tagGroup SexOur Night With Jen

Our Night With Jen


You and I are out for pizza. Our waitress keeps staring and flirting, coming by to ask if we like the food, if she can get us another cold one, has she seen us in before? We seem familiar. So we flirt right back and joke with her and tell her, yes, we'd like something else from her, if she can be of service. She blushes and plays along. She says "Oh yeah? I'm Jen, How can I help? I get off at 11." You ask if we can pick her up and take her to a small private party. She agrees; coy, sexy Jen.

So we leave for a bit and come back at 11. Jen has changed into a little ruffle skirt and slides in the backseat of the car. I step out and join her. You take the wheel and drive us to my house. On the way I stroke her tanned thighs, play with her long blonde hair and kiss her soft neck and throat. She says she's never been with a girl. I assure her that I haven't either, but let's just relax and learn together.

When we get to my house, you and Jen make out on the bed and take each other's clothes off. I watch you caressing her nipples and her belly and legs for a while. She is really getting into it. I am swelling just watching you enjoy each other's tight bodies. Then I remove the silk scarf I am wearing as a belt to my jeans. I get undressed and ask Jen if I can tie her up. She says yes, but only if she can lie face down with her ass in the air. We like her spunk and we all giggle. I tie pretty Jen's hands behind her back loosely with the scarf. She poses for us in just the way she described. I kneel behind Jen, with my big round tits brushing against her amazing ass cheeks. I massage her aching calves from her hard night's work. Then I kiss and lick my way up from her ankles to her fuckbox. As I reach it, I spread my own legs for your famous hand job. Creamy pre-cum starts to glisten on Jen's pussy and she is moaning.

You are hard as a rock and ready to have some attention of your own, but you stand by the bed, stroking my slippery hot clit and watching in awe as I suck and bite at Jen's throbbing cunt and her tight pink rim. I slip my tongue in and out of her holes and grind against your strong wrist as I do.

You slide your thumb in my ass and your fingers in my twat, massaging the muscles of the wall between those magic places. This gets me off and I'm not quiet about it. I contract violently as you're practically lifting me off the bed with your forearm. Fuck yeah! I bite Jen's rim just a little too hard as you rock my world. The bite breaks the skin. She screams but loves it.

I move away to find her tongue so she can taste her own honey and her blood. You assume my position. You push your long hard cock into Jen's wet tunnel, slowly, until it's all the way in. You start to pull out and slam in, and the delicious friction makes her cry out. You think you might lose your load, but you hold off like the pro you are. You push way up inside Jen's box and you just rock her and pulsate while her drool drips into my mouth and I lick the sweat from between her pert breasts. She loves your cock and the feel of your big hands on her waist and everything you are doing so skillfully. She tells us she's cumming. We already know.

I move up in front of Jen on the pillows and open my legs to her eager mouth. She spits on my throbbing flower. She sucks me off as you begin to bang her, rough now, and pull her long hair. You fuck her pussy rythmically and with intensity, your heavy balls slapping against her shaved lips. You ride her hard like this for the longest time while she pleasures me and begs me to squirt piss on her face. I oblige. When you hear and see that, you are nearly gone. You pull out altogether and take a look at your blood filled helmet. Ecstasy. You push it back in and shoot your hot jizz with a force that surprises you. You twitch forever inside Jen and we all crash down like dominoes.

You and I make eye contact while Jen is end-to-end between us and we smile at each other's beautiful eyes and full lips, knowing that we just helped each other, and a new friend, fulfill an amazing fantasy.

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