Our Unexpected First Swap


"Would you be kind enough to untie my top John?" His fingers were like lightning freeing my wife's lovely tits from her tiny bikini top, almost before the words were out of her mouth. There was my wife, sitting in front of me and every other person on the beach with her tits exposed to the world. Her perfect, perky tits standing at attention. Oh my God, this was fucking hot.

She gave me a little wink as she pinched her nipples as well, mimicking Darlene as if to say "My tits are just as nice as hers."

I couldn't believe what she had just done. I knew she had to be drunk and feeling very frisky now! She then lay back down with her firm tits standing at attention for all to enjoy, and hers were real! John couldn't take his eyes off of them as I could see him squirm to get comfortable with his growing erection contained tightly within his suit, at least I thought it was an erection. It looked like he had a cucumber in his shorts.

"You have such a sexy body," John whispered to Patty though I had no problem hearing him.

"Thank you but my tits are nothing like your lovely wife's. Hers are much larger and beautiful," said Patty nervously. I could tell she wasn't really comfortable with being partially nude in public for the first time in her life.

"Your tits are perfect, any man would love them. Look around, almost every eye on the beach is looking at you," said John.

I had to admit, it was turning me on seeing this guy flirt with my wife and her flirt back. He was absolutely right too, every man on the beach was looking in our direction. I settled back in trying not to make it obvious how turned on I was but the bulge in my suit wasn't going unnoticed by Darlene as I lay on my back. I could see her staring at me as John was giving Patty all the attention she could handle.

Darlene turned and whispered to me"With all of this talk about our tits, I'd like to say something. Please don't take this the wrong way but I'm very turned on by your swimwear. I'd love to get a peek at that growing bulge, You are a very sexy man."

Holy fuck!!! Did she just say that? Now I was really getting hard and it was impossible to contain it. These two people had to be swingers.

"How about we all go in the water for a dip?" I exclaimed as I sat up and made an attempt to conceal my excitement as best I could by shifting everything a bit.

To my surprise everyone jumped up and ran to the water without saying a word. We looked like a bunch of high school kids at the beach with both women running topless, men following closely behind. The sight of their tits bouncing was unbelievable to watch. Their asses were naked as well, both bikini's hiding nothing. We all ran right into the water and continued going forward until the ladies were just to the point that we could still see their tits, almost appearing to float in the water. Wow, this was hot. I was so fucking horny at this point. All eyes were upon our lovely ladies as men followed us into the water to get closer looks.

I was embracing my lovely wife feeling her bare tits against my chest and could see our friends were doing the same. We were all making small talk, stepping a little deeper into the water as we talked. We were just about as deep as the women could go as the water was up to their chins. I could tell they were both about the same height. I was kind of hoping at this point the other men around us would back off now the tits were under water, but they were like jackals.

We were all standing very close to each other at this point, just a few inches from touching each other. Another surprise was about to happen as Darlene said "Have you guys ever been with another couple?"

"What do you mean by that?" Patty asked innocently. I knew she knew what Darlene meant but I knew she wanted to hear the words.

"Have you ever considered having sex with another couple,? We both find you two to be extremely attractive. I know John is as turned on by you Patty as I am by you Mark. We have done this before but not often, we're very particular. We've never been with a couple as sexy as the two of you."

"We've talked about fantasies but never really considered it as we're very much in love with each other. I really don't need to be with any man other than Mark. I don't think that would be for us," said Patty.

"This isn't about needing anyone, this is just about pure sexual pleasure and we both find you two to be the hottest couple we've ever met. I'm so turned on by your husband and I think you might be by mine as well," said Darlene. " I do totally understand and apologize if I've made you feel uncomfortable."

While the two girls were talking about the possibilities of swinging, us men were just standing there smiling at each other hoping for the best. I wasn't really sure if either one of us would actually go through with such a thing but I was leaving it up to my lovely wife. I knew she wouldn't go for it and that it was just the alcohol working to even have her consider such a thing.

