tagLoving WivesOur Wild Night Out

Our Wild Night Out


One Friday night, my wife Cathy, had decided she wanted to go out to dinner and dancing. It had been quite awhile since we had been out and she seemed like she was really in the mood, if you know what I mean.

After 21 years of marriage I knew this mood came very rarely, but when it did, it meant we could be in for a wild night. Little did I know how wild of a mood she was in and how far our desires would take us.

As I was taking my shower before going out, Cathy came in and sat down on the edge of the tub and began shaving her legs. I couldn't help watching this scene, with her wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton panties.

Even at age 41, and after two kids, my wife has kept a great shape, with working out at the gym, and also competitive swimming.

Because she has smaller breasts, there is no hang or sagging, just firm tit with beautiful ½ inch nipples that always rise to the occasion when she becomes excited.

Her legs and butt are even better from all her aerobics and step classes. But the one part of her body that I had never thought could be any more beautiful than it already was, was her pussy.

The whole time that she was shaving her legs, she would have to spread and stretch her legs to get to all the right spots, but she knew she was giving me one hell of a show.

When she had finished with her legs, she spread her knees apart to look down at her panties, to see if she needed to trim any further. She had always kept the hair between her legs trimmed back to the crotch line of her swim suits, but she still sported a very dense growth of black pubic hair.

Her hair was actually thick enough to make her panties puff out if she had her knees drawn up under her. So now she pulled her panties off, spread her legs and began to lather the shaving cream around her pussy.

I thought that she was just going to give herself a little trim. Well she kept trimming and trimming until she was completely shaved, clean and smooth.

Her lips, which I had never really seen like this in all our years of marriage, were so full and thick that I now realized that these were the reason you could see her panties puff out.

When she had finished with her pussy she rinsed off then sat on the toilet with the lid down and grabbed a mirror from the counter so that she could check out her trim job.

Well she wasn't quite satisfied when she saw that she had missed a lot of the hair around her anus. The mirror was on a stand so she set it on the floor, angled so that she could see her ass, and then lathered up with cream.

She then did something that I hadn't see her do in so many years, I didn't even know that she still could. She proceeded to pull her legs up and around her shoulders and crossed behind her head. I couldn't believe that she was still so limber.

I also couldn't believe how sexy and nasty she looked in this position. With her puffy lips shaven clean, and her anus completely exposed, all I wanted to do was dive in tongue first, dick second, but I also wanted to see the whole show.

This position made it possible for her to completely clean her ass of any leftover hair, and with a few test strokes of her finger around her pretty pink anus, and then up between her lips she was satisfied.

By this time I was so water logged from standing in the shower I quickly turned off the water and stepped out to dry off.

Of course through this whole time I had a hard on which seemed to get harder and harder with each stroke of her razor. Also through this whole time not a word had been spoken.

As I was drying off I had my back to Cathy who was still sitting on the toilet admiring her ass and pussy. As I bent over to dry my legs I suddenly felt her hands caressing my butt cheeks, then pulling them apart, and then I felt her lips kissing the insides of my cheeks closer and closer until she was kissing my hairy hole.

This took me totally by surprise, as she had never done this sort of thing before. We had experimented a little with anal sex, but it was a rare occurrence.

The next thing I felt was her tongue licking and circling around my hole, then she suddenly stopped.

She finally spoke to me in what had to be the most erotic voice I had ever heard her use. She moaned for me not to move, as she wanted to do to me what she had done to herself.

The next thing I felt was her rubbing the shaving cream around my ass and lower, then she began to shave. She started at my ass and worked her way down to my balls, then she had me turn around.

When I was facing her she looked up and smiled, then parted her lips and slid my cock into her mouth. Once she had her tongue wrapped around the head, she proceeded to lather and then shave me clean and smooth.

At times she would take me deep into her throat so that she could get closer to her work, but she would never suck me hard or fast enough to make me cum.

