tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersOut of My Body and into Hers

Out of My Body and into Hers


I wasn't sure what I was going to do now that my grandmother had passed away. I didn't have any other family, and now I was by myself in this little 2 bedroom house. I decided to sell it and use the money for a fresh start. I ended up finding a job in the city about 3 hours away.

I was trying to make my way around the city when I realized my best bet would be to get a cab since I hadn't a clue where I was at. While I was giving it my best shot a gorgeous brunette, about 5'5" walked up next to me to hail a cab as well. It must have been obvious that I was new to the city because she glanced over at me a couple of times with a weird look, then asked where I was headed. I told her I was looking for a good place to get an apartment. She told me her apartment complex had some openings, and the area was nice. We agreed to share a cab and she'd take me there. I noticed it didn't take long for a cab to stop for her.

We rode in the cab for a few blocks as the cab driver weaved in and out of traffic. I was new to the whole thing and his driving made me a bit nervous. We passed cars left and right like it was nothing. I could see a traffic light up ahead getting ready to turn red, but the driver didn't seem to slow. Sure enough, he ran the light, but not before being blind sided by another vehicle. The last thing I remember was the grill of the truck slamming into my door before everything went black.

I awoke in a hospital bed with the sound of beeps from a machine next to me. I sat up trying to remember what happened. About then a nurse came in and seemed to be pleasantly surprised that I was awake, and went to get the doctor. My body felt different in a strange sort of way. As I started to get up the doctor came in and told me to lay back down. As I did I couldn't help but notice that he referred to me as miss. He started asking me different questions on how I felt and all that, then left the room.

I got out of bed to go to the restroom, but as I passed a mirror in the room, I noticed that the image reflected wasn't me. It was that gorgeous brunette I was with in the cab. I couldn't believe my eyes, and began to feel my body to see if what I was seeing was real. From head to toe, it was her I was seeing and not me. I went on into the bathroom trying to figure things out as I go pee. At first I stood there and lifted the gown, but I noticed that wasn't going to work. Awkwardly I put the seat down and sat down on it. I began to relieve myself which felt so different, especially when I was finished. I felt very wet down there and was compelled to dry myself. I then went back to my bed and laid back down.

Over the next hour I learned that her name was Heather and that she'd been unconscious for three days. I also found out that the others in the vehicle had apparently died in the crash. I didn't know how it happened, but somehow I ended up in her body. A day later they cleared me to go home, with nothing more than a purse and some scrubbs a nurse gave me. I didn't know what to do exactly, but until I figured something things out, the only place to go was hers.

I found an address and managed to make my way to her apartment. She did have a nice little apartment, and apparently lived alone. I didn't see pictures of anyone on the walls, just a few paintings here and there. I tried to get comfortable with a shower and a change of clothes, which was again very awkward. Her assortment of bras and panties threw me off since I was used to looser fitting attire. Although it took me second to get the bra on, it felt nice having some support on them. The silky little panties felt great to as the hugged my ass and pussy in all the right ways. I was content with that for now as I began to figure out what to do next. Who could I go to, what was I going to do now, I had no clue. I found out that she worked at a clothing store, in which I was not ready to get involved with just yet, but I manage to call and let them know that I needed some time off in which they seemed to be very understanding when I told them what happened to me.

For the next couple of weeks I got used to basically being a woman. I figured that I had better at least make the best of it since it seems this may be who I am from here on out. Fortunately her clothes were already organized so matching an outfit wasn't a problem, makeup was a challenge, so I opted for some help by asking women at a store in the makeup section. I was also caught off guard by the whole PMS thing. Talk about feeling like crap and along with bleeding to go with it. I was finally starting to get the hang of things, as well as trying to become more feminine minded as not to act to manly toward people, since I no longer was a man.

The day came when I decided I was ready to go to work, I needed to have a job so why not do the one she already had. Fortunately the job was that difficult for me to learn, since it dealt with mostly a cash register and hanging up clothes. It also seemed that the people I worked with didn't know Heather all that well, because they didn't seem to notice much of a difference. For the most part she must have done her job and went home without much social interaction with her co-workers. The transition into me taking over her life wasn't too difficult, and now I could make it my own.

Now I had pretty much tackled everything that came my way since becoming a woman. From panties to PMS I was getting better at it everyday, but there was one thing that started to creep into my mind, and that one thing was sex. Now I hadn't even masturbated as a woman let alone try anything else, and the odd thing was I found myself not attracted to other women, but to men. I couldn't believe it, I mean I have never saw guys as being attractive in any way and now I couldn't get enough of seeing a guy with broad shoulders, firm ass, and big arms.

For weeks I'd see guys come in and out of the store and wonder what they were hiding under there jeans. On one particular day this hunk of a guy came in. He was about 6'2", tight black shirt that showed of his chest, and a nice pair of lucky jeans that hugged his butt perfectly. I just leaned over the counter by the register gazing at him. I must have been pretty obvious because one of the girls I worked with came over. She asked me if I was going to talk to him. I told her there was no way I could do that, but she tried to press the issue. Before long it seemed that she gave up, until he came over to purchase a new shirt at the register. Of course she made sure I was the one who rang him up, but not before playing matchmaker and clueing him in on that fact that I was staring at him earlier. After an awkward silence he spoke. He said his name was Jake and that he was free Friday night if I would be interested in a date. I didn't know how to react at first but of course my matchmaking friend went ahead and sealed the deal for me by giving him my name and number. He said cool and that he'd pick me up at eight. In a small voice all I could get out was "cool".

