tagNovels and NovellasOur New World Ch. 01

Our New World Ch. 01


Lucille walked slowly into the center of the town. Every store was there, unharmed, but nobody was in them. Lucille was obviously in significant shell shock, dazed and curious as to what the hell had just happened. Joining Lucille, a dashing and elegant blonde were the equally-dazzling brunette Eliza, sexy and voluptuous redhead Stacy, and the black-haired Daisy.

Eliza asked Lucille, "What the hell happened here?"

Lucille obviously did not know, nor did the other girls. All four girls were twenty-one and all four went to the same school and college. They knew each other incredibly well, but none of them had ever been totally alone together, not all at once. Daisy said that the most likely reason for the disappearance of the other people was the detonation of the nightmare bomb. Then she summoned one of the computer robots from a nearby coffee shop.

Daisy asked it, "Computer, find all life forms on the planet."

The computer robot pulled out its primary screen and began its scan. Had the nightmare bomb detonated, it would have essentially annihilated every single living human on Earth, the ultimate contingency in a modern-day standoff between America and the superpower Iran. In the event of an Iranian attack on the United States, the President would activate the nightmare bomb and eradicate the Middle East, but Iran still would have had enough time to destroy the United States and the Western world. A series of explosions would follow and instantly disintegrate every human being in the target range of the bomb, the range being the surface of the entire planet.

Three seconds later, it said, "The total number of life forms found on the planet Earth is four."

The robot then shut down, and Stacy went towards the robot, thinking if this was some sort of trick caused by pranksters. She opened the bot's hatch to look for sabotage, and she found it was perfectly clear.

Stacy then said, "Gals, the bomb detonated, and we are the last four people on Earth."

Lucille asked the girls, "Then how did we survive?"

Eliza then said, "I was in the museum aquamarine tank when it detonated. The water and glass in the museum made the perfect cover."

Eliza's father was the curator of the local museum and she was an expert at sea life.

Stacy then said, "I was inside a bank vault when it detonated."

Stacy was a bank teller and had been assigned to count the money in the vault.

Lucille followed by saying "I was flying a helicopter when the bomb detonated, the high altitude must have missed me."

Lucille was practicing her flying for her pilot certificate to help her cause in joining the Air Force.

Daisy then finished by saying, "I was in a box a few feet below the Earth."

Daisy had just been abused by her husband, wanting to kill her and get her business.

Stacy asked, "If we are the only four humans left on Earth, what about the people in space?"

Eliza, in an atypical insulting manner, reminded her, "The astronauts were all wiped out when the ISS exploded and made it impossible to get anybody back into space. There is nobody in space to repopulate the planet."

Lucille then spoke, "If we are the only four, not to mention, the last four people on Earth, we can do whatever the hell we want."

Eliza yelled, with her hands waving in the air, "Let's all get naked!”

Daisy, Stacy, and Lucille all looked at her strangely at first.

Eliza just shrugged, but Lucille commented, "That is a great idea! We're the only four left on Earth, and we don't need clothes anymore!"

Stacy asked "What about the winter?"

Daisy's quick response to Stacy was "You remember the climate control system set? Temperatures were now fixed to about eighty degrees Fahrenheit all across the globe."

Indeed, there would never be a place on Earth that was cold enough to chill skin like winter.

Lucille ran into a barber shop right behind her and grabbed four pairs of scissors. The girls eagerly began cutting off their shirts and jeans into a giant pile of scrap cloth. Left in just their bikinis, they threw their shoes into the pile along with their socks. At last, they made the final cuts to their bras, and forever their bouncy and impressive boobs were exposed. This was followed by swift cuts to each girl's panties and now their increasingly moist pussies were all exposed. They were officially naked.

Lucille wildly screamed in the air as she showed off her shaved pussy. Each of the other girls followed suit.

Daisy asked, "What about money?"

Then they all laughed it off as they knew that with no people, money was unnecessary.

She didn't bother to notice that Eliza had run off and got a match from the nearby gas station. Eliza struck the match off the box and threw it into the pile and all the girls' clothes went ablaze in a giant fireball. The girls laughed maniacally as they walked away, hand-in-hand away from the blaze, off for their first adventure as the naked foursome.

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