Once she was finished with my haircut, she slipped me out of her mouth, gave me a kiss, then suggested that we jump back into the shower to rinse off. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but she convinced me that I should wait, because the night was going to get better.

After we had finished our shower, which consisted of more teasing from her, we got out and got ready to go.

Being dressed first, I went down to make some phone calls for information about clubs for dancing, and also to make sure I knew what our kids plans were for the night.

Julie, our daughter of 16 was having two of her girlfriends spend the night, and Steven, our 18 year old son, said he was going out with some friends, and would be in about 1:00 or 2:00 am.

Cathy came down shortly there after, and I couldn't help thinking what a knockout she was.

She was wearing a simple summer dress, which came down about mid thigh, but I knew this dress.

Because of the lightness of the material if she bent over too far or turned too fast someone was going to get a great look at her panties. I started to wonder which panties she was wearing tonight.

Also if she bent over, and you happened to be in front of her, you were going to get a good look down the front of her dress, nipples and all. As you can imagine, I was getting more and more excited about what would be going on tonight.

We drove to a restaurant that was in the next town from ours, but it was one Cathy had heard about through a friend at work.

As we drove we talked about the evening ahead of us. Cathy was in a very rare mood. I'm not sure why or what brought it on, but it was fine with me, and I was going to take advantage of any opportunity I could to fulfill some of the fantasies we had talked about over the years.

When we pulled up to the restaurant we saw that the parking was done by valet, so I pulled the car up to the curb. The valet was a boy about the same age as our son, maybe18 or 19 years old. He came right over to Cathy's side of the car to open the door for her.

I was still sitting, getting out a tip from my wallet as Cathy started to get out of the car. She had swung her legs out so they were facing the valet, then suddenly as if she had forgotten something, she leaned back in and reached over and touched my hand.

When I looked up I could see the valet from the chest down, standing at the door, holding it open for my wife. But the sight to be seen were her legs, which were stretched outside the door and innocently held open while she was retrieving what ever it was that she had forgotten.

I couldn't see the boys face, but I knew he was getting a great show and so did Cathy. Just as suddenly Cathy looked at me, smiled, grabbed her purse, then stepped out of the car.

By the time I had gotten out the valet was coming around to my side of the car, and was clearly trying to hide a sprouting erection. I gave him his tip as he sheepishly grinned and handed me a tag to retrieve the car.

Cathy was waiting at the door, and as I walked up, I again began to wonder which panties it was that gave that boy such a hard on.

Once inside, I noticed that the restaurant was fairly empty. There was only one waitress, and maybe three tables that were being used. We were taken around a partition that secluded us from all the other patrons, except for an older couple who were having drinks while waiting for their dinner.

We were seated at a table that could actually sit four people. Cathy wanted me to sit next to her rather than across, so I moved, and it was then that I noticed the older couple, about mid sixties, sitting at a table across from us. At that moment I knew Cathy was up to something again.

The older man was sitting facing us, and his wife had her back to us. As soon as we sat down I saw that he had taken notice of Cathy.

The man looked to be in pretty good shape, tanned, and well built, with gray wavy hair. The woman seemed like a real bitch.

While we were being seated, I over heard her complaining about the drinks, then the service, and then about the way the waitress looked at her as she took their order. The man just took it in stride as if he wasn't even listening, and sipped at his drink.

As we were looking through our menus, I felt Cathy cross and then uncross her legs a couple of times, and I also noticed the older mans eyes were glued underneath our table. She was now giving him, a great show.

We had done this sort of thing before, but it was always in the car on long drives, where she didn't feel threatened, or no one could get up close to her.

Also it seemed in the past that Cathy would flash other men more because it excited me, rather than her. But tonight was different. She was truly getting a thrill from all this showing off.

At one point during our dinner, we had been quietly talking about the evenings events so far, which was exciting me greatly, when she looked up directly at the older gentleman across from us, then reached down under the table and began to caress my hardening cock through my pants.