For the rest of the week I had butterflies. I couldn't believe I was going on a date with a guy. When Friday came I bet I tried on a hundred different ensembles. I picked out a sexy black bra, and a skimpy little thong, which surprisingly felt wonderful. I then put on a sleek black dress that came down around mid-thigh, and flowed at the bottom. The black boots I had went nicely with them coming up just below the knee. I didn't know what to do with my hair so I just let it hang straight. It was beautiful and long anyway and I loved it.

I had just finished my makeup when I heard the deep idle of his engine pull up outside. I looked out the window and he had a beautiful, brand new, red mustang convertible. I could see he was wearing black dress pants, a blue button up shirt, revealing a black tee underneath. I didn't want to seem too eager so I waited for him to come up. When the door bell rang I counted to ten before I answered just so I wouldn't seem to have been waiting by the door the whole time. He looked nice with his light frosted hair gelled up, his dark eyes looked as if they were undressing me. I grabbed my purse and out the door we went.

When we got to the car he was such a gentleman. He opened the door for me, took my hand helping me into the car, and closed the door for me. We had some small chit chat on the way to the restaurant, but mostly I found it hard to keep my eyes off of him. We had a great time at dinner with flirty conversation and little footsie under the table.

After dinner we took one of those boat tours that took us down the coastline of the city, it was very romantic as we sat together, his arm around me. I could smell his cologne as I laid my head on his chest. I felt very comfortable with him and safe in his arms. We laughed and kidded around as the boat was beginning to dock, and at one point the both of us got silent, our eyes locked together and all at once our lips came together and we kissed.

In my mind I couldn't believe I was kissing a guy, but it felt so right. I wrapped my arms around his neck and had to tip toe to reach him. I felt hand brush my hair out of the way as the other hand gently touched the small of my back, then slowly he moved it to my ass. I could feel a gentle squeeze which sent chills up my spine. Soon after the boat docked and we departed.

On the way back to my apartment things were a bit quieter. I guess the first kiss made things a little awkward, I know it did for me because now I wanted him more than ever. He laid his hand on my thigh and began to rub it gently. I could feel him gradually getting higher slowly going under my dress. I could feel my pussy getting moist as his finger brushed my panties. It was then I knew we both wanted the same thing, and I knew I couldn't hold out any longer. I then leaned over into his lap, I could see the bulge in his pants, and I had to have it. I unzipped his pants, pulled his underwear down and pulled out his cock. It was gorgeous and all of about 7 inches or so. I closed my eyes as I lowered my head onto it. I couldn't believe I was putting a man's dick into my mouth, but I had to suck on it. I heard him moan as it entered my mouth, taking it as deep as I could. It wasn't easy giving my first blowjob over a gearshift and under a steering wheel, but road head is the way to go.

I don't know how long I sucked on him, but before I knew it we were pulling on to my street. I only knew that because I came up for air long enough to see. When we parked I didn't want to take his cock out of my mouth, but he pulled me up and gave me a kiss. He then quickly zipped his fly and got out. He opened the door for me and we made our way upstairs. I took him straight to the bedroom, he unzipped my dress as I tore off his shirt. Before my dress could hit the floor I had him bare chested and was undoing his pants. Now we were both down to our underwear. He had on this sexy black pair of bikini briefs that showed his bulge off so nice. With his tone he almost looked like a bodybuilder.

He grabbed me and pulled me to him, as we kissed he undid my bra freeing my breasts. His hands then slid down to my ass caressing and squeezing them, in which I jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around him. He laid me down on the bed, and our hands explored each other. He began to kiss my neck, down to my shoulders then to my breasts. I could feel his tongue lashing my nipples as be sucked them gently. Then lower to my belly and finally I could feel his hands pulling at my thong panties, sliding them down and off. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as his mouth kissed my wet pussy. His tongue felt wonderful licking up and down on my clit, then between my pussy lips.

After a bit of getting eaten out I had to suck his cock again. I pulled his head up and told him to put his cock in my face. He straddled me on the bed pushing his bulging package right in my face. I didn't even bother taking his bikini off, I just pulled it to one side and started sucking like a porn star. His muscular hips flexed as I stroked and sucked him, cupping his balls to make sure they weren't ignored. He put one hand on the back of my head as my blowjob intensified. I knew he was getting close to cumming and I wanted to taste it so bad, but he pulled me off of him, which heighten my anticipation even more.

As he backed off I brought my knees up. He stripped his briefs off and came back on the bed, spreading my legs with one hand, holding his cock in the other. I could see his glistening six pack flex as the tip of his dick pressed against my hole. I could feel my pussy spread open for him as he deflowered me. It hurt at first, especially since he went in me so deep, but then if felt good. He began pumping my pussy with his cock and I was in ecstasy. He would put my legs on his shoulders and fuck me, then he would drop them down and lay on top of me in a missionary. I couldn't believe how submissive I felt under his powerful thrusts.

My first orgasm hit me and I never felt anything like it before. Waves of pleasure surged through my body from head to toe. My pussy quivered, and all I wanted was to keep him inside me as long as I could. After that, he flipped me over and entered me from behind. Doggystyle I have to say is my favorite position. There is nothing better than being pounded from behind by a big hard cock, feeling his balls slapping against you. His massive hands gripped my waist as he fucked me like a bitch dog. He told me he was going to cum soon, so I quickly turned around and put my mouth on it. As he began to cum I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick. His load hit the back of my throat, and I'll never forget that salty taste. I swallowed as much as I could but some dribbled out onto my chin.

Once he was totally spent, I cleaned him up with my mouth and our bodies fell limp on the bed. We passed out in each others arms, naked and sweaty. I never knew having sex as a woman could be so great, and I intended on doing it more and more.

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by Buildings_Cool7111/13/17

Only one question

This is written very well, but I have one big question: how did his consciousness / personality transfer into Heather's body as a result of the traffic accident?

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