tagLesbian SexOur New Neighbors Ch. 10

Our New Neighbors Ch. 10


I saw Kitty chase Teri upstairs and was wondering why Teri got so upset when Kitty told her to let me fuck her. Nicole went crazy with lust after she got my cock into her hot hole. She loved it and fucked herself to many orgasms. She liked two positions, doggie style and then sitting on top of my cock. Sitting on my cock like a jockey in a horse race, she felt that she could control the tempo and was able to cum quicker. She was an unbelievable fuck.

Then I fucked Tina after I took a short rest. My cock was still as hard as steel from the injection, in fact it was so hard, I wasn't able to cum. Tina really got with it, even though she said she had some rotten luck with the guys that she let attempt to fuck her, they didn't do a thing for her. The fact that she was already aroused after watching me fuck Kim and Nicole, may have been part of it, but the fact that I was giving her a wild fuck for about fifteen minutes, she came with a shuddering orgasm. She said the couple of guys that put their cocks in her, didn't last more than two or three minutes, just about the time she was starting to get worked up, they would cum. These guys never learned about fore-play, I guess. But she did have a tight pussy, without the injection I don't know how long I would have lasted.

Then I did Julie. Julie was what we call, a bum fuck. I told her to try to get into it, but there wasn't much enthusiasm on her part. I think the problem with Julie was that she wanted to try to be in control and call all the shots. I think that's why Tina gave her a little bit of a rough time when she was shaving Julie. Tina went along with whatever Julie wanted, not asking Tina what she would like to do. The difference between Julie attempting to order people around and Kitty controlling others was, Kitty had an objective, she wanted these girls to learn all aspects of their sexuality so that they could decide what they enjoyed most, and she did it in a loving way so that they all loved her.

She also did it for the sexual pleasure she received from these women, and when she was through with these girls, sexually, they would be women, they would have options, knowing exactly what they wanted out of sex or a sexual relationship. But most importantly, Kitty wanted women to enjoy sex to the max. Julie pissed her fiends off, she definitely needed much more discipline.

Julie did cum, eventually, but there wasn't any bang to it. Sometimes, I have come to realize, some women try too hard to reach an orgasm, depending totally on their pussy and not their mind, the strongest and most important aphrodisiac we have in our body. I knew a woman that could think herself into an orgasm without touching herself. I went back to Kim, I knew that she was more than ready for some more cock. With her enthusiasm and sex drive, I was finally able to cum and then, thankfully, my cock went soft.

I rested for a while and then went looking for Kitty and Teri. I saw them sitting on the couch in the family room, Kitty was holding Teri as Teri was softly sobbing on Kitty's shoulder.

Kitty was softly talking to Teri, comforting her, I heard this much of the conversation, but didn't let them know that I was observing them. "Honey, you know we love you and we would never, ever make you do something you didn't want to do." Kitty was kissing Teri on her forehead and stroking Teri's hair. "Now tell me what's the matter, sweetheart? What upset you so much? Uncle Bob just wanted you girls to experience what sex was with a man and make you aware of the difference between sex with a woman and sex with a man."

Teri didn't respond and kept sobbing, Kitty was patient and realized the if she cuddled Teri long enough, Teri would come around. After a minute or two, Teri looked up at Kitty's face, wiped some tears on her face and then said, "aunt Kitty, you're the first one that has ever shown me any love, I love you so much. You've made me feel like a person, not just a thing, you really cared. I've heard so many people that I know, as well as my mother's friends say, 'oh, aren't you pretty, or your daughter is beautiful, but none of them ever took me seriously or talked to me as if I had anything else to offer."

"Hon," Kitty said, "what about Mom and Dad, didn't they give you any comfort? I'm sure they must love you very much"

Then Teri let it all hang out. "God, I wish I could love my Mom like I love you, Kitty. My Mother married my Dad, who is twenty-five years older than her, just because he was wealthy. I hated the son-of-a-bitch, he wouldn't even make a decent grandfather, never mind a father. He hardly ever talked to me, and when he did, it was always something negative about the way I looked or the way I talked. My Mother let him get her pregnant, not because she wanted me, or loved him, but she wanted to get his money. My Mother is a very beautiful woman and she is jealous of the fact that people always tell her how pretty that I am, instead of telling how beautiful she is."

