tagLoving WivesOur New Neighbors Ch. 03

Our New Neighbors Ch. 03


It was beginning to seem to me like Kelly and Jen were intentionally out to completely reduce Wade and I to gelatin. At least, that was the result they were getting every time they played another of their teasing games. After the bar last night and the hot make out session I had had with Jen, while unbeknownst to me, my wife was jacking her husband off under the table across the room, I thought things were going in a certain direction. Kelly had definitely encouraged that thinking while fucking me from the top once we'd gotten home, asking me to close my eyes and imagine it was the beautiful blonde Jen riding me while Wade was hammering my wife in the next room with his thick cock. Of course, she brought me right off with that image.

This morning, Kelly made plans for the beach with our friends. She gave me several tasks to get ready, from packing sandwiches, cheese, wine, and fruit, to gathering sunscreen, towels, blanket, chairs, and water. Our car is on the small side, and Wade and Jen have an SUV, so they offered to pick us up with our gear around noon. As promised, they were right on time and we piled our stuff in the back with their gear and jumped in. Actually, I sat up front with Wade and Jen slipped into the back with Kelly.

The beach we were going to was a little over an hour drive to the north; although there are some closer ones, to get a nice sandy beach away from the rocky ones near the city requires some driving. Wade slipped in the first Pearl Jam CD as road music and we set out. After our discussion from last night, things were much calmer between us and we felt relatively at ease. Of course, that was disrupted occasionally by a giggle from the backseat where Jen and Kelly were talking quietly enough that we couldn't hear their words. However, the burning neck sensation of being talked about was evident in both of us.

The drive passed fairly uneventfully, overall. A run up the highway for a half hour, followed by about that much weaving through narrow tree lines streets until the ocean appeared beyond the crest of a hill, and we arrived at the gatehouse. Five minutes later, we parked and began the process of unloading all of our stuff. The ladies were very helpful, taking the towels and blanket, and a small radio Wade had brought, and leaving us the four folding camp chairs and the cooler and picnic basket. But our reward was watching their hips sway under their beach wraps as they walked in front of us, seeking out a good spot on the sand.

The temperature was warm but not blazing, perhaps 80 degrees with an ocean breeze that cooled us a bit. Therefore, the beach was not as crowded as usual, which was kind of nice actually. Jen and Kelly selected a spot nearer the grassy dunes than the waterline, about two thirds of the way up the sand. Our nearest neighbors were a good sixty yards away and we were well down from the cluster of small children and parents eagerly digging farther down the beach. We spread out the blanket for a comfy fit and Wade and I quickly stripped off our sandals and T-shirts. Similarly, the ladies took off their wraps to reveal their matching white bikinis from last weekend. I think Wade and I were remembering the same things, from the twin hardons we developed looking at our wives. Those suits weren't that concealing to begin with, much less when they got wet! Of course, the ladies noticed our approval but smiled and said nothing.

However, from there the afternoon went a little differently than I had expected. I thought we might end up picking up where we left off the previous evening, and was ready for some more fun, but the ladies placed Wade and I at the outsides of the blanket, and laid down in the center, each next to her respective husband. Far from rubbing any suntan lotion on Jen, I wasn't even putting any on Kelly who had taken care of herself at home. And even the strapless tanning revealing nothing as the woman primly folded the straps next to the sides of their breasts, hiding most of the side cleavage.

Frustrated, Wade and I took a nerf football out to the water to cool off. We played for about 45 minutes tossing the ball around and getting wet, then decided it was time to break out some lunch. Heading back towards the blanket, we noticed that the ladies were sunbathing topless, with their tits exposed to the sky, but they quickly replaced their tops when we approached.

We opened a bottle of wine and started munching away at the goodies inside the basket. From cheese to fruit to crackers, there was quite a spread. I thought that by refilling the ladies wine glasses frequently, we might develop some excitement, and so we went through two bottles pretty quickly, along with some of the sandwiches. And to a degree, my ploy worked fairly well - after we ate and all lay down, Kelly began kissing me sensually. I could her some wet kissing and lip smacking sounds from Wade and Jen's side also. However, after a few minutes the ladies settled down and took a nap on the blanket. Defeated, Wade and I joined them and snoozed for a while.

