tagGroup SexOut For a Bite

Out For a Bite


"A night on the town," they said. "That's all you need," they said.

So I get all dressed up. I feel sexy in my black thigh length skirt and my black button up sweater. I've decided to show some cleavage so my sweater is unbuttoned to down between my breasts. My black heels are of moderate height so I won't break an ankle. Of course, under my sweater is a black lacy bra and under my skirt, nothing. My sexy little secret.

I hail a cab and go to the new club on the outskirts of town called Red Moon. I really should have known better. They say hindsight's 20/20 right?

I walked into the club and the first thing I noticed was the lighting. Along with strategically placed black lights, were red lights, giving off the illusion of blood on the walls. The dance floor was black and red lacquered wood, and was only about half full right now.

I sauntered up to the bar and ordered a shot of Jack.

"Would you like to dance?"

I looked up into the mirror behind the bar and straight into the darkest pair of eyes I've ever seen. When I turned to face the person who went with those eyes, my jaw almost hit the floor. What a fine specimen of manhood. His eyes were mesmerizing and that brilliant smile stole my breath.

"I'd love to," I said as I set my shot glass back on the bar.

The Jack must have hit me harder than I thought because as I took his hand to let him lead me to the dance floor, I SWEAR his eyes glowed red.

We got out on the dance floor and began moving to the music. Dirty Dancing had nothing on us. Our bodies melded together. A perfect fit. I'm not sure exactly happened next. The mood changed although I'm sure the music did not. We were dancing to our own beat. Swaying to the music of our bodies. I know, that sounds weird, but it was if they had created their own rhythm. Our hands started roaming over each others bodies and the world just fell away. He pulled me closer, if that was even possible and ground his hips to mine. This was not just a dance. It was like a mating ritual. So sexy and sensual all at the same time.

I looked into those dark eyes and said, "I don't even know your name."

"Damon. My name is Damon. Does it matter?" he asked with a leer.

"No. But now we're not strangers," I answered, the lust making my voice low and husky.

Then he kissed me. Passionately. Hungrily. Greedily. Nothing gentle about this kiss. It was all about a deep hunger. And we started pawing at each other. It was like we couldn't get enough of each others touch. I don't know what came over me. I shredded his shirt off so I could touch his chest. He was so hot to the touch. I leaned in and bit his nipples and he chuckled.

"Ahhhhh, you little minx." Then he leaned in to whisper in my ear, "I smell your arousal."

"What?" I asked kind of shocked at that statement.

He licked my ear and bit my ear lobe as he ripped the front of my sweater and the buttons all popped off. "Let me put it this way. I smell your pussy."

I must have turned 20 shades of red, because he chuckled again and pressed his head against my breasts as he reached around me to unhook my bra. I don't know how we were still swaying to music but we were. The music had changed to something primal, animal. He then took one of my nipples in his mouth squeezing my breasts. I gasped. Then he did the same to the other one. While still squeezing my breasts, he raised his head to kiss and nibble my neck. My weakness is my neck. My legs became like rubber. He grabbed hold of my ass and began caressing, raising my skirt so he could slid his hand underneath. As his hand slid to my mound, he raised an eyebrow.

"Mmmmmmmmm. You came prepared for some fun I feel. I love it. No panties to have to rip out of my way." and he slid a finger inside my slit.

As he worked his finger inside my slit I felt another pair of hands on my breasts hips grind against my ass. I started in surprise. Just as I was about to protest, Damon kissed me again. The hands on my breasts moved to my hips as we swayed. Another hand came from nowhere and squeezed my right breast, pinching my nipple. Then another one started squeezing my left breast and pinching its nipple. Damon was still fingering me so I was not thinking at all. Where did all these hands come from? Of course I completely forgot that we were still on the club's dance floor. If I would have been able to think, I would have protested loudly. Instead, I moaned loudly!

The hips that had been grinding me from behind moved and were no longer pressed against me, but he had his hands on my throat and my head tipped back to kiss me. As his tongue slipped into my mouth, another hand slid under my skirt to grab my right ass cheek. Another to grab my left and both squeezed.

I opened my eyes to see the man I was kissing. His eyes were as blue as cobalt. I felt lost in them as I sucked on his tongue and he rolled his tongue around mine. Then he stopped kissing me for a moment.

"My name is Troy. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"I think the pleasure is all mine," I said.

"Only for now," he said with a wicked little smile.

The next thing I knew, I was feeling a semi-hard cock pressed against my ass. Wow. When had Troy lost his clothes? But then, another man leaned down to kiss my neck and bite me and make me crazy all over again.

Wow. I MUST be dreaming. There were what, seven men? No, wait. Damon backed up and my skirt was lying in shreds on the floor. I don't remember him doing that. And all of a sudden, a hand parted my nether lips and a tongue started licking my swollen clit. Damon smiled. What a dazzling smile it was. Then I lost all thought. All control. The cock against my ass was all hard now. But it was Troy who put the head of his hard cock in my ass.

"Oh!" I cried out in amazement. All those hands and that cock head going into my ass. Wow!

The next thing I knew I was lowered to the floor. With Troy's cock still inside my ass so that it was like sliding down a pole as we went to the floor. Troy leaned back so that he was in a sitting position with his hands on the floor and the way he sat arched his hips so he went deeper inside me. The man who had been sucking on my clit followed. When I was able to open my eyes again (when had I closed them?), I saw a bunch of hard cocks around me. I lost count. All those hands. All those cocks.

