Our Unexpected First Swap


"She's hot as hell and all over me. I'm OK with this if you are. I just don't want either of us to have regrets later. If I do anything you're not comfortable with, let me know and we'll stop. This is a big step for us but we practically had sex in the bar already. I don't think there will many surprises in the room."

" I love you so much, don't forget that," Patty assured me.

"I love you too, more than anything. This is going to be a lot of fun and a memory we can relive every time we fuck,"I said.

We could overhear Darlene and John talking about us as well and they both seemed as enthusiastic as we were. We were all moving along briskly as we hurried to their room. As we approached and John opened the door he said "Welcome to our playpen. Make yourselves comfortable."

The room was a a huge suite, much larger than ours. The suite had two bedrooms, a large living area, kitchen and a bathroom about the size of our bedroom. This was definitely first class accommodations. I made my way to the bedrooms as curiosity got the best of me. The two bedrooms were equal in size, being almost exact duplicates other than one having wall length windows and the other having no windows. In each bedroom was what appeared to be a double king sized bed.

We have a king bed at home but these were even larger, they must have been custom built. It was as if they were made for four people, maybe they were. Everything seemed perfect so far but we were both still nervous.

Each of us men took turns in the bathroom cleaning up and prepping for our adventure. I was the first to use the bathroom. As I finished and came out everyone had a drink and John excused himself to use the room next.

"Here's something to take the edge of,." Darlene said as she handed me a drink. I took a sip and gasped as it was so strong. It must have been straight alcohol certainly designed to take the edge off any doubts we may have had about continuing our adventure, getting us giddy quickly.

John came out of the bathroom as Patty was next in line. It must be a lady thing but Patty said to Darlene "Would you like to share the bathroom with me, there's plenty of room?" They both took little overnight bags with them as they closed the door. We had no idea what to expect when the came out.

"What should we do now? Do we get naked, keep our clothes on or strip to our underwear?" I asked as I'd never done this before.

"You really haven't done this before. Relax, the ladies will set the pace and set the comfort level. I'm sure they're going to get a rise out of us with what they're doing in there. Let's just remove our shirts and play it by ear," John said , he made sense. I was just getting first time jitters I guess. I was about to have sex with another woman in front of my wife as she fucked another guy, I think..... I still wasn't sure if one of us would back out at the last minute. I knew we'd at least play around a little.

We took our seats in the living room area and enjoyed sipping our powerful alcoholic concoctions. It wasn't long before the girls opened the door and I swear both of our jaws dropped open and our eyes were like golf balls as they appeared in front of us.

Patty was wearing a very short black lacy teddy, low cut to her naval almost exposing everything. I could see her nipples through the lacy material. She was wearing tall sexy black "fuck me" pumps with spiked heels, basically stripper pumps.

Not to be outdone, Darlene was wearing an equally sexy crotch length white teddy. It was almost see through with holes strategically placed perfectly to expose each nipple. She was also wearing matching stripper pumps. They both stood in front of us as if seeking our approval.

I was the first to say something. "You ladies must be the two must fuckable, sexy ladies on earth at this very moment! If there were ever a perfect specimen of a woman, it would be a tie between the two of you."

"I couldn't have said it better. If you were both strangers I wouldn't be able to decide which one to pursue. You are both so gorgeous!" John said with enthusiasm. I could tell he was already squirming to contain that huge cock of his that I had yet to witness seeing myself.

Both ladies were soaking up the compliments as each lady approached their own husbands, a wonderful consideration and gesture to start. I'm sure they both had planned this in the bathroom. As Patty sat in my lap and Darlene sat in John's they both threw their arms around us and passionately kissed us. We were each sitting in separate chairs directly across from each other and could enjoy viewing what was happening with the other couple.

Darlene and John were the first to part from kissing as Darlene said "Are you two absolutely sure you're comfortable with what might happen here tonight and would you like to set any boundaries?"