Teri stopped talking for a few seconds to wipe the tears that continued to run down her cheeks. Then she started again. "Kitty, anytime I stay out late, and then come home, all she can do is yell at me and tell me I'm a slut, a whore and other things, like I'm a tramp. When she isn't calling me names, she tells me how bad and rotten men are and they don't even know how to make a woman happy sexually. The only person she loves is herself, and I know this Kitty. She doesn't know, but I've watched her masturbate many times as she watches herself in the mirror. She'll say to the mirror, I love you, you're soo beautiful, as she is playing with her cunt, either with a vibrator or her fingers, I've even seen her kiss her image on the mirror as she is moaning and cumming."

"When you see her doing this, masturbating as she looks at herself in the mirror, making love to herself and then kissing herself as she comes, how does that make you feel?"

Then Teri started sobbing again as Kitty held her close. "aunt Kitty, since you've been so honest with me, I have to tell you the truth, but please don't get mad at me." Then Teri blurted it out, "I wish it was me in the mirror that she was kissing and making love too, not herself. I want to love my Mother. I want to make love to my Mother." Teri cried again and then, "I just want to love her and I want her to love me."

"Sweetheart, why don't you go out and go for a swim, I have things to take care of and when I'm finished, I'll come out and join you." Teri left to go to the pool after thanking Kitty, and then Kitty looked at me, I guess that she was aware of me being there. "Bob, I'm going to call Teri's Mother and see if I can talk her to coming over here for a visit. If she agrees, then maybe you can take the other girls over to Marta and Cindy's, I'm sure that they'll be very happy to entertain them. Just tell them to wear what ever they have, but absolutely no under-wear. Also, don't tell Teri you're going, I want her to stay here."

Kitty called Terie's mom and she agreed to come over. I asked Kitty what the conversation was about, "Bob, I'm sure you heard Teri and I talking, Teri's Mother has a narcissistic problem, instead of showing her daughter love, she shows that love of herself. I think it's because she is jealous of Teri, or it could be that the person in the mirror is her daughter, but she can't bring herself around to show Teri how much she loves her. The first thing that she asked me if Teri was giving me a problem. I told her no, in fact I really enjoy Teri. I told her the reason I called her was when I told Teri how pretty she was, that Teri's responded by saying she got her looks from her beautiful Mother and then I elaborated on that, that peaked her interest.

When I told the girls that we were going shopping at a friends boutique shop, they were all for it. when I told them no underwear, they didn't say a thing. I squeezed them all in our SUV and we drove off. We no sooner got down the block, when Kim asked why Teri wasn't with us. I told them that Teri's Mother was coming over for a visit and Kitty wanted Teri to be there. When I told Kim that we were going to Marta's, she got all excited.

When Teri's Mom got to the house, she was dressed to kill, Kitty said that when she first looked at her, (Teri's Mom, Sheri,) she looked like she just walked out of an exclusive Italian boutique, very expensive and to the minute styling. A light blue silk blouse that defined her firm pointed breasts as well as her nipples, black leather mini skirt and four inch black platform shoes. This woman looked sexy as hell and I'm sure that she got a lot of cocks stiff in a hurry as she walked with her butt swinging from one side to another, like a model going down the ramp.

Of course, Kitty was only wearing a light cover up, and as usual, nothing underneath, how casual could she get. Kitty had Sherry come in and said, "Teri wasn't exaggerating at all, you are as beautiful as she says that you are. You know, some girls get a crush on their Mother and say things about her that is just what and how she views her, but she described you to a T."

Sheri was about in her late thirties, no wonder this woman was in love with herself, for her age, she had a fantastic body and a very exotic looking face.. Watching them in the video, I could see Kitty salivating, I was praying that she wouldn't rape Sheri right then, before they even sat down.

Kitty had a tray ready with a couple of tall gin and tonics, knowing Kitty, it was more gin than tonic, with a slice of lime. "I had an idea that you would like a nice cool drink." as she handed Sheri her drink. As they talked and Kitty kept paying Sheri compliments on her looks and telling what a terrific body she had, Sheri was eating it up. When she offered Sheri another drink, Sheri told that would be fine but just to keep it mild. Kitty knows better than to let a woman get high, but just enough to feel good and to lose some of their inhibitions.

