Out Cold


She could not believe that the pain in her hand was still so bad, after almost four days... She had to admit that the only relief she had gotten was after a doubleproof rum and coke the last couple of nights, and even then she still slept fitfully with the pain... She hated to give drink at night, but decided that she was going to sleep tonight no matter what it took... She had been waiting until 9 o'clock to have a drink, then crawling into bed but tonight decided she would have one at 8, and then a second at 9 o'clock. I had told her that the shots she had were 1 ounces which was like a double with the stronger Jamaican rum, so she figured that two drinks would be two doubles, and she should sleep well then.

So at eight oclock she asked me to make her a drink to sip on... I poured two and a half ounces into the glass and topped it up with coke. She sipped it slowly reading her magazine, as we discussed the days events. By 945 the drink was almost gone, and her eyes were showing the effects of the equivalent of 5 drinks. She asked for a second drink and went upstairs to get changed into something to sleep in.

A few minutes later she came in, looking somewhat drunk, and settled into the wingback chair with her drink... I took in the sight as she sat there, her hard, dark nipples poking through the thin white cami top she was wearing, its thin shoulder straps holding the material low on her firm breasts, exposing the soft freckled skin of her chest... Her bellybutton was peeking out from underneath, the thin line of hair that led down to the top of her black underwear teasing of what lay below...

As she drank the second rum, she settled into the chair, her legs splayed out in front of her, open to show the black curls of her pubic hair as it peeked out the elastic legs of her panties. As she drank, her voice became more slurred and she was obviously getting toasted from the second 2 ½ ounces of rum as by now she had consumed the equivalent of about 8 drinks in two hours... As she finished the glass, she sat it down and announced that she was going to bed. I helped her upstairs, watching as she went into the bathroom, lowered her panties over her hips and down her thighs, exposing her thick pubic hair and the great ass I was planning to explore later.

As she peed, I felt my cock get harder I my jeans, then watched her rise and pull the underwear up with some effort. I led her into the bedroom and helped her into bed, sure that she was about to pass out soon. I said that I was going to read for a while, and went down to turn out the lights.

What I actually did was to grab the video camera and the digital cam, as well as the "lube" that we had for our nights of fun. By the time I got back upstairs I was greeted by a beautiful site as I approached the foot of the bed... She was laying on her stomach, hands under her sides, the thin straps of her top had slid down over her shoulders and her round ass lay invitingly under the thin black panties she wore. I set the video camera up in the cabinet in the corner, focusing it on the prone figure on the bed. From this angle it took in the curve of her calves, her creamy thighs, and targeted the crotch of her panties, then panning up her body. I slowly went over to her side of the bed, and spoke quietly to her, to no reaction...

I turned the light on beside her bed, and again no reaction, just a quiet snoring... Out cold... I shook her shoulder but got little more than a muted groan, and then she slipped back to sleep. I let my hand slide down her back slipping the top farther off of her shoulders exposing the top of her breasts, pushed into the mattress. I let my hands slide farther down her body, caressing her ass through the cotton underwear, sliding my fingers across until they touched the elastic legband. Letting my fingers slide gently under the edge, I slowly slid the panties upward, over her smooth skin, exposing more of her ass cheek to me.

As I did, more of that sexy pubic hair became visible, causing me to reach down and begin to remove my jeans with my free hand, as the throbbing cock was now uncomfortable in my tight jeans. I slid my hand over to the other side and repeated the process until both firm asscheeks were exposed and vulnerable, her thick dark curls of pubic hair a hint of what lay under the thin material. Her underwear now resembled a g-string, and I rubbed my now free cock gently over the skin of her ass, fine drops of pre-cum leaving a thin glistening trail along the curve of her ass. I stopped to move the video camera over to the side, and to take a few shots with the digcam, then began gently sliding the underwear back down over her ass, and started to slide them off over her hips.

I was able to slide the right side down off of her ass, the elastic waistband now resting against the crease at the bottom of her butt cheek, exposing the cleft between her cheeks, and leading down to the tight asshole that I wanted so bad. I slid the other side down over her hip but could not slide them down her thigh as her left leg was splayed out from her body. I stopped and reviewed the sight before me, her ass naked and vulnerable, her cheeks invitingly spread because of the position of her spread legs, her asshole visible allowing the sight of a few dark hairs that lined her butthole, then glancing farther down to see the thick mat of curls that failed to cover her slit, outer lips full and proud of the dark hair, inviting a touch...

I realized the underwear could be slid down no farther and though she seemed to be out cold, I did not want to wake her too fast. I grabbed the scissors from the bathroom, knowing that she would not remember whether she even put any on, then returned to gently snip through each of the seams on the outside of her thighs, then gently, slowly slid the pantied out from beneath her. I felt comfortable that she was out, so I gently moved her right leg outward, spreading her thighs open wide, her ass appearing to be raised to me, her butthole a tight rosebud, her cunt now spread slightly, exposing the pink moistness that lay between them.

