tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Trip to Spain Ch. 02

Our Trip to Spain Ch. 02


This story is based on fact with very little embellishment and is therefore quite mild in comparison to other stories. Also I would be very interested in any feedback you may like to offer.

I feel you may enjoy this story more if you read Part 1 first

After the afternoon's excitement we were more than just looking forward to a very sexy evening. You know I always enjoy watching as you dress to go out, but this evening you mischievously suggested that you would join me in the bar once you were ready. Although somewhat disappointed, my only consolation was the anticipation of knowing that you were still highly aroused and would wear something quite revealing. I wandered down to the bar and ordered some drinks and eagerly waited for you to appear: Always a head turner, your impeccable make up, scrunched blonde hair highlighting your well balanced figure. You're my dream lover. The wife that enjoys all things that makes her husband happy to be with her.

15 minutes or so later I could hear the distinct clatter of your heels. My heart started beating faster and I felt a rush of excitement and anticipation as you came down the stairs into the bar. Then the feeling of immediate rapture as I was delighted to see you dressed for pure lust, wearing only your two piece white suit, the jacket, one of my favorites, is held together by only two buttons, one of which is placed just below your bust line and one slightly lower, and gold colored high-heeled shag-me shoes, which certainly complimented your legs under the medium length skirt. Your tanned breasts nicely exposed with a generous amount of cleavage. Your mere presence generated a fair bit of attention on its own and I could see other men in the bar sneaking a look at you, which excited me even more.

We hadn't booked a restaurant for the evening, so we strolled along some of the quaint alleyways and checked out some of the smaller restaurants before settling for a romantic candle lit bodega. The waiter who was a typical Latin type, slim and good looking, introduced himself as Pete and showed us to our table then slowly pulled out your chair for you to sit, I am sure it was to catch a glimpse of your slightly exposed breasts. I whispered how horny it made me, to see the way other men looked at you and knew by your response that it had the same effect on you. You looked so sensual. I got real pleasure sitting across from you as we picked from a tasty selection of Tapas and didn't even pester you in my usual way for you to undo some buttons. You looked fantastic just the way you were.

Our waiter seemed hooked on you, giving you a lot of personal attention, which always flatters you, and you returned his compliments in a quite flirtatious manner, His attention to detail was impeccable and he made sure we were well satisfied with our meal and service.

After we finished eating, the waiter suggested we might like to take our coffees at the bar downstairs which was more relaxing.

The look in your eyes said it all as you gestured for him to show us the way.

You looked very seductive as you shuffled onto the bar stool giving the obliging waiter occasional glimpses inside your jacket as he took his time meticulously pouring our coffee and liqueurs.

As the evening progressed the mood became more intense and you started flirting with the barman who introduced himself as the owner, his name was Carlo. He was probably in his early fifties; you could tell by his fit appearance that he looked after himself well. He was certainly more than happy to chat, amusing you with double entendres and that sort of thing, all the time savoring your gorgeous sensuality and seemed a little annoyed when he had to go to serve someone else.

As he moved away, I looked you strait in the eye then slowly and deliberately undid the top button of your jacket. You knew exactly what I craved. I think you must have been really turned on, as you made no attempt to stop me.

Another drink was poured and I moved slightly away from you so that I could enjoy the scene. The sexual feeling was euphoric, knowing that on his return he would easily be able see inside your jacket, your full breast and even the erect nipple. When he came back he became more confident now that he knew the game, even complimenting you on your outfit and the way you wore it. The fact that this stranger was enjoying looking at your almost naked breasts was mutually very arousing

We were wondering where to go next and asked him if he could suggest any good venues that would suit us. He mentioned that there was a vibrant jazz club nearby that may interest us. It was further down the road and he said that he goes there most nights after he closes, and, if we went in with him, we would not have to queue. We decided to take him up on his offer and finished our drinks while we waited for him. He was now noticeably looking down at your semi exposed breast at every opportunity as he chatted and tidied up.