We passed the entire afternoon on the beach, snacking here and there, playing in the water, and soaking up the sun. It was very much a normal couples afternoon on the beach with no impropriety of any sort between us. All in all, it was a very good time if not quite what Wade and I had been expecting. Yet since this little game had started, he and I had been continuously left guessing, so that wasn't anything new.

Towards early evening, we headed for home. The drive back was even faster with no traffic to speak of, but we were all quiet and relaxed from the sun and spray, so conversation was sparse. They dropped us off and said their goodbyes, and as usual we exchanged the various hugs and kisses - more platonic this time. I did notice Kelly press something into Jen's hand when they hugged, but I didn't get a chance to see what it was, and instinct told me I was better off keeping quiet.

Kelly and I had a light dinner and watched a movie on pay-per-view. As the evening grew later, she announced that it was time for bed. We headed into the bedroom and undressed. Lying down, Kelly began stroking her fingers across my nipples until they became erect. Since our group experience, sex had become a daily activity for us, so I wasn't very surprised by that. She began murmuring softly as she kissed her way down my belly.

"Did you have fun at the beach today?" she asked. I mumbled my assent and she continued, "Were you frustrated that we didn't let you boys have any fun?" Her hand reached my stiffening dick and she began stroking it gently while licking my belly button. "Did you want to play with Jen again, maybe rubbing lotion onto her tits? Kissing her instead of me, like last night?" I closed my eyes as Kelly's lips found their way to my dick. She slowly licked the head of my cock and wet her lips heavily. Then, keeping her lips tightly pressed together, she gradually pushed her face down on my cock, using her lips as a ring squeezing my shaft as it penetrated her mouth. I could feel her tongue slipping up and down the base of my dick. Suddenly I heard her say, "I think he's ready now."

I looked up in surprise to find Jen standing in our bedroom doorway. She had on a light raincoat, which she removed to reveal a black garter, stockings, and bra. She wore no panties. I realized that Kelly must have handed her an extra key earlier, because I distinctly remembered locking the front door before we came to bed. Shock can do strange things to a person, and I certainly wasn't prepared to see Jen appear at that particular moment, so I basically sat there with a silly expression on my face, half pleasure from Kelly's mouth still sucking my cock, and half guilty "caught in the act" by a passerby.

That wore off fairly quickly as Jen stepped into the bedroom, dropping her raincoat on the floor behind her. I noticed now that her pussy, blonde and closely trimmed when we had fucked last weekend, was freshly shaved and glistening with moisture. Kelly rose from the bed and reached for the drawer in her bedside table. She took out her cigarettes and lit one, slowly inhaling a deep breath for my benefit while Jen stood quietly in front of her. Then Kelly leaned in gradually, and with exaggerated open mouth, laid a wet french kiss on Jen's lips. Watching their tongues flick back and forth in their parted mouths, I realized Jen was wearing a darker brown shade of lipstick that looked suspiciously like one of Kelly's colors. They had obviously been doing some more trading since last week, and it looked great.

Meanwhile while I gazed on, my beautiful wife was making out intensely with her sexy friend for my viewing pleasure. Seeing Kelly with another woman was amazing, especially since she had always insisted firmly that she had no interest in women and was not bisexual. As I wondered if this would be the night I saw Kelly taste another woman's velvety cunt, they slowly separated, leaving a trail of lipstick on Kelly's mouth. She opened our sex toy drawer to withdraw a vibrating dildo and sat in the chair in the corner of the room, facing our bed, and continued to smoke while telling Jen I was "all hers".

My mind whirred at this shift in events. "Where's Wade?" I finally asked as Jen began to crawl up the bed towards me. She took my cock into her hand, with her medium length painted nails lightly scraping my balls. Stroking me, she explained.