Patty and I looked at each other as she replied "We've thought about this for a long time, always talking about it as a fantasy. If we were ever going to live out this fantasy I think Both Mark and I would agree we couldn't have found two more perfect people to share it with. I'm as ready as I'll ever be and the thought of doing it has me so horny. Mark and I have talked about this in private and we are both anxious to enter this new adventure together with you."

I shook my head in agreement as nothing else needed to be said. Patty had a way with words as I got tongue tied when nervous.

As we continued drinking John turned on the flat screen in the living room with the sound muted. He had ordered an adult movie, strategically selecting a movie with two couples exchanging partners and enjoying different sexual positions, John was a real pro at this as he thought of just about everything to set the mood. Nobody was actually watching the movie but we were all aware of it in the background as each of us glanced at the screen from time to time.

As the drinks were really taking effect I could tell the ladies were paying more attention to the movie as both guys on the film were exchanging partners. Patty was the first to say "Would you join me in the bedroom Mark? That movie is getting to me and I'd like to cuddle."

She jumped up from my lap as I followed her to the enormous bed in the master bedroom. I could see that our friends were following closely behind. As Patty got on the bed , I climbed in next to her kissing her softly as I could tell she was a little nervous. I held her close to my body, I could feel her shiver with nervousness, or excitement. The room was perfectly set up for romance as there was just enough candle light to see but not too much to be embarrassed or uncomfortable. Music was playing at just the right sound level to hear the songs but not drown out conversations. Our guests were very good at this, thinking of everything.

"What if he doesn't like me?" she whispered searching for reassurance from me.

"That would be impossible. Any man alive would want you. If you think at any time this doesn't feel right, come to me. We don't have to do this separately if we don't feel right."

"Thank you, I do love you. I really do want to do this. I'm just not sure how to go about everything with all four of us. I don't want to feel left out at any time and don't want you to either."

"Do what you are comfortable with, with who you feel comfortable with," I assured her."I will be right there with you every moment."

She hugged me tightly as I kissed her, this time with more passion. Our kissing became much more animated as we were reaching for each others' tongues with our own. I felt as if I was devouring my lovely wife and had almost forgotten about our new friends. I noticed they had gotten into bed with us and were each involved with each other as well. It was quite exciting having another sexy couple in the same bed with us at the same time.

I was kissing my wife as if it were our first date as her hand moved toward my cock. As she touched me, she grabbed my cock firmly while still in my underwear. My hands were now caressing her tits as she slipped her hand under my shorts. She was removing my underwear as my cock sprung to attention.

This was a totally different feeling as we were being watched and Patty was enjoying showing me off. I knew John had a larger cock but my caring wife was showing her pride in my equipment by displaying it for all to see. This was a first for us, me being nervous about being exposed.

I could see our friends watching as Darlene was also stroking Johns cock though I had yet to see it, curiosity had me staring at them in anticipation. I knew Patty well enough to know her next move would be to go down on me but I wanted to expose her as well. I sat up and removed her teddy by lifting it over her head with one movement as it drew a surprised look from her. My lovely wife was naked for all to see and absolutely stunning.

She immediately went for my cock, first licking the pre-cum from the tip as I was clearly excited and oozing already. Then she ran her tongue down the length of my shaft to my balls, pausing to flicker her tongue around my balls. As she raised her head, her lips parted and accepted my cock into her mouth. First just the head, working her tongue on the underside then she went down the entire length engulfing every inch of me, her tongue reaching for my balls. She knew how this drove my crazy with desire.

Although I was getting a fantastic cock sucking by my lovely wife I was very aware of our guests watching our every move. I was beginning to wonder when they'd get involved.

To my surprise as I was totally caught up in my own enjoyment while I was caressing Patty's tits and guiding her head on my cock, I felt another tongue joining hers. Fuck, both women were sucking my cock. I opened my eyes as I watched Darlene take every inch of me down her throat with little effort as Patty's tongue was wrapped around my balls. I could hear Darlene gag as she forced my cock deep down her throat. This was more like a threesome than a foursome. Both of these ladies were now totally naked taking turns sucking and stroking my cock as I my hands were working their tits, squeezing and rubbing their nipples between my fingers. This was so much better than watching a porno.

