun. The window is closed so I can't hear them and I know it will make noise if I open it. So, it's a silent movie for me.

Jason's head breaks the surface and I can see Mom waving and gloating. Still apparently unaware that her hot body, funny how I never really noticed that before, is totally exposed. Well, Jason noticed. I see him literally do a double take and then I can see the conflict on his face. Oh, he wants to look, but he's guilty, it's Mom. He points; Mom looks down and doesn't flinch a bit. This is where our family life takes a whole new turn.

I'm figuring, she'll shrug, go get a towel, Jason will be embarrassed, end of story. My soaked panties and now wet fingers, hope otherwise.

Now the pool is about ten feet behind the house, and it runs lengthwise. So, I'm on the fifty yard line of what's going to become incest football. Mom's next move had me sliding my panties off.

She is looking right in my brother's eyes as she is talking; clearly taunting poor Jason who looks like somebody just smacked him with a fish. Then she moves in close and cups his chin and I notice her gazing down towards his cock. Ha! Jason must have a boner! He looks so confused. It's gotta be fucking with his mind to have Mom teasing him so. I have no idea what got into her but I can't stop watching. My panties are history now and I have my feet up against the wall as I rub the sea of juice around my pussy. This is way better than porn and it has stoked the fire of curiosity I've had about Jason since I was old enough to jill myself.

Mom has moved to the cast in steps now. She is either drunk or very confident; I can see it in how she moves. She steps up and now I can see all of her. She shaves her pussy, just like I do and she looks good. I have two fingers inside me now and the juice is pooling on the chair. I want to have sex with my mother. I feel funny for a second or two but then I look at what's going on and I'm pretty sure that mom is going to totally seduce my hot brother, I just don't know why, and I don't fucking care!

Now mom is really turning it on. She's talking to Jason while she fondles those beautiful tits and now, oh man! She has leaned back and is pulling open her pussy to show Jason. I stuff my hand in my mouth and cum. I cover my pussy and the jet of cum pounds my hand and runs through my fingers. I rest for a minute while I watch mom get back in and move close to Jason, real close.

Oh my God! She took his hands and put them right on her tits! Jason looks stunned but he sure is recovering!

I watch his hands go into automatic tit pilot and begin to massage his mother's breasts, tweaking her nipples as he squeezes. I see him move his right hand down. Mom's not looking. He's taking his boxers off! Holy shit! He ain't shell shocked anymore! I pause and cum again, hard; another hot wet jet of cum bursting between my fingers. I've never been this jazzed.

As I tried to get my breathing back I watched mom back up to the steps again, raising her out of the water. Man, she has a nice body! She's shaved and even from the window I can see her pussy gaping open. They're talking and Jason keeps edging closer, his cock aimed perfectly at his mother's soaked and open cunt. They keep talking and then, OH SHIT! He just stuck his cock right in mom's pussy! Oh FUCK they're fucking! My hot brother is really fucking my hot mom. I'm gushing cum by now. The floor under me is covered in a puddle and I can't stop. Two fingers are ramming my pussy, hooked up to catch the spot that makes me squirt.

Jason lunged deep and stopped, oh he came! My hot little brother just shot a load of cum up the hole he came out of. I slowed down to breathe. Now it would get interesting. He backed up and looked funny, now mom's talking him down. HA HA he's all fucked up from screwing his mother! Okay, now they're hugging, oh wait, she pushed him away! Shit! The show's over, no! She's dragging him out of the pool! Fuck, he has a big cock and he's still hard! Oh, I have plans for that, baby brother! Mom's throwing mats down. Oh yes! More incestual fucking!

Jason's on the mat. I watch and rub as my mother sits over my brother's big fucking dick and settles in. I cum, again, I'll be fucking dehydrated by the time this is over. My hand is soaked with my cum; my pussy is red and sore, but I can't stop.

Mom's not shy; she's fucking Jason as hard as she can. He's in heaven, just lying there, watching his mother's tits jiggle as she cinder shifts herself back and forth on my brother's big prick. It's obvious neither one of them is going to last. I watch as Jason grabs mom's waist and rams himself up, filling his mother with his cum for the second time. She's right there too; head thrown back, mouth open, cumming all over her little boy. Once more I soak my hand and then I'm done too.

My pussy is aching and very sore, but I'm still turned on. Now they're talking and I can see the party is over. Shit! Now what do I do? There is no way I want to let on I've seen any of this. I need to plan what I'm going to do next. I want both of them. I've discovered women and I've discovered incest, I'm ready, but is mom? I don't know if she's ever been with another woman. Ahhh but Jason, now that's another story.

They're heading for the house! I quietly shut the blind, towel myself, the wall and the floor. And slip into bed. As I drift off I imagine that my brother's hot cock is ramming up my pussy and then I get the image of my mother riding my face as Jason fills me up.