"Wade is at home in our bed with a big hard on. I tied him down to make sure he doesn't play with himself while I'm gone. After I sucked on him for about fifteen minutes, I told him that I was going to come over here and have some fun, and that he should be ready for me to come home slightly fucked. He kind of moaned a little when I said that." Jen was looking me in the eyes and stroking me while she spoke, and over her shoulder I could see my wife rubbing her closely trimmed cunt with the vibrator and smoking sensually.

"Then I made him watch while I shaved my pussy and put on this garter and stocking set. He bought it for me a few months ago and I've only worn it once for him. I put on some of the makeup Kelly lent me and told him that it was so I'd look more like your wife when I interrupted you. Then I kissed him goodbye and came over here."

Jen then turned around so that she could lower her damp pussy to my eager mouth. I reached between her legs and touched her. She was so wet that tiny droplets of her moisture were beading on her clean-shaven nether lips. I pulled her hips down until her slit was pressed against my mouth and began licking her. During our encounter last weekend, she had sucked me in an imitation of Kelly's style, and we had fucked, but I had not gotten a chance to taste her. Her flavor was tangy and sweet. Kelly has more of a faint, fresh taste that is so subtle it is hardly even vaginal, even though she doesn't douche. I love her taste, but it is very mild. Jen tasted more like a very clean, sweet pussy normally does; she was both stronger and yet sweeter. It was a delight to lick her wetness away, only to have more seep from inside her.

Kelly mainly likes clitoral stimulation, and often prefers a dildo to be used on her for penetration. Jen eagerly rocked her hips all around though, letting my tongue swipe across her entire sex and moaning as I pushed in inside of her in a fucking motion. At some point she lowered her head down and took me into her mouth so that we were in a hot 69 position. That must have looked as good as it felt, from the louder buzzing I heard from Kelly's vibrator and her groans of pleasure. We sucked each other for several minutes until our passion started to grow uncontrollable. Unlike Kelly, who is mono-orgasmic, Jen was clearly multi-orgasmic and rapidly reached two shuddering climaxes.

Before I could come from oral sex, Jen squeezed the base of my cock and climbed off of me. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs for me. "Fuck me now," she panted, unclipping the front of her bra to play with her own stiff nipples.

I needed no further encouragement. My cock was already well lubricated from her blowjob, and her cunt was literally leaking sticky vaginal juices after I'd eaten her into orgasmic bliss, so I simply lined up and pushed my head into her. Now I knew having seen Wade inside my wife that his cock was noticeably thicker than my 1.5", but I had a little more length than he did, so I watched Jen's reaction as I slid in. From simple pleasure I saw her expression change intensity when about 1" of my 8 was still outside of her. I let her absorb it for a moment and then finished thrusting my hips forward and was rewarded with a gasp as my balls touched her ass, giving her my entire shaft.

I started gently rocking my hips to stroke inside of her with only tiny withdrawals and deep penetration. At first her legs tightened around my ass, but as she got into the fucking, I was able to get first one then the other over my shoulders in what I call "froggie style". Kelly can't handle me fucking her like that because I bump her cervix and it's a little painful, but Jen seemed to have a longer channel that fully accommodated me. At the same time, the added pressure squeezed her pussy tightly on my cock, and my short strokes grew longer and faster. Behind me, I heard Kelly slip over the edge and orgasm while fucking herself on the thick dildo. Her cries spurred Jen on to a third climax, as she twisted and pulled her own nipples roughly.

"I want you to come in me," she moaned, kissing me fiercely. I felt a hand on the back of my head and turned to my wife, smoking a fresh cigarette, who leaned forward to kiss me hungrily. I could taste her smoky mouth and moaned in pleasure, and when we separated she told me, "I can taste Jen's pussy in your mouth." That turned me on even more. But when she finally took a long drag from her cigarette and leaned down to kiss Jen again while fondling her tit, I lost control. I began coming hard inside her shaven cunt, and she pulled my ass hard into her to make sure my semen went deep into her.

Exhausted, I pulled out and rolled to one side. Jen smiled in post-coital bliss and softly kissed Kelly for another minute, then announced that she needed to go take care of her husband. I asked what she had in mind.