I was beginning to wonder what had happened to John as I noticed my wife gasp as his tongue entered her pussy from behind as she was leaning over my cock devouring it with her friend. I could tell she was really loving this as her breathing became very rapid. She gripped my cock tight, squeezing it as she started to shutter in orgasm. John had already made her cum while she was sucking my cock along side his wife.

As Patty released my cock I could see John now standing over her with his cock standing at attention. Oh my God, I had never seen anything like it! These ladies were being very conservative describing this thing, he had a fucking monster cock! His cock had to be all of twelve inches long , maybe longer and as big around as a beer bottle. I couldn't imagine my wife having that thing in her. I couldn't imagine anyone fucking that thing. The only way I could describe it would be to say it was a Monster Cock! I was definitely jealous and a bit intimidated.

Patty turned around as she got off the bed and dropped to her knees. John sat on the edge of the bed with my lovely wife's face getting very close to his cock. She almost looked like she was surveying it, trying to decide just how to attack this thing. I wasn't even paying attention to the great blowjob I was receiving from Darlene as she was working my cock like a pro, gagging as she plunged downward each time.

She released my cock to change positions. She was now positioning herself over my cock offering her pussy to my taste buds with her huge tits rubbing against my chest. I couldn't resist grabbing handfuls of her lovely, firm melons.

Patty grabbed John's cock with both hands and started running her tongue around it's huge head, almost sizing things up, I could tell she had no idea what to do with it, there was no way she was going to fit it in her mouth and I had doubts about her squeezing it into her pussy. She was sliding her hands up and down his massive pole.

Then she opened her mouth wide as she squeezed the head into her mouth. She had all she could do just to get her mouth around it. There was no way she was going to give this guy a deep throat blowjob like the many I had received from her. It was not humanly possible for any woman to do that with this guy's cock. She had to stretch her mouth to the limit just to insert the head.

Not a word was spoken by anyone for a long time as we were all enjoying the newness of it all and the challenges before us. We were all carefully and cautiously exploring boundaries with each other.

Patty was spitting on the head of John's cock, I guess to give her a little lubrication to help her get her mouth around that thing. I was in awe of it's size and girth! As she got her mouth completely around the head of his monster cock she began stretching her lips to their limit as she was forcing that thing into her mouth, a little further down each plunge she made. Each time she came up I could hear a pop as her mouth voided the log between John's legs.

She was working his cock probably as no woman ever had, other than Darlene.. She must have had at least six of the twelve inches in her mouth as she held down with all the force she could muster. She was gagging as his cock was touching the back of her throat as far as she could force it down but she wasn't coming up for air, not until she got all she could. She was trying to devour him.

I must say I was very proud of my gal and extremely turned on by the site of this. I was still intimidated being a lot smaller than he was. But this was the best she could do even though she tried many times to the delight of John to devour a little more. She did well to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she did, I would have bet against it.

John's back was arched as he moaned and grunted while my lovely wife was giving his huge cock the sucking of it's life. He had both of his hands on the back of her head trying to force his cock even deeper down her throat. She was gagging and I was beginning to wonder if she could breathe but she was still working it in and out of her mouth, each time driving it as hard as she could to the back of her throat.

The only words spoken by John were "Holy fuck! Nobody has ever done this before. You're one hell of a cock sucker. Keep sucking that cock Patty, it feels so fucking good."

As Darlene's moist pussy hovered over my mouth I lifted my head to accept her nectar. I first tasted her, sweet as honey. Then I began flicking my tongue in and out and up and down her cunt lips as she forced my cock down her throat. I could tell she was about to cum as she stiffened and quivered. She removed my cock from her mouth as she screamed in pleasure, gripping my head as she came, forcing my tongue deeper inside her. I could feel her wetness release as her pussy moistened and tightened. As she released she relaxed and rolled over onto her back Inviting me to attack her with my cock.