"Teri is out back in the pool, she'll be surprised to see you, but please don't tell her that I called you, just say that you called to see how things were going and I invited you over. After Teri kept telling me how beautiful you were, I just had to meet you." They went to the pool but Teri wasn't there, so Kitty came to the conclusion that Teri was over at her Jacuzzi. "Just follow me, I'm sure that Teri is at the Jacuzzi was right, there she is. Hi Teri, surprise, your Mom came to visit."

Teri had a scowl look on her face, I don't think that she was too happy seeing her Mother there. Teri just gave a quick wave without too much enthusiasm. After giving it a thought, she said to her Mother, "so how come you came here, did you think that we were having some kind of wild sex orgy with a bunch of guys, like you always think about your slutty daughter?"

Kitty told Teri that what she just asked her Mother was not very nice. "Teri, your Mom called to see how you were doing and if you were enjoying yourself, I told her you were enjoying yourself and then I invited her over. You told me that your Mother was attractive, she not only is beautiful like you, but she could almost look like your twin sister."

Teri was covered up to her neck in the swirling Jacuzzi water, and her Mother didn't really look at her that closely as the water foamed around Teri's body. Sheri was unaware that Teri was totally nude. Kitty decided to get right to it and said to Teri, "honey, I'd like you to get out of the Jacuzzi and stand by your Mother, I just find it incredible that the two of you look so much alike."

Teri's face turned red, you could tell that she didn't want to disobey Kitty, but in conversations with Kitty, Teri told her that her Mother would get upset with her even if she walked around the house with only a bra and panties on. Then Kitty said a little more sternly, "Teri, I asked you to do something, now please do it."

Teri realized that Kitty was quite serious and made the decision to obey Kitty, in spite of what her Mother's reaction would be. Teri stepped out of the Jacuzzi and stood up next to her Mother. Sheri was speechless for a few seconds as she looked at her daughter's naked body, but then she realized and became aware of the fact that Teri's pussy was hairless. She blurted out, "oh my god Teri, you're naked and what did you do to your," and she just stopped and pointed to Teri's pussy.

Sheri looked at Kitty and angrily asked, "what is going on here? What is my daughter doing in your Jacuzzi naked? What happened to her, you know, pubic hair?"

"Sheri, I'm not sure if you've ever been in a Jacuzzi, but that's how you go in to get the full benefit of the swirling water. The jets caress your body all over and relaxes you. The feeling is better than any full body massage. Now hang up your clothes over there and join us and see how exhilarating the Jacuzzi is, I guarantee it will make you body tingle all over.". Kitty then took her cover up off and was now standing next to Teri, the two of them, side by side, stark naked as Sheri looked at them, almost in shock.

Sheri had a couple of drinks and Kitty thought that this would get some of the stiffness out of Sheri and that she would loosen up a bit, however, this wasn't the case. Sheri then said, "Teri, I think that you should put your clothes on and that we should go back home."

Teri looked at Kitty and then her Mother and just stood there. Kitty wasn't about to let this happen, "Sheri, Teri is our guest and she will stay, as a matter of fact, Teri can stay with me as long as she likes. I'm very fond of her and I think that she is a sweet and loving young lady. However, it makes me very sad to think, that you as her Mother, are not aware of how much she loves you. So get off your pedestal, take off your clothes and join us in the Jacuzzi, if you don't like it, then you can get dressed and leave, but I think it would be very rude of you not to accept my invitation, so get in here and let's all be friends."

Sheri hesitated doing anything other that staring at Teri and Kitty. Then Kitty went up to Sheri, deciding to make up Shari's mind for her, and said, "let me help you out of these beautiful clothes, I've got to admit, you look super hot in this outfit, but I bet you will look even hotter without them. Teri, let's help your mother." All poor Sheri could do was stammer and saying that she didn't want her clothes removed.

"Oh my god," Kitty said, "Victoria's Secret undies, damn Sheri, you should be a model for them. Teri, don't you think your Mother is so hot looking in her undies? But let's help her out of them, you take off her panties and I'll do her bra." Teri was quick to obey, Kitty knew that it would give Teri a close up look at her mom's pussy.

Finally Sheri was able to get out a couple of words without stammering, "Kitty, I really wished that you hadn't done this, what is my daughter going to think? Just please let me put my clothes back on."

