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Our New Playtoy


It's Friday afternoon and I'm settling down after school to my normal routine. I'll probably just watch some TV or something boring. As soon as I sit down I hear a knock at the door. It's Jamie from up the street and her friend Samantha. Jamie is a really petite girl with medium length dirty blonde hair. She has perky B cup breasts and she's almost too skinny; but her spunky attitude makes her so attractive. She's wearing the shortest pair of jean shorts I've ever seen and her legs are perfect. But Samantha is the one I've always had a crush on. She's dressed much more conservatively in a long flowing dress down to her ankles. She has long slightly curly red hair reaching down almost to her ass, C cup breasts and a perfect body. I immediately wonder why they are here. I've always been too shy to even talk to them really, so we don't know each other all that well.

Jamie doesn't really offer me an explanation; she simply says "come back with us to my house, we have something to show you."

At that they turn around and walk away. At this point I'm totally confused, but there's no way I'm saying no to anything these girls request from me. I quickly run into the bathroom to clean my face up a little bit then head for Jamie's house.

I knock on the door. Jamie answers and grabs me by the hand forcefully, leading me into her bedroom. Samantha is already sitting on the bed motioning for me to sit right next to her, which I do. Jamie sits down on the other side of me and puts her arm around me. I'm so nervous. I never thought I'd ever get this close to either of these girls.

Jamie then explains to me "My parents are out of town for the weekend and Sam and I were getting a little bored. We thought we could use a new playtoy."

I immediately blush. Before I've even finished processing what she just said, Jamie has her arm around my neck and is wrestling me down to the bed while Samantha holds both of my arms. I start struggling to get loose but it's no use; the both of them together are too much. I'm now on my back with Jamie sitting on top of my right arm while holding my left arm as Sam ties it to the bedpost. It's only a matter of time before they have the other arm and both of my legs tied down. I'm now tied up spread eagle on the bed, totally vulnerable to whatever they plan to do with me.

Shaking, I ask "What are you doing?"

Jamie replies "I told you we were bored and needed a new playtoy."

She immediately pulls my shirt up over my head, climbs on top of me, and starts rubbing my chest. Samantha is now lying right beside me. She leans over me and kisses me on the lips softly. Her lips feel so good. At this point I decide to just let myself go and enjoy this. Jamie removes her shirt exposing her perky breasts. She leans over, putting her boobs right in my face. I run my tongue around her nipple then pinch it with my lips. Samantha leans in, and now both of our tongues are darting around Jamie's left nipple. I take her nipple into my mouth and begin sucking on it while Sam goes to work on the right nipple. Jamie moans. I continue to work on her nipples while Samantha gets up and mounts me behind Jamie. She runs her hands all over Jamie before sliding the jean shorts off of her body. Jamie wasn't wearing any panties. Samantha slides her hand up Jamie's leg, to her inner thigh, teasing her pussy but moving back to her ass. She rubs Jamie's ass for a while before sliding her hand down between her legs and pushing two fingers deep inside her pussy. Jamie screams, as I continue sucking her nipples as hard as I can. Samantha violently fucks Jamie's pussy with her two fingers. Jamie is breathing so heavy now and her body is quivering. In one motion Samantha slips her finger out of Jamie's dripping wet hole and rubs her clit in a rhythmic motion. Jamie screams as loud as she can, her body shaking. As she cums, I feel her legs clamp down on me and I can feel the fluids pouring out of her onto my bare stomach. Her body buckles and she falls down on top of me.

Still moaning softly, Jamie looks me in the eyes and starts kissing me on the lips as Samantha climbs off me. Sam's attention turns to my now rock hard cock sticking up through my pants. She rubs me through my pants for a while before undoing my belt and sliding my pants and underwear down around my ankles. As I explore the inside of Jamie's mouth, Samantha explores the head of my penis with her tongue before licking down to the bottom of the shaft and my balls. She works her way back up to the tip and takes me into her mouth slowly. She takes me in all the way to the back of her throat and then starts working on the tip with her mouth and tongue. Jamie gets up off of me and moves down next to Samantha, licking my balls and shaft as Samantha works on the head. This feels so amazing; in a few seconds I'll be filling Samantha's mouth with cum.

But suddenly they stop. Samantha gets up off the bed and pulls off her dress. Her body is so incredible. The sight of it as well as my throbbing cock is driving me insane. Why did they stop? Samantha climbs back onto the bed and gets on all fours next to me as Jamie undoes the ropes binding me to the bed. I know what to do. Without hesitation I get on my knees and take Samantha from behind. She screams as I violently thrust into her. I run my hands all over her breasts and ass as I continue to pound into her from behind. This is like a dream. She's moaning so loudly now, and then I feel her pussy constrict on me as she lets out a scream as she cums. It feels so amazing that I can't hold it any longer and I explode inside her. We both collapse on the bed as Jamie licks up the cum dripping from Samantha's pussy and all over my throbbing cock.

We all just lay there on Jamie's bed holding each other until we fall asleep. Jamie's parents wouldn't be back until Monday. It was going to be an incredible weekend...

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