The next morning I thought Jason was going to leap three feet in the air when I walked into the kitchen. So damn funny.

"JESS!? What are YOU doing here? When did you get in? Why back early?"

The panic in his voice was obvious. Time to twist the knife, just a little. I go over and give him a nice hug. He's just in boxers so I'll be nice. Don't want him running out of the kitchen with a boner. At least no until I've had some fun. I laugh at him.

"Gee, don't be so glad to see me bro. I'm here because I live here, duh, I'm back early because I got to skip my last exam and I got in last night. I see your home early too, hope you made good use of the time."

Poor Jason, he heard 'last night' and his face went ashen. I could tell he was dying to ask me what time. He's looking at my face, trying to read me. I can hear his thoughts. 'Did she see us? Does she know?' Oh god this is fun! I intentionally ignore the question about what time I got in.

Now, I've thought my brother was hot since I was old enough to masturbate, I know I said that already. But you know how it is. You ignore those feelings, you tell yourself its wrong and you're just fixating on the looks. Yeah, you just need a boyfriend and you'll forget about your hot sexy brother with the nice bulge. Well, I never did. I've had plenty of guys; a few that bore a strong resemblance to Jason. Before I went off to college I used to try and catch him naked any time I could. I really wanted to catch him jacking off. Well, naked I got, a few times. But I never caught him stroking that cock so I never saw it hard, till last night.

Now I want it. But I want him to make the move on me. That could take a little work. Yeah, he fucked mom but I don't think he's gonna assume I'm ready too. If I play this too cool, he'll never make a move. Oh, I'm sure it won't be too long before he starts thinking about it but thinking and doing are entirely different. But if I make it too obvious it'll be too easy. He'll figure out what a slut I've become and assume he's entitled. I want that face from last night.

I'm wearing the usual college girl breakfast at home uniform, a tee shirt and my thong. I sleep naked, have ever since Brit and I became playmates so I actually had to get dressed for this. The tee, of course is not quite long enough. It covers my ass but not by much. I've dressed like this before and Jason has sat around in just boxers.

I start rummaging around for food as I talk to Jason about what we're doing on break, how's college, all that shit. I'm really doing it so he has a reason to watch me. Yeah, I know I've read those stories too, where do you think I get these ideas? I stretch way up for a glass, feeling the air on my butt. Then its bend over to find something else, showing my thong covered puss. Hopefully the wetness won't sow, giving my act away.

I normally do all this it's just with a tee that is much longer, so no skin show. When I finally sit down I cadge a peek and ol Jason is boned up! Love it! But he does nothing he says nothing. His face is a cross between desire and terror. I never noticed him getting hard over me before so I can thank Mom for this. Time to ramp it up.

I finish breakfast and pop up to dump my plates, the tee flipping up in the process and my tits flipping around too. Jason's riveted on my body. I say something about having to go get dressed and bounce out of the kitchen mussing his hair as I pass him and scoping his boner filled boxers.

The bug is in his head now. I'm in my room, my door 'accidently' not quite shut. Ohhhh it's soooooo cliché, but it must work, I read it in Literotica! I shuck my tee and lie down. This will be no act. I am horny and I need to get off. I start caressing my naked nipples, licking my lips and twisting my hard nubs. The buzz goes right down my body and jolts my pussy, which obligingly, floods, soaking my thong. I won't look at the door and there is no mirror like in all those stories. I start remembering watching Brit and her mom fuck and then having Cynthia watch us. I moan, it feels so good. I have two fingers rubbing my slit through the cloth. I'm in the zone and I don't care who sees me now.

I am energized, remembering the tongues running up my slit and the taste of another woman. I keep rubbing on the outside, Oh, how I want to go inside the scrap of cotton but I have a plan. I see a shadow, now he's there, time to let it all go.

I yank the thong aside and jam two fingers in, hooked up to hit my G spot. I'm so fucking wet; the liquid sound of my pussy makes me even hotter. I'm sure Jason is watching. Oh he is in for such a surprise!

I'm close, I feel the spring winding up inside me. I love fucking myself, I love cumming! And I've discovered, I REALLY like being watched! My ass is off the bed arched. Close, so close. YES! I yank my hand out holding my thong aside as a long spurt of my cum rockets out over my bed. I hear the loud gasp from the door. I dig back in and yank out as a second jet arcs out.

Through my orgasm dimmed eyes, I see a jet of cum shoot through the door opening. Poor Jason couldn't hold it all. Oh, just one more, I ram in again and finally give one more weaker spurt before I collapse, shaking, on my soaked bed. Putting on that show for Jason exhausted me. I want to sleep, but I have to investigate.