I swear I thought that the old mans eyes were going to pop out. I just couldn't believe she would be so bold.

Because of the partitions and set up of this restaurant no one could see any of the activities that were going on, although I'm not so sure that Cathy would have cared.

What happened next really surprised me. The couple had just finished their dinner, and the woman got up to go to the bathroom.

As she left, Cathy quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardened cock, and began softly stroking it. She nodded at the man letting him know that she wished for him to do the same.

He looked around, then reached under the table, unzipped his pants and pulled out this monster of a dick.

I had always thought that when you got older you had problems getting excited or getting very hard, but this guy was obviously having no problem.

As Cathy was stroking me, he began to stroke himself. Suddenly Cathy ducked her head under the table and took my cock into her mouth. I was in heaven, but again she was not going to let me cum.

When I looked down I could see that she was watching the man across from us jacking off. I also noticed that she had a hand under her dress, and was working herself up to an orgasm.

The older man watching all this started pumping pretty hard and fast and very quickly began to shoot a load of cum that he had to have been saving up for quite awhile.

The first shot went up above the table and landed onto a piece of cheese cake that he hadn't started eating. Not wanting to make a mess on the table, he aimed his cock under the table, where his next spurts shot so hard that they landed on the chair across from him.

He shot about three good spurts onto the chair before all the pressure was relieved and then the cum just dribbled out onto the floor.

As soon as he had finished cumming Cathy started to orgasm. She was moaning around my cock and I could feel her body shaking with pleasure as she was coming all over her fingers.

When she had finished she again slipped her mouth off of my cock, sat up, wiped her hands and mouth with her napkin, straightened her dress, and except for the flush of her cheeks, looked like nothing had happened.

The older man was just sitting there in a kind of daze, when he realized that his wife would be coming back any minute, so he began to wipe up and get himself tucked back into his pants.

Just as he was zipping up, his wife came walking back to the table, and proceeded to sit down on the chair that was covered in her husbands cum.

I couldn't help but laugh at the devilish look of pleasure on his face when his wife reached across the table, grabbed his plate of cheese cake, and then proceeded take a few bites of the cake and the cum, claiming that it was the only good thing that this restaurant had to offer.

Needless to say he had the biggest smile for my Cathy as they passed our table on their way out.

I'm sure he got another big kick out of watching her walk around with his cum stains all over her ass. I even heard his wife ask him if he knew us, but I didn't hear his answer as they were too far past.

We had also finished our dinner, being that we were in a bit of a hurry to get on with the night, but as the older couple left, Cathy got up, walked over to their table and brought back the unfinished cheese cake.

My mind went wild with thoughts of what she intended to do with the cake. In all of our years of marriage she had always been a very satisfying lover. Oral sex was usually a part of that satisfaction.

There were times when I would bring her to orgasm with my lips and tongue, and there were times when she would do the same for me. But in all those times of my cumming in her mouth, not once did she ever swallow my juice, it was always spat into a towel, sink, toilet, or out the window if we were driving.

It had always been a fantasy of mine to see her swallow cum, either my own, or especially cum from some stranger, but I never believed it would happen. Now here she was bringing a plate of cheese cake covered in cum back to our table.

Instead of taking the seat next to me, Cathy sat across from me, I assume because she wanted me to see everything that was taking place.

When she placed the cake on the table I could see the glob of cum the man had shot across the cake. There was so much that I was now surprised that his wife had not noticed. Some of it had run down one side and made a puddle on the plate, and this is where Cathy started.

She took her spoon and slowly scooped up the cum lying in the plate, then scooped up the side of the cake giving the spoon a full load of the cum and cake.

She looked up at me with eyes that seemed to glaze over with nasty passion, then lifted the spoon up towards her mouth.

As the spoon came off the plate, a long string of cum began to fall from the spoon, but before it could completely release, Cathy stuck out her tongue and caught the thick thread.

