tagGroup SexOur New Neighbors

Our New Neighbors


My wife greeted me at the door after a long day at the office. She was wearing absolutely nothing! As I closed the door behind me, she took my face in her hands and gave me one of her most sensuous tongue jobs. She was obviously turned on sexually. Her breathing was deep and passionate. She was moaning. Her hands dropped to my crotch and grabbed my hardening cock through my pants.

I was caught completely off guard, pleasantly so, but nevertheless unprepared and somewhat shocked. My wife has always been very sexual, openly passionate, and very spontaneous, but at that moment in my day, sex was the last thing on my mind. She continued her assault as I dropped my brief case and struggled to get out of my coat and tie. Somehow, between the two of us, I got out of my clothes. She pulled me over to the couch, pushed me down, grabbed my stiff cock and started with one of her patented deepthroat blowjobs. She was sucking, tonguing, and stroking my dick with passionate fury. While she was blowing me, she was fingering her cunt.

I was beginning to catch up with her and decided it was time to get with the program. I pulled her up to me and said, "I don't know what this is all about, and I don't care. I'm going fuck you raw you scuzzy slut." I rolled her over so she was kneeling with her upper body leaning on the couch and her ass sticking up in the air. I grabbed my dick and placed at the opening of her pussy and shoved hard. She gasped as my 8½ inches rammed up her cunt. As she moaned and twisted, I grabbed her by the waist and continued to slam into her. She was yelling, "Yes, yesssss, fuck my ass! Fuck me hard! God, I love it!"

As she felt me getting close, she said, "Don't cum in my ass. I want it in my mouth. Give it to me!" I cried out, "Here it comes. Come and get it you nasty ass whore!"

She turned around, grabbed my cock and crammed it down her throat just as I exploded. My cum spewed down her throat. She gulped and swallowed every drop. She looked up at me, wiped her mouth and said, "Welcome home, stud!"

I pulled her up with me on the couch as I caught my breath and asked, "What in the world's got into you. Not that I'm complaining, that was awesome, but what's up girl?"

She let out a deep breath and said, "Whew! Tell me about it. I was so fucking horny I could have fucked a doorknob! I probably would have if you hadn't shown up when you did. Let me tell you about my day and you'll understand why I was the way I was."

I said, "Let's get a drink and settle down and you can tell me all about it."

I made us a pitcher of martinis while she took a quick shower. I joined her and we soaped each other down, rinsed, toweled off and relaxed naked in our bedroom suite.

"Okay. Let me start at the beginning, she said."

Let me interject at this point in the story a few facts that will be helpful. I'm in my mid-thirties. My wife's in her early thirties. We've been married for five years. It's the first marriage for both of us and we have no children. I'm a self-employed business consultant with a very successful practice. My wife is a self-employed web page designer working out of our home. Together we earn in the mid six figures and live a comfortable life in an expensive suburb of a large Southern city. My name is Bob. She's Sherry. I'm six foot two, 190lbs, good condition and athletic, have light brown hair and blue eyes. My cock is 8½" long and 4" around with a large head. She's five eight, 130lbs, has natural blond hair brilliant blue eyes and a perfect 36C, 25, 36 hard, athletic body to die for. Her cunt is one of the most beautiful I've seen with large lips and a large protruding clitoris. It's naturally hairy but trimmed for bikini season. We are both very sexual and completely open to sex with others. She's very bisexual. I'm somewhat so. I engage in mutual blowjobs occasionally but I don't butt fuck and I disdain kissing other men and shit like that.

So back to Sherry…………

She began, "After you left for work this morning, I just relaxed and had a second cup of coffee. I read some and watched a little TV. Then I remembered that I wanted to meet our new neighbors and welcome them to the neighborhood. You remember we saw them when the movers were unloading and introduced ourselves, but they were just too busy to talk and we didn't want to intrude. I told Betty, I'd drop by later and get acquainted. We agreed later that they were both hot as hell and our kind of people."

"Anyway, I picked some flowers from the garden, put them in a basket, got sort of cleaned up and crossed over to their front porch and rang the bell"

"After a few minutes, Betty answered the door. She just opened the door a crack and stuck her head around to see who was there. When she saw me, she smiled a wonderful, toothy smile and said, 'Oh, Sherry please come in. I'm sorry I took so long, but this sales lady is here and we were trying stuff on.'