"Sheri, your daughter and I are women just like you, so no need to feel embarrassed, and you know what your daughter is going to think? I'll tell you what she is going to think, she is going to think that her Mom is not only real beautiful, but that you're real cool for a Mom. Teri, go stand next to your Mom, please." Teri went up to Sheri and Kitty could see the look that Teri had on her face as she looked at her naked Mom, it was a look of love as well as a look of lust. Then Kitty said, "I can't believe this, Sheri, Teri is a mirror image of you, (remember how Teri said that her Mother would masturbate in front of the mirror and make love to herself. Could it be that her Mother was thinking of Teri when she was doing that?) Kitty continued, "you two are an amazing reflection of one another, both so beautiful"

Poor Sheri was tongue tied, hearing all those beautiful compliments from Kitty, do you think that it had any impact on her sub-conscious mind when Kitty said a "mirror image," or a "reflection," of one another? Kitty is shrewd.

Kitty told them it was time to get into the Jacuzzi, as she held Sheri's hand. I could see that Sheri was a little reluctant, but Kitty didn't give Sheri any time to think about it as Kitty quickly sat her down in the Jacuzzi.

Kitty had the remote control for the special jets, that was hidden under a covering, right behind her. "Teri, I want you to sit right between your Mom and me, that'll be nice and cozy." The regular jets were swirling the water around their bodies. "Now doesn't this feel good?" Kitty asked Sheri.

Then Sheri looked over at Kitty and said, "well, I have to admit, it is very relaxing, but I don't want to stay in it too long, I'm afraid that it will dry out my skin."

"Don't worry about that, like you, I like to keep my skin nice and soft, but I also like the Jacuzzi. When I fill the Jacuzzi, I also put in a skin moisturizer in the water, so when we get out, our skin will still be nice and soft without the wrinkles. Now scoot down a little bit and let yourself go."

When Kitty thought that Sheri was starting to relax, she hit the remote and turned on the powerful jets. They all let out an instant mewing sound as the water from the pulsating jets started to stimulate their vulnerable pussy lips, along with their clits and their little butt holes.

Kitty could see that Teri and Sheri were shocked into a quick state of arousal, as well as her, but she didn't want them to cum, not just yet. She let it run just long enough to get them right to the edge, and then she clicked it off. She looked over at Teri and Sheri, who were now in a trance like condition, both being aware that they were about to cum.

They sat in silence for a moment or two, when Sheri spoke up and said, "I agree, Kitty, the Jacuzzi is very relaxing but I should be going, I don't want to over-stay my welcome."

"I love sitting here, and when it's just Teri and me, I love to cuddle with her, she is so loving, I get a warm feeling all over. I bet you feel like hugging her all the time when she's around; god, I could just eat her up, and I bet you feel the same way about your beautiful daughter just as I do?" With that said, Kitty leaned over and gave Teri, a warm hug as Sheri looked on. "EAT HER UP?" Kitty certainly loves to play with words.

It was time, Kitty turned on the pulsating jets, and once again, they all stiffened up, but Kitty fought off showing any signs arousal on her part. She let the jets stay on for a moment or two, and when she sensed that they were all getting to that point, she looked over at Sheri and said, "Shari, it's O.K. don't feel embarrassed, let me see you give Teri a nice big hug and kiss. "Sheri, as well as Teri and Kitty, were getting very close to cumming.

Then, as they started getting to that point were the clutches of their impending orgasms took hold, Sheri leaned over and grabbed Teri, and said, "oh honey, I love you soo much." and then she gave Teri a lover's kiss, open mouth, tongues dueling, as they both shuddered to a fantastic orgasm, along with kitty. Mother and daughter had found the love that had been stifled for so many years. Kitty turned off the jets.

"Now, wasn't that refreshing?" Kitty asked Sheri. This Jacuzzi has brought me more pleasure than I can count. I just wish those jets wouldn't keep going off and on as they do, I'll have to talk to Bob to see if it's something that he can fix.

Shari was holding Teri's hand and said to Kitty, "it was wonderful, I'm glad you talked me into staying as well as making me get into the Jacuzzi, but I think that maybe Teri and I should be heading home, I don't want us to take advantage of your hospitality." Evidently Shari was in a hurry to take Teri home so that she could continue her love making with her daughter.

"I'll hear of no such thing. I want us to get to know one another a lot better. Come, let's go back into the house where we can relax, have a drink, and do some more girl talk. Teri, do you want to go home now, or would you like to stay?"

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