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Our Sexual Awakening


The following is a true story about how I got to know my wife after twenty years of marriage.

My wife Lisa is a beautiful woman. We have known each other since 3rd grade as we both grew up in the same small Texas town. I can honestly say that I have been in love with her since I first saw her. It started out as a puppy love crush then advanced to dating and finally marriage after we left college. Now twenty odd years later she still has the same cheerleader figure. At 5'7" and 128 lbs with dark brown she looks more like a thirty year old hottie than a forty-three year old mother of two.

We have enjoyed a great sex life during our marriage. First, there was the passion of being newlyweds and the freedom that exists before the kids are born. Later, it settled into a period of fulfilling but uneventful sex as it seemed the kids always had something going on that left us exhausted at the end of the day. She has only been with two men in her life. Me, of course, and one other man in college that she had a brief fling with while we were fighting over something neither of us can remember now.

Suddenly, the kids were driving and had their freedom and then they were off to college and where we were once the center of their world we were now more of an afterthought. We laughed about it as all parents and all kids have gone through the same thing. The upside about it though was now we had all the free time we wanted. It seemed to all happen so quickly that we really hadn't put much thought into filling the void so we found ourselves most evenings to ourselves trying to find something interesting to do.

Slowly, we found the sexual side of things beginning to heat back up. It began as simply more frequent sex as we didn't have to find stolen moments and progressed into marathon sessions of making love that often found us exhausted at work the next day as our play had gone on well past midnight. We had always been rather conservative in bed. On my part, I think I worshipped her so much I treated her like a China doll. Something like a Madonna complex. However, as we enjoyed our new sexual freedom we also found that some of the "rules" were changing too. We began talking erotically to each other during our love making and her use of dirty words, something she had never done before, always resulted in strong orgasms from both of us.

I think the event that lead to our sexual breakthrough was when we decided to put our fantasies on paper. We were sitting around reading and drinking coffee one night when the subject of sex came up. I was feeling a bit bold that evening so I began pestering her about her fantasies. I wanted her to tell me what she fantasized about when she was alone masturbating. This was still a difficult subject for her so after some prodding with little results I had an idea. We would each take ten cards and envelopes and write down a fantasy we wanted to try. Then we would take the twenty cards and put them in a big cookie jar we had and every couple weeks we would pull one out. This idea interested Lisa a great deal so I jumped up and grabbed the stationary and pens before she changed her mind.

We giggled like teenagers as we put down our ideas. We were across the room from each other so neither could see what the other was writing but every so often we would make eye contact and break out in mischievous grins. In about 20 minutes we were through and we collected the cards, now safely enclosed in envelopes, and put them in the jar.

The idea of the cards and the documentation of the fantasies to put on them had left Lisa somewhat excited. I decided now was the time to go for broke so I boldly informed her that if we opened a card, we were definitely going to experience the fantasy. That statement took her back for a moment and she started asking what I had put down. I refused to give her any hints and told her again that if we open the envelope we would do what it said. She didn't reply verbally but after a moment of hesitation she nodded her head yes.

Interestingly, she now wanted to immediately open a card. I laughed at her wanton excitement as she playfully tried to kick me. After shaking the cookie jar to mix the cards up, I let her reach in and withdraw one. Lisa slowly opened the envelope and as she read it I saw her body tense and a gasp come from her mouth. She looked at me with a stunned expression as I took it from her and read. Of course, it was one of mine and it said that she was to wear a short skirt and go to a shoe store and try on shoes so that the male clerk could see her pussy. She asked if I was serious and I told her I was absolutely serious.

I sensed that this was a crucial point and I didn't want her to back down so I told her in a dominant tone to go get ready. She immediately locked onto me with a hard stare but after several seconds of me not blinking she got on her feet and went to the bedroom. I must say at that point my cock was rock hard and I was almost shaking in my excitement. This was certainly uncharted ground for us and I was frankly surprised I had made it this far.

