tagIncest/TabooOur New Family Dynamic Ch. 07

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 07


Jason and I were headed home from our summer jobs at the local nursery. I had lined up a job there back in the spring. Actually, what I really did was seduce the married owner. He's a very average looking guy, about my Dad's age. We've been customers there forever and I've watched him look at my ass so I figured it was worth a try. I'll tell the full story another time but suffice it to say once my mouth was full of his cum I had a job. After my brother and I got home for summer break I asked if Jason could get a job there too. Mr. Flanagan, already guilted to the max over letting me suck his cock readily acceded. I didn't even need to blow him again. Just as well since I don't think he'd let me. He was way too nervous the first time.

Well, today it was raining like hell and the nursery biz is dead in that weather so Mr. F told us at lunch he was closing up for the day. Now, Jay and I have to behave at work and that's no problem. But it's nice working with him. My annoying younger brother has turned into my lover and I couldn't be happier. I'll get a boyfriend one of these days and I'm sure Jay will find a girl but, no matter what, we will be lovers forever.

Now, with both parents home we have to be really careful. Jason still doesn't know that I caught him fucking our mother in our pool so it's fun to watch him squirm. I don't think he's told mom he's fucking me yet and Dad knows nothing about any of this, so yeah, it gets confusing. But, when there's too much going on at home Jay and I have a spot we hit on the way home sometimes when the horniness just won't stop.

As Jay pulled out of the nursery I was un-buttoning my jeans and working to get my tee shirt off. Jason laughed.

"Hold on Jess! Geez, keep your fucking clothes on! What if we get in a wreck or get stopped?"

He was right. I let my shirt drop back down but I left my jeans wide open and I had my hand down my pants and panties and it was drenched in my juices.

"Jay, we haven't fucked in two days! I don't know about you but I'm really horny!"

I looked over and I could see, even through the heavy canvas work pants, that my brother was just as horny as I was. I reached over with my other hand and began to rub his cock. He gently took my hand and moved it away. I pouted. He smiled.

"Jess, I need to concentrate on driving. I can't have my sister's hand stroking me, I'll fucking lose it!"

I just propped my leg up and did my best to display my pussy as I fingered myself. He couldn't see much but the sloshing of my fingers was all he needed.

"Dammit sis, you're soaked! You're such a fucking tease! You just wait till we get there! I'm gonna make you cum so hard!"

I was there. The combination of my brother's hot voice and my fingers had me at the edge.

"It'll be the second Jay cause I'm cumming right NOW!"

I felt the flood of juices warm my fingers as it surged out into my panties. I had both feet on the floor and my hips arched up. Jay had pulled over so he could watch me cum, which made me cum harder.

"Oh Jay! Oh my brother! Oh fuck! Cumming, cumming for you! OH YES! OH YES! FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!"

I collapsed on the seat and just grinned at him.

"You gonna just sit here in this sex stinky car or are you gonna drive us to our spot so I can get that dick of yours in either my mouth or pussy?"

Jason dropped the car back in gear and soon we were pulling into the secluded little parking area we used as a hookup spot. Jason put the car in park and shut it off. He leaned over and our mouths met in a wet embrace. My brother really knows how to kiss and he had his tongue dueling with mine in no time. His hand snaked down the front of my jeans and soon his fingers were where mine had just been. I broke our kiss and panted at hm.

"Fuck me Jason! Fuck your sister right now! God I'm horny!"

Jason had that gleam in his eye as he lifted his hips to get his pants off. Then DISASTER!

Jason froze.

"Jess! A cop car just pulled in!"

I got my pants done up fast and Jason watched the mirror.

"Jess, It's Joe Ward!"

This isn't that big a town and growing up here we've gotten to know some of the cops. Officer Ward was the DARE officer in our schools. This was bad. He knew our parents. We opened the windows to vent my pussy smell, giggling a little in spite of the situation. Jason gave me a warning.

"Here he comes! Be cool and follow my lead."

"Jason! Hey young man, didn't expect to see you and Jess out here? What's up?"

"Oh, hey Officer Ward. We came out here to talk. We haven't been getting along and rather than yell all over the house we decided to talk it out someplace private. We didn't trespass or anything, did we?"

Joe Ward smiled.

"No Jason, it's just that we've gotten reports of drug deals going on here so we have upped our patrols. I'll leave you two to work this out."

He went back and soon the car was gone. I laughed, Jay was stunned.

