Our Spot


I felt out of place, the warm sun and hot sand was so different than the cold office. My friends had some how convinced me to come to the beach with them. I was insecure about my body, after coming out of a long and horrible relationship with a guy who thought every word he spoke had to be degrading in some way.

I spent weeks trying to find a bathing suit that didn't show off too much, and wasn't old lady like too. I settled on a one piece with a galaxy print on it. It was tight on my ass but at least it didn't ride up, my tits though some what smothered were in place, so everything was good.

I leaned back against the truck bed and tried to hide under the shade, I was in charge of watching the stuff while the others played on the sand and in the water. I was admittedly jealous of them. Their busts weren't as big as mine, they didn't struggle to find something that fit and looked nice. I looked down at mine, squished together and upwards, the flesh was smooth and pale.

Something about the bathing suit made me want to just rip it off and expose them. I wanted to tan them and find someone to rub sand all over them while eating me out. I sighed and realized what I was thinking could never happen. They were too big for anyone to like, and it would take too much sand to cover them.

I looked up and realized someone was watching me. He had this smirk across his face that made him seem arrogant, but his eyes were stern. He walked up to me his trunks rode low on his hips exposing that v that points down to every mans cock. I wondered what it looked like, how big it was, what it tasted like. I smiled at him as he got even closer, he stopped about a foot away from me and asked, "What are you doing here all alone?" His voice was deep but soft.

I could only smile and point out towards my friends in the water, "I'm here to guard the stuff while they play."

He got even closer, he put his hand on my shoulder then smiled as he looked me up and down, "Why don't you come take a walk with me?" He knew he could get me to do anything. I was hesitant, so he slid his hand down my arm and tugged on my hand, his tan skin contrasted so much with mine. His eyes were intensely dark, and were framed by long shaggy hair that met his strong jaw line. His lips parted and he whispered, "Come on." I gave in.

He held on to my hand and we walked about a mile away from where my friends were. It was a small spot hidden behind jagged rocks; we sat and watched the waves in silence.

A few moments later I could feel the back of my bathing suit start to tug at my neck. I pulled at it trying to get it to even out. He watched my breasts be pulled up ward and jiggled as I struggled with the knot. I finally got it undone and knotted once again. As I looked up at him I blushed knowing what a sight I must have been.

"Would it not be better to just leave it undone?" He asked, his eyes still glued to my breasts.

"I don't really want any one seeing them." I brought my knees up to my chest and hugged my self.

He scoffed and pointed at the rock around us, "No one can see us here."

I looked up at him, feeling so unsure, "I don't even know you."

He smiled and placed his hand on my cheek, it was rough and calloused, "Isn't that what is best about it?" He knelt before me, pulling my legs apart then placing himself between them. He touched my neck then began undoing the knot of my bathing suit "I do not know your body, your secrets, or your story. But I will know your lust, your wants, and you will know mine." He kissed my neck as he pulled my top down. I wanted to fight him and push him away but I couldn't. He turned my face towards his and kissed my lips, his tongue sliding in and forcing mine to play with his. My hips grinded against crotch, I could feel his hard cock pulsing through his shorts. I wanted it.

He got me to lay down and began pulling off the rest of my suit, leaving me bare on the sand. The way he stared at my body made me quiver, he groaned as his fingers slid own my tits and stomach. I couldn't remember the last time I was naked in front of a guy. It had also been 6 years since I had sex. I hadn't even touched my self in that time because of the guy I was with.

His fingers traced my bald mound. I had shaved it for the bathing suit that now lay across the sand forgotten. I could feel myself getting wet, and I wanted his touch so badly. I begged him, "Please, please." I was breathing deep, but as he slid one finger down my slit I was breathless. His nail grazed my clit and I gasped, it was so sensitive. He licked his lips as he pushed his finger into my wetness feeling for the entrance. I moaned and bucked my hips loving the feeling of his rough hands.

Then he found it. I screamed and arched my back, digging my hands into the sand. He pushed deeper making me scream louder and my hips began to move against him. When he finally got it all the way in he swooped down and took my nipple into his mouth, sucking on it popping it out and then taking it back in. His finger began to move in and out of me faster and faster.

His drool dripped down my breast it was warm and thick. He sucked hard then finally bit down on it. I screamed and pulled his hair, he didn't let go, with each pull of the head he tugged on it with his teeth. He grunted as he let go of it, watching me pant and moan. His finger stopped and came to his mouth. He licked off some of my juices then placed it against my lips. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it while looking into his eyes. I tasted so good. I opened up and let my tongue lick the tip as he pulled away, the drool left in strings between my mouth and his finger.

I could see it in his eyes, he didn't believe I was this dirty. He smiled then whispered, "Fuck."

I got on to my knees and tugged at his shorts until they came off. His erect penis greeted me, my hands wrapped around it and I slowly moved them up and down. He was thick and bigger then I had imagined. I knew it was going to hurt going in my pussy, but I wanted it so badly.

I knelt lower, raising my ass up into the air. I licked from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head, I never knew a cock could taste that good. I moaned and closed my eyes taking the head into my mouth, I could feel my self oozing saliva each time I brought my head up.

I kept moaning and looked up into his eyes; I wanted him more than anything right now. I gaped open my mouth and whimpered wiggling my ass. He came down to my level and pushed me down on my back. He stroked his cock while pushing his way between my legs. He split apart my pussy's lips and smiled, his eyes lingered then he pushed the tip of his dick against my entrance.