When we arrived at the jazz club, Carlo spoke to the doorman who allowed us in immediately. We were ushered upstairs to the bar and dance floor where a jazz quartet were playing smoochy music. He ordered the drinks and we sat down at a table near the edge of the dance floor, the mood was becoming very sexy. The effect of the alcohol loosening your inhibitions had you flirting madly with him, he then asked me, if I would object if he asked you for a dance.

You gave me a mischievous grin as you got up to dance and I felt a mix of jealousy and euphoria as you went to dance with him. I tried to watch you as you danced but you moved into the middle of the floor where there were too many dancing for me to see you. Two or three tunes later I could make you out returning through the crowd to our table. The remaining button on your jacket was now loose and I knew that it was not slack enough to come loose by itself.

Fuck you looked so seductive as you sat down and chatted without redoing the button.

Another smoochy tune and you and I danced together. You were holding me close to you, swaying to the music. I moved my leg in between yours as you ground your crotch intimately against me, feeling the hardness of my rigid cock pressing into your thigh. You teased me by occasionally allowing full views of your delicious swaying breasts as we danced, again I needed to step back and take you in visually so that I could fully appreciate the performance you were giving me.

You took hold of my face and kissed me deeply. We stayed locked together like this until the end of the song. God your body is so delicious

You now had that glowing aura about you that made me think that anything was now possible. We returned to our table and I squeezed your hand tightly, to let you know I loved you very much.

Carlo then asked you for another dance, you looked for my approval and my nod confirmed. This time you danced a sexy salsa, closer to our table, you turned toward me with your back to him and danced against him, feeling his lustful hardness between your buttocks. He placed his hands on your hips and you gazed ecstatically into my eyes as you gyrated to the beat. I could just make out his hands motioning up inside your open jacket and cupping both your breasts, his hot breath on your ear. You moved your hands to cover his and massaged his hands into your breasts; I was both excited and amazed at this open display of sensuality before my eyes.

You were clearly enjoying the attention and couldn't fail to become aware that several couples around us had noticed your performance. It was amazingly erotic and it really wasn't hurting anyone. I was certainly turned on by your lusty performance.

When the music finished you kissed him lightly on the cheek and continued to flirt with him on his dancing style as you returned to the table.

I asked why your breathing was suddenly so heavy. You whispered to me that it was because you were very aroused, almost having had a climax when you felt his hands move up to your breasts and at the thought someone might see you behaving like this.

You then said that we better order a taxi rather than walk back to the hotel. He asked for one more dance before we said goodbye but you declined, feeling you could not trust yourself if you had another dance with him.

The taxi arrived, as we were getting in the back , our new friend asked if he could have a lift as far as our hotel as it was on his way home, we obliged and he slid in the back with us, leaving you in the middle. Your jacket was still unbuttoned and open as we drove along, giving us a perfect view of your full breasts and excited pink nipples.

You leaned over and gave me a sweet kiss, uttering a feeble groan, and then turned it into a deep French kiss as I reached over and cupped your breast, my fingers manipulating your erect nipple to increase the excitement. When the kiss ended, Carlo looked at me to confirm my willingness and then slid his hand over your other breast at the same time. You were really turned on, as you made no attempt to stop us. This was the first time in your life you had allowed anything like this to happen.

We arrived at our hotel a little after midnight and all got out of the car, we said our goodbyes, and Carlo thanked us, for what was a most memorable evening and invited us back to his bodega the following evening.

We walked through the foyer and up to our room, our hands all over each other, my whole body trembling with desire. I opened the door to the room, dimly lit by the streetlight across the road. The room was uncomfortably chilled as I had left on the air con on so opened the patio window to our balcony. Across the road and looking up as you switched on the light was our friend Carlo.

I called you over to wave, but first could not resist slipping your jacket off your shoulders. Instinctively you knew what I desired and recklessly just said "yeh why not" then slipped your thumbs into the waistband of skirt and slowly slid it down your long luscious legs before stepping out of it and cautiously stepping into the light and then onto the balcony totally naked. Your hands teasingly covering your perfect breasts until you placed one arm around my back and waved with the other.

My stomach was somersaulting at the possibilities.

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