"Oh Jay! If he had pulled in five minutes later he would have seen you and me naked, fucking our brains out! Can you imagine the look on his face!"

Jay just sat there.

"Not funny sis. Do you have any idea what could have happened? Man, if that out our folks would be ruined!"

He had me there. Jason put the car in gear and we headed home, looks like we will have to modify our nooky location. After a few minutes of driving, the stress had faded and Jason was smiling again.

"Well, Jess, now what are we gonna do? You had me hard as hell and ready to go. You at least came once but not me!"

I reached over and rubbed my brother's re-hardened cock through his pants.

"Maybe I can sneak into your room tonight and put this nice big prick in my hot wet mouth till you shoot cum all over your sister's tongue."

I felt his cock flex. He had that faraway look in his eye. Suddenly he smiled broadly.

"You won't have to sneak in sis."

I was lost. Then I remembered!

"That's right! Mom's parents are due in tonight and they are taking your room! HA HA! That was so funny! Mom made me promise I would "put up" with my brother sleeping on my floor for three days! Oh this will be divine! I get to sleep with you for three nights!"

"Not so fast! We have to keep up appearances so I can't be in your bed naked if Mom or Dad happen to stick their head in dopey!"

"Ohhhh, we'll be quiet! Come on! Imagine getting to cuddle up to this hot body all night!"

I ran my hands up and down my body just to tease him. Jason laughed.

"First of ass Sis, you don't DO quiet. You cum like a freight train! But you probably could be quiet, if I stuffed a pillow in that mouth of yours!"

I laughed, he was right. I looked over at him.

"My brother, I'll do whatever I have to in order to get that big fucking cock of yours in my pussy as often as possible."

He smiled.

"I can't wait! You are the best lover I've ever had. Sis, you're more than a good fuck, you are my lover."

I felt a surge of emotion. I had never been told that and to have my own brother tell me was even more special.

"That was, wow, it was just wonderful Jay. I can't wait till tonight and I'll show you how much I loved what you just told me."

We were pulling into our driveway and without knowing we also were pulling into a shocking change in our family dynamic.

There were three cars in the drive; mine, Mom's and one car from out of state. Dad was gone for a two day trip. I knew what that meant immediately. I was excited.

"Jay! Mom's folks are here early!

Jason smiled at me.

"You always like them best Jess. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when we visit them they let us drink and stuff."

He was right. I did think they were cool Grandparents. But as we were un-hooking our seatbelts and getting our clothes back in order I had a very pervy thought. Mom had no trouble seducing Jason that night in the pool. Suddenly I'm wondering if there was a bigger reason. We were not expected right now. Jason was getting out of the car.

"Jay, hold on. Let's not rush into the house."

He was very confused. He was nowhere near the same conclusion I had reached. I had to lead him a bit.

"Um brother dear, did you ever wonder if incest was somehow hereditary? Now, I'm probably wrong but..."

Jason just stood there. Soon the little light went on.

"Jess, you think Mom and granddad and Grandma might be..?" Come on, just because we're fucking doesn't mean..."

I passed around the car and brushed by Jason on my way to the walk. Time to drop a bomb.

"Oh Jay, I already know you're fucking Mom. She had to get that idea from somewhere."

Priceless, just priceless. Jason was frozen to the spot. I strolled past him and was in the door as he just stood there.

Nobody was in the living room. I quietly swung out back and the pool and pool deck were empty. Hmmmm Either I might be on to something or everybody is just taking a nap. That would be a disappointment. I took the carpeted stairs two at a time.

When I was on the second floor I knew I was right. Jason's door was open and there were clothes everywhere. Unpacking had been interrupted, by something. I looked down the hall. Mom's door was cracked and I heard people inside. My pussy was more optimistic than my brain. I could feel it juicing as I slowly walked down the hall, hugging the wall to conceal myself as long as possible.

Once I was at the door I could clearly hear what was going on, and when I looked in the crack I could see the bed clearly. I do not think I have been this turned on, ever. Both Mom and her parents were totally naked. Now when you think Grandparents you're not thinking my Grandparents. Both of them are fitness nuts so there's not much fat to speak of. Plus they had kids real early so they aren't that old.

