tagGroup SexOur Night with Leah

Our Night with Leah


My husband and I own our own farm, have been married for twenty years, and have four kids. Even though we are very busy with the kids and the farm we always find time to spice up our sex life. I still love him just as much as I did when I first met him. We don't get a lot of time together because we are busy with the farm and the kids raise cattle during the summer to earn extra money. So I am always trying to find special ways to spice things up. While Andrew is out in the field I will text message him and tell him what I want to do to him when he gets done. Sometimes I will even send him naughty pictures of certain body parts. I have always thought about giving him a threesome with another female. One day I sat there thinking about all my friends and which one I would like to have a threesome with. I have a friend Leah who is absolutely gorgeous I knew she would be the perfect one. She is five foot five, very athletic with long red hair, green eyes, and nice big perky breast. I knew Andrew would love her. Andrew was going to be out in the field all day so I called her and asked her over so we could talk. When she got here she had on a mini skirt with this top that really showed off her breast and she smelled so good. I opened a bottle of wine poured us a couple glasses and proceeded to ask her about my idea. As we sat at the kitchen table talking about it to my surprise I found out she was very willing to do this with us. In fact she had told me that she had thought about the same thing a few times. She even told me that she would love to have some fun with just me sometime.

"Wow Leah I had no idea that you felt that way about us."

"Paige I have liked you and Andrew since the day I met you two. I think you are so sexy and Andrew is so good looking."

We moved into the living room and sat on the couch. Leah kept moving closer to me as we were talking. At first I was a little nervous but as we were talking I got more relaxed. Next thing I knew it Leah leaned in and kissed me. I had never been kissed by another female before but I liked it when Leah kissed me. It stirred feelings in me that I had never felt before. As we were sitting there kissing I felt Leah playing with my breast. I now felt a dampness in m y panties and I loved it. I don't know what came over me but I wanted to feel how it would feel to be with another female. I knew the kids would be home soon and we did not have much time. Knowing this I knew if this was going to happen we had to hurry. I knew I had to do something so I looked at Leah and said. "Leah I'm not sure where this is going but if it is going where I want it to we need to hurry. My kids will be home soon and I really don't want them to see what might happen."

"Might happen? Paige I don't know about you but I want to show you what you are missing by being with another female." As she was saying that she took her hand and ran it down my cheek. Then she took her hand ran it down my arm to my hand, took my hand placed it on her left breast, and told me to massage it for her. Her nipple felt good as it rubbed up against my hand. I had no clue as to what I was doing but all I knew was it felt very good.

"Leah I have no idea what I'm doing here so you need to help me. I want this to be fun for the both of us so please show me what to do."

Leah leaned in gave me a kiss and said. "Don't worry I will show you exactly what to do and you will love every minute of it." Then she led me into our bedroom, told me to take my clothes off and lay down on the bed. Next she took her clothes off and joined me on the bed. Leah then took my hand put it on her left breast and told me to massage it. As I did that she reached down spread my pussy lips apart and rubbed my clit. Andrew plays with my clit all the time but when Leah touched it I felt something I never felt before. I leaned down and began to suck on her nipple. She started to moan as I sucked her nipple and that really turned me on. Next thing I knew Leah had three of her fingers deep in my pussy. I never knew it would feel this good to be with another female.

"Paige I want to make you feel real good. Lay back and relax I'm going to give you a special treat."

I laid back on the bed and got nice and comfortable. Leah went down by the end of the bed spread my legs apart and started to kiss my inner thighs. She slowly worked her way up to my pussy, once she got there she spread my pussy lips apart and licked my clit. It felt so good I started to moan in delight. Each time she licked it I would moan louder and louder. When Leah stuck her fingers back in me I really started to moan. I could feel the orgasm building and knew it would not be long before I filled her mouth with my sweet juices. As I was getting ready to cum I thought about how Andrew would love to see this. He has always wanted to see me with another female. Leah started to pound my pussy harder with her finger and my body began to shake. I grabbed her head buried it in my pussy and told her. "Leah I'm getting ready to cum I hope your ready."

"Give it to me Paige I want all of your sweet juices." I came so hard I could feel it flowing out of me and she licked it all up. After she got done licking up all my juices she told me how good I tasted and that she wanted more. I was not sure I could go another round or if we had time for another round. So I told her that we would have to save it for another time. She got up came up to me gave me a kiss and said. "Ok but next time I'm going to make you cum until you can't cum anymore."

"Maybe next time we can include Andrew. I think he would really love that."

"I think we can do that. I almost forgot all about the plan you had to surprise him."

We got dressed went back into the living room and talked about my plan some more. As we were talking my kids came home. They told me about a all night skating party that they wanted to go to. It was Friday and I thought this would work out perfect they would be gone so I could surprise Andrew. I told them that they could go and asked Leah if she wanted to have dinner with us tonight. Leah said yes and told me that she would bring dessert. Leah left the kids got ready to go to their party and I got ready for dinner with Leah. I thought I would Bar B Que some steaks make a salad and some baked potatoes. Before I got started on dinner I went and took a shower put on my red bra and panties set, a pair of short shorts, and a button up blouse. I took a picture of what I had on sent it to Andrew and told him I had a surprise for him. Andrew came home early so I had him start the Bar B Que while I made the salad. As I was making the salad I told Andrew that Leah was joining us for dinner and that the kids would be gone all night.

"Where are the kids going and why is Leah coming over?"

"The kids are going to an all night skating party and Leah is coming over because I want her to."