"I'm going to go sit on his face and show him what a slut I am," she teased. "He always likes to have me play at a little dominance, so tonight he's going to discover what the consequences of that are. Kelly told me about your little after sex play, and I think it's time Wade gets some of that. Then I'll fuck him until we fall asleep." She kissed me, her tongue probing into my mouth. "Good night you two," she murmured, then retrieved her raincoat and departed. Hearing her lock the door behind herself, I noticed idly that she had kept the key.

Kelly snuggled into my arms and kissed me softly. I asked if she wanted me to touch her but she said she had already had a great orgasm and just wanted to cuddle. We fell asleep shortly thereafter.


Jen opened her own door after the short walk home. Though she had tried to clench her vaginal muscles as tightly as possible, some of my semen had leaked from her and left a trail of come down her thigh. She smiled knowing it would drive Wade wild. She climbed the stairs to her own bedroom, dropping the raincoat by the door. Intentionally, she had left her bra unclasped with her tits hanging loose on display. Neither had she fixed her lipstick or hair after our fuck, so when she opened the door of the candlelit bedroom, Wade's eyes widened at the sight of his freshly fucked wife.

"I didn't know if you were actually going to..." he stammered, still bound loosely to the bed. Then his eyes trailed down to the come starting to run out of her vagina. Taking in her mussed hair and lipstick, he realized she had indeed just fucked another man while leaving him helplessly tied in bed. Wade was stunned and felt slightly used, but his cock was pointing straight up towards the ceiling, twitching with his racing pulse.

Jen shushed him gently and walked over to the bed. Taking his thick cock in her right hand, she leaned in to kiss him. "I've been kissing Kelly with this mouth," she whispered into his parted lips. "And I've been sucking on Biff's cock while he ate me out. I came three times." At that, Wade groaned in arousal. His dick was leaking precome over her hand and she licked it off. Kissing him again, she continued, "Then he fucked me hard. His dick is pretty long, and I liked it. But now I have all this come inside me."

Wade started fucking her hand, desperate to get off. Jen had left him in a pretty aroused condition well over an hour ago when she started getting ready, and half-believing and half discounting her stated intentions to come to our house and seduce me, his imagination had been very active. He was aching to release the pent up ejaculate simmering in his balls for so long.

Jen took her hand away. "I'll make you come, honey. But first you have to do something for me. Kelly has Biff do it for her and she loves it. I want you to eat my pussy." Wade looked at her cunt, so recently fucked and slightly stretched, with its red swollen lips and the white liquid dripping in threads down her thighs. He was mixed about doing it; he and Jen had never been prudish about the "tooth brushing rule" after oral sex for example, but this was different. However, she was stroking his submissive side by asking this of him, and he wanted to please his wife.

Ultimately, since she had left him bound, Wade had no real choice. Jen climbed up onto the bed and lowered her wet pussy onto his mouth. To encourage him to do a good job, she began gently licking the shaft of his cock from base to tip and over again. Wade gave in to her gentle demands and began licking her musky slit. Since Jen is normally so wet anyway, he found that it wasn't so different and began to enjoy himself. Of course, she was highly stimulated by the eroticism of the event. Knowing her husband was cleaning and pleasuring her after she had taken a lover's seed was thrilling, and Wade's throbbing dick was evidence of his arousal as well. As she felt her final climax of the evening building, Jen began grinding her sticky cunt into his mouth and sucking him ferociously. She had planned to fuck him, but now wanted to taste his jism while he drank from her.

Wade nipped lightly at her clit and pushed his tongue firmly into her hole just the way she liked it, and she rewarded him by sucking on his thick prick until her cheeks hollowed with the pressure, tickling his asshole with one finger to stimulate his prostate. Overcome, Wade let loose an animalistic roar and started pumping his load into Jen's eager mouth. That was the cue she had been awaiting and she rubbed her clit firmly against his chin while her sloppy pussy rode his tongue until her own orgasm came. Satiated, she made a show of swallowing for Wade's viewing pleasure, and then untied him. There would be plenty of time to fuck in the morning, she thought tiredly. And then there were plans to make with Kelly...

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