Some time went by and just when I thought she had probably just gone to bed she came out wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse.

Lisa asked, "Are you sure about this?" Lisa asked.

"Absolutely!" I replied grabbing my keys and billfold as we headed for the door.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to find the right kind of store. I wanted it to be an upscale boutique with a youngish clerk working. However, it was after 7:00 PM so I didn't have a lot of time and I was worried Lisa would get cold feet. Finally, after several failed tries, we ended up at Sak's in the mall.

The clerk was older, probably mid-fifties but the layout was perfect as the shoe section opened up to the mall corridor so I could sit on a bench and watch. Lisa entered the store and was quickly approached by the clerk. After chatting about various styles, the clerk left to go get her size and had Lisa sit on a chair. He returned shortly with several kinds of zip up boots and sat on a low stool directly in front of her.

Lisa had kicked off her sandals leaving her feet ready and had her legs spread a little more than normal but not overtly noticeable. The clerk took a boot and placed in on her foot and then started zipping it up the side. The moment he noticed what was open before him was priceless. About two thirds up the zipper he just stopped and stared. The stare must have lasted a good ten seconds before he began fumbling with the zipper then completed pulling it up. He quickly grabbed the other boot and took his time putting it on her foot as he openly stared at her exposed pussy.

I could also tell that Lisa was getting into it as she spread her legs a little more and then asked to try on other pairs all the time the clerk was openly staring between her legs. Finally, she rose to leave having decided not to buy anything with the clerk chasing her all the way to the door imploring her to try on something else.

I met Lisa at our car and as I kissed her I lifted her skirt and found that she was totally soaked.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" I whispered in her ear.

"Take me home." She replied breathlessly.

I continued massaging her pussy as we made the short drive home and as we hit the front door, clothes were flying as we mauled each other on the way to the bedroom. I slipped my cock inside her and began talking to her very provocatively as I slammed into her telling her hot she looked and asking her if it made her hot. Her answer was a strong orgasm that almost threw me off. Then something happened that blew me away and had me cumming in seconds.

"Do you like me being a slut for you?" Lisa whispered in my ear

Like I said I couldn't believe my ears but I erupted from the eroticism of my sweet innocent wife of 20 years saying those words. After we came down, we cuddled until we fell asleep but twice during the night we awoke each other and repeated our love making.

Even though we didn't open another card for several weeks, the flashing and the fact that our fantasies were in the cookie jar kept our sexual energy at a high level. I think we both also realized that there was a side to each of us that the other had not fully appreciated.

The next card we opened was hers and it involved having sex on a roof top. When I asked her where that idea came from she looked a little embarrassed. I quickly moved on realizing that if I wanted my wife too truly open up I could not be judgmental in any way. Fortunately, a friend of mine owns and manages real estate so I was able to procure from him a roof access key to a building with only a minimal amount of questions and ribbing.

The building was seven stories so it wasn't huge but Lisa liked it immensely. We went up with a bottle of wine and some blankets and spent several hours making love under a beautiful night sky. Our talk during sex had become a regular thing and we both enjoyed the naughty feeling it provided.

"Do you like being my little slut?" I asked emboldened by the wine and my lust as I stroked deeply inside her.

"Yes I do." Lisa replied without hesitation.

About another week went by before we had time to open a third card and during that time we continued making love every night like newlyweds. It was an incredible experience and we felt like we were totally connected emotionally. When she opened the third card she got that same surprised look that she had on the first. Of course, again I knew it was one of mine.

"Read it, sweetie." I said.

She looked at me then down at the card and read.

Get a sensual massage from a male therapist while I watch." She read after looking at me for a moment.

"Do all your fantasies involve me with other men?" She continued.

"Not all." I replied with a shrug.

I knew it was lame but it was all I could think of at the moment. Now Lisa has had many massages but never from a man.

"Well who would do it?" She asked.

I told her that I would have to call around and find someone. Then my wife stunned me with a statement that made me wonder how well I really knew her when she said,

"Well, make it a black guy." She stated with a half smile.