I wait two minutes and then carefully open my door. Still wearing just my thong, I move into the hall and look down at Jason's door. Shit! It is definitely closed! I move up to it and listen.

I hear him grunting and the bed is creaking. HA! Cumming once watching me was not enough! But the door shut means he's still scared. I listen, my ear to the door. The pace picks up, he's getting close. Then I hear it!

"OH FUCK Jess! Suck my cock sis! Oh I'm gonna cum in your hot slutty mouth!"

Damn! I'm wet again! There's more, he's changing up his fantasy.

"Hold those hot legs back sister, let my fuck you harder! Oh damn, I'm fucking my sister! Oh yeah! Shoot that cum on me Jess, hose my cock with your cum! DO IT! CUM FOR ME!"

I hear him grunt and gasp and I can envision the arcs of hot white cum shooting out of his lovely cock to splatter all over his hot body. My juices are running down my legs now. I listen; he's done and turn to leave. Mission accomplished, I'm in his head. Now all he has to do is make the move.

As I turn to walk back to my room, Mom's door opens and she gives me the most interesting look. Since the bathroom is past Jason's I'm okay, I just give her a little 'nice daughter who just happens to be nearly naked after going to the bathroom' wave. She gives me a bewildered smile as I pass her. Ha! Keep looking Mom, you could be next!

Back in my room I slip off my drenched thong and lay it out on the floor, aimed at the door. Come and get it my brother, come and sniff your sisters cum. I slip on dry panties, a pair of shorts and a tank top, no bra of course.

I behave for the rest of the day watching Mom and Jason do their little dance. But now he's staring at me too. Love it! The next time I go up to my room the thong is gone. Jason took his trophy. The poor boy is so wound up in incest fantasy that it won't be too long before he cracks.

Dad's heading out of town for three days. Ha! Great! Though now, I'm starting to look at my father differently too. I laugh at myself. I really need to dial this back. Dad's never even given the slightest of slightest hints that I'm anything but a daughter. Leave that alone, I say to myself. But I have bigger problems. With Dad gone, Jason is going to want to fuck Mom again. That can't happen, I need him tensed up and frustrated so he'll move on me. I never knew how much I liked manipulating people!

The first day, Dad leaves around eight o'clock. Me? I never leave the house. Both of them keep looking at me, wondering. I think they don't know if I know and they can't figure out a way to ask without disclosing the fact that they fuck each other. Jason kept giving Mom the "I need to fuck you" look and she looks daggers back at him. Ohh, they must hate me!

That night I complain that my stomach doesn't feel well. I go to bed and then set my phone to go off every half hour. Each time I noisily get up and go down the hall to the bathroom. For a few hours I notice that lights are on in both Mom and Jason's room. Then, around two, Mom's light goes out and then at 3 Jason's. I finally give up and go to sleep, but I leave my door open. I am such a devil!

Day two, I bounce down in the same thing I had on yesterday. Both Mom and Jason look beat and very unhappy. I keep flashing them both, noticing that Mom is paying as much attention as Jason. I'm thinking I better be careful Mom may swing both ways after all. I announce after breakfast that I have a job interview, conveniently on the opposite side of town. Oh boy! What fun! Now the looks they exchange are very warm and fuzzy. I even caught Mom squeezing Jason's ass! I actually have a job but it doesn't start till next week. I theatrically gather my stuff and go out to my car, start it and back half way out the drive way. I stop, pull back in and head back into the house.

They were halfway up the stairs and Mom's shirt was already open. Man they're horny! Oh and the look of shock! They froze and Mom just kept going, hoping I wouldn't ask why her tits were hanging out. I, of course, pretended to be oblivious. Jason was white with fear and speechless. God he sucks at this! I breezed past him, ignoring his boner sticking out of his boxers. I go to my room, pretend to find something and then come right out. Mom's door is shut and now Jason is in his room. I wave and go back outside.

Now I know somebody will be watching me. I get to my car and pretend my phone is ringing. Knowing Mom can see out the front I get into a long and mythical conversation, complete with walking around and hand gestures. I imagine Mom watching, probably naked by now, with my brother naked beside her. He'll want to fuck her but she won't let him while I'm still in the driveway. Oh this is so rich!

I hang up my phone and go back into the house. Both of them come down the stairs three minutes later. I tell them the interview got rescheduled till next week. Oh the faces! I love it! Jason is visibly pouting, like he was told he couldn't go to Disney world. Mom has the 'Mom face' that hard set face she used when she would tell us we had to do something we didn't want to do. I ignored them. For the rest of the day Jason and Mom circled each other and watched me. I saw Mom glare at Jason a few times, he must have touched her. But now I notice that Ol' Jay is scoping me. Perfect! I've got him wound up and frustrated. I love the smell of desperation in the afternoon! Now, all I need is him alone and see how desperate he really is.

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