"She stepped back and opened the door as she was talking. I could see that she was only dressed in a transparent gown with no bra and a very skimpy thong underneath. I'm sure my eyes bugged out as I looked at one of the most stunningly gorgeous women I've ever seen. I stuttered something about just stopping by to welcome her to the neighborhood and that I could come back later if she was busy."

"She said, 'Oh no! Please don't go. I would love for you to stay and keep me company. Besides Hillary has lots of great stuff and I'm sure you'll find something you like too. Aren't this gown and thong cute and sexy?' She sort of turned and held the gown open to show me the thong. Her body is fabulous. She has large, natural breasts with large areolas and bullet-shaped nipples that were hard and at full attention. She's light complexioned since she's a redhead with cute little freckles all over. I was starting to get excited just looking at her."

"I said, 'You look fabulous in them. Who's Hillary and what is she selling?'

"She said, 'Oh, she's with some lingerie company and sell door to door. Come on, let's go meet her.' She took the flowers, thanked me for them, commented on their loveliness and led me by the hand into the familyroom/kitchen area. Sitting on the couch was another goddess that I assumed was Hillary. This one was somewhat shorter than Betty but just as beautiful and had these huge tits. She was a brunette. She was dressed in very skimpy bra and panty set. She has olive colored skin and dark black eyes. I could see a lot of very dark pussy hair under the panties. I gasped out loud when I saw her."

"Betty said. 'Hillary, this is Sherry from next door. She's come by to visit me. Isn't she lovely?' Turning to me she said, "Betty this gorgeous lady is Hillary. She's hear to take all my husband's money.' and giggled like a little schoolgirl."

"Hillary got up from the couch and gracefully stepped over to me, took my hand in both of hers and said, 'My, my I'm sooooo glad you're here. You are lovely indeed, such a fabulous figure and so beautiful. We'll get along wonderfully, I'm sure.' While she said this she was looking deep into my eyes with those big, beautiful black eyes of hers while massaging my fingers and smiling showing these perfect white teeth." I was completely in her spell"

"Betty had put the flowers in a vase and rejoined us. Hillary pulled me gently down beside her on the couch while Betty set down across from us in a large overstuffed easy chair. She pulled her legs up and gave us a good view of her crotch. The thong was squeezed up between her pussy lips and her red pussy hairs were sticking out the sides. I just stared and enjoyed. Hillary did the same."

"While not taking her eyes off the cunt show, Hillary turned and pulled over a large suitcase that was on the floor. She opened it and said to me, 'Well, lets see what's in here for you.' She reached in and pulled out a full-length black bra & corset set with garters and said, 'This should look great on you. Get naked and get this nasty thing on that hot body of yours!'

"I just sat there and said, 'Hillary, this is going a little too fast for me. I just came by to say Hi to Betty. I'm not really in the market for underwear and even if I was, I wouldn't choose that. I'm sure you have some lovely things, but I'm really not interested.'"

"Betty chimed in with, 'Hey, no problem. Let's dispense with the undies and just get to know each other. Okay, Hillary?'"

Hillary looked at me with fake sadness, pouted her lips and said, 'Well, if you don't want to get naked, I guess that's okay.' Then laughed out loud and leaned over and kissed me lightly on the cheek. She stood up and said to Betty, 'Let's get you out of that gown and thong.'

"Betty stood up and waited while Hillary glided up to her and started untying the little string at the top of gown. Hillary was very slow and deliberate. She spoke softly to Betty while opening the gown, 'You're so beautiful and sexy. You're nipples are so hard.' Hillary trailed her fingers down to Betty's nipple and began squeezing. Betty was obviously enjoying Hillary's advances. She had closed her eyes and she took Hillary's hand and pressed it tight to her breast. She placed her other hand around Hillary's head and pulled Hillary's mouth to her own. Their lips lightly touched while their tongues explored each other's lips. Betty reached around and unhooked Hillary's bra releasing these gigantic tits. They flopped out and bounced as the bra fell to the floor. Betty scooped them up and began massaging them and squeezing the nipples. Their kissing continued and became more passionate. They were both moaning and were pressing their hips together.

"I was completely mesmerized and just sat there watching them as they got more and more involved. As I watched, I found myself feeling and massaging my breasts and playing with my pussy. These women were unbelievably beautiful and sexy and I found myself getting incredibly turned on and wanting to jump in. You know I've fucked lot's of women and as unexpected as this whole thing was, I sure as hell wasn't going to just sit there and watch."