I was so fucking hard at this point as I'm sure was John. I think most guys are alike, we're all horny man sluts at heart. I was just happy to be in deep water to hide my excitement. I thought my wife was warming to the idea, at least considering it as I felt her hand brush against my cock as if to gauge what my thoughts might be. There was no doubt about my excitement as my cock was rock hard.

As my wife stepped aside a little her hand grasped my cock, now reaching inside my suit stroking it. I became puzzled as my wife was too far away from me at this point to reach me and discovered that it was Darlene stroking my cock. I'm sure my eyes were as big as golf balls. Patty had no idea what was going on under the water as Darlene winked at me while licking her lips. Damn, these people were serious about this and wasted no time. Patty must have moved away as John may have attempted something with her. I could see John move toward Patty, this time she didn't move away.

I could see John's hand caressing Patty's tits just below the surface of the water meeting no resistance from her. Her face was beginning to change to that look she always gives me when she's horny so I knew he was having an effect on her. I guess she figured touching her tits wasn't actually having sex. I couldn't believe she was letting a total stranger touch her tits. She looked at me as if looking for a nod of approval. I gave a little shrug of my shoulders and winked at her. I guess that's all she needed. What was the harm in this?

"We've talked about this for a long time. I really find John to be very sexy and you're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. IF we were to EVER do something like this I would definitely want our first time to be with people like the two of you. I'm just not sure if we're ready for something like this yet. The thought is very exciting but it's up to Mark," said Patty.

"I'm all for experimenting and living out our fantasies if you are. I like both of them and they're certainly the hottest couple I've ever met. I'm all for it as long as you're comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, we'll call it off. How about we all get changed, go to dinner and enjoy a night out together and see if we still feel the same later?' That was my best way of even trying to respond to it without pissing off Patty by seeming too eager.

I didn't know it at the time but during my answer Patty was now checking out John's goods under the water as well. I had an idea something was happening as John's facial expression changed and Patty's eyes got bigger. I have what I consider to be a nice eight inch cock but had no idea that John was packing a monster. I later found out that his cock was at least ten inches long and as big around as a beer bottle. Patty was checking this monster out, I could tell she was shocked by his size. I don't think she wanted to let go of it.

"OK, let's all separate here for a minute then get out of the water and get changed. We can meet you at the buffet if you like at seven o'clock," said John. I was very happy to have a few minutes to let everything shrink back to size before getting out of the water.

As we all got out of the water we had quite a gallery watching us as the men on shore were anxiously waiting for our exit so they could get a good look at these two sex goddesses. I loved it!!!

We went back to our room excitedly as I was surprised at Patty's enthusiasm. I was quite turned on by the thought as well as we had an hour to get ready for dinner. Patty showered first then I took my turn. Patty selected a black mini dress, tightly conforming to her every curve. The big surprise was she wasn't wearing a bra. Damn, she looked hot. She also had on her tallest black high heels. I dressed in a nice pair of slacks with a form fitting short sleeved shirt.

"I'm not wearing any underwear tonight either," Patty whispered in my ear seductively. "I kind of hope this works out tonight, it could be fun. There's no harm in a little touching but I don't think I want things to go any further than that. It might be sexy to have them watch us as we watch them though, we'll see."

"You look so sexy tonight. If we do go through with this John is a lucky man. Are you sure you feel right about this?"

"I guess I should tell you, I got to feel John's cock under the water. He was rock hard and huge."

"Bigger than me?"

"Just a little, maybe," she said not wanting to hurt my feelings or man-pride.

"Maybe? You can tell me, how big was he?"

"Are you sure you want to know?"

"First. I have to confess that Darlene was stroking me underwater too. And yes, I'd like to know. It would turn me on."

"He was a lot bigger than you, he was at least as big around as my wrist. I didn't think they got that big."

"Holy shit, aren't you afraid he'll hurt you? That is, if anything should happen."

"No, I won't let him hurt me. I really don't expect anything to happen. I want you to see that thing too. I've only felt it but I bet it's beautiful, just like yours. It was HUGE!"