As I un-buttoned my pants again and slid my hand down past my panties I took it all in. I'd never seen them naked. Grandma has a nice figure. She's five foot six or so and maybe one fifty. She has warm brown eyes and her blonde hair is now a uniform shade of grey. Her tits aren't huge, probably a B and they are sagging a bit. But she has two huge nips and they were hard as hell. Granddad is in great shape. He must live doing crunches. His abs were firm and nothing shook. He's six foot two and muscular. A nice mantle of grey hair, always perfectly styled and I noticed he shaves his cock. Wow, that cock! Mom was lying on the bed on her back. Grand dad had her legs over his shoulders and his cock was ramming her as hard as he could. I loved the sound of the slap of their bodies merging. Grandma was kneeling on the bed near Mom's head, fingering her shaved puss.

From the brief bits I could see as he fucked my mother, that slick shiny missile was almost as big as Jason's, cut too. I like that.

As I watched, I listened. Mom was loving this.


Grandma was rubbing harder now and got a look in here eye. She looked at Mom and smiled. Mom just smiled back. Grandma threw her leg over my mother and gently settled her pussy onto her daughters face. I was in overdrive. This was off the charts! By now Jason was behind me, looking over my shoulder. He began to whisper but I nudged him and he stopped. I slipped off my shoes and began to slide my jeans and panties down. Jason got the idea fast. He dropped to his knees and helped me out of my pants and panties. By the time I bent over to hold the door trim He had his pants down and was rubbing my drenched pussy with his rock hard prick. Now Grandma was talking.

"Ohhh Kerry baby! Lick my pussy! Oh you are soo good. Right there! Right there! YES! Open wide, I'm gonna cum, baby!"

I was stunned. Grandma was grinding on Mom's face and suddenly she froze and her juices burst out from between them. Grandma squirts too! Mom was drinking it up and Grand dad was groaning. I felt Jason's dick enter me and I was in heaven. I pushed back as he rammed me, trying to be quiet. Oh I needed some brother cock so bad and this was so good. I looked back just in time.

"Kerry baby, Daddy's cumming! I'm gonna cum in your hot little pussy!"

He clamped my Mom's legs in his arms, rammed his cock home and gasped as I saw him twitching, shooting his cum deep inside his daughter. I looked over my shoulder at Jason and nodded towards my room. He slid out of me and we scooted down the hall, leaving my pants and panties behind. Needless to say, by this point I didn't care if we got caught.


I was exhausted. Dad stood up, letting his softening cock slide out of my pussy, followed by a wave of our combined juices. Mom climbed off my face as I swallowed the last of her copious squirt. As I said, she hers was the first pussy I ever licked and it remains my favorite, but that might change. She had heard the moaning in the hall as I had. We smiled at each other. Dad leaned back and tried to catch his breath. He watched as Mom and I looked towards the door, nodded and smiled.

"Okay ladies, what's going on? I must have missed something."

"Well Warren, Kerry and I heard a bit of moaning outside the door while you were fucking the shit out of your daughter. We're not alone."

Dad got a concerned look.

"Is this a problem? Dammit, we should have locked the doors!"

Mom climbed off the bed as I rolled off my back, over the soaked sheets and got up too. Dad was starting to put on his clothes when Mom's hand on his arm stopped him.

"Not so fast. Let's find out what's going on first. If one or more of the kids are here, they've already seen us fucking so there's no point in being coy."

Dad smiled and looked at us.

"You two know something I don't?"

Mom crossed her chest and held up her hand. I wasn't so fast.

"Kerry, out with it!"

Now Mom was looking at me quizzically also.

"Okay you two. Here it is. Jason came home from college early a few weeks ago and caught me in the pool, a little buzzed."

Mom just looked at me and asked.


I smiled.

"Well I seduced him and we've fucked maybe four times since then. Jessica doesn't know so we've had to steer around her and Jake."

Now Dad smiled.

"That's my girl! Continuing the family tradition!"

He walked over to the door, opened it a little and peeked out. I saw him step out for a second and then come back in, holding a pair of panties. He had a very knowing smile.

"H & M, hmmmmm Kerry, does this mean what I think it means?"

Now I blushed.

"Yeah Dad, those were hers I was sucking on when you caught me. She had left them, soaked on her floor. I'm not sure if it was accidental or meant for me or maybe her brother."

Now Mom perked up.

"So that moaning may NOT have been just Jess?"

I waved my hands.

"Hold on Mom, I don't have any reason to believe that the kids are following the family way just Jason and me. I haven't seen any indication of anything else."

Dad was jazzed now. I could see his cock starting to swell. He moved towards the door as he quietly said.

"Well, let's just sneak out and take a look."