To say I was speechless would be an understatement. But remembering my previous mistake, I was not judgmental.

"Ok sweetie." I replied. My lack of follow up caught her off guard and she looked at me confused. I'm sure she was expecting an interrogation from me but she stayed quiet. About ten minutes later we were in bed making love.

It took me about a week to find a therapist that was black and willing to have me watch the massage. He was in his 40s and not in great shape but he was male and black. I didn't want to lose the momentum or the fun we were having so I arranged for him to come to our home one evening.

Lisa was sitting in the living room in a robe sipping white wine when he knocked on the door. His name was Derrick and I directed him into the bedroom to set up his portable table. After about ten minutes he came out saying he was ready and asked Lisa to come back. He had placed candles around the room and had soft jazz playing from a CD player. He told Lisa that she should lie on her tummy on the table and then we stepped out so she could arrange herself.

We chatted for a few minutes and he was very cool like he had done these things before. When he went back into the room I decided to leave her alone and let her relax before watching. I puttered around the living room for a while anxious with anticipation until I couldn't stand it any longer and went to the bedroom.

I stayed very quiet as I walked to the far corner of the room where I sat in a stuffed chair. Lisa was under a light drape that had been turned down to the top of her butt as Derrick worked long strokes on her back. Each stroke ended with his hands moving outward over her butt under the drape. Lisa seemed very relaxed and as Derrick looked at me as if to speak I put my finger to my lips signaling him not to let her know I was watching. He smiled and kept the rhythm going of his hands on her lovely body.

When he finished with her back and shoulders, he pulled the drape over her and lifted it on the side so that half her butt and one leg was exposed for attention. He started with her foot and worked it for a long time. My wife loves for her feet to be massaged so I knew she was enjoying herself. That thought was reinforced when soft moans started coming from her as he worked the balls of her foot. Derrick moved up and started on her calf, stretching her leg back and then moved on to her thigh.

I could tell he was getting very close to her pussy but didn't think he was actually touching it. I thought I could see her hips rotating slightly into the table but wasn't sure until I saw Derrick look at me with a big smile on his face. Derrick then started working on half her butt with deep pressure.

"Oh, that feels good." Lisa said with a deep sigh after several strokes.

At that point, she lifted her head and looked around the room. She saw me sitting there and stared at me with glazed eyes before dropping her head back into the rest. I had a monster hard on watching this stranger work his hands on my beautiful wife. A body that had been by very few men was now almost uncovered before this stranger.

When Derrick finished with the one leg he moved to the other side but did not put the drape over her finished leg. Rather he moved it off the leg he was gong to work on so that it was bunched up between her legs and only just keeping her pussy from being exposed. He worked her leg as before starting with her foot and working up over her calf to massage the inside of her thigh.

Lisa's moans were coming more frequently now and her hips were definitely moving in time to Derrick's hands.

"God this feels good." Lisa mewed as he began working her butt.

As Derrick continued to massage her the draping had pretty much fallen away leaving him a clear view of what I expect was a very wet pussy. Derrick told Lisa as he stroked her,

"Your body is in such good shape it's a joy to massage you." Derrick told Lisa as he stroked her slowly.

I knew that was music to Lisa's ears.

When he finished with her butt, he moved to the bottom of the table and put a hand on each leg near her ankle and leaned forward giving her a long continuous stroke over her calf and thigh ending with an inside out motion on her butt which must have afforded him a wonderful view of her open pussy.

Derrick then took the drape and covered Lisa completely. I was disappointed to see him do this but stayed silent in my chair with my aching hardon. He held the cover in the center and told Lisa to turn over and slide down the table. She did this slowly and when she was done he removed the head rest and took a small and placed it over her eyes. He began massaging her neck and shoulders then worked over her temples around her eyes and forehead.