Leah showed up about 5:30pm and she had on a pair of short shorts with a tank top on. She looked so good even Andrew kept looking at her. While Andrew was out taking care of the steaks I poured Leah and I a glass of wine. We sat at the kitchen table and talked some more about our little plan. I told her after dinner we would convince Andrew to get in the hot tub with us and once we got him in there we would seduce him. Leah told me that we should tease him first by her and I kissing and fondling each other. I agreed that was a better idea. Andrew came in and said the steaks were almost done so we finished fixing dinner. Leah and I set the table as Andrew brought in the steaks. As we sat there and ate I began to flirt with Leah just to see how Andrew would react. When he saw me run my hand through her hair and run it down her shoulder he looked a little shocked. I put my hand under her chin brought her face to mine and kissed her. Andrew looked at me and said. "Is there something you want to tell me Paige?"

"Andrew don't worry I'm not leaving you for another female! I thought I would surprise you by giving you a threesome with me and another female." I looked over at him and he had a big smile on his face. I knew he would not have a problem with the idea of having two women at once. We were done eating so I suggested that we all go get in the hot tub. Leah had forgotten her swim suit so I lent her one of mine. When the two of us walked out to the hot tub Andrew was waiting for us. Leah and I climb in then we sit down and I start to kiss her again. This time Andrew just sat there and watched as we kissed. As I was kissing Leah I was wondering what was going through Andrew's mind. Was me kissing another female turning him on? I reached around Leah's back, untied her top took it off, and started to play with her breast. While I was doing this I looked over at Andrew and noticed that he was now stroking his cock. Knowing that he was getting turned on by what Leah and I were doing made me real horny. I wanted to show him what Leah and I did earlier that day so I whispered to Leah what I wanted to do. I looked at her and said. "This time I want to eat your pussy. I want Andrew to see his wife eat another female's pussy."

Leah slipped off her bottoms and sat on the edge of the hot tub. I got down on my knees, spread her pussy lips apart, and licked her clit. She tasted so good I could not wait to taste her sweet juices. As I was licking Leah's clit Andrew had come over and started to play with my breast. Andrew then slid my bottoms down and started to rub my clit. As he was rubbing my clit I licked Leah's clit faster and stuck two fingers in her pussy. Andrew whispered in my ear that this was really turning him on and that he was glad we did this for him. He also told me that he wanted to fuck Leah while I watched. I got up and told Andrew to fuck Leah while I sat and watched. He had her sit on the edge of the hot tub so he could fuck her good. I sat on the other side of the hot tub and while Andrew fucked Leah I played with my pussy. Remembering that Leah and I had brought out a couple of my vibrators I grabbed one and rubbed it in my pussy. I could hear Leah moan each time Andrew would thrust his cock into her. Every once in a while I could hear her say. "Fuck me harder Andrew!" Then I could see him thrusting against her harder. Each time I could hear them moan it made me want to cum even more. I started to fuck myself with my vibrator I needed to cum so bad. All of a sudden I heard Leah tell Andrew that she was about to cum. She started to moan real loud then she screamed that she was cumming. I was about ready to cum myself so I fucked myself faster. My body started to shake and I could feel the orgasm coming. Before I could come Andrew looked over at me and said. "Come here baby I want to fuck you while you eat Leah's pussy."

We got out of the hot tub and went over to the lounge chair that we had out there. I laid down Andrew climbed on me and started to fuck me. While he was fucking me, Leah came over straddled my face, lowered her pussy down to my face so I could eat her. I took my fingers and spreaded her pussy lips apart so I could lick her clit. Andrew was really pounding my pussy and it made me want to suck Leah's clit more. Leah told me to bite her clit and when I did I could feel her jump a little. Then Andrew really started to thrust his hips into me and I sucked Leah's clit harder. I could feel her body start to shake as I could also feel my own orgasm coming. Leah was shaking so bad I was not sure she could hold herself up much longer. The harder I sucked her clit the more her body would shake. I knew it would not be long until I would taste her sweet juices. Andrew started moaning and saying that he was about to cum. I really wanted Leah to cum good so I stuck three fingers deep in her pussy and fucked her hard. As I was fucking and sucking Leah I could feel Andrew shooting his huge load deep in my pussy. Then I got a mouthful of Leah's sweet juices.

Leah laid to the left of me Andrew laid to the right and the three of us just let out a big sigh of relieve. You would have thought we just ran a five mile marathon the way we were breathing. I sat up leaned over Andrew grabbed my cigarettes and lit one. I just sat there smoking my cigarette then Andrew sat up and said. "Wow what did I do to deserve that wonderful treat?" I looked at him and told him that I had wanted to spice things up more so I planned this for him. He leaned over gave me a kiss and said. "Thank you baby! You are the best wife in the world." The three of us then got dressed went back in the house and watched a movie. The next day I talked to Leah she had told me that she really enjoyed what had happened last night. She then asked me if there was a chance of her and I getting together again soon. I told her I enjoyed what happened between her and I and that I would love for it to happen again. Then I asked her if Andrew and I ever decided to have another threesome would she like to join us. Leah put her hand on my leg and said. "Paige I really like you and Andrew and if you two want to include me in your little games I would love to join in." Just then Andrew walked in and I told him that Leah was going to be our new sex toy and he said. "Wow I'm a lucky guy! I have a sexy wife and now I have a sexy play toy too."

We made plans for Leah to come over next weekend the kids were going to Andrew's parents house for the whole weekend.

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