tagLesbian SexOur New Neighbor Ch. 9

Our New Neighbor Ch. 9


The girls, Teri, Tina and Julie, were getting the licking of their lives. These virgins of oral sex weren't quite aware of the sensations that they would be receiving from the soft, long tongues of Kim, Nicole and Kitty. They all let out a little squeal when the tongues first touched their pussy lips, but then when the tongues went to their clits, they all moaned. For ten minutes all I could hear from the girls that were being eaten for the first time in their lives, was, "ooohhhhhhmmyyygooooowwwwd, oooohhhhsshhhiiiiittttt oooohhhffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk." It didn't take long for these three to really get into lesbian sex and when the ten minutes was up, it was hard to say which one of them came the most times.

When Kitty signaled Kim and Nicole to stop, they all stood up and looked at the three recipients of their tongue lashings, and smiled as they looked at each other with their faces covered with cum. Tina Teri and Julie were now laid back and still breathing hard from their awesome experience in being eaten.

"Did you three sexy girls enjoy our treat?" Kitty asked of Tina, Teri and Julie.

They all seemed to answer in unison, saying how awesome it felt and that they had never had orgasms as intense as they just had. All three of them, never having a sexual experience like this, said that they probably would have gone through life without this kind of experience if it wasn't for Kitty.

"Now that the three of you are all wet and slick between you legs, we are going to shave you, one by one. Kim, would you please bring the razor from the bathroom, as well as towel and foam." Kitty then looked at Tina, Teri and Julie and asked them if they had any objections on being shaved.

Then Julie spoke up. "Kitty, or should I call you aunt Kitty, but my question is, what if my parents see me and notice that I don't have any hair, yea know, down there? Then when I go in for my physical, can my doctor tell that I'm doing things, like with girls?"

"Let me tell all of you, the doctor can't tell how often, or even, if you masturbate. The doctor is unable to tell if you have sex, other than your loss of your hymen. Even the loss of your hymen doesn't mean that you're sexually active. You could lose it just by falling the wrong way. The only thing your doctor can tell is when, in some perverse way, you mutilate yourself down there. One word of caution, never put a bottle in your cunt that is open, when you attempt to pull it out, especially if it's a tight fit. it could create a vacuum and then the only way to get it out would be to break the end of the bottle that is extending outside of your hole. One other thing, Julie, if you have a Mom like Nicole has, she'll probably want you to shave her, and then again, just because they are parents doesn't mean that they haven't done, or are still doing, some of the same things that we're doing." Kitty told Teri that she was going to be first. Kitty instructed Teri to put a towel, and a pillow, under her butt and then to spread her legs. "I don't even know if I have to lather you up, sweetheart, your warm slick juices are covering all of your pubic hairs," Kitty said laughingly.

Tina and Julie got up close to watch Kitty lather up Teri's bush. Teri was giggling when Kitty took the soft lather brush and started to brush it across Teri's clit. Being a soft brush, it must of felt great and Teri raised her butt as if she wanted Kitty to continue tickling her clit. Kitty moved on and made sure that she covered all her pubic hair, from her navel to her anus.

Kitty then started to instruct Tina and Julie, step by step, or I should say stroke by stroke, as how to get the best results. Teri was thoroughly enjoying Kitty's fingers pulling on her pussy lips to make the skin more taut for a smooth shave. When Kitty slipped a couple of her Fingers into Teri's love hole, Teri made a loud moan and I wasn't sure if she came or not, but Kitty just looked up to Teri's face and with a smile said, "you naughty little slut." After she finished, Kitty rubbed some lotion all over the area where she had shaved Teri, once again, knowing that Teri was getting all worked up.

Kitty got up and said, "Teri, I want you to rub around you pussy and your butt hole and tell me how it feels." Teri started to rub herself when Kitty interrupted her and said "Teri, I ment for you to just touch yourself, not to masturbate." I have to admit, Teri was getting carried away on the new feeling of her pussy.

"Oh aunt Kitty, this feels great," Teri said, and it looks soo cool, you want to feel it?" she said to Tina and Julie. "Oh god, it feels so great, I feel like showing it to all the girls I know. I wish I could stay naked all the time so everyone could see me." Teri took each of the girls hands and rubbed them over wet and slick pussy.