She worked her tongue up the string of cum until she met with the bottom of the spoon, licked it clean, then tucked her tongue in between those wonderful lips and swallowed.

It was the most nasty, yet erotic thing I had ever seen her do.

Next, she ran her tongue over the top of the loaded spoon to gather up more cum and also some cake to go with it, pulled it into her mouth, ran it around inside, seeming to savor the full taste before swallowing.

She finished the whole cake in the same manner, the whole time looking at me with those eyes full of sex and passion.

When she had taken the last bite, she sexily licked her lips, searching for any lost drips or crumbs, then smiled, indicating that she was ready to leave.

As for me, I was so excited, I nearly drug her out of the restaurant, wanting to skip the dancing and just go home to fuck, but she still had other ideas.

When we got into our car, the valet got another peek between Cathy's legs as she was getting into the car.

As I was starting up the car Cathy rolled down her window and asked the boy if he knew were this certain dance club was that we were going to.

While he was trying to give her directions she got to her knees on the seat and was leaning a bit out of the window to look in the direction that he was pointing.

I knew he could see her beautiful tits down the front of her dress. As the boy was trying to figure out the best way for us to go, Cathy had her beautiful ass pointed in my direction, and I couldn't help reaching under her dress to play with her newly shaved pussy.

Imagine my surprise when I found nothing in the way to hinder my advances. My usually shy modest wife was wearing no panties. No wonder the boy and the older man had gotten so excited. She was showing off her bare pussy.

When the boy had finished stuttering out the directions, Cathy thanked him, then shocked me again that night by reaching out and touching the boys hard cock through his pants. My god she was being such a slut.

There was no one around because to get our car we had walked around to the side of the restaurant to the valet station, and by now the lot was empty.

I just couldn't believe that my prim and proper wife of all these years was actually rubbing this boys cock, even if it was through his pants.

Just as I began to wonder where this was all going, she reached back with her free hand and pulled her dress up over her bare ass.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me up to kneel behind her, and I knew what she wanted at that point.

As I was undoing my pants I heard the unmistakable sound of a second zipper going down.

When I looked up I saw Cathy pulling out this boys cock. She immediately took him into her mouth and began to suck.

I couldn't get my pants down fast enough. As soon as my cock sprang free I slammed into her as far as I could go. I felt like I was dreaming. I knew I wouldn't last long, but I didn't care. My only thought was that I was fucking the most wonderful, nasty, beautiful slut that I had ever known.

As I was building up to the biggest cum of my life, I saw the boy grab the back of Cathy's head and hold on as he grunted to an orgasm that seemed to go on forever.

Every time that he shot he would grunt or moan. I couldn't believe that she could hold that much cum in her mouth, and then I realized that she was swallowing.

That did it for me. I exploded inside of her with such a force that it hurt. It felt like the head of my cock had blown off.

I had my arms wrapped around her waist, the way a dog would, and as I was cumming, I pulled her back hard onto my spurting cock.

I pulled so hard that her mouth jerked off of the boys shooting cock, and before she even had a chance to get it back into her mouth, he had hosed her face.

This dirty deed took her over the edge. With cum running down her face, onto her lips, into her mouth, and down her chin, she came.

She came so hard that I thought she was going to squeeze my dick off.

I was still pumping out the biggest load of my life, and she, along with the boy were moaning in the throes of what had to be their greatest orgasms to date.

After what seemed like an eternity, the moaning stopped and time just seemed to stand still.

I sat back into my seat and looked over just in time to watch my cum run out of Cathy's bald pussy. It ran all the way down her leg to her calf and then on to the seat.

The boy was backing away, trying to catch his breath and get his cock back into his pants at the same time. Cathy turned around in her seat and sat down.

As she leaned her head back against the seat, I could see the boys cum had run all the way down her face and lips, off her chin, and down the front of her dress.

That's exactly how she looked as she waved good by and thanked the boy for such great service.

As we drove away, I couldn't help wonder out loud, what could we ever do now that would top what had just happened.

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