After more pictures of this beautiful sight, I moved off of the bed and moved beside her pillow, directly the head of my cock towards her face, letting the hard knob brush softly against her mouth, gently sliding slightly between those luscious lips. I dare not drive my cock into her mouth, lest I waken her, but content to rub it back and forth against the warm wetness of her mouth. I moved back behind her, and reached the for bottle of lube that I had brought up, pouring copious amounts into my hand, and rubbed it vigorously to warm it.

Then slowly I let it run off of my hand and slowly run into the crack of her ass, watching as it slowly ran downward, pausing momentarily as it reached her asshole, then continuing down into the nest of thick hair, seeping into the slight opening of her vagina. Waiting to see if I had a response, getting none, I poured more again, this time allowing a small stream to run down and soak her cunt...

I rubbed my slick hands over my cock, the wet lube glistening in the lights as I slid my other hand over her ass. I let a finger trace its way into that tight crevice, gently sliding downward to play softly over her tight hole. I did not rush, but slowly opened it slightly with a finger on each side, the poured a stream of lube directly into that small opening. By now, I was so horny I thought I would explode, but wanted to make this last, so slid my hand down to begin to caress the hairy lips that surrounded the slit, now soaked with lube, and vulnerable to my invasion.

I slid my finger back and forth along its length, letting first one, then two fingers slide just into the wetness, then back out again, pausing only to brush them against the now hard clit that poked out of the pink folds of skin, throbbing with blood, and twitching to my touch. Shaena moaned gently but did not awaken as I continued to stimulate her. The video camera was focused on her ass and crotch, capturing every touch and prod. I reached back and grabbed the huge dildo that I had bought for just this occasion during my last Toronto visit.

While the head was reasonably sized, it quickly started to increase in diameter, allowing the head of it to be easily slipped into her cunt, but then allowing the shaft, which grew to the circumference of my arm, to spread open those lips farther than they had ever been spread. I slowly lowered its head against the now full, wet cunt lips, my hand holding the base of it, which was at least a 15 inches from her crotch! The round knob slipped slowly in, then began the slow, gentle process of sliding the rubber cock, in and out, each time, edging the shaft a quarter of an inch deeper inside of her...

After two or three minutes the cock was buried about ½ way in, the first six inches slowly spreading those lips apart. Shaena was now breathing heavily, but still out cold, obviously enjoying what seemed like a dream to her... I continued to slide the huge cock in and out, its diameter now starting to increase again, forcing her cunt open farther that ever before.

We had played at fisting, and was able to get four fingers and part of my thumb in, but never managing to slide my hand totally inside... Watching the cock slide in, I knew that we were now edging past that point. At this point, I edged closer allowing the head of my cock to start sliding back and forth along the crack of her ass, sliding softly over the hole that awaited my entry. With one hand I continued to guide the rubber cock into her farther again, while I pressed my hard knob against her butt....she was starting to move her hips back and forth to meet the thrusts of the cock, now seemingly stuck in her tight cunt at the 11 inch mark, her moans growing slightly louder, a combination of pain and pleasure, as I continued to press my cock even more insistently against the tightness...

Her breathing was now hard and rapid, I knew she was starting to come out of the alcohol induced sleep, and would soon be aware of what was happening. I decided that it was now or never, and pushed forward, letting the knob of my cock push past the tight spinctre into the hot, tight shaft of her ass, just slightly.

As I did, she moaned loudly, trying to pull away from the intrusion, only to allow the dildo to slide back out slightly... I drove the rubber forward, sliding its length deep inside of her, falling forward at the same time, burying my own cock to the balls in her ass... She screamed as she grasped the reality of what was happening, but her hips continued to drive her slit back and forth along the length of the rubber monster that was buried in her, her ass muscles squeezing hard, trying to force my hard cock back out, but my weight against her kept it buried deep inside of her, her gyrations and efforts to get away creating all of the movement required to feel the orgasm building inside of me...

Suddenly, overcome by the feeling of two cocks buried in her, her screams turned to moans as she began to thrash about the bed in orgasm, part of her wanting to et away from the onslaught, part wanting to continue it... I felt the pressure rising and then could wait no longer, pouring my hot, spurting juices deep inside of her ass, her tight muscles milking my cock, squeezing each drop out of it, as the dildo continued to pound away at her cunt.

Slowly she began to slow down, and I continued to hold my throbbing cock deep inside, feeling the huge rubber cock, still pounding in and out, its length rubbing along my own cock, separated only by a thin membrane of skin that separated her asshole and her cock... Slowly we regained our breath, and our breathing settled, I slowly slid my softening cock out of her tight ass, then slowly withdrew the monster dick from her juicy cunt...

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