I hadn't had the chance yet to spend some quality time with those melons so made my move. My face went right to her right tit as she caressed my head while my tongue circled her nipple. Her nipples were as large and erect as the end of my little finger, they were perfect, Her tits were huge, full, firm and delicious. As I was enjoying these porno worthy tits I was also watching what was happening with my wife.

Patty was still all over John's monster cock as if she couldn't get enough. He finally pulled away grabbing her ankles swinging her around on the bed as he wanted to taste her. Patty moved up on the bed along side Darlene as John positioned himself between her legs. As John crept up the bed toward her pussy Darlene turned her head, looking at Patty as she blew her a kiss.

Something happened next I hadn't expected. Patty moved toward Darlene and kissed her lips, just a peck the first time. As Darlene felt invited she aggressively started kissing Patty. Patty was really getting hot as I never thought she had any attraction to women.

I was still sucking Darlene's nipples as I watched the two ladies now swapping tongues very noticeable to each of us men. We were both watching even as John was making his was to my wife's pussy with his mouth. They were really getting into it. This was really an unexpected treat.

There was just so much going on it was getting difficult to see it all without missing something. Damn, wish we had this on tape.

I turned my attention to watching John tongue his way up Patty's thigh as I continued sucking Darlene's tits. I now had my fingers playing with the folds of Darlene's pussy as her breathing got rapid up again, panting now.

I could tell John had reached Patty's pussy with his tongue as she arched upward to meet his tongue. I don't think John wasted any time as she was already squirming and moaning as if she were ready to cum again. John's hands were kneading Patty's tits as drove his tongue deep within her cunt. I could also see that John was fingering her at the same time, I knew she'd cum soon again as this always puts her over the top.

The two ladies were still making out as if they were on a first date, now devouring each others' mouths. I never dreamed in a million years I'd see her doing this, what a fucking turn on.

Indeed Patty was cumming again as John must have been masterful with his oral skills. She grabbed his head with both hands, driving him harder into her pussy. She broke her kiss with Darlene as I knew she was totally focused on John. John never stopped, licking , receiving every drop of moisture she released. I could hear him suck her clit as she came.

I couldn't stand all of this oral satisfaction any longer as I had to sink my cock into Darlene's tight little cunt. I have no idea how that pussy could possibly be so tight while still regularly fucking that monster cock of John's but it was. As I moved upward with my cock into position I just grazed the entryway of her pussy while seeking her lips with mine. God, this lady was a great kisser. As our lips locked , she nibbled my lower lip and whispered "Please fuck me with your big cock, I want you."

I looked toward Patty for approval as this was actually having sex. She was way too busy to pay attention to what I was doing.

As my cock touched the entrance to her pussy I inserted just the head of my cock, enjoying the moment and the excitement of fucking this gorgeous woman. I was so aware of her huge tits supporting my chest as I reached up and cupped one as I entered her. As expected, her pussy was as tight as Patty's, It felt so erotic sliding in and out of her moist pussy as she met my every push with a slight lift of her ass to accept me and allow me to thrust deeper within her. I was pushing a little further with each thrust until she had all of me. At that point I held myself as deep as I could push with my balls resting against her ass. Her back was arched as she wrapped her legs around me. Then I picked up the pace, my balls slapping her ass with each push.

John and Patty were watching in amazement as we fucked, though neither of us had noticed. Darlene then asked me to get up as she wanted more. She wanted to assure Patty that John's big cock could be handled. She asked John to lay down on the bed as she climbed onto him.

She made it look effortless as she raised her body above him and plunged down his huge cock, taking him all in one movement. She was already moist from my short session fucking her..

Patty and I watched in amazement as Darlene arched her back as she lifted and plunged again, slamming his huge cock into her cunt. She bent over kissing him as her huge tits rested against his chest, still sliding up and down on his mast.

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