"Hillary gently pushed Betty back onto the chair and kneeled down in front of her. She lifted Betty's legs up and spread them open. Betty grabbed her legs behind the knees and held them back and open while Hillary dove in. Hillary wasted no time and gobbled up that sloppy wet cunt. She was finger fucking Betty's ass and licking her clit. Betty was moaning and squirming and cried out, 'Oh god, eat me you fucking cunt! Eat my pussy and fuck my ass. I can't stand it!'"

"As Hillary was eating Betty's cunt, I got out of my clothes and crawled up behind Hillary and spread her ass cheeks. I saw this wonderfully hairy cunt with lips puffed open and clit extended. I placed my finger on her clit and started rubbing up and down. She was, of course, sloppy wet and ready for me. I bent down and started licking around her asshole while fingering her clit. She smelled wonderful and tasted even better, I flipped over on my back, grabbed a couch pillow, placed it under my head and dove into her delicious cunt. She spread her knees apart and lowered her cunt to my mouth. As I ate her out, I finger fucked her pussy and asshole while she did the same to Betty."

"I could hear that Betty was cumming. She was moaning loudly and clinching her teeth while her body was jerking and shuttering. She let go with a loud moan and came hard with a loud scream, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh shit! I'm cumming! It feels so fucking gooood!'"

"Hillary and I got up and held Betty while we kissed her and sucked her breasts while she recovered. As soon as she got her breath, she began kissing me passionately and said, 'Oh Sherry, I've got to have your pussy. Let me eat your cunt now!' I got up on the couch while she got down between my legs and dove in. She is a very skilled pussy licker. She licked my clit, and fingered my cunt and ass. I was going crazy."

As Betty was sending me into orgasm heaven, Hillary reached into her bag and pulled out a huge black strap-on dildo. She put it on and got behind Betty and rammed that thing up her cunt. Betty, grabbed me and yelled out, 'Oh yesss, fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my ass. Yes, yes, yes.' As Hillary fucked her, Betty continued eating my pussy and she and I both began to cum hard. It was awesome. I came as hard as I ever have."

"As soon as Betty and I calmed down, we both turned to Hillary and jumped on. I was kissing her, fingering her cunt and ass, sucking her huge tits while Betty took off the strap-on and used it to fuck Hillary. We fucked and sucked her to a gigantic orgasm."

"We all three just collapsed in a pile. Betty turned to me and said, 'You're fabulous. I know I'm going to love being your neighbor.' Turning to Hillary she said, "And you can sell me underwear anytime!' We all laughed 'til we cried."

"We cleaned up and had something to drink and calmed down some. Hillary looked at her watch and said she had to get back to work and left."

"Betty and I finally got around to visiting. She said her husband, Phil, would just die when he heard about our morning. He had already commented that he'd love to fuck me and wanted to get together with us as soon as possible. She said she'd noticed you that time we came over and felt the same way about both of us. Apparently she and Phil, like us, have had several threesomes and foursomes. I told her that I was sure you'd approve of us getting together as soon as possible. We loved fucking other people and I was sure you and she would get along fine and I knew I'd love to fuck Phil."

"So, big guy, that was my day! That's why I had to have that big cock of yours in me as soon as you walked in. What'ya think?"

I said, "Holy shit, I can't believe it. How hot was that? I'm hard as a rock again. Look at my cock! I could fuck you silly now after listening to that story. I can't wait to get together with Betty and Phil. Let's set it up and how do I get to meet this underwear lady?"

Sherry laughed and said, "I'll go call Betty right now and set up a date with them. I'll have to check on Hillary. I really don't know how to get in touch with her, but I bet if I just walked around the neighborhood and asked the women with permanent smiles on their face, one of them could help us out."

Part II

Well, you can imagine the anticipation Sherry and I felt while waiting to get together with Phil and Betty. We had set up the meeting for that Friday night. Would have dinner at our place. I was out of town the rest of the week and got back home just an hour before they were to arrive.

Sherry met me at the door and said, "Hi good looking. Am I ever ready for tonight! How about you?" I said, "Same here. My dick's been hard all week. It was kind of awkward with all these women following me around with their tongues hanging out." We both laughed and started getting ready.