I don't know how we did it, but I was riding Troy's cock with my ass, then I had my hair pulled enough to make me cry out in shock and a cock was shoved in my mouth. There were mouths and hands on my breasts and fondling my pussy. I tried to look for Damon, but the man with his cock in my mouth held me by my hair so all I could do is glance out of the corner of my eyes.

Then I saw him. Standing in front of me stroking his cock with the lube of his pre-cum. Then he was kneeling on the floor in front of me and before I knew it, he was putting his massive cock inside my dripping pussy. I moaned against the cock in my mouth and he shuddered. As Damon moved against me, I moved against Troy. With every thrust, I wanted to scream in pleasure but I couldn't with the cock in my mouth but I tried anyway.

I don't know how we did this. One man in my mouth, one in my ass, one in my pussy and others grabbing anything they could. Once again, things changed. With each thrust of Damon's hips, I felt teeth. One set on my ankle, one on my left ankle. One set on my right wrist, one on my left. One set on the left side of my neck, one on my right. One set on my left breast, one on my right. A new set of teeth with each thrust. I looked up at Troy and his eyes seemed to turn red. The same with Damon's. What the heck was going on?

Someone was rubbing my clit while I was fucked by Damon and Troy. Not to mention the man who was face fucking me. I started to quiver and then I came. Oh man did I ever. I think it was one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had. The men kept pumping me. The one in my mouth came first. I swallowed all I could get. The hand on my swollen clit kept rubbing and I was going to come again. That rubbing with all the sucking the men at my hands and feet and breasts was doing was too much.

The two men who still had a hard cock in my body came with me. While all I could do was say, "FUCK YEAH!" Troy and Damon howled. I mean, they literally howled! As the men finished coming inside of me, the other men got up from sucking my blood and stroked themselves until they came and shot their juices all over my body while Damon and Troy were still inside me. I felt Troy grow hard again and began moving my hips against him.

"No." he said. He stopped me from moving and told me, "I want to be where Damon was."

This made Damon smile as he got up and helped me to my knees. I didn't make it any further than that before Troy was in my wet pussy from behind. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head back as he started banging me.

Damon shoved his already hardening cock in my mouth and I don't know how he did it, but the man who had been face fucking me first, got under me and started sucking on my clit. He was also biting me, and then I screamed against Damon's cock which he shoved down my throat.

Troy's fucking was driving me even crazier than Damon's and I came quickly, but he didn't give up. He kept pounding and the fangs were back. I finally figured out that that's what they were. I was being gangbanged by vampires and werewolves. Every girls wet dream. Well, at least mine.

Troy's fucking became harder and faster so that was the rhythm on Damon's cock too and the man on my clit stayed there. Once again, we all came together. Damon's seed going down my throat, Troy's seed going inside me, my blood going into all the other men. Once again I screamed but it was around Damon's cock and Damon and Troy howled!

Afterward, we all collapsed in a heap. We were all spent. Thank goodness Troy was there to catch me. We cuddled up against each other until we got our strength back. Since my clothes were shredded, I had Troy took me to the office to wait until someone could find some clothes somewhere for me.

He sat on the couch beside me. I got a chill and he slid closer to put his arms around me. Him being a were, his blood ran hot and his skin felt so good against my own cold skin. I started shivering.

"I think you better lie down and let me lie against you to get you warm," he said as he laid me back on the couch. I didn't even question him. I just let him do it. He felt so good against me.

He then wrapped his legs around me as well. He was all but on top of me. Chest to chest, arms to arms, legs to legs. But then he slid one of his legs between mine. He looked down into my eyes. They were still the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. I couldn't help myself. I pulled him down to kiss him. I slid my tongue in his mouth and swirled it around his tongue. I got an immediate result. He was growing hard against my hips. I reached down between us to stroke him to full arousal. As he kissed me deeply, he slid his hand down to slide his fingers inside my pussy which was already wet again.

"Think you can go another round?" he asked me.

"I know I can. Can you?" I asked as I squeezed his balls.

"Let me show you" he said as he repositioned himself so that he was lying between my legs with his cock sliding up and down my slit. Then He slid the head of his glorious cock inside my slit to lubricate and then right into my pussy he went.

"Oh yeah baby. Oh" and that was all I got out.

As he slid his cock inside my pussy, he slid his tongue inside my mouth. This was not the hard fuck that we had out on the dance floor, but it was just as intense. As he sucked my tongue harder, he started thrusting harder. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I don't know what came over me because then I took my nails and scratched down his back. It wasn't and easy scratch either. However, it seemed to spur him on as his thrusting became faster.

I threw my head back and said, "Oh Troy. Fuck me baby. I love the feel of your cock inside my pussy!"

I could feel that he was almost to the point of coming so I squeezed my pussy muscles around his throbbing cock just as he was ready to come. Just as we started to orgasm, we both kind of screamed out, but we were not alone. Damon had come in with some clothes for me and he got hard and had been stroking himself. He came over to the couch and as Troy pushed me over the edge and shot his seed inside me, Damon, shot his all over my stomach and breasts.

Troy collapsed beside me and Damon fell to his knees. Then they both took turns kissing me gently. Damon finally had the strength to get up and tuck himself back in his pants and found a towel to clean me up. Finally, Troy got up too and helped me up. They both helped me dress in the clothes Damon had found.

I couldn't help myself once again so I said, "Wow. I am glad I decided to go out for a bite."

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