"Thank you Hun, I can't wait to see you play with it."

"Let's go eat!" she said.

I swear we skipped to the dining area like a couple of kids going to recess at school. As we got to the dining room John and Darlene were already seated as John stood to welcome us.

"You look lovely this evening Patricia, stunning!" Exclaimed John as he took her hand and seated her next to where he was sitting. I sat directly across the table from John, between my sexy wife and Darlene.

"You look stunning as well Darlene." I commented. She was wearing a form fitting, very low cut white dress. Obviously not wearing a bra as well as her nipples stood firmly erect through the thin material. Her dress was almost see through. I was getting hard already just looking at these two beautiful ladies. They were dressed to kill.

"Let's eat," said John as we all got up to check out what was to be offered at the buffet. I decided I'd have a light meal so I wouldn't feel too full, just in case something should happen earlier than expected. The other three must have been thinking along the same lines as we all had light meals with a glass of wine.

After finishing our meal we all decided to go dancing as there was a dance club within the casino as well. The club was wonderful. It was dimly lit, with booths everywhere and a nice band playing a good combination of every kind of music imaginable. It seemed like a perfect venue to get to know each other better as the music wasn't too loud, and the back booths were in a very dark section of the club.

We chose a booth in the back corner to nobody's surprise as we were hoping for a little privacy. We could keep our conversations private and do a little flirting while still enjoying the music. The booth was one continuous half circled padded bench surrounding a table.

As Patty slid into the booth first, John slid in next to her before I had the chance to. Darlene entered from the other side with me sliding in next to her. This seemed a little strange with the ladies sitting side by side with opposite spouses seated next to them but I figured that was the plan, get to know each other. I wasn't sure how comfortable Patty was with this but she gave me her little wink assuring me all was well.

We all ordered drinks and starting making small talk with each others' spouses. As soon as the drinks came I noticed John was getting up with Patty following closely behind holding hands, headed for the dance floor. They looked like they were a couple.

"Would you care to dance?" I asked Darlene.

"I thought you'd never ask,." she joked.

We also held hands on our way to the dance floor. The band was playing a slow song so I knew John was getting to know Patty a little better. I could see them whispering in each others' ears and holding each other romantically, a little surprised by my wife's comfort level this early in the evening. I put my arms around Darlene as she held me closely around the waist.

"I wonder what they're talking about," I whispered in Darlene's ear.

"I'm sure John is telling her how sexy she feels and how horny he's getting just holding her. I'm feeling the same way about you." as she cupped my ass with each hand giving me a little squeeze.

"I think you are very sexy, I can't imagine why John would want to share you," I whispered in her ear.

"I think he wants to fuck your wife as bad as I want to fuck you. I wanted you the second I saw the two of you on the beach. It was my idea to approach you. We don't do this often as we're very selective but you two are perfect. John has had a constant erection since he set eyes on your lovely wife and I've been wet with the thought of fucking you. I want to suck your cock so bad, you have a wonderful cock." I couldn't believe this sexy vixen just said this to me.

"Do you think John is telling her how much he wants her too? He'll have her cumming on the dance floor if he is. She said he has a huge cock and can't wait to see it. I'm a little afraid he might hurt her if he's as big as she says and they actually do something."

"He wont, he's very gentle. His cock is huge, he's almost twelve inches long. I think it's even bigger than that when I really get him worked up. It's amazing how much a tight little pussy will stretch and conform to anyone's size. She can handle it, and she'll love it, I do."

"I'm a little jealous with my measly eight inches." I said.

"You have a wonderful huge cock by anyone's standards and I can't wait to have my way with it." she replied.

"We better go sit down, my slacks aren't doing a very good job containing my growing erection here. Maybe we should go to the booth."

"Sure, I understand," said Darlene.