We dressed casually. I wore khakis, a dressy T-shirt and loafers sans socks. Sherry wore my favorite light blue summer dress with purple and yellow flowers and sandals. The dress was low cut and showed her ample cleavage. Her nipples were very visible. Neither one of us wore underwear. We were ready for sex and it showed.;

Sherry was smart enough to have the dinner catered so there would not be any time or effort spent fussing with food and dishes and stuff. The caterers were busy in the kitchen and dinning room. Everything smelled and looked great.

While I was mixing up the martinis, the doorbell rang and Sherry went to greet our quests. I heard them with the greetings and joined them in the den with the martini pitcher and glasses.

I'll skip over the dinner and drinks except to say that it was a wonderful experience. The food was fabulous. We opened a very good Bordeaux and things went very well indeed. After desert and coffee, we took our brandy to the den. I must say that the four of us got along great. We talked openly about our sexuality. Frankly, I had a huge boner during the whole dinner. Betty kept smiling at me, licking her lips, and pinching her nipples and other such stuff. Sherry was doing likewise for Phil and both women were obviously turning each other on.

After we got to the den with the brandy, it was time. Time to fuck! We all knew it and we were all ready for it.

Without a word, Betty stepped up to me and took my hand and placed it on her breast while at the same time reaching up and placing her other hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to hers. As she did so she said very softly, "I want that big hard dick of yours inside me." Our lips met, caressed and our tongues began to explore. I massaged her breast and squeezed her nipple hard. I nibbled her lips and ear lobes. It had begun.

She reached behind her and loosened her dress then stepped out of it completely naked. I quickly stepped out of my pants and slipped off my T-shirt. As I looked Betty's fantastic body over, I could see out of the corner of my eye Sherry laying back on the couch with Phil's head between her legs. They were both naked. Sherry was massaging her tits and moaning with pleasure. Phil had one hand busy fingering Sherry's pussy and asshole while the other was busy pulling on this gigantic cock hanging down between his legs. It was HUGE. He has one of those cocks that even when it's hard it hangs down due to gravity. Sherry was in for a very pleasant evening indeed.

Meantime, Betty had my cock deep in her mouth. She was stroking it with her hand as it followed her mouth. Her tongue was independently licking around the head. She was straining to deepthroat my entire cock down to my pubes. I couldn't help but wonder if she could do that with Phil. I thought my cock was pretty big, but Phil's was unbelievable.

Phil continued to tongue fuck Sherry while his wife sucked on my cock. This went on for five wonderful minutes or so then we all swapped positions and duties. Betty and I adopted a sixty-nine position with her on top. I was happily eating her pussy and finger fucking her asshole while getting the blowjob of my life. As this was continuing, I looked up to see Phil squatting over Betty's ass with his gigantic dick in his hand aimed at her asshole. I dropped my fingers down to her pussy and Phil began to slide his cock up and down over her pussy and asshole. He placed the head over her asshole and slowly pushed. He got the head in and Betty took my cock out of my mouth and moaned, "Oh yes Phil put that big pole of yours up my ass! I need it, baby. Fuck me hard." As Phil was slipping his monster cock into his wife's asshole, I felt the familiar sensation of my wife's cunt sliding down my cock. I could feel Betty's tongue licking Sherry's clit furiously as she fucked me. This scenario continued until it was obvious that all three of us were ready to cum. Phil was slamming Betty's ass. Betty was sucking on Sherry's tits as she bounced up and down on my cock as hard and fast as she could. I was eating Betty's clit and finger fucking her cunt. We miraculously all came together. As my cum was spewing out of Sherry's cunt, Betty bent over and slurped it up. Phil pulled his baseball bat out of Betty ass and I was almost drowned by his cum as it spurted out in long ropes.

We all collapsed in a heap on the floor. We were pleasantly spent and temporarily out of breath. We all giggled out loud at the same time and sighed and moaned. Phil and I sort of rolled off in one direction and I asked him if he wanted something to drink. He said ice water would be nice, so I got up and filled two glasses with ice from the ice bucket and filled them up with water. We turned around to find our wives totally involved in a passionate kiss. We just sat on the couch and watched as they sucked on each other's tits and finger fucked each other. They inverted into a sixty-nine and gave each other what must have been fantastic head as they both came hard again.

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