tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Road Rules Ch. 1

Our Road Rules Ch. 1


This is dedicated to a dear friend lothlorien

The rain smacked against the windshield as our new car moved through the storm. We had decided to take our recently renewed lust on the road. Packing lightly to save room for the toys, props and other medical aids we hit the road for 2 weeks of whatever the world decided to show us. The plan set and this was only the first night out, but the rain was going to make us seek shelter soon. I couldn't see shit out of the windows and after 6 hours of imaging how this would go I was ready to stop and give you your first treat. The road had been kind, as you would give me head as we sped down the highway. I would slow so that other drivers could see your head bob up and down on me. I finally saw a motel/tavern up ahead so I pulled in and booked us a room. After a quick shower we grabbed the map and headed over to the tavern to see if we had to rework our itinerary.

Immediately you spy two college guys having a few beers. "Sucking your cock all day has made me really hot." you say. I was tired from driving and jokingly said why don't you get warmed up with two guys and let me chill for bit. I couldn't believe that you just smiled and got up to join them. Your nipples were hard and visible and I was prepared to live with the results of my comment. I watched as you sat with them and started talking and laughing. Fifteen minutes later I saw you follow them into the Men's Room. I figured you were teasing them, but when you didn't come out I was nervous for you. I went to check out the situation and make sure you were okay.

To my surprise I found you on the floor sucking their cocks. They seemed not to notice me and it wasn't until you stopped and said hello to me that they realized I was there. You said hi and told me you were okay, really okay. The boys were stunned at first but once they realized I was cool they started to get a little more aggressive. You alternated between them, giving them each enough attention to grow hard and straight. I know you love cock and as long as you are honest with me, I love to indulge your passions. "Come on, these are just boys, you should show them how a real slut slobbers on a fat dick." I say. I smile now as you sit up and really start working their young meat. You manage to deep throat them both and before long they start to take off your clothes.

Your eyes are closed and you are half naked, I get comfortable sitting against a sink to see where this goes. One of the boys discovers his first shaved slit and he can't believe it. First his fingers then tongue enter you from beneath. I can see his fingers getting wet from your now leaking box. This is the girl I love, on her knees spitting on the head of head of 19-year-old dick. Slick with your spit, that is now running down over your nipples, you are gagging yourself as his friend continues to lick at your open clean pussy. "Honey, can they fuck me? Please let them push these wonderful fat cocks into all my holes" you beg. I'm so happy to let you enjoy the pleasures of young men. I nod and pull out my own very swollen cock.

As I pump my dick in your direction the boys position you onto the sink next to me. Opening your legs I watch as the wet hard cock you were gagging on hangs in front you. You reach out and pull it towards your pussy. Pumping to my command you rub the tip back and forth over your clit. A trickle of juice begins to leak from you. The other boy is sucking your tits as he beats his own neglected hard on. As his friend pushes in, you motion for him to stand up so you can show your gratitude for his excellent tongue work. Spread out, held up and getting fucked as you blow this other guy has my head reeling. I'm so lost that I fail to notice three other guys jacking off as you are getting worked over. "Sorry guys, at this point it is only a show" I say to the small audience. They nod, and so once I'm sure we're all on the same page I return to my own little excitement.

By now you've been spun around and poor boy is jamming his meat into you with a fury. You egg him on and now concentrate on face fucking the first boy to orgasm. He seems unsure so you push him back and ask me to show him. With my cock in my hand I walk over and slowly feed it to you. With your head tilted back I begin a steady motion until I know it won't be long before I cum. You sense my orgasm and tell the kids to watch what happens next. Before I know it you have your finger up in my ass and my cock head is spraying thick streams of semen all over your face. Once I'm empty you lick me clean and ask the boy if he's ready.

Your little audience has moved a little closer and one of the men is getting ready to cum. I can see in your eyes that you want to feel the hot juice of your watcher's cock against your skin. I motion him over and he let's out a huge grown. Thick and pearly his cum slowing pushes out of his dick like toothpaste. It sticks hard to your nipples and it is so obvious that this guy hasn't emptied the reserves in quite a while. You gobble faster as five thick ribbons of man seed are now covering your tits. Our young hero is almost there now too. He hasn't ever seen anything like this in his short life. His pole erupts in your mouth and you drink down every drop.

Bent over the sink covered with cum you beg the remaining boy to give it to you in the ass. This excites the other two men so much that they almost cum before you notice. You instruct them to cum on your little hole so it will be all wet for the buck. The first gentleman steps up and unloads a wet thin stream of his cum onto your asshole. As his cock is spasming, you use a finger to work it inside. The last watcher is now ready so you let him press up to your ass as his cum now mixes with the others. The moment of truth is here. The last boy steps in behind you and pushes slowly down into your warm tight rectum. My own ass twitches as his head pops in past the first ring. Your expression changes quickly from discomfort to pleasure as his strong cock works its way deeper and deeper.

Everything but his balls is firmly planted in you. He fucks you hard and strong exactly as you have been asking for it. In mere minutes your ass is so comfortable with his cock that he can totally withdraw and jam it back to the hilt. These moves push you over the edge and you scream out as his fills your entire center with more cum. Exhausted and tired everyone washes up and says goodnight. As we walk out the door back into the dark bar lights I wonder what the rest of our trip will bring.

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