There was something so ecstatic about that feeling, the hardness of his member pushing against my sopping wet flesh. He finally pushed in, making me squeal in delight. It felt so big, like it was going to rip me in half. I gripped deep into the sand thrusting my hips upward trying to take more of him in.

I felt insane trying to get more of him in me but I couldn't stop my self. He thrust down and hard as I pushed up until my pelvis met his. I let out a quick moan feeling my core muscles contract, he stopped thrusting and let me feel him just throb inside of me. I could hear his breath start to slow as he came down and kissed me. His hands caressed my waist then slid up to my breasts, he squeezed them roughly and I moaned. I caught my breath and the back of his neck, "Fuck me hard."

He picked me up off the sand and threw me against the jagged rock that surrounded us. He pinned my arms above my head and began thrusting harder and harder. I couldn't imagine a better pleasure. I arched my back and felt him lick my nipples, "Bite them." I commanded. I wanted him to be as rough with me as he could. I was a dirty little whore and I deserved to be treated that way.

My tits bounced with each thrust and he watched them. His free hand molesting each jiggling mound while his mouth sucked on the other.

I could hear him grunting and panting like an animal. His rough hand slid down my stomach and to the edge of my mound. "No." I begged, but he didn't listen. He pushed in as deep as he could, then placed his thumb on my clit. He rubbed it slowly making me scream louder and thrust more wildly. I could feel him being rougher with it, thrusting harder. He was close and so was I, but I didn't want it to be over.

He then began to let his fingers slide over my clit, like he was looking for something. I looked at him puzzled, and then I felt it. He had hit a certain spot on my clit that sent shivers down my spine, my legs wrapped around his waist pulling him in closer. I tried to get free of his grasp but he was too strong. He kept rubbing that one spot, making me convulse. I screamed bloody murder and came. It was warm and electric, I didn't even breathe.

I arched my back digging my shoulders deep into the rock, it hurt so good.

As I came he didn't stop rubbing the spot, which made it even more intense. It felt amazing, I couldn't stop cumming then I felt it, what he wanted. I began to squirt all over his still thrusting cock. I didn't believe it.

My legs began to shake and I became so weak. I looked up at him begging him to stop and he did. He pulled up his hand from between us, his cock still thrusting in and out of my soaked snatch.

His fingers were glistening with my juices and he watched as they slid down his fingers. He licked up the trail then placed his fingers in my mouth. He smiled as he watched me being fucked by him in two of my holes. I could taste my self. The salty sweetness of my pussy lingered on his fingers and made me want to taste his cock again.

He pulled his hand out of my mouth and let my hands drop free. He pulled my hips close to his body and thrust even harder. I bounced on his cock, pulling my pussy tight for him. I wanted his hot load inside of me. I moaned begging for him to cum.

He grabbed my face and made me look at him in the eyes. I could feel his cock twitch as be began to roar like a beast. His eyes never left mine as he shot string after string of cum inside of me. He finally pulled out of me, his cock still half hard.

I panted as he let me stand on my own feet. My legs were wobbly and couldn't support my body, so I leaned up against the rock clutching my bare breasts. He eyed me up and down smiling. He pushed his body against mine kissing my neck then my cheek and stopped when he met my lips. One of his hands slid up my back while the other grasped my ass.

He kissed my half open mouth letting our tongues dance once again. I moaned softly not wanting him to pull away, but then I felt it. His cock began to twitch once again pressing into my leg. I gasped unsure of what to do.

He smiled holding my head in his hands and said, "He is just excited to have someone so beautiful so close to him." I blushed.

He kissed my cheeks and led me to our spot on the sand. We lay there naked and covered in our own juices for an hour. We spoke softly about each other, finally getting to know the other person beyond lust.

He began drifting off into sleep but his cock was still erect. I smiled and began to stroke it waking him up. "You do that so well." He said half asleep.

I grabbed his hand and led it to my soaked pussy, "And you do this very well." I laughed and kissed his lips. He smiled with his eyes still closed. His finger pushing its way to my clit. He found the spot again and made me jump squeaking. I lay on the sand next to him holding my mound with both hands protecting it from him.

His laugh was deep and strong. I rolled over my ass facing him, I pushed my foot against his hip annoyed by him. He laughed then pulled me close to him, his cock pressing against my ass. His hand slid between my tits and he kissed my cheek. I smiled up at him wiggling my ass making him groan.

He kissed my neck, then I felt him tense up. "Didn't you have friends waiting for you?"

I panicked, I had forgotten all about them. How long had it been?

I jumped up and pulled my bathing suit up over my legs. He stood up behind me watching my ass wiggle into the tight spandex. I felt him come up behind me as I pulled the top behind my neck trying to knot it.

He pulled my arms down and cupped my breasts, his voice lingering in my ear, "What if your friends found you like this? Half naked with your big tits in the hands of some stranger, your legs soaked with your own cum?" I moaned feeling my legs get weak again. "What a dirty little whore." He pulled me forward and bent me over spanking my ass as hard as he could. I yelped loudly. He pulled me back against him by my hair. My ass greeted his stiffened cock, "Now I know how rough to be next time."

I gasped and smiled glad he wanted me for a "next time". We walked away from our small area, and found my friends. We told them that we had gone off walking and talking, and had fallen asleep for some time, at our little spot. They almost all bought it and made him part of our group, all except one.

My best friend came up behind me and pulled me aside. She stuck her hand between my legs and smiled. "How dirty of you." She told me my secret was safe as long as I told her the full story when we got back to our hotel. She also said something about sharing.

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