Teri was definitely getting carried away. Considering how she was from the beginning and now her entire personality has changed. I've got to admit, out of all of them, she stands out when it comes to her looks, body, and now her upbeat personality. Some lucky guy or maybe lucky girl, in the future is going to reap the rewards of Kitty's training. But between now and then, she's going to learn a lot more, along with the rest of them, before Kitty is through with of them.

Kitty then had Tina take the position for her shave. None of the girls had extremely heavy bushes so it wasn't difficult to shave them clean. Kitty had Teri give Tina her shave and Teri did it with loving tenderness as she playfully stuck her fingers in and out of Tina's love hole. Tina squealed a couple of times and I'm not sure if she came or just the pleasure of Teri's intimate touch. Teri gave Tina a hand mirror so that Tina could get a nice look at her bald pussy. Tina was delighted with her new look. Tina then said, "I remember the first time I looked at my pussy with a mirror was when I was ten, it was hairless just as it is now. Wow, it's hot."

Then Kitty had Julie get on the bed and had Tina shave her. I don't think that Julie was too eager to go through the ceremony, but she knew if she put up a fuss that Kitty would give her something to really worry about. Again, for some reason or another, Tina wasn't as gentle on her friend as Teri was on her, in fact I think that Tina was intentionally extra rough on Julie. I wonder what that's all about.

Just then my phone rang. I looked away from the monitor to answer the phone and I noticed that Sandy was slumped over the fuck machine and was out like a light. Sandy had a hand counter to record how many orgasms she had, the last one that she was able to record was twenty-eight, but I think she had more because even in her stupor, she had left the machine on and from time to time I heard her let out a groan. I turned off the machine and let Sandy stay as she was until after I answered my call.

"Bob, this is Don's friend. He would like to talk to you for some instructions. He is still 'deep' and won't surface for sometime. His conversation is being scrambled so there will be no chance of anyone being able to intercept it. One moment please." I told him that I would wait and that there was no problem with security.

"Hi Bob, this is Don and I just wanted say thanks for the way you and Kitty are taking care of my two loves, Kim and Nicole. You may think me strange for the way I'm having you and Kitty take charge of them, but let me explain things to you. After Nicole's Mother died, I promised myself that I would find someone that would be like a sister to her. I met different women but when I met Kim, I knew that I met the right girl. From the beginning she acted more like a sister to Nicole than a mom, so I thought that it was a perfect match. But I'm some-what of a control freak, but my work keeps me isolated from my family for a considerable amount of time, I didn't like my two girls sitting home and brooding about me day after day and not having any direction, or fun. I had been looking for a woman or a couple to live with them when we first moved in as your neighbor. Then I noticed you and Kitty and I thought, maybe you were the ones. I had the company check you out, and BINGO, brother and sister living together, Kitty being BI and the two of you involved in incest, my prayers were answered."

How the hell did they find out all this info on me and Kitty, incest, what were they doing, sleeping under our bed? Don continued, "The main thing that I found out was that Kitty was a take charge type of person as well as a lady with a strong sexual drive. that's what I wanted for my two horny girls, without Kitty they probably would have suppressed their sexuality, but with Kitty, they have blossomed."

"Now, Bob, the reason I called. You have a checking account that I set up for you, with an unlimited amount of money for your disposal. I want you to bring in a trust-worthy contractor and have him finish off the large basement that we have, into a sexual play room. Whatever that you can think of in the way of bondage and domination. Restraining straps on the wall and a bed. Use your imagination, I want to be pleasantly surprised when I return. Another request is that I would like a copy of all the videos that you have recorded; Leave it on your back porch tomorrow night.

"The final thing, Bob, we have your home bugged as well as my home, that's for security reasons, you know I trust you and Kitty. I'll tell you one more thing, I've got a couple of gals taking care of me now, but when I get back, I'm damn well going to fuck that sister of yours. Got to go know, oh yeah another thing, when the video is picked up, you'll find in its place, a hypodermic needle and a special solution. The explanation is clear, it's a very fine needle and you inject into your cock, it will keep you hard for one to three hours. I think it's time for you to start fucking those young virgins. Forget Sandy, she's married and you don't want any complications, if she makes a fuss, give her Kitty's fuck machine and when Kitty wants one, buy a new one for her." With that said, Don just thanked me again and then said bye.