Jason and I ducked into my room and shut the door. By the time I turned back around he was naked. His cock looked painfully hard.

"Jess, how do you know about me and Mom?"

I laughed as I moved closer. I shoved my brother and he fell back on my bed. As I dropped to my knees and reached out for his wonderful prick I explained.

"That night we got home early from college. I was up in my room and saw the whole thing. Oh man did I cum watching you and Mom!"

I took Jason's hard cock and slid it into my mouth. I love the way it feels sliding over my tongue. Jay began to groan but stopped short. I took my mouth off his dick.

"Jay, we just caught Mom and her parents fucking each other. You're already fucking Mom and me. Who's gonna complain if they catch us? Dad, and he's out of state. Let it go bro, I want your cum!"

I sucked my brother's cock back into my throat and plunged down to the base. I love cock and I love this one most of all. Jay groaned and didn't hold back. His hands went to enmesh in my hair as he plunged his hips up into my face. This was the horniest I'd ever seen him.

"Suck me Jess! Suck my cock! Oh fuck, you are good! I can't believe I'm gonna cum so fucking soon! Don't stop! Don't stop! UGGGGHHHH YEEEESSSS!"

I felt his cock get harder in my mouth. I pulled back and caressed the underside with my tongue as I sucked just the head. My hand was at the base. As I felt the twitch I squeezed hard, holding back his cum. On the second pulse I let go and a hard squirt of cum hit the back of my mouth, followed by three others. Jason was bucking his hips up into my mouth. His juice tasted great. I paused, letting the post cum sensitivity pass. But I kept stroking. I knew my brother and if I just stroked a little he'd stay hard. He didn't disappoint. Now it was my turn.

"Get up Jay! Let me lie down!"

He popped off the bed, his rigid prick waving around like a diving board. I climbed up on my bed, lay back and spread my legs as far as I could.

"Get up here and give your sister the fucking she so badly needs!"

Jason was over me in a second; his arms snaked under my shoulders as his prick found my soaked tunnel. As his lips lowered to mine for one of his awesome kisses, his cock slid into me, giving me an instant orgasm, the first of many if I had anything to say about this fuck session. I knew we'd be caught and I didn't care but I was curious about what they'd do. I didn't have to wait long to find out.


Dad opened the door and stepped out into the hall. Mom and I followed. It felt good to be walking around naked and aroused in my own house. It brought back memories of growing up with them and my sister in our unique lifestyle. Now it was going to go full circle. Mom reached out and held my hand. We smiled at each other as Dad got to Jessica's door and stopped to listen. He turned to look at us with the biggest smile on his face. We were right there. Oh, they were fucking and fucking hard. We could hear the slap of bodies through the closed door. Not to mention the fact that they had given up any pretense of decorum.

"OH FUCK JESS! You are so tight and wet baby! Yes! Yes!"

"Come on Jay, harder! Fuck me harder! Oh fuck I need to cum!"

Dad quietly twisted the knob and we filed into the bedroom. Jason and Jess were on her bed. She was under him with her legs clamped high around his waist. He was pummeling her pussy as hard and fast as he could. They were face to face, his arms wrapped around her and as he panted he'd kiss her. The fluid noise of his cock pleasuring his sister filled the room. Our noses were gifted by the mixed scents of their sex. It was the sexiest thing I had ever witnessed and we were soon to be part of it. We knew we were invited because they had made no attempt to be quiet. Let the new family dynamic begin!

Dad was rock hard again, no surprise watching two hot looking teenagers fuck. He moved to the head of the bed and pointed his dick at his granddaughter's mouth. Jess finally noticed us and smiled. She looked at me. I had to ask.

"How long Jess?"

She smiled.

"Maybe eight inches, but you know that mom."

I laughed.

"Cute darling but you know what I mean."

There was a pause.

"OH Jay, I'm cumming again! Harder! Harder! ARRRGGHHH YEEEESSS!"

Jason never slowed down. Jess looked back at me, panting.

Oof, ooof, a little after, oof ooof the time you two fucked in the pool. Ahhhhh YES!"

"Who started it?"

By now my father's hard prick was right next to Jessica's and by default Jayson's mouths since they were fucking missionary style. As Jess turned her head she gave me the last answer I'd get for a while.

"Me, of course!"

With that she took my father's prick into her mouth. Dad gasped. Jessica took one hand off Jason's back and cupped his balls as she took his dick into her mouth. My father smiled at Mom and me.

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