As we made our way back to the booth I could see my wife was really getting into her dance with John, I guess you'd call it dirty dancing at this point. We watched them dance for a while as I could see John stealing touches of my wife's tits and cupping her ass cheeks as they swayed to the music. I could also see Patty trying to be inconspicuous about running her hand up and down the length of John's cock as they tried to hide behind other people on the dance floor.

I was almost floored as I saw them embracing in a passionate kiss while dancing. Patty was never like this. Darlene was memorized by the site as well as she moved closer to me in the booth. I could feel her breath on my neck and as I turned my face she met me with a kiss. First, just a soft kiss on the lips, Then another soft kiss followed by a passionate embrace with our tongues meeting. We were locked in a kiss as I felt her hand wander up my leg.

It didn't take long before she reached what she was feeling for as I could feel my cock harden to her touch. I didn't know how much of this I could take as I glanced toward the dance floor again. They were still embraced in a passionate kiss with hands all over each other. I knew if they didn't get off the dance floor soon, they'd be asked to leave.

I didn't notice them returning to the table as I was passionately kissing Darlene and caressing her breast outside the paper thin material covering it. Our mouths were devouring each others'.

By the time I did notice them joining us I saw that Patty was quite flushed, she always gets this way when she's really worked up. I could now overhear their conversation as I readjusted myself and tried to appear innocent. I knew I was caught in the act of making out with Darlene and thought Patty might start feeling a little jealous.

"You are an incredible kisser. You have such passion." I overheard my wife say to John. John then held her face in one hand drawing her in for another kiss as I could see his other hand cup her breast. I was glad we got a dark booth in the back. I guess I had to pay attention to what I was doing. It looked like my wife had control of things and was comfortable with what was happening. I turned my attention back to Darlene as I embraced her as well.

"They seem to be getting along well without our help. Let's get to know each other better." Darlene said as she placed her hand back on my cock.

"Now, where were we?" she said as she grasped me firmly.

I responded by going for those perfect fake breasts, one at a time alternating back and forth. Her tits were as firm as melons as her nipples practically pushed through the thin material of her dress. I couldn't stand it any longer as I slipped my hand beneath the material and felt them for the first time.

She sighed as I caressed her breast and played with her nipples rolling it between my fingers. She had fantastic tits and I knew she had to be wet at this point. I withdrew my hand from her top and placed my hand on her bare leg. She was wearing a very short skirt so there was a lot of leg to work with. As I caressed her leg working my way to that special place all men love, I could feel her breathing becoming shallow and rapid. She was definitely receptive to where I was going next.

As I slipped my hand beneath her skirt she let out a soft moan as I brushed a finger against her pussy. Damn, she didn't have any underwear on either. She was soaked with moisture and shaved to perfection, she had a wonderful pussy. As I slowly teased her by stroking her pussy gently with one finger I could see her close her eyes as she bit her lower lip.

At this point she grabbed my hand and whispered to me "Let's go back to the room now before we get arrested. I'll fuck you right here if we don't leave now."

We separated as I whispered to Patty "Let's all go to the room, it's getting too hot in here."

I could tell I had interrupted something special as his hand was also under the table and her dress was exposing her pussy for him to see and fondle. She had also unzipped his pants and had her hand inside his underwear caressing and stroking his cock. I knew it was good timing breaking this up now. They were about to go at it right there, regardless of who was watching. My lovely wife had certainly already gone further than I had ever expected that evening and now we were going upstairs, all together. This was it, the real thing, this was really happening.

After we all tucked everything back in, we paid the waitress tipping her nicely for her discretion serving us. She witnessed a lot that I'm certain she would have turned most people in to management for, I think she was turned on a little by being our server. We gave her quite a show.

We all left the table together, this time with spouses pairing up for private conversations and assurances on the way to our new friend's room. I held Patty's hand as we followed John and Darlene.

"Are you OK with this?" I asked Patty quietly so our friends wouldn't hear me.

"This is very exciting and I really like John. He's nothing like you but he's a nice guy and very sexual. I'm comfortable if you are. Are you OK with Darlene?"

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