By the time I finished my talk with Don, I saw Kitty telling the girls that it was getting late and that it was time to go to bed for the night, I have to admit, I was getting pretty tired by just watching Kitty's girls have so damn many orgasms.

"Now girls, I want all of you to get a good nights rest, remember, you need your beauty sleep. Just one more thing, there will be no sexual touching of yourselves or touching of anyone else. I don't care how erotic your dreams are, I don't want any of you to wake up with your fingers in your cunts. I will know if any of you have disobeyed me and any disobedience will get you a more severe punishment than what Julie received. I'll check each and everyone of you in the morning and I'll be able to tell if you have cum. Sleep wherever you want, but not right next to one another, the naked policy includes day and night, in fact, I have put all your clothes away, including under wear and bathing suits. Good night, my beautiful nymphs." They all called back, "good night aunt Kitty."

When Kitty got home, I told her about the call from Don and what he requested. When I told her about what Don wanted in the basement, she told me not to worry about it and that she would have Marta and Cindy come over and take care of it, it seems as they were into B&D and had access to all the equipment that we would need, she would call them the first thing in the morning.

The next day was one of relaxation for the girls. I sent the weary Sandy home, I think the Sybian fuck machine almost did her in. She could barely walk out the door, but when she left she asked if could borrow the machine whenever she needed it and I told her that there was no problem with that. I didn't want to give it to her out-right, you never know, married or not, I might have some use for her in the future.

The next morning, I got up and immediately started making copies of my videos so that I could have them ready for the pick up by Don's runner. Kitty got up and told me that she was going to have the girls exercise and take in some more sun. She also called Marta and Cindy to come over and bring some of their B&D equipment so that I could set it up.

I also went over some of the things that we, or I should say Kitty, was doing with the girls. This was her answer, "Bob, when I was in my early twenties, Mom sat down with me and told me she wanted me, and you, to get the best out of life. She told me that there were a lot of things that she had wished that she had done sexually, but being in their late fifties, it was now too late for her to experiment. She told me that I was very much like her and she knew that I had a very strong sex drive, so before I settled down with a permanent partner, to go out and do those wild things that you fantasize about.

The trouble with women, she said, was that they were afraid to experiment sexually, or to admit to themselves of their strong sex drive. I would never think of having sex with a guy without a condom, and I would never force anyone to do something that they didn't want to do, or hurt them. So what I'm saying to you, Bob, is when I finish with these girls, and even more of them, they'll know what they want or don't want, or regret anything in the future about what they wished they had done. Most importantly, to get the best gratification that a woman can get from an orgasm, whether she does it by masturbation or with a partner and in the mean-time, hehe, I'm satisfying my needs."

Kitty went next door before we saw any of the girls, including Kim, get up. Once she was inside she called out to the girls, "get up, you sexy sluts. Time for some healthy breakfast and later on some exercise." One by one, these sexy women got up and stretched. Then Kitty said, "girls, before anyone of you go to wash up and brush your teeth, I want you to line up so that I can check to see if you misbehaved.." One thing is for sure, these girls would be ready if they had to join the military.

Kitty checked them one by one, first she would put a couple of fingers deep into their cunts, wiggle her fingers and then pull them out. Then she had them put their hands to her face, in the event that the girls tried to wipe themselves clean of any wetness. She would give them loving pat on their butts and tell that they passed, until she got to the last one, Kim. She didn't have to check Kim, guilt was written all over her face. But Kitty did the same routine as she did to the others and didn't say a word.

I could see the tears build up in Kim's eyes and then she blurted out. "Oh god Kitty, I couldn't help it Kitty, I was dreaming that Don was home and that we were in bed and fucking as we usually do when he's home. and when I woke up it was too late and my fingers just wouldn't stop, and I came. Oh please Kitty, I couldn't help it, honestly."