Derrick then started rubbing the top of her chest above her breasts but underneath the draping. He looked at me and our eyes locked and without words I knew what the look was meant to communicate. I nodded my head slightly and Derrick smiled and then took the draping and folded it down to her waist so that her entire upper body was completely exposed. Lisa was so into the massage at that point that she did not even respond. However, when Derrick took his hands and ran them along her side then pulled upwards cupping her breasts and allowing his hands to slide over her nipples she gasped deeply and arched her back to try to maintain his erotic touch.

From where I was sitting I could see Lisa's mouth slightly open as she breathed deeply enjoying the touch. Derrick worked her breasts for a long time, massaging around them and gently pinching her nipples as he raised her to a sensual high. He then moved to her abdomen where he took more oil and lightly massaged into her firm tummy. Back and forth he moved his hands forcing the draping lower and lower so that soon it was barely above the top of her pussy.

Lisa was now openly rolling with his touch and breathing heavily with moans and whimpers coming from her as he took my lovely wife down an erotic path she had never been before. I'll give it to Derrick, his better days were behind him but he knew how to excite a woman with his touch. He had great rhythm in his touch and seemed to understand the timing and pressure in his hands to keep Lisa at a sensual peak. Derrick moved down the table and took the draping and moved it so that he could work on one of her legs. He did not bother to cover her breasts and tummy so that now the draping was only covering the leg opposite of the one he was working and her hip.

He gently moved her leg to spread them a bit and the draping just barely covered her mound. As before, he started at her foot and worked his way up. I realized that he did this to heighten the sexual anticipation of his touch coming closer to her pussy as he worked his way upward. As he worked up over her knee, Derrick's strokes would start on the top of her leg but slide inward on her thigh. Over and over he did this coming closer to her pussy. It was obvious now that Lisa needed relief but Derrick continued to seduce her with hands. He then started working right on her exposed hip and on the down stroke he would slide his hand along the crease between her leg and pussy mound. I could see Lisa move her hips to try to get more pressure on his touch and also watched her bite her lips in obvious excitement.

Derrick had his hand on her tummy as he walked around the table to start working on her other leg. When he reached that side he tugged gently on the draping and it fell to the floor totally exposing my beautiful wife to a complete stranger. Derrick again started with her foot and worked up and even though he had my wife naked and before him his pace seemed unchanged as he gave each inch of her leg a good rubbing. When he got to her hip he did the same as before and ran his fingers in the crease between her leg and pussy. He did this repeatedly and Lisa's hips were writhing beneath his hands.

While this was happening, very softly from Lisa's lips came a plea, "Please." That was all she said but it caused Derrick to look at me and again I knew the significance of the look and again nodded my head giving my permission. Derrick moved his hand down Lisa's leg again only this time as he moved up Derrick drug his fingers over her mound splitting the lips of her pussy with his finger.

"Ohhhhhh....." Lisa groaned in a breathy voice as she lifted her hips to meet his touch.

I saw a satisfied smile on the black man's face and wondered how many times before he had a brought a woman to this point.

Derrick's hands started rubbing on Lisa's pussy back and forth over her clit and her legs slowly left the table and went up in the air as she came closer to her orgasm. Derrick just smiled as he saw me take my shorts off and stroke my cock as I witnessed the act before me. Then he leaned down and took one of her hard nipples between his lips and began sucking. Lisa's arms went around the black man's head holding him close to her breast.

Lisa's orgasm was huge. She bucked against his hand over and over as spasms ran through her body. She continued to hold Derrick's head to her breasts as the orgasm wracked her until she was spent. Derrick then moved to her head and began massaging her face and temples to bring her down.

I left my seat and went to her to check on her state.

"You were beautiful, sweetie." I whispered as I leaned down and kissed her

Lisa lifted her head and removed her eye covering.

"Fuck me." She demanded when she saw me standing with my cock hard.

"Go for it man." Derrick said with a nod and a smile.

So as Derrick continued to massage her head, I climbed on the table and pushed my hard cock into her very wet pussy.

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