"Kim, you have been very good so far, but the rules are the rules, you have to be punished. I will come up with something and then decide what the punishment will be and when. But right now I want you to get on your knees and give me a nice cum with that long tongue of yours. Girls, I want you to watch how Kim eats me, she does it so very well and always gives me a great orgasm, so pay attention."

The girls all stood around Kitty, watching intently how she was satisfying Kitty's hot pussy. They watched closely as Kim first stuck one finger, and then two fingers into Kitty's waiting hole and how she massaged Kitty's pubic mound to get the blood into her engorged lips Then they watched closely as Kim took her wet fingers out of Kitty's cunt and then stuck one in her butt-hole as she sucked and licked around Kitty's clit. That's when Kitty got to the point that triggered her orgasm, She shouted out, "yea baaaaby, finger fuck my ass hole, eat my cunt lips, oohhhhh shhhiiit, iiiiimmmmmmcuuuumin, bite my clit, pleeeeeeaase baaby. that's it. Ooooohhh fuuuck." With that, Kitty fell back into the chair and was breathing hard.

When Kitty regained her composure after that shattering cum, she looked at the girls that were still standing around her, and said to them, "girls, that's how you give a mind blowing cum to another gal. I hope you learned from Kim, she's a natural in giving great head. Kim, come here and give me a big kiss, I love you sweetheart." Kim was so happy that she satisfied Kitty, she had an ear to ear grin on her face.

"Girls, I want you to call your mom's and tell them that you'll be staying here a while longer and that you're having a great time. Tell them that you have everything that you need right here and you don't need anymore clothes. When you've all made your calls, we will then have breakfast, sit around and talk for an hour or so and then get into some special yoga exercises to get your blood down to your genitals. Go make those calls."

Kitty called and told me that Marta and Cindy would be over a little later on and wanted me to help them with whatever equipment that they bring over. What Kitty has accomplished in just a few days with our neighbors and Nicole's friends is nothing short of amazing. A bunch of cute gals running around stark naked without thinking a thing about it, as if they were living like the rest of the world didn't exist. Now starting to feel their full potential of their sexual drive. With little hesitation doing sexually whatever my devious sister tells them to do, and she will be having them do a lot more. The fact the two girls, Kim and Julie, that were punished and got off on their spankings due to their over stimulated libido. In my wildest WET DREAM, I've never had one as erotic as this scene.

The girls made their calls to their parents and got the parents permission to stay as long as they were invited, (smart parents,) and then they all had breakfast. Kitty again gave the girls strict instructions that they are not allowed to touch one another or themselves sexsualy, unless they get her permission to do so.

Kitty had a question and answer period relating to sex, for about an hour. Then she put them through yoga exercises for another hour. She explained to them that to maintain a heightened and healthy state of arousal, which was her goal with these ladies, that they have to do certain yoga exercises to have their blood circulation to their genitals always flowing. This will assure them that their pussy lips will always be in a healthy state of arousal, plus learning certain mantras that will also keep the libido stimulated.

After the girls finished, the girls said that they felt fantastic, but being naked and void of any pubic hair, it was easy to see that their pussies were all in an engorged state. Nicole, with a larger than average clit, had a very prominent display of her arousal. When the girls started feeling their state of arousal, at first a little ashamed, then they noticed that the others were in the same condition. But most eyes went to Nicole's stimulated clit as it protruded very prominently, unlike the others.

Just about then, Marta and Cindy showed up in their van and that was my signal to go over and unload whatever equipment that they had for the basement playroom. The basement was finished but it was void of any furniture I just had to lay things out.

When I quickly went over to help, I went over to Marta and Cindy and told them how much we appreciated their prompt response. Then I went into the house where all the naked girls stood and curious as to what was being delivered.

When the girls first noticed me, they didn't seem to react, (me being a male and they naked,) until Teri stared at me, and then Kitty, and said, "oh Kitty, that guy is looking at us and were all naked, shouldn't we be embarrassed?"

If she really knew what I had been watching, and taping as well. Kitty said, "Teri, girls, this is my brother and if you feel uncortable because we're naked and he has clothes on, I'll just tell him to take off his pants and we can look at him." Then she looked at me and said, "Bob, will you please take off your pants and shorts so that the girls won't feel uncomfortable in you presence."

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